A2530R24A-LPZ Brief

A2530R24A-LPZ Brief
BoosterPack Series
The A2530R24A-LPZ is an AIR Module BoosterPack kit for the MSP430TM Value Line or
Stellaris® LaunchPad Development Kit. This kit eases the development of products
intended to wirelessly communicate in compliance with the ZigBee ® Standard*. The
BoosterPacks feature an A2530R24AZ1 AIR module (based on TI’s CC2530 low-power
-RF chip) and are loaded with the Anaren AIR-ZNP firmware (based on TI’s Z-Stack™
for the ZigBee Standard).
 Includes three A2530R24A AIR Module
BoosterPacks, for connection to TI’s MSP430 or
Stellaris LaunchPad development tool (not included)
 Each BoosterPack includes an on-board
MSP430G2553IN20 Value Line microprocessor, pre
-flashed with Anaren’s AIR-ZNP firmware (based on
TI’s Z-Stack for the ZigBee Standard)
 For Stellaris operation, simply remove the MSP430
MCUs, and load the Stellaris firmware via USB from
the included CD
 CD contains all the software, MSP430 & Stellaris
drivers, application notes, Quick Start Guide, and
more to get started
 Includes one 2xAA Battery Holder for remote
AIR Module:
 Incorporates TI’s CC2530 SOC
 Tiny 11x19x2.5 mm footprint
 Choice of integral antenna or connector
 Pre-certified to FCC/IC and ETSI compliant
 Low power consumption
 Low cost, starting at $12/ea for 10K+ (see back for
more details)
 Based on TI Z-Stack, Anaren’s AIR-ZNP firmware
solution includes time-saving API, driver library, and
30+ code examples (see back for more details)
Provides “out of the box” wireless connectivity for
easier development of applications based on the
ZigBee Standard
Includes AIR-ZNP firmware solution (based on TI’s
Z-Stack), which compresses time to market by
greatly reducing the learning curve and development time
Provides an excellent learning/development tool for
all levels of ZigBee expertise – as well as a clear,
easy-to-understand migration path from development to production
Part of the AIR Support—for ZigBee, a total solution from Anaren that includes development tools,
free firmware and applications support, and more
The A2530R24A-LPZ BoosterPack kit eases the implementation of wireless for a wide range of applications, including: ZigBee Light Link control systems,
Home/building automation, lighting systems, low power wireless sensor networks, consumer electronics,
industrial control, monitoring, among many others.
The A2530R24A BoosterPack snaps onto the MSP430 LaunchPad
(shown) or the Stellaris LaunchPad (each sold separately).
* The terms ZigBee®, ZigBee® Alliance, and ZigBee® Standard are registered trademarks of ZigBee®
Anaren, Inc. / 6635 Kirkville Road / East Syracuse, NY 13057
800.411.6596 / http://www.anaren.com / [email protected]
Layout Information
Product overview
 2.4-GHz IEEE 802.15.4 compliant RF transceiver
 Excellent receiver sensitivity and robustness to
interference (-90dBm average)
 Wide input voltage range (2.2V – 3.6V)
 100% RF tested in production
 Module weight approximately 0.7 grams
Current Consumption: (TC = 25°C, VDD = 3.0V)
 Active mode RX (CPU Idle): 25 mA
 Active mode TX (CPU Idle): 29 mA @0dBm, 34mA
@4dBm (module MAX output power, complies with FCC,
IC, and ETSI limits)
 3 Low power/sleep modes from 1uA to 200 uA
 High-performance and low-power 8051 Microcontroller
core with code prefetch
 256KB in-system programmable flash and 8KB RAM with
retention in all power modes
AIR-ZNP Firmware:
 Preloaded with Anaren’s AIR-ZNP firmware, based on
the TI Z-Stack™ for the ZigBee® Standard
 Supports SPI and UART communication
 Driver library included for MSP430™ and Stellaris ®
MCUs, which abstracts functionality
 Over 30 code examples for a paired MCU included to
demonstrate functionality, including:
BoosterPack features shown below; see User’s
Manual for more information.
AIR Radio Module
Control switches
“LaunchPad” Switches & LED’s
(IR temperature, RGB light)
F Tri-color LED
G Current sensor
(module or full-board)
H MCU (pre-mounted & flashed)
I I2C and SPI external connection
J AIR Module LEDs (2)
To view the entire family of AIR modules & development
tools, please visit our website at:
Button Blink: Blinks LED when button pressed
Hello World: Outputs ‘Hello World’ to the PC via USB
Get Module Version: Displays module version
Get MAC Address: Displays internal MAC address
Write NV Items: Writes to user-accessible non-volatile memory
Read NV Items: Reads user-accessible non-volatile memory
Read Radio GPIO: Displays value of module GPIO 1-4
Write Radio GPIO: Writes values to module GPIO 1-4
Coordinator Function: AF/ZDO, Simple API, or Secure
Router Function: AF/ZDO, Simple API, or Secure
End Point Function: AF/ZDO
RF Tester: RF test utility
Range Test: Test utility to show link quality (LQI)
Packet Error Test: Test utility to show packet error rate (PER)
PLEASE NOTE: Additional information on the Texas Instruments
CC2530, MSP430 & Stellaris LaunchPads, and Z-Stack firmware for the
Zigbee Standard can be found at http://www.ti.com
This product is not to be used in any implantable medical device or external medical
device intended to regulate or monitor biological functions, including but not limited to
devices such as pacemakers, defibrillators, cardiac resynchronization devices,
pressure sensors, biochemical stimulators and neurostimulators. ANAREN MAKES
ANY USE OF THIS TYPE. Anaren shall not be responsible for any consequential
damages arising from the sale or use of this product for any use of this type. The
ultimate user of the product assumes all risk of personal injury or death arising from
a prohibited use.
IMPORTANT: The A2530R24A-LPZ BoosterPack is a tool to aid in the development and testing of
wireless communication applications; it is not to be used in the actual production of wireless endproducts or for resale as a wireless communications network.
Chip series
Frequency band
Form factor
Module Type
(CC1101, CC110L, CC2500, CC2530)
(R = radio only, E=Range Extender)
(A = Internal Antenna)
(EM1 = Eval Module, EZ4x = EZ-430
Module, LPx = BoosterPack)
Anaren, Inc. / 6635 Kirkville Road / East Syracuse, NY 13057
800.411.6596 / http://www.anaren.com / [email protected]
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