Operating instructions and data sheet
CONTROL UNIT type R80 PDE designed for use with NOBO LST Panel heaters using Series 8 controls.
Timer control module.
225 C
KEY to Fig. 1.
1 – Comfort temperature adjustment control.
2 – Economy temperature adjustment control.
3 – Programme selector.
4 – Red Comfort mode indicator light.
5 – Green Economy mode indicator light.
6 – Amber operating indicator light.
7 – 7°C. Frost Protection setting.
8 – On / Off switch. l = On, 0 = Off.
9 – Override / Start timer button.
Switch the heater on and wait for approximately 2 minutes while the electronic batteries charge.
Rotate programme selector (3) to show correct day, then press and hold the Start button (9) for 3 seconds while the timer sets.
The Green & Red indicator lights will flash while the timer is setting. See note below.
Rotate selector (3) to select one of the seven pre-set programmes. ie. P1 – P7, or P8 – CF for continuous settings.
Set required comfort temperature with control (1) and economy temperature with control (2).
The action of the timer will switch the heater operation between setting (1) and setting (2) at the appropriate programme times.
When the economy setting is active the green indicator will glow, when the comfort setting is active the red indicator will glow,
when the thermostat calls for heat the amber indicator will also glow. If the override button is pressed the programme
action will be reversed for the remainder of the programme period. Green operation will become red or visa versa,
(not Frost Protection). You may switch between programmes (3) and back at any time, or toggle (9) between red and green,
but pressing the Start button (9) while a day is selected will reset the time. See note below.
The action of the start button (9) automatically sets the time to 12am (noon) and all programme times run from this setting.
Starting the timer should be carried out at mid-day, but programme times may be shifted by starting the timer earlier or later.
(W=weekdays, SA=Saturday, SU=Sunday)
P1: Heat during afternoon and evening.
P2: Heat during morning, afternoon and evening.
P3: Staying Home.
P4: Continental Lunch Programme.
P5: Office programme.
P6: Alternative working week programme.
P7: Bedroom programme.
P8: Continuous Economy programme (2).
P9: Continuous Frost Protection programme (7).
If the heater is switched Off or there is an interruption in the power supply the electronic memory will retain the time setting
for upto 24 hours after which it will be necessary to restart the timer.
The heater may be cleaned with a damp cloth and mild detergent.
The heater may be tilted forwards on its mounting bracket for cleaning and decorating behind the heater.
Pressing the clips downward at the back of the heater will release the heater from the mounting bracket.
Telephone: 0121 328 5671
Facsimile: 0121 327 8580
Series 8 - GER - T9 C. txt - 225 C
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