FAQ Accu Plus

FAQ Accu Plus
Frequently Asked Questions
towards ACCU plus hearing aid batteries
Q: In which sizes are the ACCU plus cells available?
A: The rechargeable hearing aid cells are available in the sizes p10accu, p13accu, p312accu and
Q: For which hearing aids can I use the ACCU plus cells ?
A: They can be used in most hearing aids of the relevant size and are used in the new rechargeable
hearing aids.
In order to charge the ACCU plus cells, several power one charging solutions can be used.
Q: Which are the main advantages of the ACCU plus cells with NiMH technology?
A: These fast chargeable batteries are ecologically sound. By using our rechargeable button cells, you
help to protect the environment. The rechargeable batteries do not contain any heavy metals like
mercury, cadmium or lead.
These high-performance NiHM batteries are characterized by their excellent reliability and quality
without any memory effect.
Q: How shall I treat my ACCU plus cells?
A: Please ensure that the mating surfaces of the power one ACCU plus and inside the appliance are
kept clean.
For best results and product life, please avoid deep discharging or short circuiting the battery at all
times. The batteries should be stored at a room temperature of 20-25 degrees without their product
life being affected.
Q: Why doesn`t my new ACCU plus cell work satisfying?
A: Charging in inferior charging devices without a battery charge indicator and shut-off function
can harm your batteries or impact the capacity of the cell. We therefore recommend to use our
power one charging solutions.
Q: What running time can I expect from my rechargeable hearing aid cells?
A: Physically determined rechargeable hearing aid batteries (NiMH-technology) have a lower energy
density compared with zinc air hearing aid batteries (primary cells) . This is expressed through a
lower capacity, which is consistent with just approx. 1/10 of the capacity of primary cells. In
exchange the rechargeable hearing aid cells could be recharged approx. 500 times.
In hearing aid devices can be count on that the accu capacity is sufficient for one day, if one and the
same hearing aid device with zinc air batteries reaches at least 10 days running time. Please note this
especially for all hearing aid devices, which were not constructed as a complete rechargeable system.
Q: Has a new power one ACCU plus cell immediately it`s full capacity?
A: No. A new rechargeable battery reaches it`s full capacity not before having passed some charge/discharge cycles.
Q: How shall I charge and store my power one ACCU plus cells?
A: The recommended temperature range for charging and storage is at room temperature (20-25
Q: Shall I take my ACCU plus cells in case of longer non-use out of my hearing aid device?
A: Yes. Even in passive state there circulates a low current which can cause deep discharge after a
longer time.
Deep discharge can harm the battery and lead to an irreversible loss of capacity.
Q: What are the packaging advantages of the ACCU plus blistercards?
A: The ACCU plus packaging is easy to handle and keeps the cells safe. A practical rotating part makes
it easy to remove the batteries from the case. With the quality seal on the rear side a maximum
product protection is guaranteed. Batteries are kept safe thanks to a recloseable clip. An
environment-friendly PET and cardboard is used.
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