ARM Nurse Call Points

ARM Nurse Call Points
Nurse Call Points
Alarm Radio Monitoring
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arm nurse call points are made from robust plastic
embedded with anti-microbial additives to help provide
a defence against the spread of infection.
Call Points are battery operated and come complete
with a wall bracket for securing to the wall.
The bracket’s locking tab, enables the call point to be
moved or relocated easily within the room if required.
On the front of the call points there is an infra-red sensor
which allows remote activation by using a staff or service
user infra-red fob or pendant.
There are different variants of the arm nurse call point available to suit different rooms & requirements.
• • • S64-NPP-IR
Call Point comes with
Pear Push Call Lead
and Wall Holster.
The S64-NPP-IR call point
has a monitored socket to
connect the Call Lead or
Assistive Technology devices.
• • • S64-NPC-IR
Call Point comes with integral
Pull Cord with 2 easy grip
Wireless Ceiling mounted
Pull Cords are available for
locating in shower areas.
• • • S64-NSC-IR
Call Point comes with Staff Call
& Emergency only.
Anti-Ligature Shroud available.
A double adapter enables the Pear Push Call Lead
and another device to be plugged into the call point
at the same time (e.g. Call Lead & Movement Sensor).
Assistive Technology devices available such as:
Out of Bed Monitors, PIR Movement Sensors,
Epilepsy Sensor, Enuresis Sensor, Pillow Switch, Pressure
Mats (floor, chair, bed) plus many more.
• • • S64-NAB-IR
Call Point comes with
Air Bulb.
Floor Pressure Pads/Discs
are available.
• • • S64-NDM-IR
Call Point comes with Door
Contacts and Staff Override
keyswitch to disable door
monitoring when required.
Also available:
Door Bell monitor: S64-NDMB-IR
Telephone monitor: S64-NTIF
Alarm Radio Monitoring Ltd, Brunel Road, Leominster, Herefordshire, HR6 0LX
T: 01568 610 016 | F: 01568 615 511 | E: [email protected] |
Nurse Call Points
Alarm Radio Monitoring
01568 610 016
Technical Specification:
• • • Size
Height = 110 mm
Width = 100 mm
Depth = 40 mm (including wall bracket)
• • • Weight
114 gms
• • • Casing
ABS casing & buttons
Casing & buttons embedded with anti-microbial additives
• • • Pear Push Call Lead
2.5m standard length (longer lengths available upon request)
• • • Call Types
Patient Call | Staff Call | Emergency | Reset | Staff Presence
Lead Removed | Low Battery | Fault | Door Open | Door Bell
• • • Infra Red Sensor
For use with Staff/Service User infra-red fobs | pendants | beltclips
• • • Call Reassurance
Call Points incorporate a reassurance LED & tone
• • • Call Escalation
Automatic escalation of calls if unanswered. (time period configurable)
• • • Power
1 x 3.6v AA lithium battery
• • • Battery Life
3-4 years under normal operating conditions
• • • System Size
Up to 3,000 devices
Factory set unique identity
• • • Frequency
173.225 MHz
• • • Standards
EN 301 489 | EN 300 220 | RoHS | WEEE
Alarm Radio Monitoring Ltd, Brunel Road, Leominster, Herefordshire, HR6 0LX
T: 01568 610 016 | F: 01568 615 511 | E: [email protected] |
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