Denon DN-HC4500 - DJ Mixer USB Controller User manual

Denon DN-HC4500 - DJ Mixer USB Controller User manual
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What is ITCH?
Serato ITCH is an integrated software and hardware system,
designed to give DJs new kinds of control. Serato ITCH
software lets you DJ music from your computer using purpose
built ITCH hardware, the DN-HC5000.
Media Players
& Controllers
Denon DJ is excited to announce the DN-HC5000 – a landmark turnkey digital DJ system powered
by the two most powerful companies in mobile entertainment today: Denon DJ and Serato.
The DN-HC5000 is packaged and designed to work solely with Serato’s ITCH software program,
providing mobile entertainers the most failsafe, easy-to-use, hardware / software package on the
market today. Purposed into the familiar Denon DJ rackmount form, and utilising Serato’s HIDI
technology to improve speed, accuracy, and communication between software and hardware, the
DN-HC5000 ITCH bundle will quickly become the envy of digital/computer DJs everywhere.
• Hardware/Software Turnkey solution for the
Mobile DJ
• Includes Serato ITCH software
• Dedicated 1:1 Function Structure
• USB MIDI Controller with Built-In Sound Card
• Compatible with PC/MAC
• Internal 24-Bit Processing & USB Audio
• Compatible with CD/MP3 Drive Unit, BU-4500,
also sold separately
• Multi Functional Touch Sensitive Jog Disc
• Vibrant FL Tube Display w/ 2-line Character
Text Support
• Highly Responsive Soft Rubber Buttons,
Switches & Knobs
• High Speed USB 2.0 Interface
USB MIDI/Audio Interface & Controller
USB MIDI/Audio Interface & Controller
Ever since the needle hit vinyl, DJ’s have been setting the standard for what’s hot. Denon
comes from that same philosophy and passion–leading the way and creating the path for DJ
evolution. That path has lead to the DN-HC4500, Denon’s first USB MIDI/Audio interface
designed exclusively for computer performance club and mobile DJs worldwide. This feature
packed professional PC/MAC compatible controller combines unmatched hardware
performance with internal high quality audio processing offering low latency ASIO/OSX Core
Audio support. The DN-HC4500 does more than talk Midi…it offers the exclusive flexibility to
control DENON’s optional BU4500 dual CD/MP3 player for simultaneous 4-player configuration,
wow! The controller is bundled & complimented with an LE version of PCDJ’s revolutionary
new software, “Reflex”, that offers an array of amazing forward thinking features.
Side View
USB MIDI/Audio Interface & Controller
• Includes LE Version of Reflex™ by PCDJ®
- DN-HC4500 & Reflex both support PC/MAC platforms
- Fully compatible and pre-mapped for DN-HC4500, just Plug &
• USB MIDI Controller(controls various audio/video DJ
applications, PC/MAC)
• USB MIDI Plug&Play support for Serato SCRATCH LIVE™
(v1.8.1.or greater), TRAKTOR 3™ & PCDJ Reflex, PCDJ DEX,
Virtual DJ and OtsAV.
• Internal 24-Bit Processing & USB Audio
• BU4500 Drive Support
• Multi Functional Touch Sensitive Jog Disc
• Vibrant Tube Display w/ 2-line Character Text Support
• Highly Responsive Soft Rubber Buttons, Switches & Knobs
- 5 easily accessible function keys at top of each deck
- 45mm Pitch Sliders capable of deep resolution or wide
pitch ranges
- Vibrant CUE/PLAY button illumination
- 2 level illumination of certain buttons
- Multi color illumination of certain buttons for layering
- Multi color LED’ for layering functions
- Pitch Bend buttons
- Parameter Knob, Range, Sync, Playlist, Back, Fast Search and
other keys are available to configure accordingly
• Traditional & Intuitive Dual CD Player Style Layout
• High Speed USB 2.0 Interface
• Fader Start
• X-Control
• Recessed Side Panel for Easy Connections
• Versatile Rackmount and Tabletop design
• User Adjustable Presets
• Software Upgradeable by USB
The DN-HC1000S from Denon DJ. Designed to interface and aid DVS systems (turntables / CD
players) with today’s most popular DJ software program, Scratch Live, the DN-HC1000S
provides DJs a comfortable plug and play, reliable hardware controller for all major features
and commands of the Scratch Live software system.
• MIDI Sub Controller for SeratoTM Scratch Live
• Simple USB Plug & Play Connection (USB MIDI / Bus power)
• Dedicated Tactile Controls to Replace Computer
Keyboard Shortcuts
• High Quality Steel Cabinet with Rugged Rubber Keys
• Serato Approved USB Controller
• File Select Knob & buttons w/Back-Forward Action Keys
• Track Select and Fast Search Buttons
• SHIFT/CLR Button
• 5 Cue Point and 3 Sampler Player Buttons
• Auto Loop Button w/ Loop Cut Knob & Roll
• Loop IN/OUT Button w/ Exit/Reloop
• File, Browse, History, Prepare Keys
• Tap Button
• MIDI Mappable for other DJ Software Systems
• 250x40(inc knobs)x88mm (WxHxD)
• Weighs under 1.5 Kilograms
Side View
Professional Media Player & Controller
CD/Media Player & Controller
Shock suspension Internal
Hard Disk
A hard-drive based, professional media player and controller offering a total all-in-one “nerve center”
that addresses and actually anticipates your ever changing needs. It’s flexible, feature packed, and built
for any event where professional-quality, and flawless performance is expected.
Denon's DN-HD2500 will enable users to play files from external hard drives, iPods® and other portable
music players and even an internal hard drive. The device will
incorporate a 2.5" hard drive similar to those found in laptop
computers. And users who choose to can download songs into the
unit from their personal computer as well.
The DN-HD2500 will link to a Denon Dual CD deck
(DN-D4500/BU4500) enabling users to control traditional and CD’s &
MP3 CD-Rom’s from the user interface. Furthermore, the DN-HD2500
will be able to link with Denon's mixers including the X900/X500
mixers directly taking advantage of fader start functionality and
other features
Multi Functional Touch
Sensitive Jog Disc
• Internal 40GB Hard Disk to store and playback thousands of songs
• Supports up to 4 External USB Portable Devices with additional music
• Intuitive File Navigation System: (Artist, Album, Title, Genre, BPM, Year, Folder
& Playlist)
• Supports any Standard (Qwerty, Qwertz, Azerty) USB Keyboard
• Large 3.8 inch LCD Display
• Music Manager PC Software Included
• Supports optional BU4500 drive unit for CD/MP3 disc playback
• 4 Superb Built-In Effects (Echo, Echo Loop, Flanger, Filter)
• 3 Platter Effects, (Brake, Dump, Reverse)
• Next File Function with Cross Fade
• Playlist Function (create, edit, import, export)
• 2 Hot Starts & Seamless Loops (per Deck)
• A/B Point Loop Trim
• Key Adjust
• Memo Function (Cue Points, BPM, Pitch, and more)
• Touch Sensitive Jog Disc (File & Frame Search, Scratch, Pitch Bend)
• 4-Way BPM Counter: (Auto, Tap, Manual Input, Reads MP3/WAV BPM
Metadata-if available)
• 6 Pitch Ranges with Deep Resolution (4%/10%/16%/24%/50%/100%)
• 2 Way Cue Search System
• Fader Start Compatible
• Digital Outputs
• Software Upgradeable by USB via DENON DJ website
• Comes preloaded with demo music from: 2-Travelers
• USB MIDI Controller(controls various audio/video DJ applications, PC/MAC)
• Supported Platforms: Mac OSX 10.4 or Higher, Windows XP SP2,
Windows Vista.
Side View
Recessed Area (to make your
connections conformably)
Digital Media Turntable
CD/Media Player & Controller
Designed for hardworking modern DJs, the new DN-S3700 Direct Drive Turntable
Media Player & Controller is a cutting-edge single-deck portable DJ instrument that
provides all the essentials plus a host of advanced features for enhanced creative
flexibility. Thanks to its large 9” spinning platter design, the DN-S3700 literally
offers the “best of both worlds” from both the digital and analogue realms: rock
solid digital audio combined with the feel and response of a real 9” vinyl turntable,
driven by Denon DJ’s High Torque Direct Drive Motor.
Directional Scratch Lever
The DN-S3700 features Denon’s unique Directional Scratch Lever. This original Denon feature allows the DJs to
manipulate the platter’s motion of output sound in two ways, the traditional vinyl cueing sound, called
“BOTH” and the ingenious ‘Forward’ stroke sound to perform the same cuts as if you were using a mixer’s
Form professional flexibility, two DN-S3700 players can be linked together by an RJ45 (CAT5, 5e) cross-cover
cable for D-LINK operation. This EASY operation enables the DJ to share CD MEMO’s between both decks,
Relay Play operation and the convenience of using a single PS/2 keyboard for quick file navigation when using
external USB devices.
Fast Loading Slot-In Drive
The illuminated, fast loading – quick reading Slot-In drive reads and supports standard Compact Audio discs
and MP3 discs in a variety of formats: CD, CD-R, CD-RW, CD-ROM. *Compact Disc CD-TEXT and MP3 ID3 Tags
on CD-ROM are also displayed.
USB Device Hosting
The DN-S3700 is well equipped for the modern DJ and conveniently supports external USB mass storage class
devices. Connect your, iPod®, thumb Drive, and large Hard Drives for easy access to your (small or extensive)
mp3/wav libraries up to 50,000 files. Simply plug any one of these devices into the DN-S3700 to obtain the
powerful on-board features such as, Instant Start, Auto Looping, Hot Starts, Effects, 8-ways to File Search and
so much more…
• High Torque Direct Drive Motor and Spinning Platter Design
• Fast Loading Slot-in Drive
• USB Device Hosting and Midi Interface Control
• Internal 24-bit Processing and USB Audio (sound card)
• 5 Superb Built-in Effects (Flanger, Filter-(High-Mid-Low), Echo,
and our exclusive Echo Loop)
• Waveform Display with Multi-line Text and Icon Support
• 3 Hot Starts, Auto Loop and Manual Loop Functionality
• 3 Platter Effects
- Brake (adjustable in real-time)
- Dump (reverse sound without losing true forward time,
like a radio edit)
- Reverse (plays your music backwards and platter spins
backwards too
• 3 Platter mode functions
- Classic Vinyl (spinning)
- Pitch Bend
- Frame Search
• 4-Way BPM Counter
- Auto Beat Detection
- Manual TAP
- Manual BPM Input
- Reads MP3/WAV BPM Metadata (if available)
• Deep Pitch Resolution & Key Adjust
• Denon DJ Music Manager software included
Compact CD/USB Media Player & Controller
CD/Media Player & Controller
Slot-In CD Player
MIDI Interface Controller (PC/MAC)
Multi-functional Touch Sensitive Jog Disc
4-Way BPM Counter
Power On Play
The illuminated Slot-In, quick loading, and fast data
reading mechanism offers a variety of audio compact
disc support: CD, CD-R, CD-RW. CD-TEXT is also
The DN-S1200 is also designed to interface and control
a variety of popular Audio/Video DJ software
applications that support USB MIDI interface, either by
user custom mapping or direct native support by the
software vendor. *Supported Platforms: Mac OSX 10.4
or Higher, Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista
The 110mm JOG Disc is constructed with an ultra high-resolution pulse
and touch sensor mechanism to accurately reproduce the most subtle or
swift scratching movements made by the hand. The Jog Disc can
perform other vital functions too such as, pitch bending, scanning, file
searching and dry/wet control for effects.
– Auto Beat Detection
– Manual TAP
– Manual BPM Input
– Reads MP3/WAV BPM Metadata from USB device (if available)
Unattended playback is possible upon power up. Great for restaurants,
bars and nightclubs at opening time.
NEW! MP3 Disc Playback
Now supports playback of MP3 files from CDR/CDRW
External USB Device Support
DN-S1200 can support external USB mass storage class
devices. Connect a iPod®, Thumb Drive and large Hard
Drives for easy access to small or extensive MP3/WAV
libraries up to 50,000 files. Plug devices into the DNS1200 to get powerful on-board features such as,
Instant Start, Seamless Looping, Scratching and easy
File Searching to name a few.
Internal 24-Bit Processing and
USB Audio
The DN-S1200 encompasses its own internal power
supply to achieve the highest electrical specifications,
resulting in the best possible performance. It features
industry leading Burr Brown (a product of TI) 24-bit
DAC processing for superior output audio fidelity. USB
Audio interface includes 2-Channel Stereo output pair,
44.1kHz sampling range and low latency ASIO / OSX
Core Audio support. *ASIO Driver included on
installation CD-ROM.
PS/2 Keyboard Support & Intuitive File
Navigation System
Three types of global keyboards are supported (Qwerty, Qwertz, Azerty)
in nine native languages for simplified song search of; Artist, Album,
Title, Genre, Year, BPM, File Name and Folder. Shortcut keys are also
assigned to perform various functions. A keyboard can be shared in a 2deck configuration by the D-Link connection as well.
Hot Starts & Seamless Looping
Two Hot Starts (A1 and A2) can be made on the fly and easily turned
into Seamless Loops.
4 Superb Built-in Effects
Building the mood and remixing live is easy with our on-board effects.
Easily activate and have full parameter control with a Dry/Wet mix
control of 4 effects: Flanger, Filter (High-Mid-Low), Echo and Echo/Loop.
3 Platter Effects
– Brake (adjustable in real-time)
– Dump (reverse sound without losing forward time, like a radio edit)
– Reverse (plays your music backwards)
Next Track Function w/Cross Fade
With thousands of songs stored on an external USB device, play other
files from the same source back to back with Next Track function.
Search for the next file by 8 criteria (without interrupting playback) and
crossfade seamlessly to that file.
Memo Function
Cue point, BPM, Pitch Setting and Range, Pitch ON/OFF, Key Adj
ON/OFF, and Seamless Loop A and B data can be stored directly to a file
for later recall. CD memo data can also be exported to USB memory and
shared with other DN-S1200 players.
Pitch Range and Deep Pitch Resolution
For DJs who perform long mix transitions and require high pitch
resolution, the DN-S1200 offers a 100mm pitch slider with .02% for the
4% pitch range and .05% for the 10/16% pitch range.
24%/50%/100% ranges are also available.
Key Adjust
Relay Play
Unattended playback is possible between two players by the D-Link
connection. Great for cocktail hour and dinners at banquets.
2-way Pitch Bend
(Jog disc or buttons)
Quick Jump
Jump around within a track/file by precise user adjustable increment
time steps.
Two Way CUE Search System
Supports traditional Denon Cueing method and another popular style
as well.
Keeps vocals and music sounding true even when you adjust the speed
of the track or file.
Fader Start
Vibrant Tube Display w/2-line Character Text
Software Upgradeable by USB
Offers two lines of character information to quickly navigate through
CD TEXT tracks and USB files. A visual 32-position Marker Point follows
fast hand movements without drift. Other indicators include Looping,
Hot Starts, BPM info, Elapsed/Remain Time, MP3/WAV file types
and more.
Supports traditional Fader Start including all Denon Mixers.
New Plug Ins are always free and made available via our website.
Digital Output
Loop A/B Trim
The A or B point for seamless loops can be easily adjusted on-the-fly to
* Available for CD discs as well. Cross fade time is user adjustable
Tabletop CD/MP3 Player
CD/MP3 Player
Denon DJ is proud to introduce the DN-S700, the next generation tabletop
CD/MP3 player.
Designed for today’s aspiring DJs, hobbyists, or the true mobile entertainer who
needs a tabletop player, the DN-S700 packs in tons of features found on Denon DJ’s
more high-end and professional models, all at a ground level price.
CD/MP3 Players
• Compact, 9” wide - Advanced MP3 functions
• Supports CD TEXT
• Auto/Manual BPM - 3 on-board effects
• 3 pitch ranges
• 2 Hot Starts / Loops on the fly
• Pitch Bend by buttons and Jog Wheel
• Slot-In Drive
• Fader Start
• Digital Output
Professional Dual CD/MP3 Players
CD/MP3 Player
As a DJ, your desire to be creative and rock a crowd with your music doesn’t stop when you’re using different disc formats.
Whether you’re playing MP3s up to a high quality 320kbps or standard audio CD’s, the DN-D4500 offers you two Seamless
loops with live B-Trim editing for mixing perfection, two Hot starts for instantly starting from your predetermined point on a
track, Cue stutter, Selectable pitch ranges from 4% to 100%, an adjustable Brake effect, and a superb Key Adjust feature,
which keeps vocals and music sounding true even when you adjust the speed of the track.
• MP3 Playback (CBR/VBR) up to 320kbps
• MP3 File Search System
• CD Text / ID3 Tag Support
• CD-R/RW Disc Playback
• 2 Hot Starts/Stutter per drive
• 2 Seamless Loops per drive w/B Point Trim
• Illuminated action buttons and drive trays for low light environments.
• CD Memo Function (up to 1,000)
• Power on Playback
• Relay Playback (with overlap function)
• Pitch Control: ±4.0/10.0/16.0/24.0/50.0/100.0%(CD)
• Platter Hold (Jog Bend): ±99% max
• Key Adjust
• E.O.M. (end of track alert)
• Brake function
• Auto BPM Counter
• Shock Proof Memory (Audio CD: 20 sec., MP3: 100 sec.)
• Fader Start
• Bar segment display
• Instant Start
• Track Select Knob
• Sleep function
Professional Digital DJ Mixer
Effect Menu
“Cutting-edge” and “Flagship” are two terms often associated with Denon DJ.
From the revolutionary spinning platter design of the DN-S5000 to the worldwide
standard for mobile CD playback – the DN-D4500; Denon DJ has paved the way by
applying numerous technological advances and features to products designed for
the working DJ. The new DN-X1700 is no exception.
At first glance, the DN-X1700 is a standard matrix club mixer consisting of 4 CD and
PHONO inputs, 4 digital inputs, 2 microphone inputs, 2 master outputs, booth and
recording outputs and more. But it’s the levels of sound quality and incorporation
of forward-thinking performance features that make the DN-X1700 Professional
Digital DJ Mixer the ultimate performance tool for top-flight professionals.
Every detail was
considered and no
corners cut in designing
the DN-X1700 and its
accurate sound
representation. The mic
amp, with its own
discrete transistor
incorporates a low equivalent input noise of 127 dB
while even the phono amplifier has a 89 dB signal-tonoise ratio, all due to its own discrete FET circuit
configuration. And at the heart of it all, the power.
The DN-X1700 employs two extremely high-end, lownoise R-core power transformers for the analog circuit
with Denon DJ custom designed electrolytic capacitors.
Furthermore, film capacitors designed to enhance sound
quality and high-precision metal film resistors round out
the power circuit, resulting in sound quality that is
overwhelmingly high and breathtakingly accurate.
Unlike any other DJ mixer in its class, the DN-X1700 is
equipped with a high performance 32-bit DAC (digital
analog conversion) at the audio output stage. Even the
world’s best-selling DJ mixers, CD / DVD players and
home theater systems boast only 24-bit DA conversion;
32-bit conversion provides additional “headroom” in
the conversion process, providing an analog output
signal with greater resolution and frequency response.
The resulting ultra wideband output signal makes the
DN-X1700 one of the best sounding pieces of digital
audio equipment ever made for the DJ market.
Headphone monitoring and the output sound, power it
produces are essential for all DJs alike, which is why no
costs were spared in this important area either. The
X1700 offers a very High Power and Ultra Clean
Headphone Circuit with Built-In Discrete Transistor
Push-Pull drive. This low Impedance drive buffer circuit
is generally found in very expensive studio boards,
which covers an array of Pro Headphones on the
market with an impressive spec of 400mW @ 40 ohms.
Advanced Features
High-reliability Design Features tailored for Professional Use and Ease of
From the minute you power up the DN-X1700, you obviously notice that
this is no ordinary DJ mixer. A large, bright 3.5 inch color LCD ensures
that all information can be quickly and easily identified in any condition
from low-light club atmospheres to festival stages in bright daylight.
Additionally, the headphone amplifier employs its own discrete transistor
and provides high output power of 400mW at 40 ohms to deliver
surefire monitoring in any loud environment.
Adds an audio effect where previously passed signals
are played again, delayed by the time of the beat
Adds echo signals which have been delayed by the
time of the beat setting
Cuts off the signals at the time of the beat setting
Effect where the original signal is mixed together
with a delayed version of the same audio, resulting in
a wide sweeping comb-filter effect
Varies the filter cut-off frequency
Flex Fader
Similar to a Flanger, Phaser produces a wide
sweeping effect that is based on a filtered audio
signal rather than a delayed audio signal
Adds additional audio signals making the passedthrough audio sound larger
Loop initiates a sampled effect that repeats the
passed-through audio over and over on time and
length parameters set by the BPM and user
Reverse Loop Initiates the reverse play processing of the above loop
Pitch Shift
Shifts the pitch of the input signals and outputs
the results
Separates and repeats the attack signals of the input
beats as per the beat pattern
Sends the signals whose effects have been assigned
to an external effector and returns those modified
Cross and Channel Fader, quality, feel, performance and reliability is
critical in a design of this caliber. That’s why we chose the studio quality
60-mm Alps K Series for the channel faders, which offers a silky smooth,
but balanced firm feel. The cross fader which we call, FLEX FADER is one
that has been proven in previous Denon mixers. The tension of the FLEX
FADER can be adjusted to your desired feel directly from the front panel.
USB Audio and Midi Interfaces
Two Built-in Effects Processors
Ensuring that the DN-X1700 is a fit for every DJ is its USB Audio and
Midi control. Utilizing Denon DJ’s low latency ASIO driver, not only can
the DN-X1700 be used as a traditional DJ mixer, it can also be utilized as
a top-notch 96 kHz digital audio sound card (8 in / 8 out (4 stereo
channels)) for any of today’s top DJ software suites.
Adding to the digital realm of the new DN-X1700 is its two built-in
digital effects processors. Specific parameters for each of the 11
different effects can be linked to the beats per minute (BPM) of every
track passing through the mixer. Each effects processor offers its own
set of controls such as, Dry/Wet, Parameter, Low/High pass filter, Beat or
Time adjustments, TAP, Manual and Auto BPM, Pre Efx Cueing and
ON/OFF. In addition to the new Beat Breaker effect, each effects
processor has other popular effects including delay, transform, flanger,
filer, phaser, reverberation, looping, reverse looping and pitch shift.
Also available is a Midi layer function for controlling the mixing
capabilities of todays DJ software mixers, on a channel by channel basis.
Midi output is available for almost all operations and functions of the
DN-X1700’s top panel controls.
Description of effect
R-core is unique rectangular and compact type of transformer developed
by Japanese engineers. It has the ability to mutually cancel each other’s
magnetic flux by means of balanced, symmetrical winding of the coils.
With this winding method the leakage flux can be kept to a minimum
amount. As a result, the core’s magnetic resistance is very low, it has
absolutely no gap in its magnetic paths and the cross section is uniform.
This permits the Denon DJ engineers to place this very efficient
transformer close to critical electronic components that are noise
sensitive without any negative electrical effect.
Each channel is complete with a 6 position Matrix source selector
enabling the use of any of the 4 input sources per channel and a highquality 60mm throw, long-life conductive plastic fader. Each input
channel also incorporates isolator equalizers wherein crosspoint
frequencies can be assigned for each band in the preset menu.
Each channel has a single button that allows immediate switching of
each channel input from the traditional audio signal to the USB
computer audio input.
No. Effect
Each channel has two effects sends (1 and 2) which allows audio from a
single channel to be routed to each effects processor, individually. In
addition, you can use an external effects unit and route the Send/Return
signal through either effect 1 or 2.
* EFX 1 and EFX 2 cannot be selected at the same time.
Professional Club Mixer
An ideal companion piece to Denon DJ’s new DN-S3700 Digital Media Turntable, the DN-X1100 is a
professional 12” tabletop rack-mountable analog matrix that provides users with a groundbreaking
array of technologies and features.
Unlike conventional mixers, the DN-X1100 uses Matrix Input Assignment that enables DJ’s to freely
assign the eight separate input to any channel, or even multiple channels, providing unprecedented
In addition to its eight analogue line inputs three phono switchable capability, the DN-X1100
features a High Performance “Flex fader” (crossfader) with tension adjustment and contour control.
For level control there are four smooth 60 mm VCA channel faders, and a responsive 45 mm VCA
crossfader. For added flexibility, the crossfader features A-B Post Channel assignment capability, and
the Channel Fader-Start Trigger is compatible with all Denon DJ CD/MP3/Media players.
• Stereo Send/Return terminals for external effects
• Flex Fader - 45mm Professional Cross Fader with
tension torque adjustment and contour control
- Tension Torque Adjustment 0 to 50 g・cm
• 3-band EQ (on/off switchable) with parametric
frequency adjustment
• High Quality Digital Audio Processing by the 32-bit
SHARC® Processor
• Internal Sampler (8 second, CD quality sound)
• Internal Digital effects
- Delay, Echo,1, Echo 2, Filter 1, Filter 2, Flanger,
Auto Pan, Trans, and Key % over Ch 1/Ch 2/Ch
3/Ch 4/Main Mic/Master
• Main Mic and Aux Mic inputs (Neutrik Combo and
1/4") with Main and Aux/Sub level control and EQ
• Headphone output Selector
• USB port to add future software Plug Ins, such as
new effects.
• Cross Fader Start and Channel Fader Start Trigger is
possible and compatible with All DENON CD/MP3
• Constant Digital output: 44.1 kHz, SPDIF (Coaxial
• Mic Post feature passes the Mic signal into BOOTH,
REC or DIGITAL output signal path
With its channel fader contour controls, the DN-X1100 allows DJs to express their craft with the
subtlest and most effective touches, enabling seamless smooth traditional style fade-ins, as well as
execute crowd-pleasing audio cuts for performance scratching.
• Gain control with Pre Fader (PFL) levels for each
- All input channel levels can be pre-adjusted to
mach the output level meter ensuring a smooth
transition between fades.
• Auto BPM/Manual Input (by Taping a button or
rotating a knob) of BPM values/BPM Lock
• Booth Output
The DN-X1500SK DJ mixer offers advanced features with unprecedented functionality and
flexibility for clubs and mobile DJs. To achieve this exceptional performance, a floating 32-Bit
SHARC® Digital Signal Processor empowers the fully digital circuit, ensuring low noise and
exceptional audio fidelity. The Effector and Sampler are built in to further boost the DJ’s creative
powers. The all new Flex Fader cross fader with torque tension adjustment was carefully crafted to
withstand the rigorous performance of the toughest DJs. Additionally, the DN-X1500SK is
conveniently equipped with a USB port, allowing firmware updates via a PC.
• Matrix Input Assignment (8-inputs are freely
assignable to any channel)
Professional 4-Channel Mixer
The SHARC® Processor by Analog Devices provides 32-bit floating point
DSP performance to achieve optimum clarity and natural fidelity for
applications that require high audio standards.
SHARC is a registered trademark of Analog Devices, Inc.
• Matrix Input Assignment
• 8 Line / 3 Phono, switchable
• 4 Smooth 60mm VCA Channel Faders w/contour adjust
• Flex Fader 45mm VCA Cross Fader w/contour adjust
• Independent Channel PFL Meters
• Independent 3-Band EQ (High-Mid-Low) w/full kills
• Independent CUE system (all channels)
• Booth Output Assign Selector
• Pre-monitor any channel including Master through the
booth output in the same manner as you would with
your headphones, with volume control!
• External Send/Return Control
- Multi Channel Assignable, - Effect On/Off, - Effect Pre
& Post switch, - Effect Dry/Wet Knob
• Effect Cueing
• Independent Channel A-B Post Switch (crossfader)
• Powerful & Clean Headphone Output
• Fader Start (all channels)
• 2 Independent Mic inputs w/3-band EQ
- Main Mic (Neutrik combo terminal)
• Aux Mix (TRS 1/4” terminal)
• Mic Ducking Attenuation w/level control
• Split / Cue Headphone Monitor w/PFL Metering
Professional Mobile/Club Mixer
The DN-X500 and DN-X900 rackmount mobile/club DJ mixers. Rock solid construction, superb audio
fidelity, high quality parts, and of course reliability are the core ingredients of our design. Eightchannel input matrix routing gives you the freedom to move any source to any channel or even the
same source to multiple channels for remixing. Pre-fader level metering and gain control as well as
Long 60 mm smooth channel faders are individually replaceable with our rotary knob option (ACD46). Three-Band EQ with full output kill, booth output with channel select, two mic inputs with
talkover sensitivity and effects send/return with cue, dry/wet knob and channel select. In addition
the DN-X900 offers 4 coaxial digital inputs with 24-bit digital processing and 2 digital outputs that
feed a CD-R burner or computer for recording purposes with a unique Track Mark ID function.
Back Panel
• Matrix Input Assignment
• 4 Digital Inputs/8 Line/3 Phone Switch able (X900)
• 8 Line/2 Phone Switch able (X500)
• 4 Smooth 60mm VCA Channel Faders
• Flex Fader 45mm VCA Cross Fader w/Contour
Adjust (X900)
• Track Mark (X900)
• Independent Channel PFL Meters
• Independent 3-Band EQ Kill (High-Mid-Low)
• Independent EQ On/Off Switch
• Booth Output Assign Selector
• Independent Channel A-B Post Switch (crossfader)
• External Send/Return Control
• Powerful Clean Headphone Output
• Fader Start (5V pulse)
• Compact 4U Rack Space w/Recessed Rear Terminals
• Independent 3-band Main and Aux Mic EQ
• Mic Talkover Function w/Sensitivity Adjustment
• Independent CUE System (all channels)
• Split / Cue Headphone Monitor w/PFL Metering
• Master Output-10dB Attenuation Switch
• Master Output Stereo/Mono Switch
• Zone Output w/Volume Adjust
• Record Out-RCA/Unbalanced
• 2Digital Outputs-Toslink/SPDIF (X900)
• Subwoofer/Lighting Output w/Freq Adjust
Compact Performance Mixer
For exceptional sound in a tight package, the Denon DJ DN-X120 is our entry level mixer that
maintains Denons high standards and provides our users with the smallest professional-quality DJ
mixer on the market. Ideally matched to, and can be packaged with our DNS700 and DN-S1200 CD/
Media Players.
• Companion Mixer for DN-S1200
•( 2) Line, (2)Phono/Line (switchable)
• Mic Input w/2-Band EQ
• Mic Talkover Switch
• 3 Band EQ w/Full Kill
• VCA, 45mm Crossfader & Channel Faders
• Crossfader Contour
• 4 position Input/Transform Switch
• Split Cue
• Fader Start On/Off for Crossfader & Channel Faders
• TRS Balanced & RCA Unbalanced Outputs
• 10 segments Level Meter
• Simple & Easy operation
• External Power Adaptor
Back Panel
High Performance DJ Headphone
Denon DJ delivers premium products with sound quality, style and performance that make them the
“must have” DJ headphones worldwide.
• High Fidelity Sound • Dynamic, closed back design
• Large 53mm Speaker Driver • 3,500mW of input Power
• 180 Degree Swivel for Full Pivot Action
• Folding Design for easy storage • Leather Pouch Included
• 40mm drivers • 1,700mW of input power
• Neodymium magnet • Swivel ear cups for ease of one-ear monitoring
• Convenient one-side exit coiled cable
• Folding design for compact portability
• Type: Closed Dynamic • ±90 deg Swivel Mechanism
• Driver Unit: 40mm • Impedance: 48 ohms
• Frequency Response: 15-28,000Hz • Sensitivity: 102dB/mW
• Max Input Power 1,300mW • Cord Length: 1.2m coiled - max 3m)
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