BRIGHT Compact Local Readout/Control Module for Mass Flow and Pressure Meters/Controllers

BRIGHT Compact Local Readout/Control Module for Mass Flow and Pressure Meters/Controllers
Compact Local Readout/Control Module for
Mass Flow and Pressure Meters/Controllers
> Introduction
Bronkhorst High-Tech B.V., the European market leader in thermal
Mass Flow Meters/Controllers and Electronic Pressure Controllers,
has more than 30 years experience in designing and manufacturing
precise and reliable measurement and control devices. With a
wide range of instruments, Bronkhorst High-Tech offers innovative
solutions for many different applications in many different markets.
The instruments are made to customers’ specification, in various
styles, suitable for use in laboratory, industrial and hazardous
areas, in such diverse applications as semiconductor and analytical
installations, to name but two. The BRIGHT series compact
Readout/Control module can be used for local indication
and operation of this product line.
> Description
The objective for the development of the R/C-module was to offer
a modern, economical alternative for peripheral Readout/Control
electronics with integrated power supply. Furthermore it should
comply with the demand for local indication of the actual flow-rate
and/or totalised fluid consumption.
Bronkhorst High-Tech designed the R/C-module, fulfilling these
requirements, and more! The module not only allows reading of actual
and total flow, simultaneously, but also features local operation, i.e.
change of setpoint, counter reset, setting of engineering units,
fluid name and tag number, etc. Four push-buttons at the right
side of the device give access to a user-friendly menu. The bright
1.8” colour TFT-display is clearly visible over a wide angle.
The weatherproof (IP65) housing makes the module suitable for
use in industrial areas and the module can be mounted on the
instrument or, using the mounting kit, on an adjacent wall or panel
and on the pipework.
> Features
uBright, wide-angle display (TFT-technology)
uIndication of:
- measured value (direct or %)
- setpoint
- totalised flow
- fluid / tag number
- control characteristics
- fieldbus settings
uUser-friendly operation
uMounting on instrument, pipework or wall
> Mounting examples
> Specifications
uSuitable for connection to instruments with RS232 I/O-signals
uRequired supply voltage 15…24 Vdc
uT-connector with 9-pin D-sockets for lab-style or 8-pin DIN
sockets for industrial style instruments (1 male, 1 female),
4-pin DIN connection plus cable to R/C-module
u 1,8” colour TFT-display (128x160 pixels)
u 4 push buttons for menu operation
   
Mounting set
  - -
IP40 T-part
> Models
u Bright B1: IP40 R/C-module; mounting on instrument
u Bright B2: IP40 R/C-module; remote mounting
u Bright B3: IP65 R/C-module; mounting on instrument
u Bright B4: IP65 R/C-module; remote mounting
> Mounting kits
- -  
   
Example of pipe mounting by means of the mounting kit
IP65 T-part
Short 0.3m cable
-  - 
mounting set
-  - 
Long cable for
distance mounting
up to 1,0m
> Useful accessories
With Bronkhorst “PiPS” Plug-in Power Supplies the instruments with
local PS/Readout can easily be hooked up to the available power
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IP65 BRIGHT Module mounted on an industrial Mass Flow Meter
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