Quick-Start Guide LampLinc – INSTEON Plug-In Lamp Dimmer

Quick-Start Guide LampLinc – INSTEON Plug-In Lamp Dimmer
Quick-Start Guide
LampLinc™ – INSTEON® Plug-In Lamp Dimmer
Module (Dual-Band), 2-Pin
Model: 2457D2
Status LED
LampLinc can dim and remotely control any lamp or other plug-in device in your home at
the touch of a button. Send commands to LampLinc from an INSTEON Controller. Or
conveniently control other Linked INSTEON devices by using the buttons on the side of
LampLinc. Or use the Load Sensing feature to control Linked INSTEON devices by turning
the device on and off from the switch on the device itself.
LampLinc also works as an INSTEON signal repeater and can be used to bridge the
power phases in your home (like an Access Point, #2443).
Use indoors only.
Plug the lamp or device (the load) you want to control into the outlet on LampLinc
Plug LampLinc into an unswitched wall outlet
The load may turn on
If the LED is solid green, installation is complete
If the LED is solid red, tap the Up button
The LED should turn to solid green
The load should turn on
If the load does not turn on, turn it on manually using the switch on the load itself
Using the LampLinc Buttons
The LampLinc buttons have a dual purpose. LampLinc or Linked Responders will behave differently depending on whether you tap, double-tap, or hold
down the buttons.
Press & Hold
Ramp to On-Level
Full-bright instantly
Brighten until released
Ramp to Off
Full-off instantly
Dim until released
Linking LampLinc to an INSTEON Controller
Set your INSTEON Controller to Linking Mode*. (For most Controllers, press an On or Scene button for 10 seconds or the Set button for 3
From LampLinc, use the Up and/or Down buttons to adjust the light to the desired brightness level. (Pressing & holding the Up button will brighten
the light, while pressing & holding the Down button will dim it.)
Press & hold the Set button on LampLinc until it double-beeps (3 seconds)
The LampLinc Status LED should flash once, and then turn on solid green if the load is on or solid red if it is off
The load should flash twice
Confirm that Linking was successful by tapping the buttons you just Linked to on the Controller
The LampLinc load should respond appropriately
Using LampLinc to Bridge Phases
LampLinc can help bridge the phases in your home like an Access Point, allowing RF-only devices (e.g., RemoteLinc) access to power line-only
devices (e.g., ApplianceLinc). For the best INSTEON network performance, it is recommended that you install at least two dual-band INSTEON
products. Search for dual-band INSTEON products at http://www.smarthome.com/dualband.
Use the following procedure to test that the phases have been bridged:
Install a second dual-band INSTEON device if you don’t already have one installed
Start Phase Bridging Detection Mode* by tapping the Set button on LampLinc four times quickly
LampLinc should begin beeping and the LED should be solid green
The load may turn on or flash
3) Check the LED behavior of your other dual-band devices to see if they are on the opposite phase
If at least one of your other dual-band device LEDs is blinking green, or is bright solid white or blue, the device is on the opposite phase.
Continue to step 4
If none of your dual-band devices exhibit the behavior above, they are on the same phase. Try one or both of the following:
Follow steps 2 and 3 with your other dual-band devices to see if they are bridging the phases
Move a dual-band device to another location until it exhibits the desired LED behavior
Tap the Set button on LampLinc to exit Phase Bridging Detection Mode
LampLinc should stop beeping and the Status LED should remain solid green if the load is on or turn solid red if it is off
The LED of the dual-band device that is on the opposite phase may continue blinking green for a few seconds and then turn solid green if the
load is on or solid red if it is off
Complete Instructions, Troubleshooting, and Tech Support
Owner’s Manual: http://wiki.smarthome.com/index.php?title=2457D2_Manual
Call: INSTEON Gold Support Line at 800-762-7845
*Setup Modes will automatically time out after 4 minutes.
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