BF13-BF14M- BF14.1M
The appliance rating plate is located on the underside of the hob, once the appliance is
fitted into its housing then the rating plate is no longer visible. For future reference
please write the rating plate information in the box below.
Model Number
Serial Number
Date of Purchase ……………………………….
! Important safety notes.
We have included this safety information for the purpose of your safety. Please read this information
carefully before installing your hob. Should you be unsure of any of these notes please contact the
Baumatic Ltd Technical department.
Baumatic Ltd Technical Department Tel: 0118 933 6933
¾ It is important that this appliance is installed by a qualified / competent person, such as one holding NICEIC
registration and that the appliance is installed in accordance with the latest edition of the IEE WIRING
regulations and the manufactures installation instructions. Before connecting the appliance to the electricity
supply, make sure that the supply voltage on the rating plate corresponds with the mains supply voltage.
¾ Do not install the appliance if the ceramic glass top is damaged in any way.
¾ Do not modify the appliance in any way, this will void your warranty and possibly render the appliance
¾ Ensure that all packaging is removed before installing or using the appliance.
Use of the hob
¾ Do not use the appliance until the installation is complete.
¾ Ensure that the appliance is switched OFF when not in use.
¾ Never leave the hob unattended when in use, particularly when cooking with oil and fat.
¾ Always use pans that are suited to the heating zone being used, never use pans that are unstable or
defective in any way.
¾ Never use plastic or aluminium foil dishes on the appliance.
¾ This appliance has been manufactured for domestic use only and is therefore not suitable for use in a
commercial or industrial environment.
¾ Only turn the cooking zones ON when a saucepan is on the cooking zone.
¾ Never store flammable materials such as aerosols and detergents in draws or cupboards under the hob.
¾ Do not drop saucepans or cooking utensils onto the ceramic cooking surface.
¾ Never use the ceramic cooking surface as a storage or worktop area.
¾ Do not use the appliance if the ceramic surface is accidentally damaged, call the Baumatic service
department, as the ceramic glass will need to be replaced.
¾ Only clean the hob in accordance with the cleaning and maintenance instructions.
¾ Never allow sugar or acidic foodstuffs to be spilled onto the ceramic cooking surface as it eats into the
glass and is impossible to remove.
¾ Do not use the appliance as a space heater or to dry clothes.
¾ Do not install this appliance next to soft furnishings or curtains.
Child Care
¾ Never allow children to play near or with the appliance. This appliance is designed to be used by adults.
¾ The hob gets hot when in use and children should be kept well during use.
¾ Cooking pots and pans should be kept out of reach of children when in use to avoid injury.
¾ This appliance should only be repaired or serviced by a Baumatic Ltd Technician or one of there authorised
service agents
¾ Please dispose of all waste packing materials and old appliances at an authorised disposal site giving due
regard for the environment. (Advice on such issues is available from your local authority).
General Information
Please read this booklet thoroughly before you use this appliance. It is important that you
understand all the control functions before commencing to cook with your Baumatic appliance. The information and
warnings contained in this booklet are designed to assist you in obtaining the best use of your new Baumatic
This appliance complies with all current European safety legislation, however Baumatic Ltd wish to
emphasise that compliance does not remove the fact that surfaces will become hot during use and retain
heat after operation.
Baumatic Ltd declines any responsibility for injury or damage to persons or property as a result of
improper use or installation of this appliance.
Heat, steam and moisture will be created during use, take care to avoid injury and ensure that the room is
adequately ventilated. If prolonged use occurs, additional ventilation may be required. Please consult your
Qualified Installer if you are in any doubt about the amount required.
NOTE: The appliance housing, adjacent furniture and all materials used in the installation must be able to
withstand a minimum temperature rise of 85°C above ambient during periods of operation. This information is for
guidance only and the actual withstand temperature will depend on the
performance rating for the surface finish of the worktop. Certain types of kitchen furniture surface finishes are
particularly prone to heat damage or discoloration at temperatures lower than the above guidelines. Installing the
appliance in contravention of the guidance given will be at the liability of the owner. The use for any other purpose
or in any other environment without the express agreement of Baumatic Ltd, would invalidate any warrantee or
liability claim.
Your new appliance is guaranteed against electrical or mechanical defects subject to certain
exclusions noted in Baumatic Ltd Conditions of Guarantee.
The aforegoing does not affect your statutory rights. The Warrantee applies to Great Britain and Northern Ireland
In the event that you require any After Sales Service or repairs, please contact the Baumatic
Service Department on telephone number – 0118 933 6911.
When first used, an odor may be emitted by any residual protective finish or moisture, which
will cease after a short period of time.
This appliance has been constructed and distributed in compliance with the essential requirements of the
CE Marking – 93/68 Low Voltage – 73/23 EMC – 89/336
Materials that can touch food – 89/109.
Safety Standards – EN 60 335-1, EN 60 335 – 2 – 6.
This appliance is marked according to the European directive 20002/96/EC on waste Electrical and
electronic Equipment (WEEE). This guideline is the frame of a europeanwide validity of return and
recycling on Waste electrical and electronic Equipment
As Baumatic have a policy of continued product improvement, the right is reserved to adjust and make any
modifications deemed necessary without notification.
Radiant plate 1200W
Radiant plate 1700W
Hi-light plate 750/2200 W
Hi-light plate 1200W
Hi-light plate 1800W
Hi-light plate 2300W
Max power W
30 A
27 A
27 A
30 A
30 A
30 A
30 A
1. Installation
Installation is the buyer’s responsibility. The manufacturer accepts no liability for this service. Any action that the
manufacturer has to take due to an erroneous installation will not be covered by the guarantee.
The flush-mounted cook tops are designed for installation in work tops made of all kinds of material, providing they
can withstand a temperature of 100°C, and are between 25 and 40 mm thick. If the cook top is installed in a
position so that the side of a kitchen unit comes up against its left-hand or right-hand side, the distance between
the vertical panel and the edge of the cook top must always be at least 150 mm. The distance between the back
wall and the edge of the cook top must be at least 55 mm. A partition made of insulating material (wood or the like)
must be inserted between the cook top and the space below. This partition must be at least 10 mm from the
underside of the cook top tray.
X = minimum 150 mm
Z = 10 mm
Y = partition
Fixing the cook top to the unit
The cook top is fixed to the unit by means of the brackets and accessories provided. Holes are provided in the
bottom of the tray where the tabs (A) are inserted so that you can attach the screws (C) that hold the brackets (B)
in place.
A = tab for inserting in the bottom of the
cook top tray
B = fixing bracket
C = screw
Applying the seal
Important - The figure below shows how the seal must be attached all around the perimeter.
This cook top has been designed for non-professional, domestic use.
2. Electric connections
Check the details given on the nameplate situated on the underside of the cook top, then make sure that the rated mains
voltage and power available are suitable for its operation.
Before making the electric connections, check the efficiency of the earthing system. Earthing of the cook top is
compulsory by law. The manufacturer will accept no liability for any personal injury or damage to property deriving from
failure to comply with this requirement.
For models without a plug, fit a standard plug capable of withstanding the specified load on the power cord. The cord’s
earthing conductor is colored yellow and green. The plug must be accessible.
If you prefer to make a fixed connection to the mains, insert an all-pole circuit breaker with a breaking gap of at least 3
mm between the cook top and the mains.
To connect the cook top power cord, loosen and remove the cover on the terminal block in order to access the contacts
inside. Make the connection, blocking the cord in place with the cable clamp provided and then close the terminal block
cover again immediately.
If you have to change the cord, the earthing (yellow / green) conductor must always be 10 mm longer than the line
DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY. In the parts destined to come into contact with foodstuffs, this appliance is in
accordance with the requirements of the EC directive 89/109 transposed in the Italian Legislative Decree N° 108 of
CE Appliance conforming to the European directives 89/336/EEC, 93/68/EEC, 73/23/EEC and subsequent revisions.
The appliance must NOT be connected to the
mains supply by means of a 13A plug and
During the guarantee period, all service intervention
should be referred back to the Baumatic Ltd Service department.
Please note that intervention or repair by any
unauthorized personnel will invalidate such guarantee.
Important: Before cooking with the appliance for the first time, it is important to clean the cook top. Then turn on all the
heating elements, one as a time, with no pan on top, for 5 minutes on the maximum temperature setting. This will eliminate to
the "new smell" and make any humidity that had accumulated on the heating elements evaporate. This is also essential to
ensure that the electronic devices function properly.
1. Description of the controls
On/off key (ON/OFF)
Burner element key (ON/OFF)
Setting display (residual heat)
“Less” key
“More” key
Dual-circuit key (ON/OFF) (BF14.1-BF15 only)
Dual-circuit pilot light (BF14.1-BF15 only)
Decimal point on setting display
On: the burner setting can be adjusted
Off: the burner is disabled.
Touch controls
All operations are performed by means of touch controls (capacitive sensors) situated on the front of the cook top; there is a
display relating to each key.
Every action is confirmed by an acoustic signal.
2. Turning on and off
1. Touch the on/off button.(1)
The control is enabled: the setting level indicators (3) read “0”
and the decimal points (8) flash on and off.
The next step must be carried out within 20 seconds, otherwise
the appliance goes off automatically.
Turning on the burner
If the control is ON the respective cooking zone can be selected by
operating a cooking-zone-select-key (= PLUS-key(5-2) of the
respective cooking zone). There is a static dot indication (8)in the
respective display. If the cooking zone is hot “0” is displayed instead
of “H” . On all other cooking zone displays(3) the blinking dot
extinguishes. Then a setting will be chosen by a renewed operation of
the cooking- zone-select-key or the MINUS-key and the cooking zone
begins to heat up. In order to use the cooking-zone-select-key as a
PLUS-key the control has to recognize that after the selection the
cooking zone has been released for 0,3 seconds.
After selection of a cooking zone the setting can be increased by continously pressing the PLUS-key, starting at step “1” it is
increased by 1 step every 0,4 seconds. When setting “9” is reached the setting will not be changed further (end stop).
If the selected cooking zone will be switched ON by means of the MINUS key(4), the cooking zone starts at the maximum
setting “9“ (“reverse switching-ON”). When the key is continuously operated, it decreases by 1 step every 0,4 seconds. When
setting “0” is reached, there will be no further setting changed (end stop). Only a renewed operation of the MINUS (or PLUS)
key changes the setting.
Turning off the burner /Turning off the burner instantly:
To switch off an individual cooking zone, the respective cooking zone has to be selected with the cooking-zone-select-key (=
PLUS). The selection is indicated with the static dot in the respective cooking zone display. If the control recognizes that the
PLUS- (cooking-zone-select-key is the PLUS-key) and the MINUS-key have been activated simultaneously the setting of the
selected cooking zone will be put back to “0“. Alternatively, the MINUS-key can be used to count down the setting to “0“. .
If all cooking zones are at “0”, all decimal points in the cooking zone displays are blinking. If a cooking zone is “hot”, “H” will
be displayed instead of “0”.
Residual heat indicator
As long as the temperature of the burner remains high enough to cause
injury, the display corresponding to the burner shows the “H” symbol
(residual heat). This indication only disappears when there is no
longer any danger (at 60°C).
The display shows a “0” as long as the temperature remains below
60°C, whereas it shows an “H” whenever the temperature exceeds
To save energy, turn off the burner in advance, in order to exploit the residual heat.
The residual heat indicator “H” is lost in the event of a mains
power cut lasting more than 3 seconds.
Turning off the cook top
The cook top can be turned off at any time by means of the on/off key (1).
3. Dual-circuit burners (BF14.1-BF15 only)
Two burners can be equipped with a second circuit: for instance, the burner is composed of a central
disk and an outer ring. You can turn on both elements (fig. 5) or the central disk alone (fig. 4). This
enables you to adapt the heated area to the size of the saucepan you are using.
Turning off the burner’s second circuit
1.Select the required power setting (from 1 to 9) with the keys “+” e “-“ (5/4).
When turn on the plate with double cooking zone, the dual circuit key pilot light (7)
relating to the burner concerned comes on; the second circuit comes on together
with the first.
It is possible to turn off the second circuit by pressing the dual-circuit key (6).
Touch the dual-circuit key (6).
The pilot light (7) goes off and the second circuit on burner also goes off.
3. Protection against unintended switching-ON
If the electronic control realizes a continuous operation of keys for approx. 10 seconds, it switches OFF automatically. The
control sends out an audible failure signal for 10 seconds, so that the user can remove the object which has been mistakingly
placed onto the operation surface. The displays show the failure code “ E R 0 3 “ . If the failure carries on for more than 10
seconds, only the code “ E R 0 3 “ will be displayed as long as the failure will be recognized by the electronic control. If the
cooking zone is in the “hot” status, “H“ will appear on the display in alteration with the failure notice.
If no cooking zone will be activated within 20 seconds after switching-ON by means of the Power-key, the control switches
back from the ON-condition into the stand-by-mode.
When the control is switched-ON the ON/OFF-key has priority over all other keys, so that the control can be switched-OFF
anytime, even in case of multiple or continous operation of keys.
In the stand-by mode a continous operation will not be signalized. However, before the electronic control can be switched-ON
again, it has to recognize that all keys are not operated.
4. Locking the cook top functions
After switching-ON the control the child safety feature can be activated. To achieve this it is necessary to simultaneously
operate the front right cooking-zone-select-key (2-5) and the MINUS-key(4) and then press the front right cooking-zoneselect-key (2-5) again. There will be an “L” , meaning LOCKED (child safety feature against unintended switching-ON). If a
cooking zone is in the “hot” condition, “L” and “H” will be displayed in alternation.
This course of operation has to take place within a period of 10 seconds, no other key than described above may be operated.
Otherwise the input will be interrupted because of incompleteness, the cooktop will not be locked then.
The electronic control remains in a locked condition until it gets unlocked, even if the control has been switched-OFF and -ON
in the meantime. Also a reset of the control (after a voltage drop) does not cancel the key lock.
Unlocking for cooking purposes:
To unlock and operate the control it is required to operate the front right cooking-zone-select-key and the MINUS-key (4)
simultaneously. “L“ (LOCKED) in the display extinguishes and all cooking zones show “0“ with a blinking dot. Should a
cooking zone be “hot”, “H” is displayed instead of the static “0”. After switching-OFF the control, the child safety feature is
active again.
Cancelling the key lock:
After switching-ON the control the child safety feature can be deactivated. Here it is necessary to simultaneously operate the
front right cooking-zone-select-key and the MINUS-key and then operate the MINUS-key alone. If all steps have been carried
out in the right order within 10 seconds the key lock gets cancelled and the control is OFF. Otherwise the input will be
considered incomplete, the control remains locked and switches-OFF after 20 seconds.
After a renewed switching-ON by means of the ON/OFF key all displays show „0“, the display dots are blinking and the
control is ready for cooking. If a cooking zone is “hot“ , “H“ will be displayed instead of the static „0“.
A few cooking tips
Use only saucepans and frying pans with a sturdy, preferably thick bottom. This is particularly important when preparing
food requiring high cooking temperatures, such as fried foods. If the bottom of the pan is not perfectly flat, the food takes
longer to cook and uses up more energy. The best heat transfer is obtained when the saucepan and burner are the same
You can also use Pyrex and porcelain pans on the burners, providing the bottom of the pan is smooth. Refer to the
instructions of the pan manufacturer on this point.
Any spillages from the pans should be wiped away immediately.
Important notes
Warning: the burner surface becomes red hot when in use, so it is always advisable to keep children well away from the
cook top.
Avoid dropping any hard object on the cook top surface. In some conditions, the material is sensitive to mechanical
loading. The shock of a sharp or pointed object can damage the cooking surface. In the event of any breakage, cracking
or other damage being accidentally caused to the ceramic top, it is essential to stop using the cook top immediately and
contact customer care.
Ceramic glass cook tops must never be used as a work surface or to prepare food wrapped in aluminium foil or packaged
in plastic. Never use the burner without a saucepan on it. Never place flammable, explosive or deformable objects in the
vicinity of the cook top.
Fats and oils can catch fire if they are overheated: that is why foods requiring the use of fat or oil, e.g. French fries, must
always be supervised while they are cooking.
Moreover, it is essential to make sure that the power cords and plugs of any other domestic appliances attached to
sockets near the cook top can never come into contact with the hot cook top surfaces.
The cook top must never be cleaned with steam or other such cleaning devices.
It is essential to clean the cook top - once it has cooled down - every time it has been used. Even the smallest food
scraps would burn the next time it is used. Use only the recommended detergents. Wire wool, abrasive pads and
powders will cause scratching. Oven-cleaning products are unsuitable because they are corrosive.
Mild soiling can be removed with the aid of a damp cloth or with hot soda. Any traces of detergent must be
removed with cold water and the surfaces must then be accurately dried. Any signs of water that cannot be
removed with boiling water can be eliminated with vinegar and lemon juice, or with a scale-remover fluid. If any of
these detergents comes into contact with the cook top frame, it must be cleaned off immediately with a wet cloth, to
avoid damaging the seal.
Any tenacious dirt can easily be removed with the aid of a glass scraper. The scraper handle must not be made of
plastic because it could become stuck to the hot surfaces. Pay attention while using to scraper: it can cause injury.
Sugar and foods containing caramelized sugar must be removed immediately from the hot burner.
Before calling in the technician:
if the cook top does not work, we recommend you first make sure that the plug is fitted properly in the power socket.
If you cannot find any reason for the malfunction:
turn off the appliance and do not manhandle it. Call in the technical support service.
The appliance comes with a guarantee certificate that entitles you to use the technical support service.
The guarantee must be duly completed, kept in a safe place, and exhibited to the authorized technician in case of need,
together with the fiscally valid document issued by the retailer at the time of purchase (delivery bill, invoice, cash register
receipt, etc.) indicating the name of the retailer, the date of delivery, details for identifying the product and the purchase
Dear Customer,
The conditions of guarantee which apply to your Baumatic appliance are as follows: This product is guaranteed for 12 months
from the date of original purchase.
Baumatic Ltd will repair any defect that arises due to faulty materials or workmanship free of charge during this period.
In addition, your appliance is covered by a 5 year parts warranty. Baumatic Ltd will provide free of charge the parts required to
repair the appliance, only if they are fitted by a Baumatic engineer, for any defect that arises due to faulty materials or
workmanship within a period of 5 years from the original purchase date.
An additional and annually renewable insurance scheme for labour is available should you wish to extend the warranty period.
Should any person other than an authorised representative of Baumatic Ltd interfere with the appliance,
the policy is negated and Baumatic Ltd will be under no further liability.
The guarantee covers the appliance for normal domestic use only, unless otherwise stated.
Any claims made under the terms of the guarantee must be supported by the original invoice/bill of sale issued at the time of
This guarantee is transferable only with the written consent of Baumatic Ltd.
If the appliance fails and is considered either not repairable or uneconomical to repair between twelve months and five years
from purchase date, a free of charge replacement will not be offered.
The guarantee for any replacement will only be for the remainder of the guarantee on the original product
This guarantee does not cover:
ƒ Sinks and taps
ƒ Failure to comply with the manufacturer’s instructions for use.
ƒ The replacement of cosmetic components or accessories.
ƒ Accidental damage or wilful abuse.
ƒ Subsequent loss or damage owing to the failure of the appliance or electrical supply.
ƒ Incorrect installation.
ƒ Losses caused by Acts of God, civil war, failure to obtain spare parts, strikes or lockouts.
ƒ Filters, fuses, light bulbs, external hoses, damage to bodywork, paintwork, plastic items, covers, baskets, trays,
shelves, burner bases, burner caps, decals, corrosion, rubber seals, refrigeration system blockage.
In the course of the work carried out it may be necessary to remove the appliance from its operating position. Whilst all
reasonable care will be taken, Baumatic Ltd cannot accept responsibility for damage sustained to any property whatsoever in
this process.
This guarantee is in addition to and does not diminish your statutory or legal rights.
Contacting Baumatic.
TEL: 0118 933 6900
FAX: 0118 931 0035
TEL: 0118 933 6911
FAX: 0118 986 9124
TEL: 0118 933 6922
FAX: 0118 933 6942
TEL: 0118 9336933
FAX: 0118 9336942
For mainland UK and Northern Ireland, please contact one of the above numbers for further information or any other query you
may have.
For ROI (Republic of Ireland), please contact one the numbers below:
TEL: 01-4030501 FAX: 01-403050335
Thank you for buying Baumatic.
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