end of life treatment package

end of life treatment package
Have you thought of recycling
your medium voltage
Schneider Electric helps you
to achieve full legal and environmental
What is Schneider Electric doing for you?
Schneider Electric is putting a full high environmental value end-of-life
treatment package at your disposal.
Giving you absolute
peace of mind
Schneider Electric’s concern for
environmental issues allows it to offer
its customers a seamless turnkey solution
enabling them to conform fully to
the regulations.
Helping you become fully
environmentally compliant
Thanks to its perfect knowledge of
the products to be recycled, SF6 and oil
recovery certification and excellent risk
control, Schneider Electric is the best
partner for recycling your medium-voltage
Guaranteeing you Schneider Electric quality
Schneider Electric stands out from its competitors through:
• prior identification of the substances to be treated,
• optimisation of the dismantling and treatment processes,
• excellent risk control for operators and for the environment.
tons of
One kilo of SF6 has
a heating potential
equivalent to 23.9
tons of CO2, i.e. as
much as a car travelling 160,000 km
Giving SF6 a second life
SF6 is a gas that is unparalleled in medium-voltage electrical applications. The technical
and economic performance of electrical equipment using SF6 is unrivalled to this day.
Due to its great stability and its capacity for immediate recomposition after electrical
arcing, it contributes directly to the very long life of such equipment.
Furthermore, the characteristics of SF6 allow it to be recycled and ultimately reused.
In the electrical industry and especially the medium-voltage industry, SF6 is used
in a closed circuit. It is therefore not discharged to the atmosphere. SF6 only has an
environmental impact if it is released to the atmosphere during a non-conform device
destruction process.
A legal requirement,
an environmental duty
> Waste sorting and recycling has become a major environmental challenge
that concerns us all. By thinking of recycling our electrical equipment today,
we are working towards leaving a better environment for future generations.
> In France, pursuant to law no. 75-633 of 15 July 1975 modified by law
no. 92-646 of 12 July 1992, any producer or holder of waste products
is required to dispose of them or have them disposed of under conditions
that do not generate pollution.
> European regulation 842/2006 specifies that the fluorinated greenhouse
gases present in medium-voltage devices must be recovered at all
the stages of a product’s life cycle to be recycled, regenerated or destroyed,
to prevent any release of SF6 to the atmosphere.
of a medium-voltage
cubicle can be recovered.
How are medium-voltage
devices recycled? duty
Schneider Electric is putting a full high environmental value end-of-life
treatment package at your disposal.
Materials sorting.
Recycling of metals
and other
components parts
Recovery and
recycling of SF6
gas or oil when
of destruction
Recovery of medium-voltage equipment
from the customer’s site and
transportation to a specialist
Schneider Electric site reclycling facility.
The equipment is dismantled
and the component parts are separated
and recycled as appropriate.
What is the service life of
a medium-voltage device?
The service life of a medium-voltage
device greatly depends on its conditions
of use and on the environment in which it
has been used. Schneider Electric equipment is designed to last approximately
thirty years, provided that maintenance is
carried out on a regular basis.
How much SF6 is there in
a medium-voltage cubicle?
The quantity of SF6, which varies according
to the equipment, is on average 200 g for
a switch and 400 g for a circuit breaker.
What are the risks if I do not
recycle my medium-voltage
electrical equipment?
If waste products are abandoned,
dumped or treated in a way that does
not conform to the legal requirements,
the authorities can automatically dispose
of such waste products at the expense of the company responsible. If the holder of electrical equipment
containing SF6 gas or PCB contaminated oil has not had his cubicles recycled, he will also be liable to
fines and legal proceedings.
Does your offer only apply to medium-voltage equipment manufactured
by Schneider Electric?
This offer applies to all medium-voltage equipment, whatever its technology, its brand or country
of manufacture.
How long does it take to recycle my equipment?
It takes about 3 months to recycle medium-voltage devices once they have been collected. A collection
certificate is sent within a month of collection.
The SF6 (when present), is evacuated until the residual pressure is less than 20 mbar, in accordance with the IEC standard,
using special equipment. The gas is stored in bottles before
being sent to a regeneration specialist. The epoxy enclosure
is crushed for recovery purposes.
A certificate of reclycing or destruction
compliant with the regulations is sent to
the customer.
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As standards, specifications and designs change from time to time, please ask for confirmation
of the information given in this publication.
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