AIR-3DN Day/Night Temperature CO2 Control

AIR-3DN Day/Night Temperature CO2 Control
AIR-3DN Day/Night Temperature & CO2 Control
Custom Automated Products offers a full range of equipment for the growing
enthusiasts. . The AIR-3DN controls the Day temperature, Night Temperature
and CO2 production within the growing area. When the Exhaust turns on due to
high temperature, the CO2 outlet is disabled and the Exhaust fans run. The builtin photocell ensures the CO2 outlet is activated only during the day.
The AIR-3DN integrates separate Day and Night temperature & CO2. When the
fans are running, the CO2 is disabled.
External temperature probes are highly accurate & reliable.
Indicator lights verify day and night Exhaust on and CO2 on.
CO2 generators or valves operating on 120 volt plug into standard receptacles.
CO2 is only active during the “day”.
The AIR-3DN has both night heat and night cooling outlets to allow for
flexibility in environmental control.
The AIR-3DN is a solid & reliable unit with a 3-year warranty!
There are certain steps which should be taken to ensure a successful
installation of your AIR-3.
1) Determine the desired location for the AIR-3DN. It should be at plant height
and near a 120 volt power supply. Also consider the position of the light source
to ensure proper operation of the photocell.
2) The external remote temperature probes can be uncoiled to place the
probes up to 30” from the unit.
3) Mount the AIR-3DN to a wall or other vertical surface. The ventilation slots must be positioned on the top and bottom of the unit.
4) Plug the exhaust fan or air conditioner into the receptacle on the right side. (Maximum 15 amps @ 120 volts)
5) Plug your CO2 valve or generator into the bottom outlet on the left side.
6) Keep the AIR-3 far from any CO2 generator or other sources of high heat to eliminate faulty temperature readings.
7) Adjust the thermostats to the desired highest level you want to maintain.
8) Plug in your exhaust fan or air conditioner into the exhaust outlet, and/or your heater (if desired) to the night heat outlet.
* NOTE: The night heat outlet is only used if you need to add heat to reach your desired night time temperature, otherwise, your exhaust fan
or air conditioner is used to maintain your night time temperature.
9) Connect the power cord to a source of 120 volt power. * Maximum COMBINED load 15 amps.
10) Once connected and powered up, the photocell may take up to 2 minutes to detect daytime light levels and activate the CO2 and day
temperature outlet.
* NOTE: The AIR-3DN requires “free air movement” to maintain temperature and humidity accuracy. The top and bottom of the enclosure has
ventilation slots to provide air-flow for the internal humistat. We recommend using an oscillating fan or similar air movement device to
provide fresh air for the plants, and the sensors.
Do not expose the AIR-3 to water. Electrical shock may occur.
Do not disable the fuse or put in a fuse that is not rated for 15 amps at 120 volts.
Do not kink the capillary tubing! Your temperature will not read correctly.
Do not open the AIR-3DN. There are no user serviceable parts inside.
If you are having problems with this unit, refer to these troubleshooting hints.
Suggested Action
There are no lights and no function at all.
Check fuse or main power. Check the main power plug and replace the fuse if
required with a 15 amp rated fuse.
If the fuse blows repeatedly, verify that the devices connected to the unit are
working properly and that they do not exceed a combined 15 amps.
The CO2 outlet never comes on.
If the exhaust outlet is on, the CO2 will not be allowed to run. Turn up the
temperature and humidity to a higher setting.
Make sure the photocell is receiving enough light to activate the CO2 function.
You can test the photocell by shining a small flashlight on the lens.
The exhaust fans are running so often, the
CO2 is hardly ever on.
You may have too much heat building up in your area or too small of an exhaust
fan. Reduce the heat sources or increase your fan size.
Air Cooled lighting may solve the problem. Heat from lighting is the number one
problem with indoor growing.
My CO2 consumption seems to be quite high.
Make sure your area is sealed. You may want to install a motorized damper to
seal your exhaust fans when they are off.
Consider connecting a cycle timer
to the CO2 outlet to cycle the CO2 on and off.
The AIR-3DN is warranted against defects in workmanship and parts for Three Years.
Main power voltage:
Temperature control range:
Relay operating life:
120 volts
50-115° F
100,000 electrical
Maximum amperage:
Temperature operating range:
Photocell operation:
15 amps
32-120° F
Activate CO2 during day
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from the use of this product. The purchaser assumes all responsibility for the use and proper installation of this device.
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