2015 Show Preview
The International Housewares Association
2015 Show Preview
A preview of new products making their debut at the
International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago in March.
Wednesday, January 21 | New York Hilton Midtown
2015 International Home +
Housewares Show Preview
The housewares items on display at the Media Preview Event for the 2015 International Home + Housewares
Show are examples of new products that will be driving consumer purchases. Some of the products have
already been introduced this year, while others will be introduced at the Show in March. These products and
thousands more new items will be on display at the 2015 International Home + Housewares Show, March 7-10,
at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois. The following product descriptions have been provided by the
companies. Please contact the media person listed for questions or more information.
Demonstration videos and a listing of the companies and their product descriptions will be available on IHA’s
website at http://www.housewares.org/pressevents/press/
Product category Index
Butler Home Products, LLC
Grund America LLC
Aisen Industrial Co., Ltd.
Butler Home Products, LLC
Tacony Corporation
Aisen Industrial Co., Ltd.
Trendsformers LLC
AUX Co., Ltd.
Bake Any Shape
Bradshaw International/
Good Cook
The Cookware Company
Frieling USA, Inc.
Lekue USA
Nordic Ware, Div. Northland
Aluminum Prods., Inc.
Wilton Armetale
AUX Co., Ltd.
Bonne O International Inc.
Bradshaw International/T-Fal
Bradshaw International/
Good Cook
Browne USA
Chef’n Corporation
Columbian Home
Products, LLC
Dexas International, Ltd.
DKB Household USA Corp.
Hamilton Beach Brands, Inc.
Kuhn Rikon Corp.
Lifetime Brands, Inc.
PackIt, LLC
International Corp.
Tyhoon Homewares LLC
Underground Toys
Candle Warmers Etc. Inc.
Frieling USA, Inc.
Serene House
Airfree Produtos
Electronicos Lda
Browne USA
Ignite USA, LLC
Zoku, LLC
Boyd Coffee Company
Caffe Cagliari /
UNeek Brands Ltd.
Coway Co., Ltd.
Fagor America, Inc.
Hamilton Beach Brands, Inc.
Jura Inc.
Oliso, Inc.
Smeg USA
USA Inc.
Zojirushi America Corp.
Grillbot LLC
Hamilton Beach Brands, Inc.
Meco Corp.
Serene House
Underground Toys
Wilton Armetale
Contour Products, Inc.
Crane USA, Inc.
Trendsformers LLC
Base Brands
Browne USA
Cork Pops, Inc.
Dexas International, Ltd.
DKB Household USA Corp.
Ignite USA, LLC
Trendsformers LLC
Underground Toys
Warum Studios LLC
Zojirushi America Corp.
Aquasana / Sun Water
Oxygen Orchard, Inc.
Zero Technologies LLC
Tested and
approved by the
best institutes
eliminates any
airborne microorganisms
through exclusive
without either
damaging the environment or causing any noise
pollution at all. The Airfree® technology is the
only proven means of reducing ozone.
Furthermore, it is highly economic requiring
neither maintenance nor filter-changing and uses
less energy than a standard 60 watt bulb. Features
include patented and environmentally friendly
technology, requires no maintenance, is totally
silent, uses low-energy consumption, is small and
portable, has an anti-stress light, has an awardwinning design, 2-year guarantee and releases
neither ozone nor ions.
Veronica Welch, 508.222.4802
Airfree® Lotus
design, simple,
natural and
eliminates any
and allergens in
the air, quietly
and without
harming the
Airfree® LOTUS combines a distinctive design
with exclusive technology, allowing a change of
colours and the opening of the device's petals,
inspired by the striking beauty and mysticism of
the Lotus flower. Airfree® advantages include
patented and environmentally friendly
technology; requires no maintenance; totally
silent; low energy consumption; small and
portable; 2-year warranty; releases neither ozone
nor ions; and distinctive design.
Airfree® Iris
The Iris model naturally eliminates up to 99.99%
of any microorganisms and allergens in the air,
guaranteeing the user a far better air quality.
Combines renowned design with exclusive
technology for a room of up to 60m2 and
offers the same performance and efficiency
Kitchen Cleaning
Bathroom Cleaning
The innovative materials that make up each of
Aisen’s sponges allow for the use of smaller
amounts of soap and cleaning agents. The tiny
holes allow oxygen and cleaning agents deep into
the sponge to create a rich, thick, foamy lather.
They also allow the sponge to dry quickly without
leaving soapy residue on the surface. One of
Aisen’s sponges allows you to wipe away water
stains, oil films, grime and more with just water
because of the special Polyester netting material.
With long lasting products and many soap-saving
items, Aisen is both environmentally and
economically friendly.
Yurika Takahashi, 212.921.5890
Aisen offers a wide variety of unique shapes and
beautifully colored cleaning solutions. The
compact and fun colored Toilet Brush with Stand
fits nicely in a corner or along the wall. EcoFriendly Double Sided Bath Sponge is encased in
microfiber and netting and allows easily wipes
away dirt and grime without cleaning agent.
Naturally Adhering Bathtub Sponge will
repeatedly adhere to bathroom or kitchen tile,
sinks and other hard surfaces. Press the white
adhesive side onto the hard surface for convenient
storage when not in use. Aisen’s cleaning products
are sure to inspire a more enjoyable side of
Body Washing Towel
Aisen’s long length Body Washing Towel
makes it easy to wash the back and front side
of the body. Massages the skin as it gently
exfoliates to help wash away stress and dead
skin. Lathers and cleans with just a small
as other Airfree®
models. A revolution
in the concept of air
purification patented
and environmentally
friendly technology, it
requires no
maintenance, is totally
silent, has low energy
consumption, is small
and portable, has an
award-winning design,
has a 2-year warranty
and releases neither ozone nor ions.
Airfree® FIT
The FIT model has small
dimensions and beautiful
design, offering the same
performance and efficiency
as other Airfree® models.
It can be fitted to the wall
in any room, saving floor
space. A revolution in the
concept of air purification,
it has patented and
environmentally friendly
technology, requires no
maintenance, is totally silent, uses
low energy consumption, is small and portable,
has a 2-year warranty, releases neither ozone nor
ions and is easy to mount on the wall.
amount of body soap. They
come in 3 different colors:
Blue, Green and White and
textures: Soft, Medium
and Hard for all
personal preferences.
Our Japanesemade products
uphold the
reputation as
an industry
leader in good design
and product quality.
Laundry Hanger
Our family of hanging
laundry dryers is the
innovative Japanese
technology that is put into
each product.
The Clip and
Dry Portable
Hanging Dryer
comes with 3
different sizes from 10 clips to 30 clips. Folds in
half for easy storage in a flat, compact position
and the clips will not leave marks. Hang and Dry
is ideal for hang-drying wet or damp clothes on
shower rod or using a single hook to hang up to 6
shirts in one single hanger space on closet rod.
Aisen proves to be not only functional, but truly
Bake Any Shape Stainless Steel Bakeware
Powered Water Filtration System
Aquasana introduces the
Powered Water
Filtration System
(PWFS), a
advancement in water
filtration. The PWFS
delivers the performance
of a professional filtration
system, for a fraction of
the price—no installation
While traditional pitchers use gravity, the PWFS uses power to filter water
right before your eyes. Aquasana’s selective Claryum filtration removes
10x the contaminants of other pitcher filters and is tested to remove 96%
of chlorine and chloramines (chlorine + ammonia disinfectant), lead,
mercury, herbicides, pesticides and asbestos, while retaining healthy
minerals like Calcium, Potassium and Magnesium. Plus, it has the
longest-lasting filter, offering the lowest cost-per-gallon.
Michelle Hirschfield, 512.791.7445
UchiCook Steam Grill /
Metal Cover
UchiCook’s Steam Grill steams and grills food at
the same time, which prevents essential nutrients
from being stripped during the cooking process
and shortens cooking time. It can be used over
direct flame, IH or any other source of high-heat.
The high quality Japan-made surface is non-stick
and easy to clean.
Made in the USA, this new
baking product is made of
316 stainless steel, is 2-½”
high and comes in four
lengths, 2”, 4”, 6” and 8”.
The line includes 25
shapes, a custom-made
hinge clip and pre-cut
parchment paper. To use,
simply create your desired
shape on a baking tray
lined with parchment
paper. Connect the shapes
with the Bake Any Shape
clip and pre-cut parchment
paper on the outside of the shape. Coat the inside walls with baking spray,
fill your shape half way with batter and bake. After baking, disconnect the
shapes when they are safe to touch and decorate.
Buyar Hayrula, 848.459.6044
UchiCook Steam Grill /
Glass Cover
UchiCook’s Steam Grill steams and grills food at
the same time, which prevents essential nutrients
from being stripped during the cooking process
and shortens cooking time. It can be used over
direct flame, IH or any other source of high-heat.
The high quality Japan-made surface is non-stick
and easy to clean.
Lockable Tong
UchiCook's Lockable Tongs have a simple and
functional design that allows for easy grip-andrelease. The unique locking mechanism closes the
tongs so that the tool becomes slim and compact
for storage. It has a built-in resting edge that keeps
the dirty tong off of the counter during use. The
high-quality Japanese-made tool is designed to fit
comfortably in the palm of your hand, while the
angle of the handle puts less tension on your hand
during use. The materials used to make the
Lockable Tong will not scratch pots and pans and
is heat resistant up to 482°F (250°C).
Fish Catcher
Yurika Takahashi, 212.921.5890
UchiCook’'s Fish Catcher is a unique tool
that can be used to handle fish during
cooking. The locking mechanism closes
the tong with one simple click and
makes the tool slim and compact for
convenient storage. It also has a
built-in resting edge that keeps the
dirty tool off of the counter
during use. The high-quality
Japanese-made tool is
designed to fit comfortably in
the palm of your hand, while
the handle’s angle puts less tension
on your hand during use. The Fish Catcher
will not scratch pots and pans and is heat
resistant up to 482°F (250°C).
visit IHA
online at
Reduce 32-oz. Growlers
Created as eco-friendly
containers for filling
with cold craft beer
from local breweries,
these new reusable
32-oz. Growlers
feature Reduce’s Fire +
Ice double-wall
vacuum insulated
design that protects the
beverage for full flavor
enjoyment at just the
right temperature. The
airtight lid features a
silicone seal that traps
carbonation to keep
beer fresher, longer. It can also be used for a
variety of other beverages, from cold water or
carbonated soda to hot coffee or tea. It reliably
keeps any beverage hot or cold for 12 to 24 hours.
$39.99. Spring 2015.
Kristyn Fuller, 713.869.1856
Bialetti Granito X-TRA
Bialetti’s Granito X-TRA cookware line was
designed with a speckled, granite-like finish that
has the feel of cooking on a hot stone. It has extra
durable features for better performance, especially
when sear-roasting from stovetop to oven, and the
granite sear n’ release nonstick interior allows
users to use less oil for healthier cooking. Oven
safe to 400°F, Granito X-TRA’s collection features
a PFOA-free nonstick interior that is safe for metal
utensils. Available now in 8”, 10” and 12” sauté‚
pans, 5-qt dutch oven, 11” deep sauté pan, a 2-qt
sauce pan and a 10-piece set for $19.99-$169.
Norma Kelly, 818.509.0575
Reduce Fire +
Ice Divot Tumblers
Reduce presents the 13-oz. Divot Tumbler, a fun
and colorful new look for its Fire + Ice collection
of insulated beverage bottles that keep drinks
reliably hot or cold for up to 6 hours. Designed for
compatibility with single cup brewers, it also fits
into standard car cup holders. Cute little circular
divots create a textured pattern that makes this
tumbler easy to grip and fun to carry. It comes in
three appealing color combinations: purple
accented with teal, gray accented with pink
and teal accented with lime green. $14.99.
Spring 2015.
Bialetti Moka Express
Bialetti’s iconic Moka
Express -- the
original stovetop
coffee maker first
introduced 80 years
ago by Alfonso
Bialetti -- is now
available in four new
bright colors of red,
orange, blue and purple.
The unique aluminum
stovetop coffee maker
is the #1 coffee maker
in the world, and its
design is featured in the
Museum of Modern Art. Available in the 6-cup
size, the color Mokas have an MSRP of $39.99
and are currently available at Bed Bath & Beyond,
bedbathandbeyond.com and www.bialetti.com.
Bialetti Aroma Classico
Bialetti’s new Aroma
Classico coffee is a
strong full-bodied
blend and ideal for use
with the Moka Express
stovetop coffee maker.
The classic Italian roast
is comprised of
70% Arabica, a
homogenous mix
of natural
Brazilian Arabica and washed Arabica from
Guatemala, which gives the blend an
aromatic, intense and full-bodied base, with
Reduce Double
Wall Stainless
Pint Glasses
To complement its
growing collection of
Growlers, Reduce
presents new Double
Wall Stainless Pint
Glasses. Their classic
flair shape and rolled
edges represent the
simplicity of style that
appeals to the beer
drinker's sensibilities.
Unbreakable and lighter
weight than glass, they are designed for indoor or
outdoor use. With clean lines and a handsome
stainless finish, they embody quality without
fussiness. As with the best in barware, these ecofriendly glasses can be used again and again, and
they are easy to clean. $17.99. Spring 2015.
chocolately notes; and 30% Robusta, mainly from
India and Vietnam, to give this coffee body and
intensity. The Aroma Classico is available in an
8.8-oz aluminum can for a MSRP of $12.99 at
Bialetti TerraCotta X-TRA
The inspiration behind TerraCotta X-TRA was to
introduce an earthy and healthy cookware line that
ties together the feeling of old world slow cooking
but with advanced new world technology. We
colorized our metal utensil-safe X-TRA nonstick
coating to emulate clay. Then we combined the
clay-like interior with a rich brown exterior and a
brushed, oven-safe stainless steel handle creating a
rustic artisan line of nonstick cookware. With
Bialetti’s lifetime guarantee, TerraCotta X-TRA is
available in 8”, 10” and 12” sauté pans, 5-qt dutch
oven, 11” deep sauté, 2-qt sauce pan and 10-piece
set for an MSRP of $24.99-$199.99.
Bonne O Flavor Syrups
Bonne O Home Carbonation
As close to homemade as we could get so you can
create with confidence. Our flavors contain real
core ingredients and are naturally flavored while
containing no artificial sweeteners, no artificial
colors, no artificial flavors and no added
Bonne O Carbonators
The world’s first home carbonation system that
carbonates all ingredients in the bottle for intense
pressure-infused flavor. Creating carbonation
using no CO2 tank enables the never ending
spectrum of beverage creations—from sparkling
waters, all natural fruit infusions, artisan and
traditional sodas to fun bubbly cocktails.
Michelle Lan, 604.788.8579
Brazen Connected
8 Cup Brew
System by
The Brazen
any on the market. It starts with the unique
brewing features of the Behmor Brazen Plus and
adds connectivity provided by Dado Labs. The
features of the Brazen Connected brewer
including the ability to set the brewing
temperature, the pre-soak time and water brewing
volume via an app, ensures artisanal coffee at
home. Pulsed water flow, brewing temperature
accuracy to within 1°F and SCAA certification to
their rigorous brewing standards further validates
the superior brewing quality of the Brazen
Connected. Unparalleled accuracy and fine-tuning
for the perfect cup of coffee every time.
Todd Larrabee, 804.314.9499
The Bonne O
produces pure CO2
gas that pressurizes
the system and
carbonates the
beverage. One
Bonne O tank-free
carbonator will
fully carbonate one
full bottle.
Only pure
CO2 enters
beverage, not
the carbonator itself.
Connected Home Coffee
Roaster by Behmor
The Behmor Connected
Home Coffee Roaster
enables hands on control of
your coffee roasting via a
mobile app. Create roast profiles, save
your favorite settings or use quick start controls to
go from green beans to roasted coffee in no time.
The Behmor Connected Roaster uses patentpending smoke suppression to allow indoor
roasting. Roast up to 1 pound of green beans at a
time. The mobile app allows the user to download
roasting profiles by bean origin and recreate the
roast again and again. Chaff tray captures chaff
debris and is removable for easy cleaning. Craft
roasting meets countertop technology.
Bonne O
A beautiful, creative beverage
deserves an elegant bottle.
All ingredients are carbonated
and sealed in the bottle. You
can store your fully
carbonated, sealed beverage
in your refrigerator before
opening. Just like storebought sealed drinks without
the heavy lifting. Dishwasher
safe, BPA free, BPA Free
Search for companies
and new products
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IHa’s online
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housewaresconnect 365
Sweet Creations Alphabet
Cookie Cutter Set
Mini Juicer
This mini juicer
is so compact
it will
get the
most use in
your kitchen.
Made more
for cooking
than juicing,
the small
capacity is ideal for quick portions when a baking
recipe calls for lemon, lime or orange juice. With a
reversible reamer for large and small citrus fruits,
and measurements indicated inside, our Mini
Juicer is also handy for salad dressing.
Bert Tanimoto, 909.476.3884
Ingenio Colander
& Bowl Set
shaped for
and perfect
pouring, the
corner-pours are
elegantly simple
and surprisingly
functional. Mixing bowl
tilts for angled mixing. Constructed of a two-tone,
co-molded polypropylene with non-slip feet.
Dishwasher safe.
A complete alphabet cookie cutter set in its own
organizer so you’ll never lose a letter! Comes with
its own cleaning tool to take out leftover dough
and a foolproof recipe for a cookie that won’t
expand more than you want it to--get perfectly
formed letters and numbers to build your personal
Good Cook Air
Perfect Bakeware
features a
surface on
steel. The
ruffled ridges allow air to circulate under them,
promoting even baking over the entire surface and
consistent temperatures. Following up on the
popularity of our initial Air Perfect Cake Pans, our
new pans for 2015 aim to expand the line to meet
consumer needs.
Good Cook Smart Scoop
Our newly designed Smart Scoop features a more
hand-friendly handle, sculpted without hard
angles. The innovative design is remarkably
clever--squeeze the handle to close the
scoop and dig out your ice
cream. Then just release to
open the scoop; your ball of
ice cream just falls out!
Ingenio 5-Second
Chopper Plus
Ingenio Rocking Meat
This handy
machine quickly
and easily chops
vegetables, fruits,
nuts, plus a whole
lot more.
blades allow for
preparations such
as whipping,
purées, and
crushing ice.
Blade assembly is
easily removed
for safe
cleaning and is
A more
approach using a
rocking motion
for mess-free
Features traditional
textured and flat
mallet pads for pounding.
Weighted construction for optimum performance.
Dishwasher safe.
Ingenio Razor Peeler
This handy little gadget makes peeling a breeze,
with its super sharp razor-edge swivel blade. Also
features a stainless steel blade for removing eyes
from potatoes. Includes safety cover. Dishwasher
Brady Clifford, 909.476.3884
V Graters with
Taking their patented
Surface Glide Technology™
one step further, Cuisipro
introduces the V Grater
collection, which features a V
pattern design that drastically reduces
resistance, increases cutting area and
provides better control, so grating is
effortless and efficient. A carefully
weighted non-slip handle adds balance to
the touch and ensures safer operation. The V
Graters are precisely crafted instruments,
designed to enhance the grating experience. The
complete V Grater collection includes an UltraCourse Flat Grater (SRP $36), Starburst Flat
Grater (SRP $36), Dual Grater (SRP $28), Fine
Rasp (SRP $28), Course Rasp (SRP $28), and
Small Shaver Rasp (SRP $28).
Rebecca Andexler, 847.989.8172
Snap-Fit design that secures multiple molds
together for storage. SRP $10 for each set of four.
Concrete Collection
Cheese Maker
Yogurt cheese is a low-fat alternative to cream
cheese, mayonnaise, sour cream and whipping
cream. It’s healthier than cream cheese - perfect
for spreads, dips and icing. Cuisipro’s Yogurt
Cheese Maker converts yogurt into yogurt cheese
into just a few hours. Unit consists of BPA-free
plastic container and stainless steel fine-mesh
strainer. Sealed container prevents odor transfer
and provides storage. Available in red or green.
SRP $20.
Mini Pop Molds
Perfectly sized for little hands (and little tummies),
Cuisipro’s new Mini Pop
Molds will delight children of
all ages. A themed character
awaits discovery at the center
of each pop. Molds are
available in dinosaur,
safari and farm themes
and each set includes four
perfectly-sized pops. Molds
are constructed of BPA free
materials and feature patented
Mr. Clean All
Purpose Sponge
Dawn Luxe Gloves and
Gain Laundry Bag
Dawn Luxe Gloves are
an excellent alternative
for consumers who are
allergic to natural
rubber latex, these new
premium dishwashing
gloves are made from a
proprietary latex-free
blend. The gloves’ soft,
plush lining is infused
with a moisturizer that
softens hands while
being worn without
feeling greasy.
Additionally, an
embossed palm grip provides a more secure feel.
$3.99 retail, and currently available. Dawn is
licensed by Butler Home Products. The handy
Gain Laundry Bag comes with a drawstring
closure and a convenient shoulder strap for easy
carrying. $12.99 retail and currently available.
Gain is licensed by Butler Home Products.
Dan Kulp, 973.994.5167
Mr. Clean All Purpose sponges are made of
absorbent natural cellulose with nylon scrubber
pads—larger format sponges are designed to clean
big dirty spaces, like bathtubs or showers, inside
the oven, or on top of the fridge. Use these bigger,
bolder sponges to get the job done faster.
Currently available. Mr. Clean is licensed by
Butler Home Products.
Combining the strength of concrete with the
beauty of
olive wood,
will be a
addition to
The intense
variation in characteristics of the olive wood lid
are a stark contrast to the industrial white concrete
base. Each piece is carefully hand crafted to meet
Berard’s high standard of quality and the lid is
coated to ensure it never loses its natural lustre.
These are not just kitchen accessories, they are
works of art. Salt Keeper (SRP
$50), Concrete Salt/Pepper Mill
Short (SRP $60), Concrete
Salt/Pepper Mill Tall (SRP
Evercare Pet Extra
Sticky 100 Layer
Lint Roller
With pet ownership increasingly on
the rise, the need for pet hair
cleaning solutions is greater than
ever. This new Evercare lint roller
is specifically designed to clean
soft surfaces like clothing, furniture
and car interiors. $4.99 retail,
available now. The Evercare lint
roller, garment care and cleaning
tool business is part of the Butler
Home Products family.
Clorox Platinum Extending
Plunger and Caddy
Clorox’s sleek new Platinum Extending
Plunger and Caddy has an extendable
handle that collapses for easy under-thesink storage, and the plunger itself nests
inside an attractive caddy for consumers
who wish to leave it out in the open.
The product also features an
antimicrobial plunger head and a
splash guard. $17.99 retail and
currently available. Clorox is
licensed by Butler Home
visit IHA
online at
Candle Warmers
Etc. Warmers
Candle Warmer Lamps
and Lanterns, Wax Melt
Candle Warmers Etc. is the original candle
warmer company and market innovator.
They have also ranked on the Inc. 5000
fastest growing companies in the U.S. seven
out of the past eight years and continue to
thrive. Candle Warmers, Etc. develops,
manufactures and distributes patented candle
warming appliances and other related
giftware appliances and accessories to accent
and fragrance the home. Candle Warmers
Etc. also domestically manufactures and
distributes candles under the "City Creek
Candles" brand of hand-poured, scented
candles bringing both candles and wax melt
options to discerning customers.
Chris Barnes, 801.771.8650
Our uniquely designed lamps and lanterns
use our top down melting approach, which
releases more fragrance than any other
method. This method is safer than lighting a
candle and also extends the burn life of your
candle. Enjoy the fragrance of your candles
without the dangers of an open flame with
our diverse styles for any room in your home
or office.
City Creek
City Creek Candles
products are
designed to pair
with Candle
Warmers Etc.
warming products
or burn
on their
own. Our candles and wax
products are made with the finest
fragrance, wax and wicks and
are made in the USA.
Make healthier, homemade microwave popcorn for
yourself or for the whole family in just minutes.
Constructed completely from high-heat resistant
silicone, the fun design of this reusable maker unfolds as
kernels pop. Makes 10 cups of popcorn.
Small but mighty,
this handy tool
strips leaves
from stems in
seconds and
works on
everything from kale to
thyme. Helping you eat
healthier, make food tastier and
saving you time.
Sarah Heitman, 206.753.7916
Carina Home Espresso Capsule
Machine by Caffe Cagliari
to North
America the
Capsules by Caffe Cagliari. Very sleek and compact to
save on counter space compared to bulky traditional
espresso machines. Options include 3 sizes of espresso
from Ristretto, Espresso and Americano. Milk Frother
can produce frothed milk for cappuccinos or steamed
milk for Lattes. Also a function to froth the milk cold
for a refreshing Iced espresso beverage. Multiple
colours to choose, from Ferrari Red to Black and
White. The Espresso iLove Capsules Roasted by Caffe
Cagliari come with five distinct Aromas.
Dino Falvo, 403.612.0762
Rinse, store and serve fresh berries with
these cute containers that double as
colanders. Bring home
the bounty; these
stackable baskets are
great for other farmfresh produce too.
To decorate party cakes like a pro, the
Cakewalk Cake Decorating Kit has
everything you need. The kit includes
16 standard decorating tips, flower
nail, small coupler and 2 pastry bags.
Use your own cake platter on top of
the smooth, rolling
platform. The best
part, everything snaps
in place and stores
together so you'll never
lose decorating tips
Chefman Barista
Featuring proprietary
instant heating
technology, this
single-serve coffee
maker allows you to
start and brew in
just 6 seconds.
design makes a
brewed 8- or 10oz. cup of coffee
using coffee
grounds or most single serve K-Cup packs
Chefman Precision Cordless
Electric Kettle
Slow Cooker With
Die-Cast Insert
The Chefman
Cordless Precision
Electric Kettle allows
tea lovers to call all
the shots! Precision
temperature control
ensures each variety
of tea can steep at
the proper
temperature, or
remove the
stainless tea
infuser and use
as a traditional
electric kettle to
boil water quicker than microwave or stovetop
methods. Other features include automatic shut
off, boil dry protection and a 360° swivel base that
allows the kettle to be removed from the base for
easy pouring right or left handed.
Slow cook meats and stews to perfection. Sear,
sauté and brown on the stove-top and finish slow
without losing any depth of flavor or nutrients.
Low setting for gentle, uniform heat to deepen
rich flavors. High settings for better cuts of meats
and dishes featuring vegetables and grains like
soups or stews. The keep warm setting is great for
preparing meals when on the go. Acool touch
handle lets you easily move from stove to cooker.
Ralph Newhouse, 845.233.2435
Joyce Chen Authentic
Japanese Cutlery
Offering the best in traditional Japanese design
and quality, the authentic Joyce Chen “Houcho”
series knives are manufactured in accordance with
ancient Japanese traditions. Seven hundred years
of fine craftsmanship and development lies behind
the sharpness and function. The unique skill of
heat treatment, grinding and edging gives the
stainless steel blades their razor sharpness.
Featuring high-carbon precision ground stainless
steel blade and traditional hardwood handles, this
fine cutlery brings authentic Eastern tradition to
the Western kitchen.
The preferred knife for fast and efficient food
preparation. Ideal for slicing and dicing
Long, slender and razor sharp.
This knife makes paper thin
fillets and handles raw fish
and vegetables with
precision and performance.
The traditional boning and chopping knife.
Perfectly suited for meats, poultry and fish.
Fred Cecala, 847.307.8610
Show information and free online pre-registration
March 7 - 10 • Chicago, USA
CPAPMax Pillow
The Kabooti
foam seat
combines the
best features
and benefits of
a ring-shaped
donut cushion,
coccyx cushion
and a
seating wedge. The ergonomic design provides
relief for a variety of conditions including
hemorrhoids and surgery recovery. Additionally,
the tapered front edge reduces pressure points
underneath thighs and easily accommodates table,
desk and driving positions.
Flip Pillow
Position yourself for comfort and a great night’s
sleep! Our Contour Flip Pillow incorporates a
unique “flip” design to accommodate your every
positioning need. Use it as a bed wedge pillow, a
bed pillow, knee and leg wedge, back support or
extra body support anywhere!
Inflatable BackMax
The Inflatable BackMax is a multi-functional support system that allows
you to use all 3 wedges as one or as separate cushions for targeted support.
Use the cushions together for full body support, or separately as a
backrest, knee wedge or foot support. Each cushion inflates to your own
custom level of
support with the
included air pump
and deflates just as
easily. Once
deflated, each
cushion is compact
and the perfect size
for travel.
Breana Jones, 704.944.2816
Lima 3D
Wood-Be Collection
Launching at the
Home +
Show, this
brand new
collection is the
trendiest cookware
available today! In
three stunning neutral
colors, cream, grey and black, each range has
alternating two-tone bakelite handles. Each piece
is coated with GreenPan’s Thermolon Marathon
healthy ceramic non-stick coating. Thermolon is
PFOA, Lead and Cadmium free, extremely scratch
resistant and stick resistant and requires less fats
and oils to cook. Clean up is easy with a damp
cloth and soap. Available in multiple sizes.
pillow from
helps with
sleep disorder
therapy and
makes staying
easier. By
superior mask accommodation and support, it
improves mask fit and minimizes air leaks. Eye
irritation and dry mouth are decreased, enhancing
comfort and sleep.
Classy meets convenience with the GreenPan
Paris collection. This high-end, durable line
features hard anodized bodies for maximum heat
conductivity and stability with dishwasher safe
capabilities. Each body is coated with our
dishwasher safe matte coating, allowing clean up
to be even easier. Don’t have a dishwasher? No
problem! Each piece is coated with Thermolon
Marathon healthy ceramic non-stick coating.
Thermolon is PFOA, Lead and Cadmium free,
extremely scratch resistant and stick resistant and
requires less fats and oils to cook. Clean up is easy
with a damp cloth and soap. Stainless steel
handles allow for oven and broiler capabilities.
Join our revolution with our unique collection of
3D cookware, fashioned for particular food
categories. Included in our innovative designs is a
flat surface for protein rich foods like eggs, a
dimpled surface for fish and veggies and a raised
ribbed surface for meat and poultry. This
collection features hard-anodized bodies with our
dishwasher safe exterior coating and Thermolon
Marathon healthy ceramic non-stick interior in
both signature grey and cream. Stainless steel
handles allow for oven and broiler use while also
reminding you which food category the pan is for.
Available in open stock and sets.
Jessica Fucale, 914.372.6086
Add a pop of color to your kitchen! The GreenPan Focus range is
available in Black, Burgundy or Turquoise with cream Thermolon
healthy ceramic non-stick interior. Thermolon is PFOA, Lead and
Cadmium free, extremely scratch resistant and stick resistant and
requires less fats and oils to cook. Clean up is easy with a damp
cloth and soap. Stay cool bakelite handles in matching colors
allow for maximum cooking comfort. This line is available in
open stock fry pans and 2-piece fry pan sets, and is expanding to
include a 10-piece set.
VinOice by Cork Pops
The VinOice is
one of the fastest
and easiest ways
to serve and pour
chilled wine
because it
eliminates the
need for an ice
bucket, aerator
and non-drip
pourer by
combining each
of these features
into an all-in-one
device. A rod
containing a
freezable food
safe gel is encased in stainless steel and comes
with a sleek drip-free pour spout with a gravity lid.
Simply chill it in the freezer and then insert it into
the neck of the wine bottle. Perfect for keeping
wine chilled at a party, on the patio or at any
outdoor event. MSRP $28
Kristyn Moll, 512.777.8602
Legacy Wine
Opener by
Cork Pops
The Legacy wine opener
from Cork Pops uses a
low pressure air cartridge
to easily remove the cork
from any bottle of wine.
The fun “pop” when the
cork is removed livens up
any occasion. The new
design also incorporates a
foil cutter making it a
handy 2-in-1 essential
accessory. MSRP $28.
Mini Travel Humidifier
Crane introduces a new Mini Travel
Humidifier that runs up to 8 hours.
Includes a USB cable for
international travel, an A/C adapter, a
carry case, two extra wicks and a
tumbler. Perfect for office and travel.
Katie Sotor, 847.290.7401 ext 221
Cold press juicers just got better
with Juicepresso®, a sleeker,
easier-to-clean machine with a
patented one-piece extraction
system that reduces moving parts,
goes in the dishwasher and makes
juicing easier than ever. Offers all
the benefits of cold press juicing –
including 40% more juice volume,
72-hour juice life and bigger
nutritional punch than centrifugal
juicers – along with the smallest
footprint and lowest maintenance
of any in-home slow juicer on the
market. The extractor system
merges the auger, strainer and
rotating brush components into
a single, BPA-free unit. To clean,
pull the screw-like assembly
from the drum, rinse and put in
the dishwasher.
Stephanie Jimenez, 224.875.2311
www.ih ainsp ired h ome. org
Dexas Snack-DuO
The Snack-DuO is the only
hydration bottle on the
market with two side-by-side
chambers—one for
transporting your favorite
beverage and the other for
holding your favorite healthy
snack. The watertight
beverage chamber has a cap
top and holds 12 oz. of liquid
while the snack chamber has
a wide snap lid and holds 1.5
cups. It’s absolutely the most
convenient way to take along
your favorite drink and a
snack from home, and it’s
ideal for commuting, working out or just working
at your desk! BPA-free and dishwasher safe.
Retail $12.99.
Dexas Pasta &
Pastry Prep Set
Have you ever marveled
at the latticework that
adorns the top of
freshly baked fruit
pies? Have you
enjoyed the
freshness and
flavor of
pasta? The
Pasta & Pastry
Prep Set from Dexas delivers
remarkable results thanks to its ergonomic handle
that fits in the palm of your hand. The set contains
3 interchangeable cutting and crimping wheels: a
pasta noodle and flatbread blade, a crimper and
cutter wheel for closing the sides of ravioli and the
classic fluted wheel for cutting dough in a lattice
pattern for pies, cookies or crackers. Retail
Kitchen Work Board
Sometimes a home chef just needs a durable, allpurpose food prep surface that can be used
anywhere, even when there’s no more counter
space! Dexas’ Kitchen Work Board is the ideal
shape and size, with a drop-down edge that grips
the edge of the counter with non-slip feet. It can
even span the sink to create an ideal produce prep
area for rinsing and cutting. It’s also reversible, as
the other side features an indented cutting surface
so no juices or seeds can escape onto the counter.
100% virgin poly, BPA-free, dishwasher-safe and
will never harm your go-to cutlery.
Jeff Logan, 469.635.8109
Zyliss EasyPull
The ‘Everyday Hero,’ aka mom, is always fighting
against the clock to prepare fresh and delicious
food, fast. Averaging just 50 minutes for cooking
and eating each day, she needs a sidekick to prep
more ingredients in less time. Introducing the
Zyliss EasyPull manual food processer. Using the
latest technology, the EasyPull can chop small and
large food quantities with just a pull of a chord.
Chop carrots for a hearty soup, small shallots for a
healthy vinaigrette or combine tomatoes, onions,
cilantro and jalapeños together for a speedy salsa.
Vary the number of pulls of the chord for coarse,
medium or fine results.
Sean McNeil, 949.296.3430
Zyliss Burger Press
Grilling season is coming.
Customize a better burger
with the innovative
Zyliss Burger Press.
Cooks looking for a
burger can
now shape
their perfect
patties with
ease and
precision. Create your own patty recipe or make
one of the five chef-inspired recipes in the box.
Place the balled ingredients into the tool and press
the lid down to shape your perfect patty. The
Zyliss Burger Press comes with an adjustable lid
for ¼ lb or ½ lb patties and a removable insert for
easy, less mess handling. The right tool for a
perfect grilling season. That’s HappyCooking.
That’s Zyliss.
Oldbury White Salt and
Pepper Mills
Cole & Mason White
Oldbury Salt & Pepper
mills are the perfect
addition to the modern
kitchen. Equipped with
Precision grind
mechanisms constructed
of the highest materials
and a brilliant white
gloss and stainless steel
finish, all Cole & Mason
Precision mills are
designed to release more
flavor with a two-stage grinding process. The
pepper is first cracked to release a burst of aromas,
then shredded, layer by layer, unveiling an extra
depth of flavors. Inside the pepper mill is a
machine-cut, hardened carbon steel, while the salt
mechanism is constructed with a diamond-cut
ceramic for a perfect grind.
The Grillbot
Fagor Induction Pro
Fagor LUX Multi-Cooker
The NEW Fagor Induction PRO is a
versatile, sleek & portable induction
cooktop that is safe and easy to use. What
sets the Induction PRO apart from the rest
are the 8 user-friendly, quick launch
buttons that take the guesswork out of
cooking. Not only does this unit use 90%
of energy produced while providing
precise and instant heat, but it also cooks
up to 50% faster than gas and electric
which saves energy, time and money.
The Fagor LUX Multi-Cooker is a pressure
cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker and
yogurt maker all in one unit. It can be used
to steam, simmer, brown, sauté, cook white
rice, brown rice, risotto, yogurt, pressure
cook and slow cook foods to perfection.
With its new modern panel design, this
unit adds a touch of elegance to your
cooking space. The user-friendly electronic
controls are simple and straightforward,
allowing you to set recipe times with ease.
Plus, the convenient TIME DELAY and
KEEP WARM settings provide you with
cooking flexibility that meets your busy
Amaryllis Muniz, 201.804.3900
Frieling Black Cube™
Stainless Nonstick Fry Pan
& Wok
Imagine nonstick
cookware that is
safe for use with
metal utensils.
Frieling Black
Cube™ Stainless
Nonstick, a new
fry pan, brings
this idea to life
with an exclusive
textured surface
that combines
stainless steel with a premium nonstick coating. It
features a raised stainless steel pattern over a
recessed layer of PFOA-free nonstick coating.
This creates the perfect combination for frying and
sautéing: a high-end stainless steel pan that rivals
the best cookware available on the market, plus
the benefits of nonstick, without the compromises.
Works on all cooktops, including induction.
Starting at $59.95.
Kristyn Fuller, 713.869.1856
With the push of a button, the automated Grillbot
completely cleans all grill types. The high-powered motors,
rugged wire brushes and most notably, smart “brain” IC
chips, allow for a professional clean in as little as 10
minutes--eliminating baked-on grease and grime. These
automatic hands-free robots stand on the frontline of the
robotic revolution, taking over one of the world’s most
mundane tasks–cleaning the grill. Simply place the Grillbot
on your grill. Press a button and you’re done.
Shawn Dickerson, 646.765.7764
Zilo Smellkiller
Frieling Black French Press
The Zilo Smellkiller Room
Diffuser Sticks and the Zilo
Smellkiller Refrigerator Egg
meet consumer demand for
products that are easy, ecofriendly and economical.
Made in Germany using
proprietary technology, they
eliminate odors naturally,
without using chemicals,
sprays or electric current. A
special high-grade stainless
steel alloy with countless
small grooves literally pulls
odors out of the air and neutralizes them; all it
needs is exposure to air and oxygen. The Room
Diffuser Sticks can be kept in a vase, by
themselves or in a flower arrangement. The
Refrigerator Egg eliminates the need for baking
soda or other chemicals to freshen the refrigerator.
Starting at $24.95.
Frieling’s first Black
French Press has a new
two-stage filtering
process, combining a
coarse screen with a
patented super-fine
mesh stainless steel
screen that removes
coffee sediment so it
doesn’t end up in your
cup. The elegant black
finish is created with a
PFD coating process
that embeds the color
into the18/10 stainless
steel so the finish will
never wear off. UV coating makes it fingerprint
resistant. Frieling’s design features double-wall
insulation to retain heat up to four times longer
than a glass press. BPA free. Dishwasher safe,
with no plunger disassembly needed. 23 fl. oz.
$99.95. Spring 2015.
visit IHA online at
Lisa Kirschner, 888.932.0004
Hamilton Beach® FlexBrew®
Programmable Single-Serve Coffeemaker
with Removable Water Reservoir
Enjoy the flexibility of using your favorite
ground coffee or a single-serve pack, such as a
K-Cup® pack*. The 40-oz. removable
reservoir lets you make 8-oz., 10-oz. or 14-oz.
cups of coffee without needing to refill between
brew cycles. Enjoy your coffee at home or
remove the cup rest and brew a 14-oz. travel
mug to go. It’s even programmable, allowing
you wake up to a fresh cup. *K-Cup® pack is a
registered trademark of Keurig Green
Mountain, Inc.
Hamilton Beach®
Quick Assembly Outdoor Grill
With the Quick Assembly Outdoor Grill,
setup is a snap because the grill is partially
assembled inside the package. Just roll the
grill out of the box and unfold it. With only
a Phillips screwdriver to attach the side
shelves, you’ll be ready to grill your
favorite steaks, burgers, chicken, fish or
chops in about 10 minutes. Features
include a large, porcelain-coated cooking
area with four main burners plus a
secondary side burner, 61,000 BTU, and
push/turn electronic ignition system.
Hamilton Beach®
Go Sport Blender
Blend a smoothie or protein shake and
head out to work, the gym, or wherever
your active lifestyle takes you. The
20-oz. blender jar is also an insulated,
BPA-free sport travel bottle - just put
the lid on and go.
Grund Premium Bath Mats
Grund® America LLC, designs and manufactures Europe’s highest quality
bath mats and accessories. Founded by the Grund family in 1990, Grund®
products are shipped to over 40 different countries. Made out of the best
fibers and raw material, Grund’s vertical operation in the Czech Republic
has received numerous awards, including top C.R. company in 2013, and
the highest consumer satisfaction with millions of customers. Grund’s
goal is to expand distribution into North America and eventually build a
production facility in the Southeastern part of the U.S. With over 25
million mats sold, Grund is the largest global manufacturer of bath mats.
Hamilton Beach®
Party Crock™ Cookset
The Party Crock™ Cookset is great for
parties, casual get-togethers or sit-down
dinners. Offered in blue, yellow or red,
the cast-iron dish is durable and looks
good for any occasion. The 1.5-qt
capacity is ideal for dips, appetizers or
sides. Prepare food in advance, keep the dish in the refrigerator and place
on the slow cooker base with three heat settings when it’s time to heat.
Cordless warming stand
lets you serve at the table.
JAMBA® Professional
Citrus Juicer
The Jamba Professional Citrus Juicer offers efficient juicing
with heavy-duty metal construction giving consumers a
great way to get their daily servings of fruit. A full-color
book with 20 recipes inspired by the power of citrus
includes juice blends, cocktails, salad dressings and desserts.
JAMBA® Professional
The Jamba Professional Blender offers powerful
blending and versatility in the kitchen with pulse
function, infinite speed dial for precise control, and
four program settings for walk-away convenience.
Make family-sized meals with the extra-large BPAfree 64-oz. container. A full-color recipe book with
over 150 delicious and healthy recipes inspired by
real foods is included. Each recipe offers fresh
ingredients, vibrant flavors, and easy blending steps.
Weston Brands Harvest
Guard™ Vacuum Sealer
Perfect for avid gardeners, hunters, bulk
shoppers, and home harvesters, the Harvest
Guard™ Vacuum Sealer lets you keep your
foods fresher, longer. Fits up to 11” wide
bags and has a separate accessory port
function for using vacuum canisters.
Weston Brands Fruit &
Tomato Press
Mary Beth Brault, 804.418.8868
A compact alternative to a full-size
food strainer, use the Fruit & Tomato
Press to turn garden-fresh tomatoes into
delicious homemade sauce. Process two
pounds of fruit per minute. The suction cup base
secures it to the counter or table top. An innovative
auger helps prevent jamming and leaking.
iCOOLer Lunch & Beverage
Cooler bag
No ice. No mess.
iCOOLer products are
made from highly
durable and ecofriendly
material that
has an
cooling system; a
patented design that
has permanent non-toxic
freezable gel-packs built into all six sides of the
lining. The iCOOLer line of products is a must for
reducing waste and promoting a healthy lifestyle.
To use iCooler, you can fold and place them in
your freezer overnight, in the morning pack them
with your favorite lunch, snacks or beverages.
Your food and drinks will stay cool and fresh for
up to 8 hours without the use of ice pack.
Wali Azamy, 949.870.2134
Cortland Water
Cortland Water Bottle is
passionately engineered to
offer convenience to those on
the go. This water bottle
features AUTOSEAL®
technology which means that it
knows when to close. Simply
press the button to drink and
release it to automatically seal.
This 100% spill-proof water
bottle also features a carry clip
for easy transport, a protective
spout cover to keep out dirt
and germs and an easy-clean
lid for thorough cleaning. The AUTOSEAL®
Cortland water bottle was designed to have all the
must-have features to stay properly hydrated while
on-the-go and it’s top-rack dishwasher safe for
easy cleaning.
Jackie A. Zureich, 312.565.4639
Beer Bottle iCOOLer
iCOOLer Can Cooler
Beer Bottle iCOOLer is made from a
highly durable and eco-friendly
material that has an innovative
cooling system, a patented design
that has permanent non-toxic
freezable gel-packs built within
the lining, designed to keep your
beverages cold for a longer
duration. The cooling gel provides
an excellent level of insulation
against temperature change. Beer
Bottle iCOOLer keeps your hand
dry and comfortable while
enjoying your favorite beer. The Beer Bottle
iCOOLer serves as an excellent gift. Beer Bottle
iCOOLer is beautifully designed with a durable
yet stylish body, unique and bold enough to be
iCOOLer Can Cooler provides a better way to
keep beverages cool and fresh without the use of
ice. This thin, insulated beverage can iCOOLer
has built-in non-toxic
freezable gel packs
within the lining
designed to keep your
can beverages colder
longer. The freezable gel
provides an excellent
level of insulation
against temperature
change. Place a chilled
beverage can inside the
Can iCOOLer and the
cooling gel packs
prolong the cold and
extend the temperature for
a longer time.
Wine Bottle iCOOLer
Wine Bottle iCOOLer is built with non-toxic
freezable cooling gel packs within the
lining designed to keep your
wine, champagne, beer and
any other beverages colder
longer, and the freezable gel
provides an excellent level of
insulation against temperature
change. Wine Bottle
iCOOLer is designed with an
attractive shape that will
allow you and your drink to
make a great impression.
Contigo AUTOSEAL® West
Loop with Easy Clean Lid
and Tea Infuser
Gizmo Flip Kids’
Water Bottle
Tea enthusiasts rejoice!
Contigo’s new
removable tea infuser
fits into any
Loop mug for a
convenient on-the-go
brewing solution. It
comes with fine, etched
holes to ensure superior
brewing and guarantees
no tea leaves or dust
escape into the brew.
The infuser comes with
three detachable parts: the stainless steel basket
works for loose leaf and bag tea, the mug clip
securely snaps into any West Loop family lid and
the blue drip cup makes transporting easy once
steeping is complete. All parts are top-rack
dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. The best just
got better!
Contigo brings the fun to
“FUN”ctional! The new
Contigo AUTOSPOUT® Gizmo
Flip kids’ water bottle lets kids
watch the internal lid parts
move into the open position
with a press of the one-touch
button. The AUTOSPOUT lid,
with spill-proof valve system,
eliminates leaks and spills even
when spout is in the open position. Every last drop
can be drank with the angled straw. The spout
shield covers the silicone spout, keeping it clean
and protected when not in use. Plus, it’s easy to
clean and comes with a flexible carry handle with
soft grip that’s comfortable for kids use on-the-go.
Contigo AUTOSEAL® Gizmo
Sip Kids’ Water Bottle
No more kids’ spills and messes! The new Contigo AUTOSEAL®
Gizmo Sip kids’ water bottle automatically seals between sips,
making it 100% leak- and spill-proof. Also, it features a fun design
that lets kids watch the internal lid parts move with a press of the
one-touch button. The spout shield covers the silicone spout,
keeping it clean and protected when not in use. Plus, it’s easy to
clean and comes with a flexible carry handle with soft grip that’s
comfortable for kids’ use on-the-go.
Capresso CoffeeTEAM
PRO Therm
The 10-cup CoffeeTEAM
PRO Therm brings the
latest technological
advancements and design
elements to the
CoffeeTEAM line,
elevating the home coffee
experience with the flavor
and aroma of freshly
ground beans. This is the
first thermal bean-to-carafe
coffeemaker with a removable bean container,
removable burrs for easy cleaning of the conical
burr grinder, exclusive patent-pending dispenser
that improves the flow of ground coffee, and an
exclusive two-step grind and clean chamber that
automatically cleans the grinder after every cycle.
Kristyn Fuller, 713.869.1856
Ratchet Safety Lidlifter®
Go easy on your hands when you
open cans and pop
tabs with the
new Kuhn
Rikon Ratchet
Lidlifter®. The
LidLifter design, combined
with Kuhn Rikon’s patented
ergonomic ratchet mechanism, makes
opening cans clean, safe and fun. This new design
also incorporates a pop tab opener that slides
under the loop of a can tab to make it easy to pop
open. $20. May 2015. Sur La Table.
Capresso H2O Steel PLUS
The Capresso H2O Steel
PLUS is a premium
electric water kettle that
enhances the tea
experience with variable
control. It
features four
settings to
brew any type of
tea, plus an innovative
automatic warming function that keeps water hot
over time. Beautiful stainless steel housing makes
this 57-oz. kettle a focal point. Also ideal for
pour-over coffee. $69.99.
Capresso Mini Drip 5-Cup
Programmable Coffee Maker
The Capresso Mini Drip 5Cup is a compact
programmable coffee
maker that quickly brews
25 ounces into a glass
carafe equipped with an
ergonomic handle, brewthrough lid and
drip-free pouring
spout. This small,
stylish model comes
in black with stainless
steel accents. $39.99.
March 2015.
Mixer Splatter Guard
The new
Rikon is
to keep
bits in
the bowl during mixing. It will protect you and
keep your kitchen clean when preparing batters,
soups and more. This splatter guard is transparent
to let you see your ingredients while mixing. It is
perfectly sized for bowls up to 12” (30
centimeters) in diameter. With built-in ribs, it fits a
variety of bowl sizes snugly and securely. It also
fits most handheld and table mixers and
immersion blenders. $20. Sur La Table.
Epicurean Ratchet
Kristyn Fuller, 713.869.1856
Kuhn Rikon introduces the ultimate
spice grinder: the Epicurean Ratchet
Grinder in stainless steel. As efficient
as it is exquisite, it features an
ergonomic ratchet mechanism
and a high-performance ceramic
grinding stone that releases the
perfect amount of freshly
ground dried spices, salt or
pepper every time. Instead of
A9 One Touch
A9 One Touch, a smart
new automatic coffee
center with innovative
slide and touch
technology. Fun and
easy to use, it offers
intuitive operation via a
self-explanatory color
touch screen display.
Twelve specialty
options are available at
the touch of a button,
including, for the first
time ever, latte macchiato doppio and cappuccino
doppio, with maximum coffee flavor crowned
with fine, feather-like milk foam. $1,799. May
2015. Sur La Table.
visit IHA
online at
twisting and turning a spice mill, you simply push
the lever back and forth to release flavors fast. The
high-performance ratchet design requires less
effort and dexterity, making this grinder easier to
use for cooks with sensitive hands. $50. Sur La
Stainless Steel Standing
The new
Strainer from
Kuhn Rikon
features a
built-in stand
for hands-free
use, plus a
wide rim and
ergonomic handles that easily hook on bowls for
stability. This fine-mesh strainer is perfect for
straining fruits, vegetables and pasta, sifting dry
ingredients, blanching and more. Busy cooks will
appreciate its ability to strain baby foods or help
create silky smooth soups. It features a long,
ergonomic handle, with a loop for hanging and
easy storage. There is also a helper handle on the
opposite side of the strainer to add to its utility.
$40. February 2015. Amazon.com.
Lekue Popcorn Maker
The Dual Fuel Charcoal/Electric
Wherever Grill
Lekue Oatmeal Maker
Pop a healthy snack in less than three
minutes with this microwaveable popcorn
maker. Simply fill the silicone bowl with
up to 1/3-cup unpopped popcorn kernels,
cover with the lid and microwave for two
to three minutes (microwave power and
cooking times vary), or until kernels are no
longer popping. Mix in your favorite spice
blend or topping and enjoy! Container
collapses for space-saving storage.
Includes tasty recipes for curry, herb and
honey-nut popcorn. The Popcorn Maker
retails for $25. Backed by a 10-year
Pressed for time in the morning? Don’t
skip the most important meal of the dayyou can enjoy a delicious, healthful
breakfast in just a few minutes with this
speedy microwave cooker. Simply place
the ingredients in the cooker, cook
according to the included, easy-to-read
chart, let rest for a minute and enjoy.
Cooker cleans up easily in the dishwasher
and includes a booklet with tasty recipes
for Apple Pie Oatmeal, Banana Pudding
Oatmeal, Carrot Cake Oatmeal and more.
Real BBQ
grilling just
got easier!
you live,
wherever you
the Wherever
cooker for
here, there
This is not an
indoor cooking appliance. This is a versatile grill that
creates REAL BBQ flavor! Perfect for condos, apartments,
tailgating, picnics, beach outings and more. Easy
conversion from electric to charcoal.
Susan Jardina, 917.825.0466
Reo Standing
Basting Brush
The Reo Standing Basting
Brush captures drips and
improves storage. Use the
case of the brush as a
handle while basting
and then stand the
basting brush on
its case to keep the
bristles – and messy marinades – off countertops.
A built-in drip tray below the bristles helps keep
the handle clean. To store, pull the brush off the
case and place the bristles inside. Ventilation holes
on the bottom of the cover allow air to flow
through the case when the brush is being stored.
The Reo Standing Basting Brush has a suggested
retail price of $6.99.
Lisa Lochner, 516.740.6723
Bob Hebner, 423.620.7740
Reo Garlic Shredder
The Reo
offers a
approach to
preparing garlic for
your favorite recipes.
The textured blue top lets
you smash heads of garlic into
cloves and then smash again to remove the skins.
The shredding compartment lets you shear the
garlic into pieces with just a few twists. Slide the
compartment from the base to pull the shredded
garlic from the blades and into the clear garlic cup
base. Store unused cloves inside the shredder by
popping off the blue top and sealing them in for
next time. Once you’re done, all shredding parts
disassemble for cleaning. $9.99
Built NY Uptown Lunch Tote
Who knew lunch could look this good. Infused
with just the right amount of uptown chic, the
Built NY Uptown Lunch Tote looks as good as it
performs. Offering a fresh take on the popular
“speedy” silhouette and made from Built’s
signature neoprene, this fashionable lunch tote
insulates for up to four hours, is ultra durable
and stretches to fit your daily essentials.
An interior pocket helps keep small items
organized. You'll feel so posh carrying this
bag you will want to strut your lunch
where ever you go - work, school, road
trips, the park, beach and more! $29.99
Built NY Lunchpack Union
Square Backpack
Perfect for taking gourmet on the go, the Built NY
LunchpackTM Union Square Backpack features a
detachable insulating lunch tote, making it a great
option for carrying daily essentials and your lunch
in one sleek bag. The detachable lunch
compartment offers a heavy-duty
insulating lining to keep lunch
hot or cold for hours, and it
zips off the backpack, making
it easy to store your meal in
the fridge. The backpack
features air mesh straps for
carrying comfort and includes
a padded compartment for
electronic devices. The
external neoprene side
pocket can hold a water
bottle or umbrella. $49.99
Nordic Ware Cast Aluminum
Slim Griddle and Grill
Nordic Ware’s latest innovation in cast aluminum
cookware brings unmatched performance. The
Nordic Ware Cast Aluminum “Slim Griddle” is
slim and lovely. The single burner griddle’s low
profile allows it to slip away into small storage
spaces and into the oven for broiling as well. It’s
twin, the Nordic Ware Cast Aluminum “Slim
Grill” boasts sleek grill lines and is elegant in both
form on the stovetop and in the oven. Both feature
a premium non-stick coating for easy cleanup.
The aluminum creates optimal cooking results for
consistent and even heating. Made in the U.S.A.
Dana Norsten, 952.924.8601
Nordic Ware Waffle
Dipper Pan
Nordic Ware Cast Aluminum
Bundt Bakeware
The Nordic
Ware “Waffle
Dipper Pan”
is made of
cast aluminum for
excellent heat
conductivity and exquisite
detail. It features a new shape in waffles to
make breakfast extra fun. Serve as a finger
food to dunk in syrup and enjoy! Also features a
premium non-stick coating for easy release and
easy clean-up. Made in the U.S.A.
Nordic Ware Natural
Aluminum “Prizm” Bakeware
Professional pastry chefs and
bakeries bake on
sheets for
perfect results.
Nordic Ware’s
commercial quality
Naturals Bakeware
collection is made of
pure aluminum, so it will never rust and is
reinforced with a galvanized steel rim for
quality which prevents warping. The new
“Prizm” design features an exquisite, upscale
look to this premium line of bakeware. Made
in the U.S.A.
Oliso Smart Hub
Le Petit Chef Set
The Smart Hub
everything one
needs to create
entrees or side
dishes of
quality, whether
in a professional
kitchen or at
home. Kitted
and available at
independent retailers in the USA at $499, the Smart
Hub system includes a compact vacuum sealer with
reseal-able bags, and a digitally controlled induction
cooktop base that communicates temperature
electronically to a double-walled insulated waterbath
Smart Top for meal perfection. Stylishly designed
with contemporary forms and materials, the product is
as beautiful as it is practical in a gourmet kitchen.
This is sous vide cooking reinvented by Oliso.
Debbie Povia, 415.613.7421
Nordic Ware’s signature bakeare features
handsome shapes for all seasons. Heavy cast
aluminum ensures uniform baking and browning
to enhance our unique and beautiful designs. New
to the Bundt Collection this year are: Bundt
Squared, Cinnamon Pull Apart Pan, Chiffon
Bundt, Stained Glass Bundt, Vaulted Cathedral
Bundt and Cookie Shots, among other seasonal
pieces. Features a premium non-stick interior for
easy release and easy clean-up. Made in the
Bon Appetit Table Knives
Le Petit chef’s
collection is handy
to teach children
how to cook safely.
It contains a petit
chef knife, a petit
chef peeler and a
finger guard. The
utensils have
stainless steel blades
and beechwood
Essentials set
The simple, versatile and
efficient Essentials small knives
make everyday cooking much
easier. The set contains a
paring knife, a serrated
knife, a vegetable knife
and a peeler.
Frederic Camboulives, 860.245.2211
With high quality cutting and colours for
every style and every occasion, the Bon
Appetit collection will brighten your table.
The handles are manufactured in tinted and
varnished hornbeam or olivewood. Blades
are modified Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel.
N°08 Folding Knife +
Sheath Gift Set
The classic design N°08 folding
knife is available in a gift box set
including a sheath. Has a stainless
steel blade and beechwood handle.
The Big Pitcher
PackIt Uptown
Freezable Lunch Bag
The Big Pitcher is a
small electric
appliance that
oxygenates your
drinking water. In
operation, it produces
a zen-like effect, as
the fine bubbles rise
slowly through the
water column,
releasing the lifegiving element,
oxygen. It is made in
the USA, is BPA-free
and infuses water
with oxygen in minutes. Why oxygen? Hypoxia is a
common occurrence in which the cell has inadequate
oxygen to meet its energy needs. Drinking oxygen-rich
water studies have shown helps alleviate hypoxia.
Oxygen-rich water tastes the way water was meant to
taste -- refreshing and smooth, almost addictive.
Teri Mathis, 713.446.5337
Aladdin Classic Mason
Salad Jar 34-oz.
Pretty as glass, without the
worry you'll break it.
Introducing the newest
member of our successful
Mason collection—the
Classic Mason Salad Jar.
With all the charm of the
iconic Mason jar, ours is
made with durable, stainresistant Eastman Tritan®,
meaning it won’t break when you take it to go (i.e.
toss/drop/generally abuse it). Includes a built-in
dressing container to keep dressing separate for a
crisp salad. Leak-proof, dishwasher safe and BPA
Free. Available Spring 2015.
PackIt CarryAll
Freezable Lunch Bag
Finally, an ultra-chic option for people
who want healthy food on the go! This
fashionable messenger-style bag has a
wide base so you can take larger food
containers from yoga to work and never
miss a beat. Much more than a stylish
lunch tote, it has cooling power built-in so
there’s no need for bulky ice packs that
waste space. This large lunch bag also has
plenty of room for utensils and personal
items in its zip pocket and storage pouch.
the good looks of a shoulder
bag and the cooling power of a PackIt, this
fashionable lunch bag lets you chill a big
salad or hearty meal on the go and look
super-stylish doing it. Unlike other
insulated bags that require ice packs, the
cooling is built into this stylish lunch tote,
leaving room for extra-large food
containers. It even has a storage pouch for
utensils and personal items.
Kim Miller, 617.610.0583
Aladdin Recycled &
Recyclable Mug 16-oz.
Recycled never looked so good.
Our updated Recycled &
Recyclable Mug is the perfect
mashup of sustainability and
fool proof functionality. We’ve
added our new intuitive leakproof flip lid—flip back to sip,
flip forward to seal (it’s really
that simple). Double-wall
insulated and car-cup friendly,
it’s the perfect on-the-go mug.
And it is made of eCycle®,
Aladdin’s proprietary blend of
recycled plastic that is also
recyclable (although we don’t
think you'll ever want to!).
Microwave safe, dishwasher safe and BPA free.
Available Spring 2015.
Aladdin Insulated Milk Bottle
Tumbler 20-oz.
The new shape of nostalgia.
Introducing the Insulated Milk
Bottle Tumbler, which combines
an iconic silhouette with
modern functionality. Doublewall insulated to keep drinks
hot or cold, this tumbler also
features a smoothie-sized
straw and no-sweat exterior.
The two-way lid makes it easy
to sip and to add ice or clean.
Dishwasher safe and BPA free.
Available Spring 2015.
Aladdin 3-Piece
Chip & Dip Set
Alycia Cavadi, 617.875.5553
Nothing says party like a
chip & dip. Designed with
mobility in mind, this set
includes a chip bowl +
nesting dip bowl with lid
that are perfect for parties
and everyday entertaining.
We also made them durable and lightweight so they can be used indoor
or outdoor—your patio is calling and it wants some chip & dip!
Microwave safe, dishwasher safe and BPA free. Available Spring 2015.
PL8® Salad Spinner
The smart design of
our PL8® Salad
Spinner makes
it simple to use
and store. With a
few gentle
presses, the spinner
washes and dries
fresh greens and
herbs for healthy
salads. The
integrated spout
makes it fast and easy to
pour away water. The lid features a smart brake
mechanism to quickly stop the spinning motion.
To store, simply twist and lock the salad spinner
neatly into place.
Prep Solutions® 2-Way
Grate ‘n Measure
Prepworks® Sugar
Grate cheese,
and more
as a
grater or
horizontally on the
counter. The 2-Way Grate ‘n Measure features fine
and medium grating surfaces and a removable
container that measures up to 2 cups (480 ml). The
2-way grating surface allows you to grate twice as
fast than with standard graters. The measuring
container reverses for each grating surface and
features a convenient top-read arrow to indicate
the open side. Simply press the top to eject the
measuring container. Non-skid strips keep the
grater from slipping during horizontal use.
A member of the allnew ProKeeper™
family, the Sugar
ProKeeper™ features
a silicone seal for
airtight storage. The
handy flip-to-pour
spout and contoured
body make for easy
one-handed use. The
clear body features
measurement marks
to see the amount of
sugar remaining. This
unique keeper easily
holds a standard four pound bag of sugar. The
newly designed lid flips back to easily fit in the
Prepworks® Powdered Sugar
A member of the all-new ProKeeper family, the Powdered
Sugar ProKeeper™ includes a custom dusting spoon and
leveler that both snap inside the lid for compact storage.
The silicone seal creates an airtight lid so contents always
stay fresh. Use the measurement markings to quickly see
how much powdered sugar is remaining. The Powdered
Sugar ProKeeper easily holds one pound of powdered
sugar. As with all ProKeepers™, the hinged lid flips back
to easily fit in the dishwasher.
Alyssa Henke, 253.850.6111
DUKE - Car Scent Diffuser
Scent your car with
Natural Essential Oil
in this very stylish
Car Diffuser
available in white or
black now with a
90-degree angle
option. Drop
Essential Oil on the
ceramic tablet. The
tablet heats up,
increasing the
diffusion. Plug in to
regular cigarette
lighter. Tablets are
replaceable. MSRP $24.95
Michael Jeansson, 609.980.1214
OVAL - Electric Wax Warmer
Electric Wax Warmers
- safe, easy and no
cleaning. This new
user-friendly system
will not spill, requires
no cleaning, no flame
and you can change
the scent in seconds.
Use Serene House
unique Wax Pods
available in 12 scents.
Oval is a new contemporary design with light for
ambiance. The new revolution in Wax Warmers.
Available in 4 colors. MSRP $34.95
Comete - Reed Diffuser
This Reed Diffuser in porcelain is available
in 6 different colors offering 6 different
sophisticated European fragrances. The
Serene House is unique with a mix and
match of colors and scent. The new unique
Reeds come in 6 colors. All parts available to
mix and match.
DOME - Electric Wax
Electric Wax
Warmers - safe,
easy and no
cleaning. This
new userfriendly system
will not spill,
requires no
cleaning, no flame
and you change the
scent in seconds. Uses
Serene House unique Wax Pods available in 12
scents. Oval is a new contemporary design with
light for ambiance. The new revolution in Wax
Warmers. Available in 4 colors. MSRP $24.95
w ww.i h ai nsp ired h ome. org
45L rectangular step can
Our rectangular step
can features a builtin ‘liner pocket’
that stores and
dispenses liners from
inside the can. Its
stainless steel liner
rim flips up for a
quick bag change,
then closes to grip the
liner and keep it
hidden. The strong,
wide, steel pedal is
designed to last, and
our patented lid shox
technology ensures a
smooth, silent close every time.
6.5" sensor mirror
Our sensor mirror lights up
automatically as your face
approaches. Its tru-lux light
system simulates natural
sunlight, allowing you to see
full color variation, so you’ll
know when your makeup is colorcorrect and flawless. And unlike
traditional bulbs, our long-lasting
LEDs won’t burn out or diminish
even after many years. We
designed it to be cordless, so
there are no messy cords cluttering
up your counterspace. It easily recharges with the
included USB cord and adapter, and one charge
lasts up to 5 weeks.
2,100 exhibitors from
over 40 countries
60,000 professional attendees
from over 125 countries
find innovative new products
and the inspiration, ideas and
tools to grow your business
March 7 - 10
Chicago, USA
Mia Fields, 310.436.2306
Show information and
free online pre-registration
TSF01 - SMEG ‘50s-Style
Two-Slice Toaster
SMEG small domestic
appliances, realized in
collaboration with
Italian architects
Matteo Bazzicalupo
and Raffaella
Mangiarotti from
deepdesign, are tools
that ensure excellent
performance in all
stages of food
preparation and have powerful personalities to
match. This two-slice retro ‘50s-style toaster
comes in seven colors, and features a powdercoated steel body, a stainless steel ball lever knob
and a backlit chrome knob. Capable of toasting at
6 browning levels and in 3 pre-set programs, and
includes 2 extra-wide slots, self-centering racks, a
removable stainless steel crumb tray, anti-slip feet
and a built-in cord wrap. Sandwich rack and bun
warmer accessories are also available.
Lori Dolnick, 609.490.0999
KLF01 - SMEG ‘50s-Style
BLF01 - SMEG ‘50s-Style
SMEG small domestic
appliances, realized in
collaboration with
Italian architects
Matteo Bazzicalupo
and Raffaella
Mangiarotti from
deepdesign, are tools
that ensure excellent
performance in all
stages of food preparation, and have powerful
personalities to match. The KLF01 retro ‘50sstyle kettle comes in seven colors, and features a
stainless steel powder-coated body, a stainless
steel ball lever knob, a stainless steel spout and a
chrome handle. Capable of holding 7 cups of fluid,
and includes a soft-opening lid, a removable
stainless steel limescale filter, auto shut-off
functions, concealed heating elements, anti-slip
feet and a built-in cord wrap.
Curved and compact products, the star characters
of the kitchen, SMEG small domestic appliances,
realized in collaboration with Italian architects
Matteo Bazzicalupo and Raffaella Mangiarotti
from deepdesign, are tools that ensure excellent
performance in all stages of
food preparation, and have
powerful personalities to match.
The BLF01 retro ‘50s-style
blender comes in five colors, and
features a die-cast aluminum
powder-coated body and a backlit
control knob. Capable of 4
speeds and 3 pre-set programs,
and including a 1.5-liter Tritan
BPA-free jug, a transparent lid
with measuring cup,
detachable stainless steel dual
blades, a built-in cord wrap,
and anti-slip feet.
SMF01 - SMEG ‘50s-Style Stand Mixer
The SMF01 retro ‘50s-style stand mixer comes
in five colors, and features a die-cast aluminum
powder-coated body, a zinc-alloy powdercoated base with a stainless steel bowl lock and
a stainless steel ball lever knob. Capable of
planetary action in 10 variable speeds with a
smooth start function, and including a direct
drive motor, safety lock, ergonomic handles
and anti-slip feet. Comes with a steel wire
whisk, an aluminum flat beater, an aluminum
dough hook, a pouring shield,
and a 5-qt stainless steel bowl.
Pasta roller and cutter sets,
spaghetti cutters, and
pasta roller attachments
are available
Alpine Portable Raclette
Le Cordon Bleu®
Paris Pie Dish
An exciting addition to the popular Le Cordon
Bleu® Paris collection that was launched in 2014.
This traditional pie dish features ruffled edges
consistent with the Le Cordon Bleu® Paris
Charmant collection of oven-to-table items.
Available in 4 colors – blue, white, red and yellow.
Packaged with an exclusive link to Le Cordon
Bleu® Paris chef pie recipes. Available in stores
Spring 2015. SRP: $40
The ingenious design allows the fun of Raclette
on-the-go! Take along on hikes, camping, to
picnics, the beach and more. Ideal for 2, the set
includes two individual non-stick dishes to melt
cheese and drizzle over grilled meat, veggies,
bread or potatoes. Powered by 4 tealight candles,
it’s easy to clean, travel friendly and compact. Lid
doubles as a plate or serving dish for added
convenience. Set includes: 2 non-stick Raclette
dishes, 2 heat-resistant spatulas, stainless steel
stand/case, plastic lid/plate and 4 tealight candles.
Available in stores Spring 2015. SRP: $30
Nuance Wine & Bar
Claire Femiani, 212.268.5078
Maytag Vacuums
Built as powerful as they are dependable, Maytag
vacuums are designed to do what vacuums should
do best: deliver superior cleaning performance.
Every Maytag vacuum is designed and assembled
right here in the USA. Our engineers use their
first-hand knowledge of the nuances that make
American homes unique and before you fill your
vacuum with dirt, our 150 associates will fill it
with pride at our factory in St. James, Mo.
Quality built, and built to last. That’s Maytag
Joy Petty, 636.349.3000
Nuance is a Scandinavian design brand,
situated in Denmark. Collaborating with
talented designers in Scandinavia, Nuance is
able to deliver high quality design, with a
raw, minimalistic and Nordic look. The brand
is built from a collection of
innovative, simple and patented
design products, all developed with
two key words in mind: DESIGN
comprehensive assortment of
products are now available in USA,
including the best-selling Wine
Finer, Cocktail Shaker, Wine Bottle
Opener and many more.
Paddy Oyster
Tray Set
In our continuing
partnership with Patrick
McMurray, World
Champion Oyster
Shucker, we have
developed the ultimate
entertaining set.
Designed specifically
with oysters in mind,
this is an all-in-one shucking and serving set. Use
the wooden puck and tray when shucking oysters
to safely shuck and contain the mess, then use the
ceramic sauce dish and tray to serve up your
freshly shucked delights. Innovative and cool,
oysters are super trendy right now. As an added
bonus, because it’s made of quality stainless steel,
the tray is oven safe and perfect for baking nachos.
Available in stores Spring 2015. SRP: $45
M1200 Upright Vacuum
M500 Upright Vacuum
A hard-working cleaning machine,
just like you. The ultimate in
cleaning power, the M1200 from
Maytag features the patented
MO2OR Dual Intake System,
where two individual motors work
together to provide continuous
suction power and maximum
agitation for unmatched cleaning
performance. Utilizing six stages of
advanced filtration, a self-sealing
bag system locks in the dust, dirt and
pet hair in a poof-proof bag.
It’s got muscle,
yet doesn’t
require a lot of
strength to use.
The lightweight
M500 from
Maytag gets the
job done. At just
9 pounds, it
packs a powerful
cleaning punch
and is convenient
enough to move
up and down
stairs or room to room with ease. Quite possibly
the world’s easiest to use vacuum, the M500 takes
the work out of housework!
Upright Vacuum
Standard looking, however it’s
cleaning is anything but. The
versatile M700 from Maytag was
designed to clean it all. With a
floor-to-ceiling cleaning
performance, it easily switches
surfaces to manage every room
and comes with multiple on-board
attachments for access to hard to
reach areas.
visit IHA
online at
Bento Box Double
Bento Box Deep
TAKENAKA BENTO BOX offers you that totally
healthy lifestyle. When we use a bento box to
bring lunch to the office, we not only eat the right
amount of food but also choose safer ingredients.
The solid materials can be trusted to last and to
protect your food. They offer an economical
solution to standard lunch boxes, while promoting
healthy eating and living. It has perfect depth to
put in pasta, salad, sandwich and more. Comes
with a removable divider. Size: 7.4”W x 4.9”D x
2.6”H. Capacity: 0.75L. BPA and Lead Free.
Microwave and Dishwasher Safe.
Yurika Takahashi, 212.921.5890
produced under strict quality control. That’s why
it’s the perfect solution for kids to bring their
lunch to school too! Use as two tiers or one
depending on the amount of food packed. When
done eating, place the top tier into the bottom for
a compact solution. Comes with a fork and
removable partition. Size: 5.7” x 7.6” x 2.3”
Capacity: 1.3L. BPA and lead-free. Microwave
and dishwasher safe.
TAKENAKA BENTO BOX introduces a chic,
sophisticated alternative to the standard every day
lunch box. All made in Japan, our bento boxes are
durable, vibrant and timeless. With a variety of trendy
colors to choose from, people of all ages will be
pleased to show off these glossy and vibrant food
storage solutions. Use as two tiers or one depending
on the amount of food packed. When done eating,
place the top tier into the bottom for a compact solution. Color coordinating elastic band included.
Size: 6.5”W x 4.2”D x 3.5”H. Capacity: 0.9L. BPA and lead-free. Microwave and dishwasher safe.
KBG-741-AO - Matt Black
Technivorm only manufactures
authentic, premium, quality
Moccamaster Coffee Brewers
and Grinders. All products are
handmade in The Netherlands,
via talented craftsman, and
certified by the
years Technivorm has produced
long-lasting, reliable, energy
efficient, recyclable products,
BPA/BPS free, and backed by a
5-year warranty. Consistent
brewing temperature (196°F-205°F) via a powerful, energy efficient
copper heating element, a precise and optimal pulse drip that allows
for the perfect coffee bloom, precise coffee-water saturation time (46 minutes, 10-cups), durable metal housing. Glass carafe model has
an independent 2-phase hot-plate element which maintains optimal
holding temperature (175°F-185°F) for 100 minutes.
Very chic and
good two-tone
makes people so
happy to bring
their own lunch!
The size is very
practical and
easily fits in any
bag. We can eat
the right amount
of food and
enjoy a variety of food at once due to dividers.
Comes with a removable divider and
compartment. Elastic band included. Size: 6.7”W
x 3.3”D x 3”H Capacity: 0.5L. BPA and lead-free.
Microwave and dishwasher safe.
Bento Box Rectangle
Kathleen Bauer, 855.662.2200
Bento Box Rectangle Slim
KBT –Polished Silver
Technivorm only manufactures
authentic, premium, quality
Moccamaster Coffee Brewers and
Grinders. All products are
handmade in The Netherlands, via
talented craftsman, and certified by
the SCAA/SCAE/ECBC. For 50
years Technivorm has produced
long-lasting, reliable, energy
efficient and recyclable products,
BPA/BPS free and backed by a
5-year warranty. Consistent
brewing temperature (196°F-205°F)
via a powerful, energy efficient
copper heating element, a precise
and optimal pulse drip that allows
for the perfect coffee bloom, precise
coffee-water saturation time
(4-6 minutes, 10-cups), durable metal housing,
with stainless steel thermal carafe with Brew-thru-lid.
Just Crunch Anti-Soggy
Recall a time when
sauce leaked into
your food, making it
all soggy? Or when
your raisin brand
becomes raisin mush
after less than a
minute? The Just
Crunch bowl is built
to solve all your
soggy food
Chips/Dip, Fries/Ketchup, Cereal/Milk. It’s a real
problem (hence the 1.5+ million youtube views!).
Now it has a real solution. Even better, we’ve
teamed up with Nickelodeon to bring you the Just
Crunch with two of your favorite brands: Teenage
Mutant Ninja Turtles and SpongeBob! Bring
crunch to the child in your life, or the child in you!
David Klar, 917.755.1430
Typhoon Seasonings
Make your dishes
burst with flavor
and banish the
bland! Prepare
fresh herbs and
spices, make
creative infusions
and drizzle
delicious flavors
with the Typhoon
Seasonings range.
Made from high quality materials and styled in
crisp white and green, the range will stand out in
any modern kitchen. The Seasonings Oil Infuser,
made from mouth blown, hand-finished glass, will
keep your oil infusions fresh and looks great on
your dining table. The Typhoon Seasoning
Mezzaluna features an ergonomically-shaped
handle and handy clip-on cover that keeps the
stainless steel blade safely protected when stored
and doubles as a tool to scoop up chopped foods.
Richard Stevenson, 312.878.2590
Split It Laundry bag
If there’s anything worse than doing
laundry, it’s sticking your hand back
in that bag of dirty clothes to sort
your dark load from light load. Now
imagine that you can sort your
laundry as you create it! Enter the
Split Laundry bag. It has a divider
down the middle so you can pre-sort
your clothes. Each section seals off
independently from the other for easy
transfer to the washing machine. For your
convenience, we’ve added hardy backpack straps
and two large pockets for detergent, books and
other essentials. Save time. Save hand sanitizer.
EyePockit Glasses Case
Think about what you carry with you daily:
Glasses, phone, cash, cards, keys, ID, at the least.
Now imagine you could stash all that stuff into
one, hands-free little case. That’s exactly what the
EyePockit does, and more, because our handy
clutch is an over achiever. Card slots are RFID
blocking to prevent identity theft.
Its adaptable phone slot can
tightly fit any size ranging from
iPhone to the Galaxy Note.
The EyePockit also has a
nifty ID window with a
mirror built in right
next to it. The zipper is
neatly tucked away so you
can stash your glasses
Mason Cash
From Mason
Cash, famous for
its iconic Cane
Mixing Bowl,
comes a striking
range designed to
channel the
passion of
budding and
bakers alike. Baker Street is a sophisticated cream
and gray collection comprising everything from
storage tins to pudding basins. Inspired by the
colors prevalent during the Industrial Revolution,
it’s designed to bring a touch of the Victorian
kitchen to the modern era. The Mason Cash Cane
Mixing Bowl has become a design classic; the
Baker Street edition pays tribute to this heritage,
whilst the Perfect Pie will help you to make the
perfect pie.
Kilner Butter
Make delicious,
homemade butter with
the new, easy to
clean Kilner
Butter Churner.
If you thought
making butter
was complicated,
you’re wrong!
How many times do you tie and untie your laces
each day? Picture what you’d do with all that free
time. Reclaim that time with our StretchLaces.
These laces allow you to pull open your shoe and
slide your foot in without the hassle of untying
knots. Because shoelaces should be not just
practical but fashionable as well, we have tons of
options, including dress laces, and have 15 colors
sold in packs of 3. StretchLaces are perfect for all
members of the
family, but are
extra handy
for kids and
the elderly and
those pesky airport
security lines.
Simply place whipping cream into the butter
churner, turn the handle, and in as little as 10
minutes you can enjoy fresh and delicious tasting
butter. Included within the set is easy to follow
step-by-step instructions plus a selection of
recipes. Made from high quality glass and
embossed with the Kilner logo, it is an updated
version of a traditional design, inspired by the
Kilner heritage.
Price & Kensington
Teapot Filters
In a world where we can choose from so many tea
leaves and teabags in pursuit of the perfect
infusion, we know that when it comes to tea, you
need flexibility. With this in mind we have
developed two durable stainless steel filters to fit
into our 2-cup and 6-cup teapots so you infuse tea
leaves or use tea-bags – whatever takes your
mood. The removable infusers have been carefully
designed with a fine mesh and simple locking
mechanism to allow loose leaf tea to brew
perfectly. Dishwasher-safe and available in a fullcolor giftbox, they make the perfect ideal for any
tea lover.
DR87 - Doctor Who TARDIS
Lidded Mug
Timey wimey time for
tea? Then get your
hands on
mug with
lid before it
Moulded in high quality ceramic with fine
paint and transfer detail, this magnificent mug is a
must have for any fan or collector of the smash hit
TV show. A removable lid that helps keep your
beverage hot longer makes the 3D TARDIS mug
functional as well as fun, and with a massive 16oz. capacity, this is a mug that’s truly bigger on the
inside (kinda).
SW35738 - Star Wars X
Wing Knife Block
The Force is strong in
the kitchen. The X-Wing™ knife block holds a set
of five high-quality kitchen knives in the style of
the legendary fighter of the Rebel Alliance. The
knives include a cook’s knife, bread knife, carving
knife, utility knife and paring knife. They have
excellent strength, durability and a long-lasting
cutting edge. Use them to slice and dice
vegetables, meat, fish and more!
SW35724 - Star Wars Darth
Vader Lightsaber BBQ Tongs
someone with
first-hand experience in
sizzling and broiling, Darth Vader knows the value
of a good set of barbeque tongs. They are shaped
just like his famous lightsaber™ weapon, and
feature a heatproof plastic handle, metal tongs, a
red storage case and authentic Star Wars sound
effects. Rule the grill and the galaxy with the
power of the dark side at your command.
SW35730 - Star Wars
R2-D2 Kitchen Timer
Robyn Cowling, 207.801.6327
Whether counting down to dinnertime
or tracking the approach of the Death
Star™, this little astromech droid will
be your accurate kitchen assistant. Set
R2-D2’s dome to the time you require
for your tasks, and the alarm will ring
when the countdown reaches zero.
Search for new products at
The Ripple
The Ripple detachable
dishware is the cure
for today’s active
lifestyle. With a quick
twist, The Ripple bowl
(with a handle) or cup
securely fastens to its
plate. This unique
bowl/cup and plate
combination features a
modern and versatile
design that can be
transported with ease. It allows mom to multi-task, gives disabled people
freedom, provides party lovers a place to set their drink and allows people
living in small apartments or dorm rooms to eat without a table. The
Ripple is made out of a high quality, BPA-Free, microwave and
dishwasher safe plastic, allowing people to eat anywhere.
Gourmet™ Grillware will
not break, chip, crack, rust
or tarnish. Armetale metal is
a patented aluminum alloy
that was originally
developed in the 1960s for
the restaurant industry in
New York. You can use the
same Armetale® piece to
prepare, cook and present
your tasty creations.
Gourmet Grillware features
over 32 innovative grilling
products, including the new
robust 17” Grill Pan. With an ample cooking surface, the Grill Pan is great
for vegetables, fish, steak & mushrooms and more. Also new are the 2-qt
and 6-qt Dutch Ovens, perfect for stews, soup, roasts, chili and so much
Kevin Scharfe, 406.697.1307
Chris Morrison, 717.928.2521
ZeroWater Filter
Tumbler - Gray
ZeroWater’s 5-stage, dual ion
exchange filtration system is now
available in a personal, 26-oz.
tumbler. The tumbler fits most
cupholders and its elegant hard
plastic construction features a
leak-resistant assembly as well as
a textured rubber lid for optimal
grip. This silver option is sleek,
stylish, BPA-free and dishwasher
safe. The filter is the only filter in
its class that meets the FDA
definition for the TDS in purified bottled water—
bottled water taste without the waste. An exclusive
color-change technology takes out the guesswork:
when the window turns yellow, it’s time to change
your filter. Retails for $14.99
ZeroWater Stainless Steel
Great-tasting water
now comes in a
modern, stainless
steel design. The
ZeroWater filtration
system combines
FIVE sophisticated
technologies that work
together to remove
virtually all dissolved
solids from tap water,
delivering great tasting
water. BPA-free, 8-cup ZeroWater pitcher
prioritizes both form and function in that it is
constructed from stainless steel and translucent
black plastic. It comes with a laboratory-grade
water testing meter that indicates precisely when
it’s time to change the filter while demonstrating
how ZeroWater leaves virtually zero dissolved
solids in water. Also included is one 5-stage dual
ion-exchange filter and a guarantee for greattasting water. Retails for $39.99
ZeroWater Brita
Replacement Filter
Matthew Chilton, 215.447.1224
Induction Heating System
Rice Cooker & Warmer
One of Zojirushi’s more
advanced rice
cookers, the IH
uses cutting-edge
technology to
prepare perfect
rice every time.
The unit has
several menu
settings, including
white, short and
medium grain rice, a new
Jasmine setting, mixed, sushi, porridge, sweet,
brown, GABA brown and quick cooking.
Available in 5½-cup and 10 cup sizes, the cooker
has offers features that make clean-up a snap. The
outer clear-coated stainless steel exterior is easy to
wipe down and the inner stainless steel lid
detaches for cleaning. The non-stick, thick black
inner pan washes easily. Accessories include a rice
spatula, spatula holder that attaches to the side of
the cooker and a measuring cup.
Krista Erickson, 310.926.1435
Introducing the first premium filter for Brita
pitchers. This filter offers an alternative to the
standard 2-stage Brita filter, which can only
remove about 50% of TDS. It enables filtered
water drinkers to try the latest filter
technology without having to commit to
purchasing a whole new filtration system.
VE® Hybrid Water
Boiler & Warmer
Tea aficionados will
appreciate the four new
keep-warm temperature
settings along with the
convenience of hot water
at the touch of a button.
VE stands for VacuumElectric, which means the
stainless steel doubleinsulated wall and vacuum
insulation keeps water hot
with very little electricity.
This sets the VE® Hybrid
Water Boiler & Warmer apart from
other models; it uses less energy while
maintaining water temperature for an extended
period and its non-electric keep-warm mode uses
no electricity keeping the water hot using only
vacuum insulation. The micro-computerized
temperature control system maintains
temperatures of 160°F, 175°F, 195°F and 208°F,
optimal for brewing different varieties of teas.
Fresh Brew Plus Thermal
Carafe Coffee Maker
The Fresh Brew Plus uses Zojirushi’s
superior vacuum insulation technology to
keep coffee hot for hours in the carafe
without burning. The tapered design with a
thumb-activated lid makes pouring and
serving smooth and simple, and all surfaces
that come in contact with coffee are BPA
While most countertop
filter systems only use
two stages, ZeroWater’s
filters use five
sophisticated stages,
including dual Ion
Exchange technology, to
remove 99.7% of all
contaminants in tap
water. It’s the only water
filter in its class that
meets the FDA
definition for TDS in
purified water, now in
convenient, Brita-sized filters.
ZeroWater Ready-Pour
Get the great-tasting water of ZeroWater’s
patented five-stage Ion Exchange system but
without the wait. The Ready-Pour pitcher is the
first in its class that has a sealed lid and reservoir,
making it possible to pour filtered water without
spilling water that’s still filtering. The reservoir
can now be kept full, adding a full two cups’
capacity to the existing 8-cup design. The ReadyPour pitcher employs ZeroWater’s sophisticated
filtration system to remove virtually all dissolved
solids from the tap. Ready-Pour comes with one
patented Ion Exchange filter, a laboratory-grade
water testing meter and a guarantee to enjoy greattasting, purified water.
free. The 10-cup unit
brews coffee at 200°F,
the optimal temperature
for best tasting coffee.
Other features include
24-hour programmable
timer and clock, a
removable water tank that
is fully washable and
swing and filter baskets
that lift out easily for
thorough cleaning. A
“clean light” indicator
illuminates when cleaning is
Stainless Tumbler
(SX-DA and SX-DC)
Zojirushi’s new vacuum
insulated tumbler is perfect
for hot or cold beverages onthe-go. Because it’s vacuum
insulated, the container will
never be hot or wet from
condensation. This new
stylish design is available in an
assortment of sizes and colors.
The stainless steel finish (SXDA30/45/60) is available in
10, 15 or 20-oz. capacities, and
is dishwasher safe. The 15-oz.
size comes in 3 additional colors (SX-DC45),
Brown, Gold and Black, and are handwash only.
The lip of the tumblers are rounded for drinking
comfort and the interior is SlickSteel® polished to
minimize stains.
Zoku® Space Pops
Zoku® Character Pops
Turn ice pops into
collectible friends
with new Zoku®
Character Pops,
individual mini
molds for quick,
easy and fun
homemade ice pops.
From Bunny and
Songbird to Turtle
and Hedgehog, these
playful characters bring each pop’s personality to
life. The eight Zoku Character Pops each come
with a red mold and a reusable heart-shaped stick
with a built-in drip guard and bottom that
complements each design. These chilly treats
release easily with a fun “pop” sound. There’s no
need to run the silicone mold under warm water.
BPA and phthalate free. U.S. and international
patents pending. $7.99 each.
Zoku® reaches
for the stars with
Space Pops, a
set of six
detailed molds
featuring five
rocket shapes
and one
astronaut. Each
comes with a
reusable stick
with drip guard. Simply pour ingredients into the
molds, insert the reusable sticks and place them in
the freezer. The removable molds fit into the
purple base for easy, upright transport. When your
freshly frozen treats are ready for takeoff, just pop
the astronaut out of the mold, with no rinsing
required. To release the rockets, pull the
removable mold out of the base, rinse under warm
water and remove the pop. $16.99.
Kristyn Fuller, 713.869.1856
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