Canon 220E User manual

Canon 220E User manual
Publish paper-based
information directly
to any business
Nuance® eCopy® ShareScan®
and eCopy® PDF Pro Office™
you can
Paper, and the information it contains, provides the fuel that
drives a business forward. But there’s a smart way to get even
more out of it.
eCopy available from Canon connects Canon Multifunctional
Devices (MFDs) and scanners to your company’s software
applications. This enables low-cost, easy, instantaneous
distribution, processing and management of electronic copies
of paper documents and the information they contain.
Integrate paper-based
information into your
digital workflows.
Sophisticated yet easy to use
Work more efficiently
In combination with Canon imageRUNNER
ADVANCE devices, eCopy ShareScan
provides a powerful yet versatile document
automation software platform, giving
frontline office workers advanced features
normally found only in centralised capture
software systems used by production
capture specialists.
With eCopy and Canon MFDs, you can make
working with documents more productive
and processes more effective, reduce costs
significantly, make information more secure
– and help everyone in the business work
together more efficiently.
eCopy ShareScan provides organisations
with everything needed to automate paperto-digital workflows, letting office workers
capture content from paper documents
easily and securely using imageRUNNER
ADVANCE devices.
eCopy ShareScan helps you
Boost Workspace Productivity
Integrate paper documents and the
information they contain directly into
your electronic business processes.
Improve Collaboration
Share documents and information
with authorised users, in a format they
can view and edit.
Deliver Security
Protect your company’s
confidential information with user
authentication and built-in document
encryption to ensure your confidential
information remains secure.
Ensure Compliance
Put audit trails in place to keep track of
who is sending what, helping you to
meet compliance targets.
Enhance Sustainability
Reduce environmental impact of
distributing paper via traditional
methods (fax, courier, postal services).
Leverage Network Resources
Choose from a large list of available
connectors or easily build custom
connections to any enterprise application.
Paper to digital
& Document
Publishing &
Word Processing
eCopy has the capability to integrate with your Canon
device and key business applications straight from the
box, so that your staff can immediately begin automating
the capturing and processing of business information
trapped inside your paper documents.
Input forms data directly into databases
Place document
in feeder or on
the glass
Authenticate &
select workflow
Validate data captured
& make corrections
ShareScan converts, splits,
compresses names classifies,
indexes & stores in achives
• Stop keying all data fields
– only key unrecognised
• Easily accessible by all users
yet secure
Posts extracted data
to business systems
• Drive business processes to
completion right at the copier.
Automatically remove sensitive data at the MFD
Enter the words you want
removed or highlighted
on document
Scans &
Sends, prints or achives PDF
with sensitive info removed
or key info highlighted to
chosen destination
• Remove sensitive information
such as credit card numbers to
ensure information privacy
• Compliance (HIPAA, FERPA,
• Auto highlight saves time
– read only what’s pertinent –
speeds contract review process
Scan, Convert & Edit
Place document
on feeder or
on glass
Choose Scan to
Word or Scan
to Excel button
ShareScan converts your document
to Word or Excel and sends the file
you your PC or other destination
• Accurately replicate paper
documents in Word format
for editing
• Precisely replicate
spreadsheets and tables in
Excel format with editable
rows and columns just as it
appears on paper
• Stop wasting time and money
spent recreating documents
Changing the way you distribute information around your business
could help you to improve productivity, meet compliance issues and
reduce your impact on the environment. A suite of eCopy solutions
ensures that whichever way you want to enhance efficiency, there’s
a document solution to help you do it.
A solution for
everyone’s needs.
Scan document using MFD
eCopy ShareScan Elements runs on MFD
and enables you to scan and share your
documents as compressed searchable PDFs
Or choose eCopy ShareScan Office
which includes more features and integration
capabilities into one application of choice
Or choose eCopy ShareScan Suite which
is fully featured and includes integration
capabilities into multiple applications
or Choose eCopy ScanStation, a
freestanding touch-screen, keyboard and
computer that connects easily to any Canon
MFD or Document Scanner.
Elements – the easy to use
document capture system
Connect your Multifunctional Device (MFD)
to your organisation’s email system, fax and
network folders for fast, secure document
distribution with eCopy ShareScan Elements.
Improve user productivity by making it easier
for staff to send, save, locate and access
information trapped in paper. With audit
trails in place, it’s easy to keep track of who
is sending what, which also helps you meet
compliance targets. Document encryption
and integration with network security
ensures confidentiality remains high.
Create, edit and mark-up
PDF files or convert PDFs
to editable MS Office formats
at your desktop PC using
eCopy PDF Pro Office
Office – The benefits of Element
plus extended capabilities and
Capture paper-based information and bring
it directly into Microsoft Office, eliminating the
need to re-key, distribute, or archive paper.
In addition to secure scan-to-mail, scan-to-PC,
and scan-to-file functionality, ShareScan Office
can automatically convert those scanned
documents into searchable PDFs or editable
Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel files and
connect to your document management
system. eCopy ShareScan Office can also be
expanded with numerous connectors and
extenders to further automate and integrate
document workflows.
Suite – Advanced document
automation and expanded
connectivity into your back-end
Automate sophisticated paper-to-digital
workflows by putting information from
paper documents into systems that run
the business.
You also get real-time integration with
many popular document management,
collaboration and business applications.
This effectively turns your MFD into a
general document input device, helping
you streamline processes and increase
efficiency. Out-of-the-box connectivity
with Microsoft technologies such as Active
Directory, Exchange, SharePoint, Access and
SQL Server, means you can get even more
from your existing investments.
A typical 50-person firm loses about £47,000/year
in productivity as workers struggle with incompatible
PDF and Microsoft® Office formats.
Nuance Communications 2010
Improve personal productivity
with eCopy PDF Pro Office
eCopy PDF Pro Office creates 100% Industry
standard PDF files that can be viewed on
any PDF viewer/reader application and is
the latest enterprise ready PDF desktop PC
software companion to MFDs.
eCopy PDF Pro Office is fully integrated
with eCopy ShareScan to deliver the most
streamlined experience when scanning
from a networked MFD to your desktop.
It’s also available separately as a powerful
stand-alone, easy-to-use PDF solution that
lets you create, convert, and collaborate like
never before for dramatic productivity gains
and cost savings
ScanStation for scanners
eCopy software runs inside your Canon MFD
using Canon’s Multifunctional Embedded
Application Platform (MEAP), allowing
the user to access eCopy’s scanning
functionalities via the MFD touch screen.
However, eCopy can also be supplied as
an external piece of hardware called the
eCopy ScanStation, which attaches to the
side of your Canon MFD. eCopy ScanStation
is a freestanding touch-screen, keyboard
and computer that connects easily to any
Canon MFD or document scanner. It offers
enhanced accessibility, fast index-data
entry, and connectivity to copiers, MFDs,
and scanners that don’t support embedded
scanning and OCR solutions. Processing of
scanned images is handled locally by the
ScanStation’s built-in PC.
ScanStation is also available for individual
scanners, which helps to turn any scanner
into part of a document distribution
solution and workflow.
Canon ScanFront 220e
Ultra compact and with eCopy built right
into the firmware, the ScanFront 220e
network scanner is ideal for busy offices
or in customer facing environments.
In today’s fast-paced business environment, professionals don’t
want to waste time and money struggling with document format
incompatibility or manually reproducing documents in different
formats. eCopy PDF Pro Office is a powerful, easy-to-use desktop
PC application that lets you create, manipulate, and convert PDFs
to enable collaboration like never before for dramatic productivity
gains and cost savings.
Improve personal
productivity with
eCopy PDF Pro Office.
Remove inefficiencies
An integrated solution
Uncompromising value
While most offices are equipped with one
or more MFD, they don’t necessarily have
the right software needed to create and
work with PDF files - the open standard for
document exchange and the most popular
format for MFD document capture. In fact,
over 60% of professionals surveyed indicated
a strong need for PDF, yet less than 10% of
PCs are empowered to create and edit PDF.
All embedded versions of eCopy Sharescan
include one license of eCopy PDF Pro Office
which is PDF software designed specifically
for the business user. It is the most complete
desktop PDF solution available today and
either used as a companion to eCopy
ShareScan or as a powerful, stand-alone
PDF software tool. Additional licenses are
sold separately.
eCopy PDF Pro Office is available at
one-third of the price of products with
comparable capabilities – exceptional
value without compromise.
eCopy PDF Pro Office lets you:
Create, edit, and mark up industry-standard PDF files
Convert PDF to and from Office formats
Compare document versions automatically
Remove sensitive information or highlight automatically with Advanced Search
Sign documents electronically
Connect with popular Enterprise Content Management solutions
Have documents read out aloud to you by your PC
Only eCopy PDF Pro Office enables professionals to perform all these tasks – and more
– using a single, lightweight software package.
What is PDF?
A PDF is a PDF
Portable Document Format
•Turns any application file into a digital
“Print” of the document
•PDF is an Industry Standard Format
•The PDF includes the text, fonts, images,
and vector graphics that composed
the original document exactly as it was
designed to print
•Created so people can exchange
documents easily, whatever software
they are using
•Over 1,800 Hardware and Software
products create PDF
•Not proprietary and completely
eCopy can be used to automatically capture
and route your inbound mail.
Take control of the
paperbased information
entering your organisation
Sorting and distributing incoming post is
very often a laborious and time consuming
manual process which can be further
complicated by the need to distribute post
to remote workers. The eCopy Mailroom
solution from Canon easily addresses these
issues by automatically converting incoming
post into electronic files that can be routed to
the relevant recipients for immediate action
and integration into existing applications.
Some of the benefits of the eCopy Mailroom solution include:
Increased competitiveness and
higher levels of customer services:
Low cost of ownership
and quick ROI:
Inbound mail can be distributed faster
which in turn improves response time and
query resolution.
This low-risk solution can be implemented
within days, without major new
investments or long term IT projects.
Its central administration also makes it
easy to support.
Cost savings:
Ease of use and minimal training:
Electronic sorting and routing of inbound
mail reduces overheads and the risk of
errors due to manual data entry. Savings
are also generated through streamlined
and automated processes and the
reduction of physical delivery.
The eCopy solution is so intuitive and easy
to use, it requires minimal training while
ensuring a fast adoption rate.
“Thanks to the eCopy Mailroom solution, critical information is now
delivered faster allowing us to resolve queries more efficiently.
Automating scanning and classification of incoming mail has freed up
time for partners to focus on more valuable tasks – ultimately leading to
increased capacity for billable client work.”
Director of IT Services
Key Features
When your business needs to:
Meet compliance standards
Improve productivity and efficiency
The eCopy Mailroom solution delivers:
trails and document tracking
• Audit
to PDF/A and encryption
• Scan
• Single point of entry for incoming paper-based mail
recognition to streamline scanning for consistent and error-free batch processing
• Barcode
rules to save mailroom staff time by automatically separating pages from
• Pre-defined
batches of paper documents directly into recipient-named electronic document folders
Maximise existing investments in
scanning hardware
manual processes in the mailroom and throughout the enterprise
• Fewer
of mailroom staff to more valuable tasks
• Centralisation and
automation into a single enterprise wide process
• The
ability to work with infrastructure that is readily available – multifunction peripherals
(MFPs) or network-attached scanners
Increase visibility and accessibility
of inbound information
have immediate access to their mail, regardless of their location and critical
• Employees
information can be instantly delivered to the organisation’s workflow and applications
Reduce costs
Allow recipients to modify scanned mail
tools to Annotate pages using drawing tools, text tools, highlight, blackout,
• Markup
whiteout, and notes
to create, apply, and edit dynamic headers, footers, watermarks, and Bates
• Interfaces
and Endorsement stamps
Specification: ShareScan
Secure, cost- effective scanning
to increase worker productivity.
Minimum order of 25 licences
Scanning & OCR
for Office Workers
Production Caliber
scanning & OCR at the MFP
PC attached externally to the
MFD or scanner for accessibility
and security applications
MFP Client / User Interface
“My Favorites” Personalization with "Follow Me"
Minimize Touches with Scrolling & Flyout Menus
External Keyboard Support1
Full-Size Keyboard with Numeric Pad
Dynamic, real-time interaction with back-end business applications
Offline Job Processing & Job Notification speeds batch processing
Real Time Document Processing
MFP Panel Workflow Simulator for Rapid Prototyping
and Deployment – No MFP Required
Select 1
Select 1
Select 1
Select 1
Select 1
Select 1
Select 3
Select 3
Select 3
Select 3
Select 3
Select 3
Select 3
Select 3
Select 3
Select 3
Scan to Exchange & Notes Mail, Hosted Environment Support
(WebDAV, OWA, SSL), Exchange Forests Support
Scan to SMTP via LDAP Mail, Automated distribution
via data publishing
Select 1
Select 3
Select 3
Fault Resilient Database-driven Architecture
Device & Group Activity Tracking & Monitoring
Device & Group Profile Management
Comprehensive, deployment-optimizing reporting tool
Centralized Fleet Management & Cross Platform Administration
User & Document Activity Tracking & Reporting, Audit Trail
eCopy-Enablement for non “eCopy-Ready” Devices
Document Processing Extenders ***
Advanced Image Enhancement
Cost Recovery
Highlight or Remove sensitive information from scans at source
Barcode Recognition
Bates Stamping / Numbering Extender
Forms Processing Extender License
Application Connectors
Folder & Document Management Systems
Autonomy iManage WorkSite Application Connector
EMC Documentum Application Connector
Microsoft SharePoint Application Connector
OpenText Content Server (LiveLink) Application Connector
OpenText DM, eDOCS Edition Application Connector
eCopy Quick Connect universal connector for custom connections
Scan to Desktop (eCopy PDF Pro Office or eCopy PaperWorks)
Scan to File – Network Folder
Optimize hard copy duplication with Scan to Print connector
Connect to more applications than any other scanning solution
with our expansive list of Partner Developed Connectors
Sims (Schools Information Management System)
E-Mail & Fax
OpenText Fax Server, RightFax Edition Application Connector
Fax via Exchange, Notes, & SMTP
File Conversion
Convert to Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel
Industry Standard PDF and PDF/A
Ultra-compressed colour files, TIFF, JPEG
Security & Compliance Features
Active Directory & Novell eDirectory Authentication
User Group Profi les synchronized with Active Directory Groups
Single Sign-On / Session Logon
Application Logon
Document Encryption
Triple Overwrite Secure Deletion
Common Access Card (CAC) Ready
Universal forms designer – write once, deploy on any v5-enabled MFP
Glossary Tool for customized interfaces
Supported OS: Supported OS: Windows XP SP3 32 bit, Windows Vista SP2
32 / 64 bit, Windows 7 32 bit / 64 bit, Windows Server 2003 SP2 32 bit /
64 bit, Windows Server 2008 32 bit / 64 bit, Windows Server 2008 R2
Handled by MFP Security
eCopy & Partner Connectors & Extenders
Please confirm
✓ = Available
7 = Not Available
£ = Available for additional fee
1. Where available
*** Document Processing Extenders use industry leading recognition and conversion
technologies,to enable users to do more with their documents when they are scanned.
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