Bosch | DCN multimedia | DCN multimedia Conference System Inform. Impress. Inspire.

DCN multimedia Conference System Inform. Impress. Inspire.
DCN multimedia Conference System
Inform. Impress. Inspire.
2 | DCN multimedia Conference System by Bosch
Inform. Impress. Inspire.
And move people to action
Moving people to action is the preferred outcome of most meetings and
conferences. Yet getting participants to understand your point or proposal, let
alone be prepared to champion your cause, is always a challenge. DCN multimedia
is a conferencing system that will deliver information more effectively. Now you
can access all forms of data easily and turn it into exciting content, so that people
become interested, listen more actively, and want to be involved. DCN multimedia
is going to change the way people think about conference systems. Because it’s
more than just a new conference’s a completely new platform designed
to inform, impress and inspire.
DCN multimedia Conference System by Bosch | 3
“It’s more than just a brand new
conference’s a
completely new platform designed
to inform, impress and inspire.”
People want to inform and be informed, so the DCN
multimedia Conference System was designed with one
thing in mind: put people and their content at the core of
the system concept.
Participants will have all the information they need at their
fingertips using touch-screen interactive multimedia
conference devices. This means they’ll be able to retrieve
documents, share presentations, and even access the
internet. Participants can get fully involved too, with high
resolution. The result is a real breakthrough in
presentation effectiveness, with enhanced interaction
between participants.
The new DCN multimedia is bound to impress. Not only
with its looks, but also with its performance. This
innovative system produces the sound quality for which
Bosch is legendary; speech intelligibility and music
reproduction are excellent.
And being ‘the world’s first IP-based conference system
built on the OMNEO media networking architecture’
means it will operate over fully standardized Ethernet
networks, guaranteeing flexibility and cost-effective
installation and maintenance.
DCN multimedia will inspire in many different ways.
Participants will appreciate how it makes speeches and
presentations more effective, getting audiences fully
involved. Facility managers will welcome the system’s
flexibility and the ease with which it can be installed and
maintained. And investors will be encouraged by the many
cost and energy-saving features, as well as the fact that
the system can grow as needs evolve, simply by adding
software to the multimedia conference devices to increase
Making a difference
DCN multimedia is a revolutionary conference solution.
It will make a world of difference to meetings and
conferences everywhere. By moving people to action.
Take a look and see what it will do for your organization.
4 | DCN multimedia Conference System by Bosch
A world-class multimedia
conferencing system
enables extremely high levels of interoperability, flexibility
and reliability. More professional audio devices by Bosch
will be built around this new audio and control standard to
allow high-quality digital audio to be distributed over
standard Ethernet networks. OMNEO is compatible with a
wide range of audio products through Dante™ technology.
DCN multimedia also supports ONVIF-compliant IP
cameras, which simplifies integration of automatic camera
control into the system. ONVIF is the market’s leading,
global standard for networked video.
Unique system architecture
Several standardized technologies have been brought
together to create the DCN multimedia’s open platform.
This allows complete system solutions to be created by
simply integrating compatible products. It also makes DCN
multimedia extremely scalable, so it can evolve with the
growing needs of meeting or conference facilities.
At its heart, the DCN multimedia conference system makes
use of the unique IP-based OMNEO media networking
architecture, developed by Bosch. OMNEO is considered
by many in the professional audio world to be the solution
of choice for modern (and future) A/V facilities, since it
Hands-on interactivity
Participants will love the DCN multimedia’s interactive
capabilities, thanks to the touch-screen multimedia
conference devices. These make use of the familiar
Android™ operating system to provide an attractive and
engaging interface, and allow the use of custom-made or
third-party apps to further increase meeting efficiency.
Time-saving installation
OMNEO operates on standard Ethernet networks so it is
ideal for pre-wired buildings, resulting in cost-effective
installation and maintenance. Conference devices can be
connected using CAT5e (or higher) cables and Power over
Ethernet (PoE) switches for star configurations.
“The open platform makes it easy to integrate with
professional audio and multimedia equipment”
DCN multimedia Conference System by Bosch | 5
They can also be combined with a looped daisy chain
configuration using Bosch powering switches and Bosch
system network cables, making the DCN multimedia
system a time-saving, flexible solution.
Peace of mind
The DCN multimedia Conference System features cable
redundancy, with maximum security against data loss in
the event of a failure. This means that meeting organizers
are able to rely on the conference system completely.
All audio and control data running through the system is
securely encrypted in accordance with internationally
recognized standards. This guarantees that the data is
strongly protected against tampering and unauthorized
access of system information – extremely important in
highly-secure or sensitive meetings.
Green thinking
DCN multimedia was designed to have minimal impact
on the environment. For example, the chairperson’s
multimedia conference device can be used to remotely
switch the entire system to stand-by mode after a
meeting. This patent-pending feature powers off all the
participant multimedia conference devices at once,
significantly reducing power consumption and saving
energy between meetings. And during meetings, all
participants have access to the relevant documents
electronically, which saves print costs and eliminates
waste paper. In the future, multiple sites using DCN
multimedia will be able to connect to each other using the
Internet to form one big meeting. This will greatly reduce
the need for travelling, saving time and reducing fuel
Conference Devices
2Audio Powering
3 Server PC
4Bosch System
Network Cables
5Power over Ethernet
6CAT5e (or higher)
7 Internet Router
8 HD (Onvif) Camera
9OMNEO or Dante™
Audio Device
10 Operator PC
6 | DCN multimedia Conference System by Bosch
Enriching the meeting experience
Information at your fingertips
DCN multimedia integrates audio, video and documents so
that all the meeting content is at your fingertips. This
makes it easy for participants; retrieving documents,
sharing presentations, or using the Internet to access
other information is all available from one single, easy to
control system.
Superior audio performance
DCN multimedia continues the tradition of acoustical
excellence that has become a hallmark of Bosch. Voices
sound completely natural, with maximum speech
intelligibility, and listening to music becomes an enjoyable
experience too. Several Bosch technologies are at the
heart of this acoustical excellence.
Multimedia conference devices with high-resolution
capacitive touch-screens provide a familiar user interface
to enrich the meeting experience of participants. They will
be able to browse through information about the topic
being discussed, consult meeting subject lists or agendas,
and look up details about the speaker. In addition, if
cameras are integrated into the system, they can also see
who is speaking.
For a start, the unobtrusive, pluggable microphone on the
multimedia conference device produces ultra-clear speech
using Bosch’s high-directive technology. So the speaker
doesn’t have to pay attention to the location of the
microphone. Then, a built-in two-way loudspeaker system
is used to represent the sound spectrum more accurately,
resulting in outstanding intelligibility and extremely high
sound quality. To make the performance complete, Bosch’s
proprietary intelligent Acoustic Feedback Suppression
automatically adapts itself to the acoustic environment to
maximize speech intelligibility at higher volumes.Since
every conference room has different acoustics, this
intelligent system features advanced equalization that
optimizes acoustics throughout the room and at individual
In short, this interactive system adds value to every aspect
of a meeting, giving participants more involvement and
comfort, and enabling audiences to be informed more
easily and effectively. The result is more stimulating, more
creative and ultimately more productive meetings.
“Everyone will get involved in the meeting
and show interest in the subject matter.”
DCN multimedia Conference System by Bosch | 7
Trend-setting design that
complements any interior
Space for optional name
card holder with magnetic
attachments for easy
identification of all
Two-way loudspeaker
system for outstanding
intelligibility and sound
Unobtrusive, pluggable
microphone that uses
high-directive technology.
Resulting in ultra-clear
speech, without the speaker
needing to pay attention to
the location of the
High-resolution capacitive touch-screen with
intuitive user interface for maximum meeting
efficiency. Can be used for document retrieval,
internet access and to view video and meetingrelated data
Light touch control buttons provide quick access to
microphone and priority. Device can be configured
for participant or chairperson use
8 | DCN multimedia Conference System by Bosch
A system for our connected times
Conference Devices
2 Operator PC
3 HD Conference Dome
“Every participant in the meeting has a multimedia
conference device with high-resolution touch-screen.”
DCN multimedia Conference System by Bosch | 9
A complement to every room
DCN multimedia is a revolutionary conference system that
results in “comfort for all”. For investors, participants,
installers and technicians. It is suited to meeting areas of
varying sizes such as in city councils, regional councils and
In a city council gathering, for example, meeting topics and
links to documents can be prepared in advance . This is
not only more comfortable for the participants; it also
allows them to be informed on-the-fly, so discussions and
decision-taking are more efficient.
The system also supports automatic camera control and
ideally uses Bosch HD Conference cameras for razor sharp
images, enabling participants to watch the face of the
speaker on their local screen.
As an optional, extended software is available that enables
an operator to control meetings via a PC. This software
supports detailed tasks such as discussion control,
advanced audio settings, monitoring of processes, and
much more.
The right choice for today and tomorrow
Value-added features, elegant styling and an excellent
price/quality ratio make the DCN multimedia Conference
System an exceptional choice for today and for the future.
In addition to the expandable system design, possibilities
for enhancing the functionality come through adding apps
to the multimedia conference devices. This makes DCN
multimedia a system that can easily grow with your needs.
10 | DCN multimedia Conference System by Bosch
Think conference. Think Bosch
A reliable source of innovation
For over 125 years, the Bosch name has been synonymous
with innovation, quality and reliability. Building on truly
world-class expertise, Bosch Security Systems has led the
conference market for over 60 years by consistently
introducing innovative products.
Bosch provides state-of-the-art solutions for all types of
meeting and conferencing applications. It was the first
company to introduce a fully digital conference system
(DCN), which set the industry standard more than 20
years ago. The new DCN multimedia Conference System is
the latest breakthrough development by Bosch, designed
to take full advantage of today’s advanced multimedia
Supporting your meetings
Bosch conference solutions are used by all kinds of
customers, ranging from small-sized companies up to
multinational corporations, as well as local, regional and
international governments. Bosch has a worldwide dealer
network with trained professionals who can provide local
support in the local language.
Bosch Security Systems strives for total customer
satisfaction and we aim to provide the highest level of
service to make it easy for you to do business with us.
DCN multimedia Conference System by Bosch | 11
Learn more about how the DCN multimedia Conference System
can help you to inform, impress and inspire audiences.
Visit our dedicated site:
Download the DCN multimedia App from the App Store (iPad only).
A Tradition of Quality and
For over 125 years, the Bosch name
has stood for quality and reliability.
Bosch is the global supplier of choice
for innovative technology, backed by
the highest standards for service and
Bosch Security Systems proudly
offers a wide range of security,
safety, communications and sound
solutions that are relied upon every
day in applications around the world,
from government facilities and public
venues to businesses, schools and
Bosch Security Systems
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