Auto-SYNC Software Key Features:
Auto-SYNC Software
Key Features:
Automated video analysis
Automated frame grabber
Optimizes image quality
Multiple boards
Multiple board types
Multiple inputs per board
Phase adjustment
Interactive mode
Express and advanced modes
Pixel reader
Log file creation
Free with a HI*DEF or
I-Series frame grabber
Automatic Video Analysis and Configuration
Auto-SYNC™ is Foresight Imaging's revolutionary automatic configuration software. Unique in the industry, Auto-SYNC analyzes
the video signal that is connected to a HI*DEF™ or I-Series™ frame grabber and automatically detects the various video parameters to
ensure the highest quality video capture possible. Auto-SYNC detects the pixel clock rate, horizontal and vertical resolution, phase,
black level, gain, reference, sync level, blanking, horizontal frequency, and much more.
Manual Analysis-Never Again
Never again do you have to manually analyze a video signal with an oscilloscope or even “plug in” values for different parameters
with the traditional “trial and error” method. Auto-SYNC analyzes any video signal up to 150 MHz and up to 2,048 x 2,048 in
resolution and automatically configures the HI*DEF or I-Series frame grabber to capture the best possible image. This automatic
analysis saves hours in setup, installation, and diagnostic time. Just run Auto-SYNC and several seconds or a few minutes later, you
are capturing high quality images from virtually any source.
Video Adjustment
Auto-SYNC, included free with every HI*DEF and I-Series frame grabber, offers much more than automatic video analysis and
configuration. Auto-SYNC allows you to fully adjust your incoming video signal by tweaking the black level, gain, reference, and
phase. You can adjust the horizontal and vertical resolutions to select an area of interest to capture. Auto-SYNC also provides a
histogram of the captured image, a subsampled view, a four corner view, and a 3X zoom of a user-specified portion of the image. A
pixel reader always provides the pixel coordinates and gray level of the pixel specified. Images can be saved and retrieved in BMP
and TIFF formats.
Auto-SYNC is an excellent tool for automated video analysis and for tweaking and adjusting incoming video signals. It makes
configuring a frame grabber to capture high quality images from non-standard video sources fast and easy. End users, OEMs, and
systems developers find Auto-SYNC to be an indispensable tool for fast and reliable video connections, especially for non-standard
video sources, in medical imaging, scientific imaging, and machine vision.
For OEMs, the functionality of Auto-SYNC is available as a callable software library in the IDEA™ Software Development Kit. Please
see the IDEA SDK data sheet for further information.
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