Marvel 25iM Troubleshooting guide

Marvel 25iM Troubleshooting guide
Ice Machines
Unpacking your ice machine..................................2
Removing the packaging....................................2
Warranty Registration..........................................2
Installing your ice machine.....................................3
Selecting the location.........................................3
Cabinet Clearances............................................3
Leveling legs......................................................3
Grounding method.............................................3
Electrical Requirements.......................................3
Connecting the water supply...................................4
Using your ice machine.........................................5
Turning on your ice machine................................5
Ice machine operation........................................5
Dimensions For 15iM Solid Door........................... 6
Recommended Rough in Opening Dimensions
For 15iM Solid Door............................................6
Dimensions For 25iM Solid Door.......................... 7
Recommended Rough in Opening Dimensions
For 25iM Solid Door............................................7
Dimensions For 25iM Solid Overlay Door.............. 8
Recommended Rough in Opening Dimensions
For 25iM Solid Overlay Door...............................8
Full Overlay Panel Installation Instructions..............9
Care and Cleaning...............................................12
Condenser air flow.............................................12
Defrosting instructions.........................................12
Troubleshooting Guide...........................................13
Obtaining Service.................................................15
Household Product Warranty..................................16
Important Safety Instructions
Warnings and safety instructions appearing in this
guide are not meant to cover all possible conditions and situations that may occur. Common sense,
caution, and care must be exercised when installing,
maintaining, or operating this appliance.
Recognize Safety Symbols,
Words, and Labels.
CAUTION-Hazards or unsafe practices which could
result in personal injury or property or product damage.
WARNING-Hazards or unsafe practices which could
result in personal injury.
NOTE-Important information to make a problem free
Remove Packaging
Your ice machine has been packed for shipment with
all parts that could be damaged by movement securely
fastened. Cut the banding material at the bottom of the
carton, unfold the carton at the bottom and remove the
carton from the appliance. Remove the plastic bag, styrofoam corner posts and any tape holding the door closed
and internal components in place. The owners manual
is shipped inside the ice machine in a plastic bag along
with the warranty registration card.
Keep your carton packaging until your ice machine has
been thoroughly inspected and found to be in good condition. If there is damage, the packaging will be needed
as proof of damage in transit. Afterwards please dispose
of all items responsibly in particular the plastic bags
which can be a suffocation hazard.
Note to Customer
This merchandise was carefully packed and thoroughly
inspected before leaving our plant. Responsibility for
its safe delivery was assumed by the retailer upon acceptance of the shipment. Claims for loss or damage
sustained in transit must be made to the retailer.
Warranty Registration
It is important you send in your warranty registration card
immediately after taking delivery of your ice machine or you
can register online at
The following information will be required when registering
your unit.
Model Number
Serial Number
Date of Purchase
Dealers name and address
The model number and serial number can be found on the
serial plate which is located on the bottom face inside the
Help Prevent Tragedies
Child entrapment and suffocation are not problems of the
past. Junked or abandoned refrigerators are still dangerous - even if they sit out for “just a few days”.
If you are getting rid of your old refrigerator, please follow
the instructions below to help prevent accidents.
Before you throw away your old refrigerator or freezer:
• Take off the doors or remove the drawers.
• Leave the shelves in place so children may not easily
climb inside.
If the unit was shipped or has been laying on its back for
any period of time allow the ice machine to sit upright
for a period of at least 24 hours before plugging in. This
will assure oil returns to the compressor. Plugging the ice
machine in immediately may cause damage to internal
Select Location
The proper location will ensure peak performance of your
appliance. We recommend a location where the unit will
be out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources. To
assure your product performs to specifications the recommended installation location temperature range is from 65
to 90°F (18 to 32°C).
Cabinet Clearance
Ventilation is required from the bottom front section of the
unit. Keep this area open and clear of any obstructions.
Adjacent cabinets and counter top can be installed around
the unit as long as the grille and door access remain unobstructed.
Leveling Legs
Adjustable legs at the front and rear corners of the unit
should be set so the unit is firmly positioned on the floor
and level from side to side and front to back. Turn leveling
legs clockwise to raise unit, counterclockwise to lower it.
(See Figure 1).
• Do not splash or spray water from a hose on the ice
machine! Doing so may cause an electrical shock,
which may result in severe injury or death.
• This unit should not, under any circumstances, be
Grounding Method
This product is factory equipped with a power supply cord
that has a three-pronged, grounded plug. It must be
plugged into a mating grounding type receptacle in accordance with the National Electrical Code and applicable local codes and ordinances (see Figure 2). If the circuit does
not have a grounding type receptacle, it is the responsibility
and obligation of the customer to exchange the existing
receptacle in accordance with the National Electrical Code
and applicable local codes and ordinances. The third
ground prong should not, under any circumstances, be cut
or removed.
Front Grille
Do not obstruct the front grille. The openings within the
front grille provides air to flow into and exit from the ice
machine condenser. For this reason it is important this area
to not be obstructed and be kept clean. Marvel does not
recommend the use of custom made grilles as air flow may
be restricted because of inadequate openings. (See Figure
Electrical Connection
115 volts, 3.3 amps running max. 15 amp dedicated circuit
required. 3 prong grounded receptacle required.
Do not use an extension cord
with this appliance.
Front Grille,
keep this
area open.
Figure 2
Figure 1
Leveling Legs
Water Supply
Observe and follow all local building codes when installing this appliance.
Attach the supplied water line adapter (Figure 4) to the
water valve inlet on the back of the ice machine (See
Figure 3). Be sure the rubber washer is in place in the
inlet valve nut. Bend the 1/4” copper tubing to suit your
installation being sure not to kink the tubing. Use 1/4”
copper tubing for your water supply which is available at
any local hardware or plumbing supply store. Connect
the copper tubing water supply to the copper tubing from
the adapter assembly with the provided brass union.
Water pressure must be at a minimum of 20 psi for
proper operation.
Make certain all water connections are watertight after
installation. Form the tubing so that it will not vibrate
against the cabinet body or kink when your ice machine
is set in position.
Water supply
Figure 3
Back view of
ice machine
Inlet valve nut
Rubber washer
1/4” copper tubing
Figure 4
Turning on the ice machine
After connecting the water supply, and setting your ice machine in place plug the power cord into the wall receptacle.
Then place the switch located in the grille (see Figure 5) to
the “ON” position. The temperature control is factory preset, allow the ice maker to run for 24 hours so the interior
temperature will stabilize. If you wish to adjust the interior
temperature use a small bladed screwdriver pushed through
the right hand side of the grille to turn the temperature
control shaft. Turning it clockwise will make the unit colder.
Turning it counterclockwise will make it warmer. Turning it
counterclockwise until it stops will shut off the compressor
and fan motor.
Should you turn off your control, allow at least five (5) minutes before restarting in order to give the motor control time
to automatically reset so that it can restart the motor. Electrical power to your unit is controlled by the “ON/OFF” rocker
switch located in the front grille. (See Figure 5).
Icemaker operation
• Make certain water pressure is at least 20 psi and no
more than 120 psi and the water is turned on.
• The unit must be installed level for proper ice maker
• The shutoff arm wire must be down in its lowest position
for the ice maker to operate.
• When the freezer section and ice maker unit has sufficiently cooled, the ice maker will harvest ice cubes
• When the ice bucket is full, the ice maker will automatically shut off.
• You may manually stop the ice maker by raising the
shut off arm to the locking position at the up most position.
Water adjustment screw behind cover
on side of housing
“ON/OFF” Rocker
Switch in front grille
pulls off
Figure 5
Figure 6
Temperature control located behind right side of
air intake -exhaust grille.
Arm down, ice maker
will operate
Arm up, stops operation
When operation of the appliance is to be discontinued for
any length of time, the ice cube cavity in the ice maker
should be emptied and dried. The water supply and power
supply should also be shut off and the ice bucket should be
emptied and cleaned.
If the ice is not used regularly, it will clump together with
time. For best ice results, discard ice in the bin as required
and allow the ice maker to make a new fresh batch of ice.
24-1/8” to 24-13/16”
(61.26 to 63.02cm)
3-15/16” to 4-5/8”
(10.01 to 25.43cm)
Recommended Rough in Opening Dimensions,15iM Solid Door
Electrical Requirements: 115 volts,
3.3 amps running max. 15 amp
dedicated circuit required. 3 prong
grounded receptacle required.
Power outlet can be located in the
back wall behind unit. Add 1” to
depth for thickness of plug, or recess
outlet 1” into the wall. Power outlet
can also be installed in adjacent
cabinetry with a cutout for routing of
power cord. Follow all local building
codes when installing electrical and
Product weight = 72 lbs. ( 32.7kg.)
*24” (61 cm)
standard cabinet
15” (38.1cm)
* Depth dimension may vary depending on
each individual installation.
34-1/4” to 34-1/2”
(87 to 87.6cm)
3” to 3-1/4”
(7.62 to 8.26cm)
Recommended Rough in Opening Dimensions, 25iM Solid Door
Electrical Requirements: 115 volts,
3.3 amps running max. 15 amp
dedicated circuit required. 3 prong
grounded receptacle required.
(87.6 cm)
Power outlet can be located in the
back wall behind unit. Add 1” to
depth for thickness of plug, or recess
outlet 1” into the wall. Power outlet
can also be installed in adjacent
cabinetry with a cutout for routing of
power cord. Follow all local building
codes when installing electrical and
Product weight = 86 lbs. (39.1 kg.)
*24” (61 cm)
standard cabinet
15” (38.1cm)
* Depth dimension may vary depending on
each individual installation.
34-1/4” to 34-1/2”
(87 to 87.6cm)
3” to 3-1/4”
(7.62 to 8.26cm)
Recommended Rough in Opening Dimensions, 25iM Solid Overlay Door
Electrical Requirements: 115 volts,
3.3 amps running max. 15 amp
dedicated circuit required. 3 prong
grounded receptacle required.
(87.6 cm)
Power outlet can be located in the
back wall behind unit. Add 1” to
depth for thickness of plug, or recess
outlet 1” into the wall. Power outlet
can also be installed in adjacent
cabinetry with a cutout for routing of
power cord. Follow all local building
codes when installing electrical and
Product weight = 86 lbs. (39.1 kg.)
*24” (61 cm)
standard cabinet
15” (38.1cm)
* Depth dimension may vary depending on
each individual installation.
Step 1: Verify door alignment
The door should be parallel to the sides and top of the
ice machine. If alignment is necessary the door may be
adjusted by loosening the 2 screws which secure the
hinge adapter brackets to the door and adjusting the
door side to side. Use a 5/32” allen wrench for this procedure. (See Figure 7 below).
Top hinge pin
remove to remove
the door.
Hinge adapter screws loosen these to adjust door, on
the top and bottom of the
Step 4: Cut overlay panel
Depending on the ice machine model cut the overlay
panel to the dimensions shown in Figure 8.
For overlay with lock option panel thickness to be
3/4” (19mm) maximum to 5/8” (16mm) minimum.
Weight of the overlay panel should not exceed 20 pounds
(9.1 kilograms).
For the door closer to work properly it is necessary to
maintain a minimum space of 9/32” (7mm) between the
door and cabinet flange as shown . This space can be
adjusted by adjusting the top and bottom hinge adapters.
Figure 7
Door must be
parallel to top
and sides of ice
Step 2: Remove door
Remove the top hinge pin from the hinge with an 1/8”
allen wrench. Remove the door by angling the top of the
door outward and lifting the door off the bottom hinge.
(See detail in Figure 7).
Step 3: Remove gasket
Lay the door on its front being careful not to scratch it.
Remove the door gasket by peeling up and out of the
Front of
Figure 8
For model 25iM
Step 5: Clamp panel to door
Set the overlay panel on the door front, align the edges,
and clamp together. Clamp the panel firmly but be careful not to crush the foam in the door or scratch the door.
Step 6: Drill holes in overlay panel
Remove the hinge adapter bushings from the top and
bottom door hinge adapters. (See Figure 9).Using the
holes in the hinge adapters drill 5/16” (8mm) diameter
clearance holes into the overlay panels 3/4” (20mm)
deep. These will be clearance holes for the top and bottom hinge pins.
Step 8: Assemble the lock parts
Two (2) lock extensions are supplied with the lock. Use
the longer extension for a 3/4” thick overlay panel and
the shorter one for a 5/8” thick panel. Assemble the lock
extension, cam stop washer, spring washer, and set screw
to the lock as shown in Figure 9 and 10.
Also at this time drill the screw pilot holes (10 required)
for attaching the overlay panel to the door. Select the size
of the hole from Table A. Be careful not to drill the pilot
holes through the overlay panel but only 1/2” (12.7)mm
Material Type
#8 Wood Screw
3/32” (2.4mm) Diameter. Pilot Hole
5/64 (2.0mm) Diameter. Pilot Hole
Install this assembly into the overlay panel and secure
with the retaining nut using a 15mm socket. Make sure
the key slot in the lock is vertical.
Table A
If your ice machine has a door lock proceed to Step 7.
If your ice machine does not have a door lock proceed
to Step 9.
Step 7: Mark and drill lock hole.
Locate and mark with a pencil the location of the lock
hole on the overlay panel, this is the hole in the top corner of the handle side of the door. Remove the clamp and
remove the overlay panel from the door. On the backside
of the panel where you marked the lock location drill a
13/16” (20.5mm) diameter counterbore 7/16” (11.0mm)
deep into the overlay panel. Drill a 15/32” (12.0mm)
diameter hole through the overlay panel centered on the
counterbore being careful not to splinter the wood on the
face side of the panel. (See Figure 9).
15/32 HOLE
3/4 INCH
SCALE 1 : 1
Figure 9
Figure 10
Step 9: Secure overlay panel to the door.
With the #8 wood screws provided fasten the overlay
panel to the door. (See Figure 12).
Step 10: Install lock cam (Models with locks only).
Attach the lock cam to the back of the lock assembly with
the phillips head machine screw provided. Orient the lock
cam vertically when installing on the lock.
Step 11: Install door gasket
Press the door gasket into the door channel. Make
certain the gasket corners are fully inserted. If applicable
insert the key into the lock and make certain the lock
operates properly.
Step 12: Install the door
Install the top and bottom hinge adapter bushings back
into the hinge adapters that were removed in step 6.
Install the door by reversing the procedure from step 2.
Install the top hinge pin so the screw head is flush with
the top surface of the hinge. If applicable insert key into
lock and verify the lock cam works properly with the
catch bracket on the front of the ice machine cabinet.
Top hinge
Top hinge pin
Top door hinge
Top hinge adapter
Bottom door
hinge adapter
Bottom hinge
adapter bushing
Bottom hinge
with cam
Bottom hinge pin
Figure 11
Right hand
hinges shown
Clearance hole through
door gasket channel
#8 Wood Screw
Back of door
Figure 12
Condenser Air Flow
The machine compartment located beneath the cabinet
does not require frequent cleaning; however, satisfactory
performance depends on adequate ventilation. Be sure
nothing obstructs the required air flow openings in front of
the cabinet. At least once or twice a year, brush or vacuum
lint and dirt from the front grille openings. See Figure 1 on
page 3.
The painted cabinet can be washed with either a mild soap
and water and thoroughly rinsed with clear water. NEVER
use abrasive scouring cleaners.
Wash interior compartment with mild soap and water. Do
NOT use an abrasive cleaner, solvent, polish cleaner or
undiluted detergent.
Defrosting Instructions
1. Push the rocker switch located in the front grille to the
“OFF” position.
2. Remove the ice bucket and place a towel in the lower
front area of the ice maker to absorb the defrost water.
3. After defrosting is completed replace the ice bucket and
press the rocker switch to the “ON” position.
Do not use an ice pick, knife, or any type of sharp object to
remove the ice. Doing so may puncture the units refrigerant
system and damage it beyond repair. You may speed up
defrosting by filling the ice bucket with hot water and placing it back into position.
Care of Unit
1. Avoid leaning on the door, you may bend the door
hinges or tip the unit.
2. Exercise caution when sweeping, vacuuming or mopping near the front of the unit. Damage to the grille
can occur.
3. Periodically clean the interior of the unit as needed.
4. Periodically check and/or clean the front grille as
Before You Call for Service
If the unit appears to be malfunctioning, read through this
manual first. If the problem persists, check the troubleshoot- Electrocution Hazard - Never attempt to repair or perform
ing guide below. Locate the problem in the guide and refer maintenance on the unit until the main electrical power has
to the cause and its remedy before calling for service. The
been disconnected.
problem may be something very simple that can be solved
without a service call. Some remedies listed in the Troubleshooting Guide are very complex. Consulting or contracting
a qualified service technician may be necessary.
Possible Cause
• Typical ice production is 2 pounds
per day. Allow for the freezer section to reach temperature and the
ice maker to cycle and accumulate
• Turn on water supply to the unit.
Water supply is not turned on.
Inadequate water pressure to unit. • Water pressure to the unit must be
at a minimum of 20 psi.
The ice maker shut off arm is in the • When the ice maker shut off arm is
in the uppermost position, the ice
uppermost position.
maker is off. Flip the shut off arm
down to turn on the ice maker.
• Allow the freezer section to reach
Freezer section has not reached
• Turn the temperature control to a
Thermostat control set too warm.
higher number to allow the unit to
run colder. Allow 24 hours before readjusting the temperature
• Make certain the grille in front of
Condenser fan air flow is restrictthe unit is free and open for air cired.
culation. Clean grille as required.
Room and/or water temperature is • Move the unit to an area where
too warm.
ambient temperature is below
90°F. The unit should not be
placed next to a heat source such
as an oven. Check for cold water
Unit operates but does not produce any • The unit has just been started and
it has been less than 24 hours.
Small ice cubes
• Water input may require adjustment.
• Due to differing water pressures,
the ice maker water input may require adjustment. See Figure 6 on
page 5 for water adjustment screw
Ice cubes are sticking together.
• Ice consumption is low.
• Use the ice in the bin frequently.
Ice will stick together if left in insulated bin over long periods of time.
• Move the unit to an area that is
below 90°F.
• Room temperature is too warm.
Possible Cause
Unit too warm or too cold inside.
• Control set too warm or cold
Noise or Vibration
• Unit not level
• Adjust temperature colder or
warmer as required. Allow 24
hours for temperature to stabilize.
• Airflow to front grille blocked.
• Airflow must not be obstructed to
front grille. See “clearances” on
page 3.
• Excessive usage or prolonged door • Allow temperature to stabilize for
at least 24 hours.
• Door gasket not sealing properly.
• Adjust or replace door gasket.
• Water line tubing vibration.
Unit will not run.
• Unit turned off
• Power cord not plugged in.
• No power at outlet.
• Level unit, see “Leveling Legs” on
page 3.
• Adjust the tubing as necessary to
eliminate unwanted vibrations.
• Turn unit on. See “Set the temperature control” on page 4.
• Plug in power cord.
• Check house circuit.
Moisture collects on outside surface of
• Hot and humid conditions.
• Extremely hot and humid conditions can cause condensation on
outside of the cabinet. As humidity
and/or temperature decreases, the
condensation will disappear.
Moisture collects on inside of the unit.
• To many door openings.
• Limit the amount of door openings.
• Limit the amount of time with the
door open.
• Extreme hot and humid conditions.
Move unit to a controlled environment.
• Prolonged door openings.
• Hot and humid conditions
If Service is Required:
• If the product is within the first year warranty
period please call Marvel Customer Service at
800.223.3900 for directions on how to obtain warranty coverage in your area.
• If the product is outside the first year warranty period,
Marvel Customer Service can provide recommendations of service centers in your area. A listing of
authorized service centers is also available at www. under the service and support section.
• In all correspondence regarding service, be sure to
give the model number, serial number, and proof of
• Try to have information or description of nature of the
problem, how long the unit has been running, the
room temperature, and any additional information
that may be helpful in quickly solving the problem.
• Fill in pertinent information below regarding your
product for future reference.
For You Records
Date of Purchase
Dealer’s name
Dealer’s Address
Dealer’s City
Dealer’s State
Dealer’s Zip Code
Appliance Serial Number
Appliance Model Number
Date Warranty Card Sent (Must
be within 10 days of purchase).
Entire Product
Limited One Year Parts and Labor Warranty
Marvel warrants that it will supply all necessary parts and
labor to repair or replace in the end user’s home or office,
any component which proves to be defective in material
or workmanship, subject to the condition and exclusions
stated below, for a period of one year from the date of
purchase by the end user.
Additional Second Through Fifth Year
Limited Parts Only Warrranty
During the four years following expiration of the one year
limited warranty, Marvel will supply replacement parts for
the hermetically sealed refrigeration system which consists
of the compressor, condenser, drier, accumulator, bypass
valve, connecting tubing and the evaporator that are
proven to be defective due to workmanship or materials
subject to the conditions and exclusions below.
The above warranties do not cover:
• Shipping costs of replacement parts or returned defective parts.
• Customer education or instructions on how to use the
• Any content loss due to product failure.
• Removal or installation of product.
Nor do the above warranties cover failure of this product or
its components due to:
• Transportation or subsequent damages.
• Commercial use or use other than normal household
or small office.
• Improper installation, misuse, abuse, accident or
alteration, use of wiring not conforming to electrical
codes, low or high voltages, failure to provide necessary maintenance, or other unreasonable use.
Parts or Service
Not Supplied or Designated by Marvel
The above warranties also do not apply if:
• The original bill of sale, deliver date, or serial number
cannot be verified.
• Defective parts are not returned for inspection if so
requested by Marvel.
• The refrigeration equipment is not in the possession of
the original end use purchaser.
The warranties set forth herein are the only warranties
extended by Northland-Marvel. Any implied warranties, including the implied warranty of merchantability, are limited
to the duration of these express warranties. In no event
shall Northland-Marvel be liable for any consequential or
incidental damages or expenses resulting from breach of
these or any other warranties, whether express or implied.
Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of consequential damages or a limitation on how long an implied
warranty lasts, so the above exclusion or limitation may not
apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights
and you may have other rights that may vary from state to
No person, firm, or corporation is authorized to make any
other warranty or assume any other obligation for Northland-Marvel. These warranties apply only to products used
in any of the fifty states of the United States and the District
of Columbia.
To obtain performance of this warranty, report any defects
P.O. Box 400
1260 E. Van Deinse St.
Greenville MI 48838
Phone: 800.223.3900
P.O. Box 400
1260 E. Van Deinse St.
Greenville MI 48838
41011771-EN Rev D
All specifications and product designs subject to change without notice. Such revisions do not entitle
the buyer to corresponding changes, improvements, additions, replacements or compensation for
previously purchased products.
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