Maintenance Air pressure Caution (The patients safety is our first priority)

Maintenance Air pressure Caution (The patients safety is our first priority)
High/Low Speed handpiece
Caution (The patients safety is our first priority)
Air pressure
1. The handpiece should only be used by certified dentists.
Adjust the air pressure to
2.3-2.8kg/c㎡ 38-40 PSI
2. Do not use twisted, worn, damaged, or non-ISO
standard burs.
3. Do not disassemble or alter handpiece.
4. Do not drop or subject to excessive shock.
5. Make sure handpiece is operating normally before each
6. If any abnormalities, such as vibration, noise, or
overheating are found, please stop using the equipment
immediately and send it for repair.
7. Contact your original supplier for professional repairs
Connecting / Disconnecting the handpiece
1. Connecting quick coupling to the handpiece.
2. Insert the handpiece into the coupling with the
connector ring pushed backward.
Note: Make sure the handpiece is tightly connected
with the quick coupling
3. Disconnecting handpiece from coupling.
Slide back the connector ring of the coupling and
remove the handpiece.
Changing the Bur
1. Inserting the bur
Press the push-button with thumb and insert the bur,
then release the push-button.
Note: The bur must be inserted as far as it will go.
2. Removing the Bur
Make sure the bur stops completely first. And then
press the push-button firmly with thumb, and remove the bur.
REV. 1-1-13
1. Take off the bur first, then brush off any tooth debris
from the handpiece.
2. Use the cleaning wire to clean the water spray hole and
the air hole.
Spray lubricant for1-2 seconds into the spindle
hole. (bur's gateway)
4. Spray lubricant for 2-3 seconds into the dirve air port at
the rear of the handpiece.
5. Connect the handpiece with the quick coupling. Be
sure that the water is turned off.
6. Surround the bur housing with white gauze. Keep the
gauze clear of any actual contact with the rotating burr
to avoid entanglement
7. Press the foot pedal for 20 seconds and check if there
is any dirt on the gauze.
8. Repeat this step until all dirt has exited the handpiece
and the gauze appears clean
9. After treatment, please sterilize handpiece at 135 ℃
for 15 minutes
Note: Do not immerse handpiece in disinfectant
solution or water.
Cleaning of fiber optic
1. Clean the glass rod with cleaning fluid and a soft brush.
2. Dry the glass rod carefully with a cotton swab.
3. Avoid scratching the glass rod.
Slow Speed Motor
1. Connect the bottom of the straight or curved noise c
one to the air motor insert.
2. To adjust the motor speed, use the changing ring
to adjust the speed when operating. For internal water
flow HP’s you may also ajdust the water flow using the
lower adjusting ring.
3. To insert a bur into the straight noise cone turn the
locking ring counter clockwise to open the chuck.Once
a bur is inserted, turn the locking ring clockwise to lock it in
Slow Speed Motor Maintenance
1. Use the cleaning wire to remove any debris from the air and water holes.
2. Spray lubricant for 1 to 2 seconds into the spindle hole. “Straight attachment”
3. Spray lubricant into the drive air port of the slow speed motor.
4. Inspect the handpiece o-rings for damage. Replace is necessary.
5. Press the foot pedal for 20 seconds to remove excess oil from the slow speed motor
Note: Do not immerse handpiece in disinfectant
solution or water.
Connect / Disconnect geared Angle Handpiece with motor
Align the opening of the straight nose cone or contra angle to the motor. Once aligned,
firmly press the two piece together. Makesure your connection is fastened. To remove
pull the straight nose cone or contra angle up and it will detach.
Cleaning and care
Incorrect cleaning and care can reslut in a shotrtened life span of you handpiece.
Please follow the cleaning steps listed below after every use.
External Cleaning
Clean the geared angle throughly with a brush under running water. Wipe dry with a clean
cloth or wipe with alcohol and let dry. Clean the coolant spray orfice with the included wire.
After using the cleaning wire you must disinfect it. Do not clean your handpieces in any
type of ultrasonic device. Doing so will damage the handpiece.
Disinfect only by wiping with pure isopropyl alcohol. Never use chemical sterilization by
e.g. chlorine, aldehyde or quaternary amines. residues may harm the patient. Do not
use disinfection bathes. You will damage the handpiece.
Use Premium Handpiece Lubricaiton for cleaning and care. Screw the
lubrication adaptor LT1013 on the oil can. Put the adaptor in the upper
part of the handpiece . Press 1 - 2 seconds
Autoclave the geared angle handpiece in an autoclave up to 135 C (2bar) / 275 F (29PSI)
After Sterilization of the instrument, pack it in a dust free and dry container. Do not sterilize
in the container. The handpiece can be sterilized at least 250 autoclave cycles.
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