Instructions - Gas Verification Kit

Instructions - Gas Verification Kit
Testing the HGM300/HGM-MZ/HGM-SZ
With Gas Verification Kit
3015-3842 Rev. 2
October 2010
This procedure describes the use of gas verification kits to verify operation of an HGM unit.
Materials required:
Reference gas
Variable flow regulator
RDM800 / MZ-RD
1. If the HGM and REMOTE DISPLAY are connected and communicating, skip to step 3.
On power up, verify that the HGM and the REMOTE DISPLAY are communicating: In
the upper left corner of the REMOTE DISPLAY display, the unit will initially display the
message “CHECK NODE”. When the unit is communicating properly, this message
will be replaced by the name programmed into unit.
2. After communication is verified, the unit will begin a warm up sequence. Allow the
warm up period to complete before proceeding to the next step (Approximately 15
3. Connect:
 The variable regulator (3015-3849) to the reference gas cylinder.
 The 3/16” tubing to the output of the regulator.
4. Disconnect the existing tubing from Zone 1 on the HGM.
NOTE: Steps 5-10 may be accomplished by using a PC connected to an HGM running
HGM PC software. This may be convenient if the HGM is remotely located to the
REMOTE DISPLAY. See “Testing the HGM… Using PC Software” (3015-3843) for that
5. From the REMOTE DISPLAY system menu, press the switch that corresponds to the
communicating HGM to be tested. The Main Setup Menu will appear.
a. Go into the “Setup Menu”
b. Set the “Zone Hold ” to 15 minutes.
c. Select “ReZero Mode” and change to auto
d. Return to the Main Setup Menu by pressing the “Quit” switch.
6. Enter the “Zones” menu from the Main Setup Menu. In Zone 1:
a. Select “Refrigerant” and change the selection to the reference cylinder type.
b. Select “Distance” and change to 5 ft;
c. Return to the System Menu by pressing the “Quit” switch twice.
Bacharach, Inc.
7. From the REMOTE DISPLAY System menu, press the switch that corresponds to
“Zones” on the menu to go into the Zone View Menu.
If more than one HGM is connected:
a. Press the “Next” switch until the HGM to be tested is displayed.
b. Press the Zone 1 switch until a beep sounds. Zone 1 will remain in “Hold” for
15 minutes.
c. Go back to the System Menu by pressing the “System” switch.
8. From the REMOTE DISPLAY system menu, press the switch that corresponds to the
communicating HGM to be tested. The Main Setup Menu will appear.
a. Enter the Diagnostic screen by pressing the “Diag” switch.
9. Verify that the unit is not in a purge cycle. This can be done by verifying a flow of air
into Zone 1. Review and record the (PRES) reading in the diagnostic screen.
10. Connect the tubing from the reference gas regulator to Zone 1 on the manifold of the
NOTE: The HGM fault light may illuminate until gas starts to flow from the
reference cylinder to the unit. The pressure should be below the original reading.
If the reading does not drop, the unit may be in the purge cycle. If so, wait until the
purge cycle ends to continue. Adjust the variable regulator slowly clockwise until the
pressure is the same as the original reading.
NOTE: You may have to block or partially block the relief valve on the variable
pressure regulator in order to achieve the appropriate pressure. Allow about 1
minute to stabilize, then read the first ppm value in the diagnostics screen. The reading
should be within +10% of the actual concentration listed on the cylinder.
NOTE: The unit may go into a purge cycle during the test process. If this
happens, the ppm reading will drop to approximately 0. This does not affect the
verification results. However, in order to obtain a valid ppm reading, the unit must be
drawing from Zone 1.
11. Close the reference by adjusting the variable regulator counter clockwise until it is fully
closed. Reset Zone 1 information (distance, refrigerant, zone hold time) as desired for
normal operation.
12. If the reading in step 10 is not within +10% of the actual concentration listed on the
cylinder, verify:
 The pressure from step 9
 The tubing is securely connected to the cylinder and Zone 1 input port
 The proper gas is selected (step 6)
 The unit is in hold for Zone 1
 That there is proper pressure from variable gas regulator (step 10)
 That ample time was given for readings to stabilize and the reading was not
taken during a purge cycle
If the unit still does not measure within +10% of the concentration listed on the cylinder, please
contact Bacharach Customer Service at 1-800-736-4666 or via [email protected]
Bacharach, Inc.
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