Modular assembly systems
Intermas-Elcom develops,
manufactures and
distributes components
and component groups
for the ”packaging” of
electronic products:
cabinets, housings,
subracks, cassettes in
addition to a
accessories program that
covers any additional
One-stop comprehensive service . . .
From the idea to the complete product
Intermas® was initially founded in 1969 as an operating
division within the former AEG Corporation.
Intermas engineers have substantially participated in
the forming of the 19-inch and metric technology as
well as newer developments.
A great number of innovative and trend-setting products
were born at Intermas.
Intermas-products find their application in almost all the
arrears of industrial electronics as well as
telecommunications, military and transportation
technology at home and abroad. Reputable customers
throughout the world rely on Intermas.
On of July 1, 2001 Intermas-Elcom GmbH acquired
Intermas assets.
Today we are proud to be the manufacturer and provider
of innovative system solutions in electronic packaging.
Our primary focus is customer and market orientation.
The long experience of
our employees, coupled
with the efficiency of our
leading suppliers,
enables Intermas to be a
competent business
partner for providing
solutions to complex
tasks for electronic
The comprehensive
range of mechanical and
components is the basis for integrated system
solutions that we optimally adapt to particular
requirements through a dialogue with our customers,
contributing to their unique
product design. A certified quality management system
according to DIN EN ISO 9001 is in place.
We accompany your
! Engineering
products throughout the ! Feasibility studies
whole Iife-cycle:
! Development of a rough
from the idea to the final
! Development
! Consultation
! Adaptation of product
! Analysis and
design to your
evaluation of your
! CAD construction suitable
! Project support and
for manufacturing
project management
! Prototyping
! Release samples
! Production
! Newest technology
! Assambly, wiring,
! To your individual
! Feedback during all the
production phases in
order to ensure continuing improvement
! Quality control
! Spare part supplies
Intermas-Elcom offers
modular design cabinets
in aluminum and steel for
development of electrical
and electronic systems.
Our cabinets can be
equipped with EMV/ESD
protection and are also
designed for extreme
ambient conditions.
Cabinets from Intermas – Custom packaging
System cabinet SE
Aluminum cabinet MG
For industrial electronics
applications. The bolted
construction allows
dimensions in a grid of
25 mm.
Your wish is our
This cabinet is conceived
for heavy-duty uses. Its
construction is
extraordinarily tough so
that it can be used for
mobile application. The
custom-made design
allows variable dimensions and geometric
adaptation to demanding
outside conditions, e.g.
in marine industry.
The MG cabinet can be
sealed mechanically
to IP 54.
The table housing
is a visually appealing,
cost-effective housing in
19-inch or metric
version. The modular
design principle allows
the maximum of
flexibility and simple
installation. Removable
top and bottom covers
allow fast access to the
electronic systems
inside. The optional RFIshielding can also be
installed later.
Tasteful design and demanding technology
The lines of subracks
made by Intermas cover
all applications. Every
subrack can be
configured individually. All
the subracks conform to
international norms and
standards. Our extensive
accessory program allows
us to find the optimal
solution for your
You will get ahead with subracks
from Intermas
Subrack RFI
Subrack Flexible
The subrack Flexible offers a cost-effective and flexible
design for industrial requirements. Input from our
customers’ everyday applications and innovative ideas
dictated the construction of this subrack.
Developed on the basis of subrack Flexible, this model
has the EMV/ESD-shielding as a standard feature.
Espacially in the front this proven shielding concept
provides the highest reliability and operational safety.
Plug-in units
Our full line plug-in unit
program completes the
selection. Front-side
optional RFI-gaskets can
be installed at once and
later. A special rear-wall
attachment also allows
the installation on
standard mounting bars.
Subrack InterRail
Subrack InterRail is conceived for mobile application in the
transportation industry
and received
certification from the
French and German
engineering is also
suitable for application
under extreme
conditions in other
areas, as for e.g. in
power-generation or
aerospace industry.
Optional RFI-shielding is
possible as is the installation of replaceable standard parts.
Lean production –
outsourcing – also a goal for you?
You found the right
partner with
Our service
encompasses the knowhow and competency in
implementation of
customer specific
Here our offer ranges
from the mechanical
concept all the way to
integrated system
solution according to
your needs.
We account for
mechanical and electrical
concepts and develop
with you the optimal
“packaging“ for your
The selection of suitable
materials and manufacturing processes
guarantees quality and
cost-effective realization
without compromises.
Customer specific products –
Your wish is our standard
System solutions by
In close cooperation with
you, we will implement
your wishes costeffectively and flexibly
into a complete system.
Partnership in top technology –
Systems by Intermas
Our long-term experience in developing mechanical
assembly systems in cooperation with leading
manufacturers of power supplies, fans, connectors and
back planes among others, enables Intermas-Elcom to
be a competent and efficient business partner also in
system solutions.
In this process we wiII be glad to work with your proven
Professional installation, wiring and tests provide
products that are ready to go – you only install your
daughter boards. Aside from that you do not have to
worry about anything.
Leave everything else to us!
DIN connectors and
back planes
To wire your equipment,
we provide connectors
DIN 41612 and Bus
systems to VME,
VME64x, VXI and
Compact PCI.
Power supplies
Our available options
include plug-in as well as
open-frame power supply
equipment up to 1000
What else do you need?
Bus bars
Bus bars for diverse
wiring applications up to
100 A.
Interface housing
RFI-shielded interface
housings in metal for
lasting protection of your
connectors (according to
DIN 41612) for the frontal
transfer of VME and other
Bus systems.
Of course you can also
have your interface
housings in plastic.
Fans and blowers
To ensure that your
electronics are cooled,
we offer axial and
tangential blowers as
well as space saving
fans with filter inserts for
installation in cabinets,
housings and subracks.
Modifications and special orders
According to your order we will provide you with options
in sheet metal stamped or extruded technology. We will
also provide fast, reliable and costefficient individual
processing of your front panels including screening and
surface finish to your requirements.
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