P/N: C3029
This kit is designed to offer a lightweight, weld-in alternative to the bolt-on driveshaft safety loop. When
installed properly it will help to contain the driveshaft in the event of a u-joint failure. We recommend the
use of two kits, front and rear, for added protection in fabricated sheetmetal interiors.
1) Mandrel-formed Crossmember
2) Loop Mounting Stubs
2) 5/16"-18 Locknuts
1) Mandrel-formed Loop
2) 5/16"-18 x 1.75" Bolts
4) Washers
1. Determine the proper mounting location for the crossmember. We recommend placing it a maximum
of 6" from the universal joint. Check your sanctioning body's rules for correct location. The
crossmember should weld to the frame rails for proper support in the event of u-joint failure.
2. Measure the distance between the two frame mounting points. Measure from the frame rail to the
center of the driveshaft on both sides of the vehicle to determine the proper offset for the
crossmember drop.
3. Cut the crossmember to the proper length.
4. Hold the crossmember in place at the desired location and clamp it in place.
5. Manipulate the suspension up and down to check for proper clearance.
6. If clearance is correct, weld the crossmember in place.
7. Hold the hoop in place and mark the legs for trimming. Keep in mind that you will need 2-1/2" of
clearance at the top of the hoop to allow its removal from the mounting stubs.
8. Trim the legs of the hoop to length.
9. Slide the mounting stubs into the ends of the hoop. Place the hoop in position on the crossmember
and tack the stub ends to the crossmember. Remove the hoop and finish the weld.
10. Re-install the hoop and drill through the hoop legs and stubs using an 11/32" drill bit.
11. Install the supplied 5/16" bolts and locknuts, using a washer on each side of the hoop.
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