Netfinity 5000
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Netfinity 5000
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Before using this Netfinity Server Library and the product it supports, be sure to read the information in the “Legal
and Safety Information” section of this Server Library.
First Edition (September 1998)
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Start Here
Thank you for purchasing an IBM Netfinity 5000 server. This “Start Here” section
gives you an overview of the Server Library for the Netfinity 5000 server. “Start
Here” also contains a list of the features and provides illustrations of some of the
major components of the Netfinity 5000 server.
The Netfinity Server Library contains sections that provide detailed information
about set up and installation, hardware, software (ServerGuide and Netfinity
Manager), Advanced System Management, getting help, and legal and safety
To organize your Netfinity Server Library, place the library materials into the binder
in the following order.
CD Pack 1
HardwareGuide, SoftwareGuide, Operating Systems Fixpak,
and Server Application Programs
Server Library
Library tabs and information sections, such as Express Setup and Installation,
Hardware, ServerGuide and Netfinity Manager, Advanced System
Management, Getting Help, Legal and Safety, and other materials
Note: The library materials that come with your server contain Tab 8 which is
blank. This tab is for you to use for any additional information you
might want to add to the binder.
CD Packs 2 and 3
Additional Application Programs
 Copyright IBM Corp. 1998
Overview of the Netfinity Server Library
The following list describes the sections of the Netfinity Server Library.
Express Setup and Installation
This section is written for all users, but it is designed with the experienced
user in mind. Here you will find the information you need to set up and cable
your server, start and configure your server, and install your network operating
system (NOS).
Hardware Information
This section contains detailed information, such as:
Configuration Procedures
Option Installation Instructions
Rack Installation Instructions
Solving Problems and Troubleshooting
Server Records and Specifications
ServerGuide and Netfinity Manager Information
This section contains detailed information about:
Software setup and installation tools specifically designed for IBM
Netfinity and PC servers.
Netfinity Manager
A group of distributed applications designed to enhance the hardware
systems-management capabilities of a network.
Advanced System Management Information
This section contains detailed information about Advanced System
Management, using the Netfinity Manager Advanced System Management
Getting Help Information
This section contains telephone numbers and Web site addresses where you
can get assistance.
Legal and Safety Information
This section contains detailed legal information (warranties, electronic
emission statements, and so forth) and safety information.
Netfinity 5000 Start Here
Safety Statement
Before installing this product, read the Safety Information.
Antes de instalar este produto, leia as Informações de Segurança.
Před instalací tohoto produktu si přečtěte příručku bezpečnostních instrukcí.
Læs sikkerhedsforskrifterne, før du installerer dette produkt.
Ennen kuin asennat tämän tuotteen, lue turvaohjeet kohdasta Safety
Avant d'installer ce produit, lisez les consignes de sécurité.
Vor der Installation dieses Produkts die Sicherheitshinweise lesen.
Prima di installare questo prodotto, leggere le Informazioni sulla Sicurezza
Lees voordat u dit product installeert eerst de veiligheidsvoorschriften.
Les sikkerhetsinformasjonen (Safety Information) før du installerer dette
Antes de instalar este produto, leia as Informações sobre Segurança.
Pred inštaláciou tohto zariadenia si pečítaje Bezpečnostné predpisy.
Antes de instalar este producto lea la información de seguridad.
Läs säkerhetsinformationen innan du installerar den här produkten.
Start Here
Help Information
If you need help at any time during the set up, installation, or operation of your
server, refer to the “Getting Help Information” section of this Server Library. There
you will find telephone numbers and Web site addresses where you can get
Inventory List
The following is a list of the items shipped with your Netfinity 5000 server.
Ÿ Tower Models
– Keyboard
– Mouse
– System power cord
– Two server keys and a power-on switch cover attached to the server
Note: If you lose the keys, you must order a replacement lock mechanism
and keys from IBM.
Ÿ Rack Models
– Rack installation hardware
– System power cord
– A power-on switch cover attached to the server
Ÿ IBM ServerGuide CDs
Ÿ Other software packages
Ÿ Netfinity Server Library
Ÿ IBM Netfinity Rack Installation Template (rack models only)
If an item is missing or damaged, contact your place of purchase.
Netfinity 5000 Start Here
System Features
Use the following information and illustrations to familiarize yourself with the various features of the
Netfinity 5000 server.
Features at a Glance
The following table summarizes the features of the Netfinity 5000. For detailed information about the
features listed in the table, refer to the “Hardware Information” section of this Server Library.
Ÿ Intel Pentium II
with MMX technology
Ÿ 512 KB of level-2 cache
Ÿ Standard: 64 MB (minimum),
expandable to 1 GB
Ÿ 100 MHz, error correcting code
(ECC) registered synchronous
dynamic random access memory
Ÿ Four dual-inline memory-module
(DIMM) sockets
Diskette Drive
Ÿ One 3.5-inch, 1.44 MB
Hard Disk Drives
Ÿ Up to five hot-swappable internal
hard disk drives are supported
CD-ROM Drive
Ÿ Standard: IDE
Keyboard and Auxiliary Device
Tower models
Ÿ Keyboard
Ÿ Mouse
Expansion Slots
Ÿ Supports up to five adapters
– Two shared PCI/ISA slots
– Three dedicated PCI slots
Expansion Bays
Integrated Functions
Ÿ One 3.5-inch diskette drive bay
Ÿ Two serial ports
Ÿ Two 5.25-inch drive bays (the
open bay supports a half-high
SCSI tape drive)
Ÿ Two universal serial bus (USB)
Ÿ Five 3.5-inch drive bays
Upgradable Microcode
Ÿ BIOS, diagnostics, and
Netfinity Advanced System
Management Processor code
upgrades (when available) can
update EEPROMs on the
system board
Security Features
Ÿ Bolt-down capability
Ÿ System management port (C)
Ÿ Advanced System Management
processor on the system board
Ÿ One IDE internal connector,
supports the system IDE
CD-ROM drive
Ÿ One parallel port
Ÿ Mouse port
Ÿ Keyboard port
Ÿ 16-bit UltraSCSI controller
Ÿ Door lock (tower model only)
– One external connector
Ÿ Power-on and administrator
– One internal connector
Ÿ Selectable startup sequence
Power Supply
Ÿ 350 W with voltage
auto-selection (110, 120, 220,
240 V ac) and power
– Standard
- 350 W (non-redundant)
- 175 W (redundant)
– Optional
- 175 W (available for
Ÿ Full-duplex 10/100 Mbps
Ethernet controller
– 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX port
– Redundant Ethernet
capability, through the use of
an optional network interface
card (NIC)
Ÿ Video controller port, super video
graphics array (SVGA)
Ÿ 1 MB video memory
Ÿ Built-in overload and surge
Ÿ Automatic restart after a
momentary loss of power
Start Here
Exploded View of the Netfinity 5000 Server
Power supply
Bezel release lever
Operator information panel
Diskette drive
Open bay
Hot-swap hard disk drive
Filler panel
Netfinity 5000 Start Here
Side cover release lever
Front door
Adapter card support bracket
Side cover
System board (planar)
DIMM sockets
Microprocessor terminator card
or secondary microprocessor
.18/ Primary microprocessor
.19/ Adapter card retainers
System Board Connectors
Systems management adapter connector (J21)
Fan 2 connector (J6)
System switch block (SW1)
Microprocessor 2 connector (U21)
Reserved (J1)
Microprocessor 1 connector (U2)
Power connector (J3)
Reserved (J8)
Power connector (J4)
Reserved (J12)
Power supply data connector (J10)
Voltage regulator module (VRM) connector (U20)
Fan 1 connector (J13)
DIMM 1 (J15), DIMM 2 (J16), DIMM 3 (J17), &
DIMM 4 (J22) connectors
SCSI connector (J18)
Diskette drive connector (J23)
IDE connector (J3)
Operator LED panel (J29)
Reserved (J31)
Power-on switch panel (J34)
RS-485 connector (J35)
Reserved (J37)
Reserved (J36)
Reserved (J41)
Reserved (J39)
Reserved (J32)
ISA connector (J40)
PCI/ISA connector, PCI bus 1 (J38)
PCI connector, PCI bus 1 (J33)
PCI connector, PCI bus 1 (J30)
PCI connector, PCI bus 1 (J28)
PCI connector, PCI bus 0 (J24)
Parallel/SCSI connectors (J19)
Video port and Management C port connectors
(J11). (The Management C port connector is
above the video connector.)
USB 1 and USB 2 port connectors (J9) (USB 2 is
below USB 1.)
Ethernet connector (J7)
Mouse and keyboard connectors (J5). (The
mouse connector is above the keyboard
Serial port A and B connectors (J2) (Serial port B
is below serial port A.)
Start Here
System Board LEDs
Microprocessor 1 error LED (CR1)
Microprocessor 2 error LED (CR5)
Integrated voltage regulator error LED (CR4)
Voltage regulator module (VRM) error LED (CR12)
Service processor error LED (CR49)
DIMM 1 error LED (CR13)
DIMM 2 error LED (CR14)
DIMM 3 error LED (CR21)
DIMM 4 error LED (CR22)
Software-maskable interrupt (SMI) error LED
.11/ Non-maskable interrupt (NMI) error LED (CR28)
Netfinity 5000 Start Here
PCI bus 1 error LED (CR27)
PCI bus 0 error LED (CR26)
Reserved (CR25)
DASD error LED (CR24)
Temperature error LED (CR23)
Fan 1 (DASD) error LED (CR15)
Fan 2 (rear) error LED (CR16)
Reserved (CR17)
Reserved (CR18)
Power supply 1 error LED (CR19)
Power supply 2 error LED (CR20)
Part Number: 01K7720
Printed in U.S.A.
September 1998
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