The Competition Engineering Universal Crossmember is designed to provide a sturdy mounting point for
the front ladder bar rod ends. The mandrel formed tubing used to make the crossmember is capable of
withstanding the abuse of a racing suspension while also adding strength to the chassis. The ladder bar
mounting holes are stamped on a 33” radius to allow quicker adjustments when used with all C.E.
Ladder Bars.
1) Mandrel Formed Crossmember Tube
2) 3/4 Hex Head Bolts
4) Washers
4) Ladder Bar Mounting Brackets
2) 3/4-16 Nylock Nuts
1. Jack up the vehicle and support it in four places with jack stands. Make sure the vehicle is level front
to back and side to side.
2. Attach the ladder bars to the axle housing following the instructions included with the ladder bar kit.
3. Slide the ladder bar mounting brackets onto the crossmember tube, two per side. Note: The 3 holes
in the brackets should face the rear of the vehicle.
4. Measure the distance between the intended mounting points for the crossmember. Shorten the
crossmember tube to match this dimension. Take equal amounts off each end of the crossmember
to ensure that the dropped portion remains centered under the vehicle.
5. Bolt the crossmember to the ladder bars using the supplied hardware. Use the middle hole in the
crossmember brackets to ensure a neutral setting. Tack weld the brackets to the crossmember tube.
6. Remove the tube from the vehicle and weld the brackets completely. Note: Use the front rod end
from the ladder bar as a spacer to keep the brackets in the correct spacing. Four stamped gussets
have been provided to further reinforce the mounting brackets to the tube. Weld these in place at this
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Installation Instructions P/N: C3059
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7. Re-install the crossmember tube into position ensuring that it is perpendicular to both frame rails.
The curved portion of the crossmember should be facing down. Bolt it to the ladder bars and tack
weld in place.
8. Check all measurements to ensure the crossmember is squared up under the vehicle. If all
measurements check out, finish weld it to the frame rails.
After installation is complete you can test the vehicle to see if the setting is correct. You can change the
way the vehicle reacts by relocating the front of the ladder bar in the crossmember bracket. Moving the
bar up one hole will make the rear tires hit harder and increase weight transfer. Conversely, moving it to
the bottom hole hits the tires less and reduces weight transfer.
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