QSControl.net bross ra
Version 3
Networked control, transport, processing and
monitoring — from source to loudspeaker.
WideLine-8 shown
An elegant solution for simple to complex applications.
Perfect for portable live
sound and installed sound
applications, including
outdoor events, stadiums and
arenas, casinos, nightclubs,
restaurants, hotels, houses of
worship, corporate campuses
and convention centers.
Manage your system
from a single networked
computer or from multiple
networked computers
QSControl.net™ has the fundamental ability
and audio transport functions that can be
to serve as an all-encompassing, networked
easily integrated with QSC power amplifiers
audio system with a wide-sweeping reach
and loudspeakers.
extending from microphone input to
loudspeaker output. Designed expressly for
Central among an ever-expanding cast of
system integrators, contractors, consultants
QSControl.net enabled products are com-
and audio engineers, this proprietary tech-
ponents built upon the BASIS™ hardware
nology from QSC brings a new measure of
platform, as well as the current generation
unity to processing, amplifier management
of QSC’s RAVE units and DSP 322ua pro-
Wireless Remote
Laptop with
Ethernet Switch
RAVE 522ua
BASIS 902zz
QSControl.net / Cobranet
QSC 2-channel
BASIS 922uz
QSC Speakers
QSC Speakers
Front of House
Up to 8
Additional Audio
QSC Speakers
QSC 2-channel
cessors. With the exception of the BASIS™
Ideally suited for applications both large
All of the functions found within the
722az, all BASIS processors house amplifier
and small, the power of QSControl.net is a
QSControl.net platform can be controlled
and loudspeaker management capabilities,
logical choice for stadiums, arenas, theatres,
from a single networked computer or from
configurable DSP and CobraNet™ digital
nightclubs, restaurants, hotels, houses of
multiple networked computers simultane-
audio transport functions. Like the BASIS
worship, corporate campuses, educational
ously. Armed with wireless laptops, multiple
devices, QSC RAVE and DSP 322ua units
facilities and anywhere else a need exists
operators can even make adjustments to
can be controlled by QSC’s Venue Manager
for a powerful system-wide audio solution.
different parts of a QSControl.net system
software. By definition, RAVE units offer
both digital audio transport and DSP func-
concurrently and in real-time.
Integrated Technologies
tions, while the DSP 322ua is a dedicated
processing device only.
QSControl.net combines the three distinct
QSC technologies of configurable DSP,
Far more than digital processing,
amplifier/loudspeaker control and moni-
QSControl.net encompasses a complete
toring, and CobraNet audio transport into
system including CX, PowerLight™ 3 and
a single unified system. As noted earlier,
DCA series amplifiers as well as a growing
QSControl.net hardware devices (BASIS,
range of loudspeaker systems including
RAVE and the DSP 322ua) include various
AcousticDesign™, WideLine™, ILA,
elements of all these technologies.
ModularDesign™ and DCS products.
Presets, creating customized system management has never been better.
Venue Manager
System-Wide Design Software
• MasterControlsfortheentirevenue
• AsingleMastercanaccessanynumberof
similar slaves, from any number of devices
Venue Manager is QSControl.net’s dragand-drop software. Providing access to real-
• ConfigurationsthataresavedtotheArchives
can be accessed from any Venue
time parameters for every device on the
network, Venue Manager gives users the
ability to monitor and build a log of system
events, thereby making it easier to identify
potential problems and stop them before
they occur. Extensive system-wide features
Auto-Discovery of Devices on
the Network
• Allofthedevicesonanetworkcanbe
discovered with a single mouse click instead
of entering each IP address manually
QSCreator is hosted inside our Venue Man-
found within Venue Manager include:
Comprehensive Venue-Wide
Design Functions
• Designandviewanentiresystemoffline
without the need for hardware
• Loadyourentiresystemdesignintoall
of the online devices with a single mouse
• Twomodes:DesignandLive(bothlookand
feel identical)
- Easily switch back and forth between the
modes as often as you like
- Update either mode with new settings via
a single mouse click
Custom Control Panels
Global Presets
• AGlobalPresetisacollectionofConfigs,
Snapshots, and Master Levels that can be
recalled simultaneously across all devices
• Reconfigureanentiresystemwiththeclickof
a mouse
• Canincludeanynumberofparametersinthe
system (from one to all)
• RecallGlobalPresetsfromremotecontact
closures or logic signals
• RecallfromfrontpanelofBASIS
ager system set up software to facilitate
custom control panel creations. Control
panels with a custom look and feel are
designed by selecting from an extensive
library of faders, knobs, buttons, meters,
indicators and graphic tools. Once a
control screen design has been developed,
QSCreator can be established as the only
software required for system operations,
preventing accidental adjustments or unauthorized tampering and keeping the control
template as easy-to-use as possible.
Processing screen shots shown below are
left to right, top row: Filters, Crossover,
Automixer, and Router. Bottom row: AGC,
Matrix Mixer, Ducker and Macro.
A Wide Selection of Processing
An extensive selection of processing functions are found within the QSControl.net
platform, including:
Matrix Mixers
• Up to 24 Inputs and Outputs
Gain Sharing Automixing
• Facilitates any number of inputs up to 22
• Direct outputs available for every input
• A unique program reference input provides
for automatic mic attenuation whenever
program material is sensed
This latter feature is especially useful for
applications such as meetings using several
microphones, an automixer and multiple
sources of program material (e.g., CD, DVD,
etc.). With the program reference input,
the volume of the microphones can be
automatically attenuated to keep the other
sources from bleeding into the system.
• Can accommodate any combination of inputs
and outputs up to 24 x 24
Gain Controls
• Can accommodate any channel count up to 24
Graphic Equalizers
• Two Octave ISO
• One Octave ISO
• Two-Third ISO
• One-Third ISO
• Custom (choose number of bands, start
frequency and end frequency)
• Linkwitz-Riley
• Butterworth
• Bessel-Thomson in-phase
• Bessel-Thomson symmetrical
• 2-way, 3-way and 4-way general
purpose adjustable
• Compressor
• Peak limiter
• Dynamics processor
• Noise gate
• Automatic Gain Control — automatically
boosts lower signal levels up to the userdefined target output level and reduces
higher signal levels down to the user-defined
target output level. Features three modes of
operation: music, speech and custom
• Up to eight channels of audio can be
simultaneously “ducked”. Fade-in and fadeout times can be up to 60 seconds each.
The priority channel can also be part of the
ducker’s output mix
• High-pass, low-pass, all-pass, shelf, parametric,
parametric shelf, Butterworth high and lowpass, Bessel-Thomson high and low-pass
• Up to 910 ms
• Units measured in time, meters, feet Pink Noise, White Noise, Sine Generators
• User-definable custom blocks with
password protection
A wide dynamic range is extremely important to today’s
audio professional, and the BASIS hardware delivers.
Monitor I/O
BASIS 722az
8 line level
4 (8 channels) -
BASIS 902zz
24 of 32 -
4 (8 channels) 32
BASIS 904zz
24 of 32 -
8 (16 channels)
BASIS 914lz
4 XLR line level
16 of 32 -
8 (16 channels)
BASIS 922az
8 line level
16 of 32 -
4 (8 channels)
25 pin AES/EBU
(8 channels) 16 of 32 -
4 (8 channels)
BASIS 922dz
BASIS 922uz
8 universal
16 of 32
4 (8 channels)
DSP 322ua
8 universal
8 line level
RAVE 520uz
8 universal
16 of 32
RAVE 522aa
8 line level
16 of 32 8 line level
RAVE 522ua
8 universal
16 of 32
8 line level
devices make up the family of
QSControl.net products, networked
and controlled from Venue
Manager software.
Eight unique signal flows can be stored in
each QSControl.net processing unit, and
any of these can be accessed on the fly.
Since these configurations are stored locally
in the hardware, there is no need for a
separate design file to make adjustments.
Users of most configurable DSP products
configuration. Add more processing blocks
it or not. The BASIS platform provides both
QSControl.net’s power limiting circuitry
short and fixed processing latency through-
relies upon patented technology that
out its DSP subsystem, thereby ensuring
limits the power driven into a loudspeaker,
that the total processing time between ana-
thereby protecting it from thermal
log in and analog out within a single device
overload. Thermal overload may result
measures less than 2.5 milliseconds.
when excessive power is driven into a
loudspeaker for a sufficient amount of
A wide dynamic range is equally important
time, causing the loudspeaker’s materials
to today’s audio professional, and in this de-
to exceed their thermal limits. Within the
partment BASIS hardware truly delivers: QSC
QSControl.net platform, the actual power
engineers have given each unit a dynamic
driven into the loudspeakers is regulated by
range greater than 112 dB unweighted.
measuring both the voltage and current at
each amplifier’s output. This power limiting
are also undoubtedly familiar with the
feature is only available on DataPort-
variable latency inherent in the processing
DataPort Outputs
Automatic Power Limiting
and you also add delay, whether you want
Analog Inputs
BASIS 922az pictured. The units differ by the inputs and outputs that they offer.
equipped BASIS models.
Control I/O
Network Ports
Color graphics display
Power over Ethernet
Recall Global Presets
Rotary “wheel” control
of an entire system
Controllers can track
each other
Available color options
black or white
Introducing QSC’s
Just like regular PC control, multiple wall con-
While it is possible to do the same thing by
trollers can be deployed in any project and
combining products from other manufactur-
used simultaneously to manage different
ers, QSControl.net provides this capability
Compact, unobtrusive and featuring a
aspects of your system.
in a single hardware unit. Fast, reliable, and
featuring rock-solid performance backed
look that blends well with virtually any
The QSControl.net Solution
décor, a networked audio controller
has built its reputation on, the technology
adds a new dimension of versatility to
QSControl.net applications. Perfect for
convention facilities, retail environments,
houses of worship and a multitude of other
applications, the unit can be quickly and
by the unrivaled service and support QSC
The QSControl.net platform is inherently
of QSControl.net brings seamless integrity
able to provide DSP, amplifier and loud-
to countless applications.
speaker management, plus CobraNet™
digital signal transport.
easily programmed to build an interface
that your customers will appreciate.
Hear the Power of Technology
Phone: 1-800-854-4079 or 714-957-7100, Outside the U.S. 714-754-6175 / Fax: 714-754-6174
1675 MacArthur Boulevard, Costa Mesa, CA 92626
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QSC Audio Products Inc. in the U.S. Patent and Trademark office and other countries.
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