Karta katalogowa NTB-13A 2012-07

Karta katalogowa NTB-13A  2012-07
Spec sheet
■ Model
■ Name
Temperature control boards
Relay contact
NTB -13A-S/E
NTB -13A-A/E
■ Rating
Input: Thermocouple K, J
External resistance, 100
or less
■ General structure
Scale range
–200 to 1370
–320 to 2500
–200 to 1000
–320 to 1800
1 ( )
1 ( )
Indicating structure:
PV display
Control output indicator
EVT1 indicator
EVT2 indicator
EVT3 indicator
AT indicator
T/R indicator
SV display
Increase key
Shift key
Mode key
Decrease key
PV display: Indicates PV.
7-segment Red LED display 4-digit
Character size, 8 x 4 (H x W)mm
SV display: Indicates SV.
7-segment Green LED display 4-digit
Character size, 8 x 4 (H x W)mm
Action indicators
Control output indicator (Orange): Lights when control output is ON.
(For DC current output, flashes at a cycle of
0.25 seconds corresponding to the Output MV.)
EVT1 indicator (Green) : Lights when EVT1 (Event output 1) is ON.
EVT2 indicator (Red) : Lights when EVT2 (Event output 2) is ON.
EVT3 indicator (Red) : Lights when EVT3 (Event output 3) is ON.
AT indicator (Yellow) : Flashes while auto-tuning or auto reset is performing.
T/R indicator (Yellow) : Lights during console communication (TX output).
■ Terminal arrangement
PWR: Supply voltage 100 to 240V AC
EVT1: Event output 1
EVT2: Event output 2
EVT3: Event output 3
OUT: Control output
TC: Thermocouple input
■ Supply voltage
■ Connector
Display boards
Main boards
Harness 4m
CN201, CN401 : Connector between boards
: Current transformer input (W option)
: Console connector
■ Standard functions
Supply voltage: 100 to 240V AC, 50/60Hz
Allowable voltage fluctuation: 85 to 264V AC
■ Installation specifications
External dimensions
Display boards : 60 x 44 x 25 (W x H x D)mm
Main boards : 103 x 41 x 44 (W x H x D)mm
Mounting: Screw mounting (M3)
Power consumption: Approx. 6VA
Ambient temperature: 0 to 50 (32 to 122 )
Ambient humidity: 35 to 85%RH (Non-condensing)
Weight: Display boards: Approx. 30g, Main boards: Approx. 70g
Cable between display and main boards: 4m
When Heater burnout alarm (W option) is added: CT (CTL-6S)
1 piece
High limit, Low limit, High/Low limits, High/Low limit range
alarm, Process high alarm, Process low alarm, High limit alarm
with standby, Low limit alarm with standby, High/Low limits alarm
with standby, Loop break alarm
Heater burnout alarm output (Option code: W)
Watches the heater current with CT (current transformer),
and detects the heater burnout.
Rating: 20A
Setting range: Internal event main setting (Heater burnout
alarm) range: 0.0 to 20.0A
Internal event sub setting: Not available
Setting the main set value to 0 (zero)
disables the function.
Setting accuracy: Within 5% of the rated value
Action point: Set value
■ Console communication
Function change and unit information reading can be executed from the external computer, using the console connector.
Communication protocol : Shinko protocol
Communication line
: C-MOS level
Communication method : Half-duplex communication start-stop synchronization
Communication speed : 9600bps
Data bit
: 7 bits
: Even parity
Stop bit
Exclusive cable
: CMA (Made by Shinko Technos Co., Ltd.)
■ Attached functions
Sensor correction, Set value lock, Power failure countermeasure, Self-diagnosis, Automatic cold junction temperature
compensation, Burnout, Input abnormality, Warm-up indication
■ Setting structure
Function keys
(1) Increase key : Increases the numerical value.
(2) Decrease key : Decreases the numerical value.
(3) Shift key
: Moves to the next digit (Right
(4) Mode key
: Selects the setting mode. By pressing this key for 3sec, the unit proceeds to Standby mode or Output
MV indication mode depending on the Mode key allocation function selection.
■ Indicating performance
Indication accuracy:
Within 0.3% of each input span 1digit
Less than 0 (32 ): Within 0.5% of each input span 1digit
Input sampling period: 0.25 seconds
■ Controlling performance
Setting accuracy: The same as the Indication accuracy
Controlling action
• PID action (With auto-tuning function)
• PI action: When setting the derivative time to 0
• PD action (With auto-reset function): When setting the integral time to 0
• P action (With auto-reset function): When setting the integral and derivative time to 0
• ON/OFF action: When setting the proportional band to 0
Proportional band (P) : 0 to 1000 or 2000
Integral time (I)
: 0 to 1000sec.
Derivative time (D) : 0 to 300sec.
Proportional cycle
: 1 to 120sec.
: 0 to 100%
ON/OFF hysteresis : 0.1 to 100.0 ( )
Output high, low limit : 0 to 100% (DC current output: –5 to 105%)
Proportional band
SV setting
■ Insulation and dielectric strength
Circuit insulation configuration
Power supply
Control output
EVT1 output
EVT2 output
EVT3 output
Insulation resistance: 10M or more, at 500V DC
When Control output is non-contact voltage output or DC current output,
Control output is not insulated from EVT1 to EVT3.
Dielectric strength
Between input terminal and power terminal ---------- 1.5kV AC for 1 minute
Between output terminal and power terminal -------- 1.5kV AC for 1 minute
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