DuraLabel Toro Quick Start Guide

DuraLabel Toro Quick Start Guide
Por table Integrated Printer
QuickStart Guide
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Congratulations on choosing the DuraLabel Toro Portable Integrated Printing System.
With this guide, you’ll quickly learn how to set up your printer, load supplies and start
printing labels.
For further assistance setting up your printer, please refer to the Toro User’s Guide.
The Toro also has a built-in digital training section. Select the “?” button
in the Toro
toolbar. You will find How-To videos for Toro operations, a label example library and digital
PDF manuals.
Fixing Tabs
A. Getting Started
1. Unpack the Toro and verify that the following
components are included:
▪ Toro Printer
▪ AC Power Brick/Adapter and Cord
▪ User Manuals
▪ Wireless Mouse
2. Place the Toro printer with the Control Panel
facing toward you.
Supply Feed
Supply Status Light
Printer Status Light
Power Button
Battery Status Light
Label Supply Roll
Label Supply
Color-Coded Ribbon
Loaded onto Ribbon Core
Rewind Core
Release Slider
3. Plug AC power brick/adapter into a 120v grounded three-prong wall outlet, then plug
the other end into the Toro.
4. Push the Keyboard Release Slider on the control panel to the right and swing the
keyboard down.
5. Push the screen release button to the right of the computer screen. Pull the screen up
until it locks on the desired position.
B. Loading Ribbon
1. Open the Toro cover all the way until it
seats. Install a ribbon rewind core onto
the gray, spring-loaded ribbon rewind
holder on the top of the print carriage.
2. Place the other end of the ribbon core
onto the holder on the other side. Make
sure to align the notch on the holder with
the notch on the core.
Ribbon Rewind
Core Holders
Print head
release buttons
3. Pull the cutter station down until it
rests, then push the gray print head
release buttons above the printer
carriage. The print head will spring
upward. Hold the ribbon so the loose
end falls to the rear of the printer,
then place one end of the ribbon on
the gray, spring loaded holder.
4. Place the other end of the ribbon
onto the holder on the other side
ensuring that the notches lock
into place.
5. Extend the ribbon around the print
carriage and use a small piece of
vinyl supply or tape to secure the
ribbon end on the empty rewind core.
Ribbon Holders
6. Pull the ribbon snug by turning the
gray take-up wheel.
Take-Up Wheel
C. Loading Supply
Fixing Tabs
1. Make sure the print carriage is in
the up position (gray buttons over
cutter station).
2. Place the label supply onto the
supply shaft and secure with the
label fixing tabs on either side.
3. With the label supply extending
over the top of the spool toward the
cutter station, place the spindle into
the slots within the supply well. With
the DuraLabel supply label facing
the back of the printer.
4. Feed the end of the label supply
under the print carriage threading
it underneath the gray, adjustable
label guides.
Print Carriage
5. Feed the supply through the print
carriage and thread the end through
the cutter station.
6. Adjust the gray guides toward the
edges of the supply, without binding.
Label Guides
7. Close the cutter mechanism by lifting
it up until it clicks into place.
Cutter Station
8. Close the print carriage, then close
the Toro cover.
D. Printer Settings
1. Selecting Ribbon
When you power up your DuraLabel Toro a window will appear in the lower right corner of
your screen asking you to confirm the ribbon type (1a). If you have not changed ribbon,
this window will fade away after a few seconds.
If you have changed your ribbon type, click Yes. The Printer Settings window will appear.
Select your ribbon type from the Ribbon Type pull down menu (1b). Toro automatically
senses the supply type that is loaded.
2. Calibrating Supply
If you have changed your supply select Calibrate to align the supply (especially if you have
loaded black-mark or die-cut supply) (2).
3. Saving Settings
Select Apply to save settings (3). The Printer Settings window will close.
NOTE: Extended Length - You can print unlimited lengths when printing standard or
ammonia pipe markers with DuraSuite software. Select Ext in the Cut menu in Manual
Settings. A DuraSuite Only prompt will appear in red.
▪ The Toro is shipped with the battery removed
▪ Don’t use in static sensitive environments
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