Ricoh MPW7100 MPW8140
Wide Format Digital Imaging System
MP W7100/
MP W8140
Printer Copier Facsimile Scanner
MP W7100
MP W8140
Share big ideas and create new opportunities
You create every day. You start with an idea and try to figure out the best way to share it with colleagues
and clients, whether in the boardroom, at the site or on the manufacturing floor. With the RICOH MP W7100/
MP W8140, you have a versatile, affordable MFP only a few feet from your desk where you can produce
wide-format technical drawings, schematics, presentations and more for a hands-on, up-close look at key
details and other critical information. When your partners are at another location, you can scan full-color
documents and distribute them electronically for convenient collaborations with anybody, almost anywhere
to speed the development process. Plus, with easy-to-use security and administrative controls, you can ensure
that all of your mid-volume, wide-format workloads are handled with speed, accuracy and accountability —
so more projects can stay in-house and on budget.
Make adjustments to fit your environment
and preferences
Every office is different, as is the way each of us works. So configure the
Ricoh MP W7100/MP W8140 to make it more convenient for you and
your team. Planning to scan a lot of documents? Use the optional scanner
separation unit available for the Ricoh MP W8140 to capture and send
documents without interfering with coworkers who need access to the
operation panel to copy and print other documents. You can choose
between front output using an optional Multi-Stacker or have documents
released via the optional Double Stacker at the back of the device. You
can also program the operation panel with icons, so users can access
specific tasks or even jobs with a single touch to save time.
Protect your information, secure more work
The information you create is your differentiator. So why let just anybody
access the unique details that set you apart? Protect technical drawings
and other critical information using advanced encryption tools, including
Windows Authentication and PDF encryption, to thwart threats to your
password-protected information at every stage of printing and distribution.
With the DataOverwriteSecurity System (DOSS), you don’t have to worry
about leaving key information at the device. The Ricoh MP W7100/MP W8140
overwrites latent images and data on the hard drive automatically. You can
also hold jobs at the device until you release them by swiping an ID card
or entering your password at the control panel. Plus, the system is
ENERGY STAR certified and meets EPEAT Gold* criteria.
*EPEAT rating is applicable only in the USA.
Manage everyday, wide-format workloads from
one device
Do it all, all the time
If your firm is like most architectural, construction and engineering
firms, you understand that you’ll need to chip in any way you can.
It’s a lot easier to do your part with the Ricoh MP W7100/MP W8140.
Whether you’re printing forms, technical drawings, banners and other
documents from your desktop, copying them for a big meeting, or
scanning them to another office, you can do it all from one convenient
MFP. With icon-based, one-touch control from an easy-to-use 9" color
VGA operation panel, you can transition from one task to the next
without delays and without having to rely on anybody else.
Produce wide format output with ease
You’re always up against the clock. If you’re not running between
meetings in the office, you’re staring down a deadline on site. Choose
the Ricoh MP W7100/MP W8140 so you’re ready for every deadline,
every time. You’ll appreciate how convenient it is to simply walk up and
print up to 14 D-size wide format documents per minute, or scan them
and send to recipients yourself with the press of a button. Obviously,
you know how significant any error is in the build process, so take
advantage of thumbnail previews that allow you to check your work
and avoid any errors before sharing it with other members of your
team. Having an issue with the MFP itself? Animated guidance on
the touch panel helps you avoid lengthy delays by accessing paper
jams or changing toner easily from the front of the device.
Scan full-color documents for fast, reliable
Why create documents in full color if you don’t want others to see
them that way? Use the Ricoh MP W7100/MP W8140 to scan and
capture full-color originals and distribute them via Scan-to-Email/Folder/
FTP/HDD/URL, so recipients can see what you see — and what you’ve
done. Since many documents contain multiple versions, you can scan
documents with handwritten notes, color markups and other additions
without wasting valuable time creating an entirely new document. You
can even integrate satellite imagery, photographs and maps, so recipients
have all the information they need in a single document without
fumbling through excess paperwork. If you’re heading out to the site,
or to a client’s office, take critical documents with you — without the
cumbersome paperwork — via the Scan-to-USB/SD card option.
Ricoh MP W7100/MP W8140
General Specifications
Copier Features
Copy/Printing Process
Electro-photographic printing
Paper Source 2 roll paper feeder (Standard)
2 roll paper feeder (Optional)*
250 sheets x 2-drawer paper cassettes
*Cannot be installed simultaneously
Warm-Up Time
Less than 120 Seconds
First Copy
MP W8140: 10 seconds (D-size)
MP W7100: 13 seconds (D-size)
Copying Speed
MP W8140: 14 cpm (D-size)
MP W7100: 10 cpm (D-size)
600 dpi x 600 dpi
Grayscale Scanning
256 levels
Grayscale Printing
2 levels
18 presets; 25% to 400% by
0.1% increments
25% to 400% by 0.1% increments
Multiple Copies 1 to 99 (ten key input)
Cutting Method Synchronized, preset size, variable
Memory Capacity 2.5 GB
Hard Disk Drive 320 GB (shared with copier/printer/scanner)
Original FeedSheet
Original Set PositionCenter
Original/Copy/Scan Size Maximum: MP W8140: 36" x 1180" (98.4')
(914.4 x 30,000 mm);
MP W7100: 36" x 590" (49.2') (914.4 x
15,000 mm)
Minimum: 8.5" x 8.5" (210 x 210 mm)
Bypass and Paper Cassette: 36" x 78"
(914.4 x 2,000 mm)
Original/Copy SizeMaximum: MP W8140: 36" x 1180" (98.4');
MP W7100: 36" x 590" (49.2'); Minimum:
8.5" x 8.5"; 36" x 78" bypass
Original Exits Rear (upper), Original rear exit (straight
through), Original upper exit
Copy Exits
Front: 99 sheets (Plain Paper D-size LEF)
Back: 10 sheets (Plain Paper E-size LEF)
Power Source 208 – 240 V, 15A (max), 60 Hz
Max Power Consumption MP W8140: 3.5 kW per hour
MP W7100: 2.4 kW per hour
Dimensions (WxDxH)
49.2" x 29.7" x 47" (1,250 x 755 x
1,193 mm)
Weight MP W8140: 649 lbs. (295 kg)
MP W7100: 631.4 lbs. (287 kg)
Copy Modes (Text, Text/Photo, Photo, Drawing, Generation Text,
Generation Photo, Pasted Original, Background Line, Highlighter, Auto
Paper Selection (APS), Auto Reduce/Enlargement, User Auto Reduce/
Enlargement, Preset Reduce/Enlargement, Zoom, Size Magnification,
Directional Magnification, Directional Size Magnification (percentage and
mm/inch), Fine Magnification, Electronic Sort, Image Overlay, Format
Overlay, Negative/Positive, Mirroring, Double Copy, Repeat Copy, Sample
Copy, Combine Images, Job Interrupt, User Code, Key Operator Code,
Job Program (up to 10 jobs), Margin Adjustment (0 to +200 mm by
1 mm steps), Image Shift – Front/Rear/Left/Right (0 to +/- 200 mm by
1 mm steps), Unprintable Margins – 5 mm (lead edge, trail edge, each
side), Edge Erase, Preset Stamps, User Preset Stamps, Date Stamp, Page
Stamp, Document Server: Store Up to 3,000 Documents, Auto Off,
Energy Saver, Auto Energy Saver Mode, Auto Start
Printer Specifications
Controller BoardEmbedded
1.06 GHz
Print Speed MP W8140: 14 ppm D-size LEF, 7 ppm E-size
MP W7100: 10 ppm D-size LEF, 5 ppm E-size
Print Resolution Up to 600 dpi
Print DriversAdobe PostScript3, HDI
Supported File Formats HP-GL, HP-GL2, HP-RTL, TIFF, CALS, JPEG,
PostScript, PDF, MS Office , DWG/DWF
European 136 fonts (PS3)
Network Interface
Standard: 100BASE-TX/10BASE-T Ethernet,
USB 2.0
Optional: Wireless LAN IEEE 802.11a/g/n
Network Protocol
TCP/IP (IPv4, IPv6), IPX/SPS (option)
Supported OS
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/2003 Server/2008
Server/2008R2 Server/2012 Server/2012R2
Server, Mac OS (10.7 or later)
Media to Print Yes (JPEG/TIFF/PDF)
(Print from USB/SD)
Printer Features
Sample/Locked/Hold/Stored/Store and Print,
Unauthorized Copy Prevention, PDF Direct
Supported Languages
English, Brazilian Portuguese, Danish, Dutch,
Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese,
Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian,
Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish,
Swedish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish
Scanner Specifications
Controller Board Embedded
Color ScanStandard
Scan to MultimediaStandard
Media to PrintStandard
Scan Speed Color: 1.97" – 7.87" ips (50 – 200 mm) ips
@ 600 dpi
Monochrome: 1.67" – 13.13" ips (42.5 –
340 mm) ips @ 600 dpi
Scan Resolution 150 dpi to 600 dpi; TWAIN: up to 1200 dpi
Scan Mode
Color: Text/Photo, Photo
Monochrome: Text, Text/Photo, Photo,
Drawing, Text/Drawing, Grayscale
Scan Detection
Scan Protocol
Image Density
Edit Scanner Features Auto, Preset Paper Size, Custom
Network: TCP/IP
Sending Email: SMTP AUTH, POP before SMTP
Scan-to-Folder: SMB, FTP, NCP
9 levels of lighter to darker
Erase Border, Positive/Negative, Mirror Image
Scan-to-Email (SMTP), Scan-to-Folder (SMB,
FTP), Scan-to-URL, Scan-to-USB/SD, Network
TWAIN, Scan-to-NCP, Scan-to-Document
Full View: 18" x 24"; Section Preview:
36" x 48"
Multi page TIFF, Single page TIFF, Multi page
PDF, Single page PDF, Single page JPEG, High
Compression PDF, PDF/A
Preview File Formats Scanner Features
Scan-to-Email/Folder/URL/and Multimedia USB/SD, Network TWAIN
Scan, Preview before Transmission, Automatic File Name & setting,
Simultaneous transmission, Scan naming (reference # setting)
External Options
Paper Cassette Unit
CT6510 2-Drawer Cut-Sheet Paper Cassette;
adjustable up to 18" x 24"; Holds up
to 250 sheets x 2 (17 lbs. – 29.3 lbs.)
2-Roll Feeder; Holds paper up to 36"
2nd Roll Unit RU6540 (914.4 mm) wide; 656.2 feet (200 m)
paper capacity
Roll Holder Unit Type A 2 holders, max roll diameter 3" core
Scanner Separation Kit Type M15
Multi Stacker Type 7140
Double Stacker Type 7140
Original Hanger
Original Tray Type G
Cannot configure Paper Cassette Unit and Roll Unit simultaneously
For MP W8140 only
Internal Options
SD Card for NetWare Print, OCR Unit, Browser Unit, Wireless LAN
(IEEE 802.11a/g/n), Zoffy (CC Certification)
Print Utility Options
PrintCopy Tool
DWG Option Type D
Upgrade Kit for DWG Option Type D
Ricoh toner BK MP W7140
*For maximum performance and yield, we recommend using genuine Ricoh parts
and supplies.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
The Ricoh MP W7100/MP W8140 is under warranty against defects
for a period of one year from the date of purchase. Consumables are
under warranty for a period of 90 days from the date of purchase
or until depleted, whichever comes first. Please refer to warranty
documents shipped with the product for more details.
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