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Question: What is the optimal speaker placement?
Answer: The HR series monitors were designed to be placed in a
vertical position. If placing them horizontally, place them so that the
woofers are toward the inside. The monitor should be placed at ear
level, approximately 3-6 feet apart in a tri-lateral position with the
speakers sweet spot focused at the engineer.
Question: Can the MR series monitors be mounted?
Answer: The MR series monitors have no mounting points. The speaker
is designed to sit on the same desk or near the same desk as the mixing
console you are monitoring through. They can be placed on a speaker
stand. They should not be wall or ceiling mounted with any hardware
that requires connection to the speaker enclosure with screws or nails.
Nothing should penetrate the speaker enclosure.
Question: Can I leave my MR series monitors on all the time?
Answer: Yes, the monitors can be left on, even when not being used. It
would be suggested to turn off the monitors when not using them to
prolong the life span of the product.
Question: The speaker hums when I connect something to its input…
Answer: The presence of a 60Hz hum in the speaker only when a
connection is made to another piece of equipment suggests the
presence of a ground loop. Such a loop is caused by electrical
interaction of the signal grounds on two pieces of equipment, and is
not necessarily an indication of broken gear. If a balanced connection
to the speaker is being used, the simplest way to correct this problem is
to lift the signal ground on the end of the connecting cable closest to
the signal source. NOTE: This is not to be confused with disconnecting
the safety ground on the power plug - this should be avoided at all
costs, as it can present a safety hazard. If an unbalanced connection is
being made to the speaker, a line coupler such as the Ebtech Hum
Eliminator can be used to eliminate the ground loop.
Question: Can I connect this to the speaker output of an amplifier?
Answer: When setting up your MR speaker, it is very important that you
DO NOT connect it to the output of an amplifier. The inputs of the
Thump series are made for non-powered outputs such as the main or
aux outputs from a mixer. The outputs of an amp will easily damage
and potentially cause a fire in just about any powered speaker such as
the MR series.
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