contract for hire document

contract for hire document
Web Room Booking (WRB) Request Form Version 3.4. TRIM Ref INT13/1106
University of Tasmania
Contract for hire of University venues
In making this venue request, the user agrees to comply with all the Terms and Conditions of Hire as described in the University of Tasmania
Venue Hire Policy and will comply with any additional conditions specified to the user by Campus Services prior to the commencement of the
venue booking date/period. The Venue Hire Policy is available at or from Campus Services on request.
Contact details
Organisation, club or society
Public liability insurer
Evidence of current public liability insurance must
be provided. Refer Terms & Conditions of Hire 5a
& 5b
Postal address
Billing address
Name of applicant/user
(contact person)
Phone number
Name of responsible
Mobile phone number
*Note: The Responsible Delegate must be 18 years or older, and must be in attendance throughout the function.
Venue and event details
Note: Information on venues which may be hired can be found at
Venue(s) required:
Expected number of persons attending
(Venue capacity must not be exceeded - Refer Terms and Conditions of Hire item 10)
Do any people attending this event have a
mobility disability, are wheelchair dependent
or have special care needs?
Yes 
No 
If yes, you are accepting responsibility for ensuring
an adequate number of support staff/carers to assist
with evacuation of these people in case of
Has the responsible person completed the University venue safety induction (see next page)?
Yes 
No 
Date(s) venue required:
Venue access time:
Event times:
Start Time
Finish Time
Purpose: Please provide official title of event (if applicable), and a brief description of purpose.
VIPS: Please provide name(s) of regal, vice-regal or government representatives or other dignitaries who will attend.
Admission charge: Please indicate admission charge (if free of charge, write ‘NIL’).
Will catering be used for the event?
Catering and liquor:
Yes 
No 
Will liquor be served at the event?
Yes 
No 
Will liquor be sold at the event?
Yes 
No 
If yes, please provide caterer’s trading name:
Note: If liquor will be served, you must obtain a University of Tasmania liquor permit. Information and form available at,-venues-and-liquor If liquor will be sold, you must also obtain a Tasmanian Government
Liquor Licence. Information and form are available at or contact the Liquor and Gaming Branch of the Tasmanian
Department of Treasury & Finance.
Additional service(s) to support an event booking
(e.g. labour assistance, audio-visual support, room setting, additional cleaning, security and parking)
Will internet access for non-University users be
required? (A fee may apply.)
Yes 
No 
If yes, please contact Campus services for a facility-use
agreement. Allow 10 working days for processing.
Do you require an audio visual equipment familiarisation
The University offers a complimentary 20-minute
familiarisation session for use of AV equipment, by
Yes  No 
appointment. This is recommended before the date of use of
the venue. Appointments are available during University
business hours, Monday–Friday, 8.30 am to 4.30 pm. Please
indicate preferred date and time:
Do you require on-site audio visual support?
Hire of a venue includes audio-visual (AV) equipment installed as standard within
the venue but does not include AV support. By prior arrangement with Campus
Services, AV support may be available for the event. Minimum time charges apply;
3 hours for ‘on site’ attendance, 3 hours for ‘on call’, 4 hours for ‘call out’ after hours
attendance. AV support is provided by the University’s Information Technology
Services (ITS) or ITS-accredited service provider. If these support services will be
required, please contact Campus Services to discuss.
If yes, please indicate preferred dates
and times:
First preference:
Second preference:
Yes 
No 
Additional charged services that may be required
Depending on the day/ time and other events that may follow on from the ‘users’ event, extra programmed cleaning may be
necessary. At Campus Services’ discretion, cleaning of venue and/or associated areas may be undertaken at user’s expense.
If engaged, Campus Services will notify user of applicable charges before finalisation of the Contract for Hire of University
At the Centre for the Arts at Hunter St, Hobart, IMAS Waterfront Building 20 Castray Esplanade Battery Point, Medical
Science Precinct, 17 Liverpool Street Hobart, and Visual and Performing Arts Inveresk Launceston. Additional security
attendance costs may be incurred for use of venues at these sites outside normal operating hours. Contact Campus Services
for details.
Access after hours
The Responsible Delegate is requested to call University of Tasmania campus security prior to arrival for timely access to
venue. No venue will be left unlocked or unattended by security. Users should contact security on departure to secure the
venue/building. Campus Services will advise contact phone details.
Venue setup / labour ‘work request’ assistance
Venues are booked on an ‘as is’ basis. Additional room-setup services are limited. Please contact Campus Services for further
Agreement on behalf of the hirer
I the undersigned, in the Contract referred to as the Applicant/User (ref. Section A), have read and agree to comply with and
be bound by the Terms & Conditions of the Contract for Hire of University Venues and with the University of Tasmania’s Venue
Hire Policy. In consideration of the use of venue(s) and services in accordance with this Contract, the Hirer agrees to pay all
applicable fees and charges.
Name: ………………………………………………………………………………………… (Applicant/User please print name
Signature: ……………………………………………………………………. (Applicant/User please sign)
Date: ………/………./……..
Please note
Payments and invoices (Refer to Terms & Conditions point 3) - Campus Services will advise the Hirer of all applicable fees and charges
prior to finalisation of the Contract. A deposit may be requested to secure the booking at the discretion of the University and where total costs
exceed $1000. Campus Services will forward a final invoice to the Hirer after date of hire of venue.
Public Liability Insurance (Please refer Terms & Conditions point 5b) - Hirers other than University departments and the TUU Inc. must
provide evidence of current Public Liability Insurance for an amount not less than $10 million. This evidence must be provided to Campus
Services before the date for which the venue is hired.
Confirmation of hire - Processing of this Contract may be delayed if incomplete. The Hirer will be sent written confirmation of the booking,
which will also state all applicable fees and charges including venue hire fees. If written confirmation is not received, the Hirer should contact
Campus Services before the date of the event.
Please return completed contract with any attachments to:
Campus Services, University of Tasmania, Private Bag 35, Hobart 7001 Email: [email protected] Phone: 6226 2791
TRIM Ref. INT13/1106
Terms and Conditions of Hire of University Venues
Conditions and Agreement
The term ‘Hirer’ will include the applicant/user’s organisation. The University agrees to hire to the Hirer the venue(s) and facilities together
with the equipment in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Hire set out in the Contract for Hire of University Venues and any
attached additional documents. The Hirer agrees to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of Hire and by any additional conditions which the
University may notify to the Hirer prior to the commencement of hire. The Hirer is responsible for ensuring the suitability of the venue prior to
the nominated hire date/time. If the Hirer deems the venue unsuitable, the hirer shall contact Campus Services with any concerns prior to the
hire date/time.
Responsible Delegate
Unless agreed to the contrary in writing, the Hirer must nominate an attendant aged 18 years or older who will be present for the duration of
the function and who will take responsibility to ensure compliance with statutory safety requirements and the Terms and Conditions of Hire.
Charges and Deposits
Charges payable by the Hirer shall be set by the University and shall be advised in writing prior to finalisation of the Contract. At the
discretion of the University, and where total costs exceed $1000, the Hirer may be required to pay a deposit of 10 per cent of total costs. A
receipt will be issued for deposit paid.
A booking for which a deposit has been requested but not received may be cancelled by the University at any time. The University has the
right not to accept or to cancel a booking at any time. The Hirer shall notify the University of cancellation not less than 14 days prior to
commencement of hire, failing which the University will impose a cancellation fee of up to 50% of the hire fee. If the cancellation is within 48
hours of the commencement of hire, the full hire fee plus any additional expenses incurred may be charged, at the University’s sole discretion.
5a. Indemnity
The Hirer shall indemnify and keep indemnified the University against all losses, expenses, liabilities, claims and damages incurred as a
result of, or arising out of, the hire of the premises, whether caused by an act or omission of the Hirer, its servants, agents or invitees, or any
other person.
5b. Public Liability Insurance Requirement
External Hirers and users of University venues must be covered by appropriate public liability insurance. The Hirer must provide evidence of
a current public liability insurance policy for an amount not less than $10 million.
Duties of Care
The Hirer must complete the venue safety induction:
The Hirer is responsible for adherence to general occupational health and safety standards.
The Hirer must ensure spillage of beverages or other liquid is immediately cleaned up and take any action required to avoid injury by slipping.
The Hirer must ensure adequate cleaning implements are on hand for potential hazards. Areas that cannot be cleaned immediately must be
cordoned off. The Hirer must leave the premises clean and tidy at the conclusion of the period of hire.
The University may carry out at the Hirer’s expense such cleaning or other work as may be required to restore the premises to satisfactory
condition. Excepting fair wear and tear, the Hirer shall be liable for damage to premises and/or to fittings, equipment, furniture, carpets or
other property therein, which occurs during the period of hire at any time.
The Hirer must immediately notify University Security (telephone 6226 7600) of any damage or loss, and must also inform Campus Services
in writing within 24 hours of the damage or loss occurring.
Distinguished Visitors
The Hirer shall give the University advance notice of the attendance of any regal, vice-regal or government representatives or any other
dignitaries, to enable the University to ensure observance of appropriate protocols.
The Hirer shall not issue any advance publicity of the use of the premises before receiving from the University written confirmation of the
booking. The Hirer shall not make any statement in any advertisement which directly or indirectly implies that the event for which the premises
are hired is conducted by or promoted by the University.
The Hirer shall not issue any ticket, poster, advertisement, program or other literature containing the University logo unless the printer’s or
other proof thereof has been approved in writing by the University.
The Hirer shall not display any poster or advertisement in any part of the premises or grounds of the University without the written approval of
the University.
Good Order
The Hirer shall be responsible for the maintenance of good order in and around the premises during the period of hire of the premises. The
Hirer shall comply with any instruction by a University security officer or any officer of the University relating to the maintenance of good order
and compliance with these Terms and Conditions of Hire in and around the premises.
10. Seating and Stage Settings
Any alteration to the normal seating or stage setting may be made only with the written consent of the University and at the Hirer’s expense.
Before vacating the premises, the Hirer shall restore all furniture and equipment to the same location and configuration as it was at the
commencement of the Hirer’s occupation of the premises; failing to do so may mean that the University carries out, at the Hirer’s expense,
such work as may be required to restore the premises to a satisfactory condition.
The Hirer will be advised in writing of venue seating capacity as required by University of Tasmania Licence to Assembly regulations.
The Hirer shall not admit patrons to the premises in excess of the capacity of the venue(s), nor for a purpose not agreed to by the University.
11a. Liquor, Food and Refreshments
No food or beverage is permitted in University lecture theatres.
The Hirer shall not bring, serve or sell any liquor, beverage, food or refreshment on any part of the premises unless specifically approved by
the University. If liquor will be served, an Application for University Liquor Permit must be completed and attached to this contract, and
University Security will be required to attend the event. If liquor is to be sold, the Hirer must also obtain a Tasmanian Government Liquor
Licence from the Liquor and Gaming Branch of the Tasmanian Department of Treasury & Finance, in addition to the University Liquor Permit.
Both the licence and the permit are to be provided to Campus Services prior to the event for notation, authorisation and office process.
If food is to be supplied and/or sold by a non-registered food outlet the hirer is responsible for applying for the following permits:
University of Tasmania Form of Indemnity: Application for a temporary stall on University Campus available from the Campus Services website
and food permit from the local city as required.
11b. Catering
The Hirer is normally expected to arrange catering with the University’s on-campus caterers. External caterers may not be used without the
University’s written approval.
12. University Representatives / Security Personnel
The University may, in its absolute discretion, appoint one or more University representatives or security personnel at the Hirer’s expense to
ensure the University’s interests are protected.
13. Disputes
Any dispute between the Hirer and the University arising from, or in relation to, any hiring of the premises or from the Terms and Conditions of
Hire shall be submitted to Associated Director, Campus Services.
14. Relocation
The University reserves the right to relocate an event to an alternative venue if circumstances arise beyond the University’s control.
TRIM Ref. INT13/1106
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