3500 Series Brochure 677 KB

3500 Series Brochure 677 KB
Measurement & Control
3500 Series
Machinery Protection System
Bently Nevada* Asset Condition Monitoring
Why Protect and Monitor?
Whether generating power, compressing and pumping fluids, or
driving process equipment, the oil & gas industry relies on critical
machinery every hour of every day. In these settings, machinery
failure isn’t just inconvenient, it can be catastrophic. While repair
costs alone can be staggering, the partial or even total loss of
production resulting from critical machinery failure – sometimes
worth millions per day – can mean the difference between profit
and loss for the entire year. With so much at stake, mechanical
condition monitoring is more than just a good idea, it’s a necessity.
Continuously monitoring critical asset parameters such as
vibration, temperature, speed, and numerous other condition
indicators is a proven method for anticipating and preventing
mechanical failures – proven in tens of thousands of industrial
facilities around the world by delivering tangible benefits such as:
• Improved protection from catastrophic failures
• Better machinery reliability/availability
• Fewer process interruptions
• Enhanced maintenance/outage planning
• Lower maintenance and repair costs
• Longer intervals between outages
• Reduced insurance premiums
And when it comes to protecting and monitoring critical machinery,
one name has proven itself above all others: Bently Nevada* from
GE Measurement & Control.
Why Bently Nevada* Condition Monitoring?
GE’s Bently Nevada* machinery protection and monitoring systems
span more than a dozen different models deployed during the last
40 years. Combined, they comprise the largest installed base of
permanently installed transducers and monitoring channels in the
world. It’s a position of trust that has been earned over more than
four decades of learning, refining, and improving our solutions
to meet the oil & gas industry’s most demanding applications.
Applications that require the highest integrity. Applications where
false trips or missed trips simply cannot be tolerated.
It’s not just our products, it’s our people. Our reputation for the highest
quality, best value in the industry is born of a culture that “takes
excellent care of our customers.” When you choose our condition
monitoring solutions, you get it all: the best people, the best products;
the best service; the best solutions; and the best value.
For nearly half a century, Bently Nevada products have been
world-renowned as the standard by which all others are measured.
Because after all, with so much riding on your machinery, why trust
anyone else?
With more than two million transducers and monitoring channels
installed worldwide and more than 10,000 software solutions
employed across the globe, more end users trust their machinery to
Bently Nevada* continuous monitoring systems than anyone else.
We are also the supplier of choice to nearly every major machinery
manufacturer in the world.
Today, although our products number in the thousands, we never
rest. Each year, tens of millions of dollars are invested in expanding
and improving our technology with the purpose of better serving our
customers. Better technology that creates better value is our passion.
Technical Support
Behind everything we deliver, you’ll find our unwavering commitment
to provide the best technical support to our customers. No
matter where in the world you are, or what time of the day, a
knowledgeable professional with technical experience is standing
by 24/7 to assist you with answers to your technical questions. We
also have the ability to supply many emergency parts and services
after traditional working hours. Additionally, our state-of-the-art
knowledge database tracks every support call, every question,
and every answer, allowing our global team to deliver faster, more
complete support than ever before
3500 – Simply The Best
Beginning with the 5000 Series in the 1960s, we’ve introduced
seven successive generations of highly successful monitoring
platforms. Today, that experience is embodied in the most
advanced, powerful, and reliable system we have ever offered:
The Bently Nevada* 3500 Series Machinery Protection System.
The 3500 is designed to fully comply with the American
Petroleum Institute’s Standard API 670, the world’s most
widely used specification for machinery protection systems.
For reciprocating compressor applications, the 3500 meets
API 618 requirements as well. It can also be ordered with DNV
and Class NK certifications for maritime applications such as
offshore platforms and ship propulsion. And, when used as
part of a safety instrumented system, TÜV Functional Safety
Certification can be supplied for applications requiring up to
Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3. In addition, the 3500 is approved
to meet relevant Canadian Standards Association (CSA),
Factory Mutual (FM), GOST, ATEX, and CE requirements.
We understand that our systems are routinely used not just
for indication, but to provide auto-shutdown protection. That’s
why – even in simplex mode – the 3500 is the most reliable
monitoring system we have ever offered with extensive selfchecking and fault tolerant design features. It’s also why the
system can be configured with various levels of redundancy,
ranging from the addition of a second fully redundant
power supply to complete triple modular redundant (TMR)
configuration of selected or all channels - allowing even
your most mission-critical applications to be addressed with
Connecting to condition monitoring and diagnostic software
has never been easier. With the 3500 there are no bulky
external modules, no additional wiring, and no extra rack slots
required. Simply use the Ethernet port in the 3500/22M Rack
Interface Module and a single network cable to communicate
with our System 1* software. Connecting to plant control and
automation systems is straightforward as well. Simply add a
communication gateway module. You can even add multiple
gateways when communication redundancy is required or when
multiple systems must be supported with differing protocols.
The 3500 Series features the industry’s most extensive
selection of machinery measurement parameters combined
with software configuration for virtually all monitor options. A
variety of locally or remotely mounted displays are available,
or you can operate the 3500 without a display. The result is
unparalleled flexibility to address almost any application.
The 3500 Series system has proven its value and
dependability with customers everywhere, year after year
with more than 20,000 racks are installed globally.
3500 Series
Monitor Modules
Phase reference
Radial vibration (proximity probes)
Radial position (proximity probes)
Axial position (proximity probes)
Eccentricity (proximity probes)
Seismic vibration (velocity transducers/
Shaft absolute (proximity and seismic)
Aeroderivative gas turbine
casing vibration
Differential expansion
Ramp differential expansion
Complementary differential expansion
Case expansion
Valve position
Hydro turbine/generator vibration
Hydro generator air gap
Machine operating state (discrete input)
Rotor speed
Rotor speed rate-of-change (acceleration)
Rotor zero speed (turning gear engagement)
Reverse rotation
Process variable signals
(4-20 mA, 1-5 vdc, etc.)
Hazardous gas detection
Gas turbine combustor instabilities
Reciprocating compressor impulse/velocity
Reciprocating compressor rod position
Reciprocating compressor cylinder pressure
1. The 3500/60 and /61 are 6-channel monitors. The 3500/65 is a 16-channel monitor.
3500/53 Overspeed
Detection Modules – can be
integrated in the same rack
as other machinery
protection modules for
maximum cost-effectiveness.
Configurable for 2-out-of-3
voting and available with TÜV
Functional Safety approvals.
Buffered Outputs – every
dynamic input signal is
conveniently available at the
front panel via buffered
output connectors for easy
connection to portable and
test instrumentation.
3500/15 Power Supply –
accepts worldwide ac/dc
voltages and frequencies
and can be supplied fully
redundant to assure
uninterrupted performance.
Keylock Security – all
monitor modules are
software configurable via
the 3500’s Rack Interface
Module – key lockable to
prevent unauthorized
Analog Communications –
all monitor module channels
are available with analog
4-20 mA proportional
outputs for compatibility
with strip chart recorders,
process control systems,
and other instrumentation.
Rack Interface Module –
provides configuration
interface as well as
single-cable connection to
System 1* software via
conventional wired or
wireless Ethernet networks.
The 3500’s advanced design
ensures that simultaneous
data acquisition occurs for all
channels in the rack.
Multiple Parameters From Each Channel –
radial vibration channels can provide eight
individual parameters (overall, gap, 1X
amplitude /phase, 2X amplitude /phase, NOT
1X, Smax), meaning a 4-channel monitor
actually provides up to 32 channels of
measurements. Alarms can be set on any or
all 8 parameters from each channel.
Relay Modules –
voting logic provides
unmatched flexibility. 4and 16-channel versions
available along with a
TMR version for
2-out-of-3 voting.
Triple Modular Redundant
(TMR) Configuration –
monitor and relay modules
can be triplicated with
2-out-of-3 voting for
addressing even the most
stringent requirements.
Optional TÜV Functional
Safety certification
available as well.
Keyphasor* Module – accepts
single- and multi-event-per-turn
signals from proximity probes
and magnetic pickups. A standard
rack can accommodate up to
four Keyphasor* signals (two
3500/25 modules), and special
modifications are available when
more than four Keyphasor*
signals are required.
Built-in Intrinsic Safety
(I.S.) Barriers – I/O
modules can be ordered
with or without internally
mounted I.S. barriers to
decrease wiring, increase
accuracy, and reduce
installation costs when
hazardous environments
require intrinsically safe
installation practices.
Numerous Display Options –
ranging from no display
(front panel status indicators only),
to VGA displays, to a special LCD
display that mounts directly on the
front of the 3500 rack yet swings
out of the way to provide access to
buffered output connectors and
other rack functions. Network
connectivity can also be used to
provide displays on any computer
running System 1* software or
3500 Operator Display software.
Industry-Standard 19” Rack Size –
provides more than twice the
channel density of previous systems.
Available in both EIA rack and
bulkhead mounting versions, along
with integral (standard) or external
(optional) termination blocks for
maximum installation flexibility.
Modules – for ease of
maintenance and
maximum uptime,
modules can be
removed and
reinserted without
removing rack power.
Digital Communications – the
3500/92 Communications Gateway
supports Modbus® and Modbus/TCP
protocols via serial (RS232 /422 /485)
or Ethernet links for digital
communications with PLCs, DCSs,
and other instrument and
automation platforms. Multiple
gateways can be installed in a single
rack for link redundancy or when
multiple protocols are needed.
VGA Display Module –
provides bargraphs,
alarms, statuses, and other
data to a variety of CRT or
flat-panel VGA displays
located within 25 feet of
the rack. No programming
System 1* Connectivity
Protecting your critical machinery with the 3500 is
an important step. But there’s more to effective asset
management than just protection. The 3500 system also
serves as a fully functional gateway to GE’s powerful System 1*
software, allowing totally proactive condition monitoring and
in-depth diagnostics.
System 1* software links portable data collection instruments,
permanent monitoring systems, manually input data, and
data from process control and automation systems into an
integrated condition monitoring environment.
Connecting to System 1* software has never been easier,
thanks to the 3500’s design which completely integrates all
data capture and communication functions into the rack.
Simply provide an Ethernet network connection from your
System 1* server computer to the 3500/22M Rack Interface
Module and use our convenient software configuration
capabilities to enable the appropriate channels in the rack.
That’s it. No external boxes or wiring to worry about, no
separate signal conditioning or interface devices.
So move beyond just protecting your machinery and start
proactively managing it as well. With the 3500, we’ve made
it easier than ever.
M2 Technology
Although all 3500 monitor modules can communicate with
System 1* software to supply status and value data, an
M2* symbol on the faceplate (and an M in the part number)
designate modules capable of supplying high-bandwidth
dynamic waveform data as well. It is this dynamic data that
allows you to more effectively diagnose and manage your
machinery assets by providing a precise picture of mechanical
condition with every shaft revolution. When you see M2*, it
signifies this enhanced “Machinery Management” functionality.
Decision Support
The combination of the3500, System 1* software, and
Decision Support capabilities provides your critical
machinery with one of today’s most advanced technology
to proactively detect and avoid problems.
Decision Support is System 1* software’s unique ability
to automatically audit its collected data against user
embedded rules and knowledge, detect mechanical
or thermodynamic problems, and generate Actionable
Information* advisories. Building your own rules is simple
and requires no special programming skills – just drag and
drop logical and mathematical operators into any sequence
of conditions that correspond to a particular malfunction.
When a specific malfunction or condition is detected,
System 1* software alerts plant personnel that there is
a problem, how severe it is, and what to do about it – in
real time. The Actionable Information* messages used to
notify plant personnel are fully configurable, reflecting your
specific operating practices and procedures. Supported
notification methods include cell phone, pager, PDA, email,
computer and process control system pop-up windows, and
even conventional analog annunciator panels.
The table on page 5 summarizes the enormous selection
of measurement types available in the3500. This allows it
to be applied to an extremely wide-range of rotating and
reciprocating machinery in many industries. Below are just
a few of the more common applications that can be easily
addressed by the 3500 System.
• Steam turbines
• Hydraulic turbines
• Industrial gas turbines
• Aeroderivative gas turbines
• Reciprocating compressors
• Centrifugal compressors
• Axial compressors
• Screw compressors
• Gears
• Turbo-expanders
• Horizontal and vertical centrifugal pumps
• Reciprocating pumps
• Electric motors
• Generators
• Fans
• Blowers
• Agitators
• Mixers
• Centrifuges
• Pulp refiners
• Ball mills
• Crushers/pulverizers
• Extruders
• Pelletizers
• Cooling tower/heat exchanger fans
If your specific machine doesn’t appear on the list, just ask
us. Chances are, our applications engineers have already
developed a solution that’s right for you. And, with our
extensive custom applications capabilities, we can easily
modify off-the-shelf 3500 solutions to handle your nonstandard
applications and signal processing requirements.
Service and Support
As the people who design and manufacture the 3500
system as well as the entire portfolio of Bently Nevada*
asset condition monitoring products, there’s nobody better
equipped than GE Measurement & Control to professionally
install and support these products. We have successfully
completed over 30,000 installation, repair, machinery
diagnostic, balancing, alignment, and system commissioning
projects worldwide. We are everywhere you are with
hundreds of locally available, factory-trained sales and
service professionals in convenient locations around the
world – knowledgeable people that speak your language.
Service and support includes:
• Complete pre-wired, pre-tested cabinet packages for your
3500 racks and associated instrumentation
• Transducer and monitor system installation
• System integration services for connection of Bently
Nevada* monitoring systems to third-party control and
automation systems
• Complete project management scope
• Product verification and repair
• Training, including product operation, product maintenance,
and machinery diagnostics
GE Measurement & Control
1631 Bently Parkway South
Minden, NV 89423
P: 775.782.3611
Visit us online at:
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design are trademarks of General Electric Company.
Modbus is a registered trademark of Schneider Electric.
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