SMA Yale Professional Wireless Panic Button (, 107 kB)

SMA Yale Professional Wireless Panic Button (, 107 kB)
Yale Professional Wireless Panic Button (22140)
The Fixed Panic Button is used to activate the panic alarm.
1. Press and hold the button for 1 seconds send a learn code
or activate the panic alarm.
2. Press and hold the button for 8 seconds to send a Cancel Code to
the Control Panel. (This function is not compatiable with every
control panel)
The LED indicator will light up whenever there is a signal sent.
The Panic Button is powered by one CR2032 3V Lithium battery.
The Panic Button will transmit any detected low battery status along with any regular status signal
transmission to the Control Panel for display accordingly.
When changing battery, after removing the old battery, press the button twice to fully discharge before
inserting new battery.
Battery removal must be done with extra caution and with a minus screwdriver. Gently insert the
minus screw driver into the gap as shown below. Lift the battery by slanting the driver 45 degrees
and carefully lift the battery from the compartment. DO NOT remove the battery by hand since it
may damage the battery compartment.
Getting Started
Remove the screw and separate the cover from the base.
Insert the battery according to the marked polarities.
Replace the top over the base and lightly tighten the screw.
Put Control Panel into learn mode
Press the button on the Panic Button to transmit a learn code.
Refer to your Control Panel’s operation manual to complete the learn-in process.
Walk Test
Place the Control Panel in the walk test mode.
Press the Button once.
The Panel will display the RSSi (Radio Strength Signal) strength and sound a 2-tone beep.
After the Panic Button is learned successfully, Press and hold the Button for 1 second to activate
the Panic Alarm.
Press and hold the Button for 8 seconds or more will send a Cancel Code to the Control Panel to
stop the alarm. (This function is not compatible with all control panels.)
Mounting the Panic Button
The Panic Button can be mounted using two methods: Self-adhesive or Screw mounting.
Self adhesive mounting
I. Clean the surface with a suitable degreaser.
II. Remove the protective covering from one side of double-sided adhesive pad and firmly
apply to the back of the device.
III.Remove the other covering and firmly place/press the device in the desired location.
< NO T E >
Do not use the Self-adhesive mounting method on poorly painted and/or rough
Screw Mounting
The Button base has two screw knockouts, where the plastic is thinner for mounting purposes.
To mount the Panic Button:
Remove the screw and separate the top cover from the base.
Break through the knockouts on the base.
Use the holes as a template to drill two holes and insert the wall plugs.
Screw the base into the wall plugs.
Secure and screw the top cover back on to its base.
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