Cateye ABS-10 Instruction manual

Cateye ABS-10 Instruction manual
Rechargeable Head Lamp
Instruction Manual
Advanced Battery System
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Copyright© 2002 CAT EYE Co., Ltd.
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Lamp Unit
• Never mix different types of battery packs.
Bracket (H-32)
Battery Charger
Rubber Pad
The factory-loaded battery pack is not
fully charged; the charge is useful only
for testing ! Before first use, charge the
battery fully following the instructions
Battery Pack
Battery Pad
The ABS-10 are the combined system
of the following parts. Make sure that
your package includes all the parts.
Battery Belt (L/S)
Cable Cover
Switch Unit
Holder Mounting
Bolts (L x 2, S x 2)
• Never short-circuit the terminal of the battery pack and the plug of the
battery charger. It may cause the battery to over heat, resulting in fire or
damage of the components.
• Securely connect the plug so that the light will not turn off while riding,
or the cord will not hinder riding.
• Never use the ABS if the cord of the battery charger or the switch unit is
damaged, Consult with the shop where this lamp kit was purchased.
• The lamp body becomes extremely hot when turned on. Never touch the
lamp body or the lens until thoroughly cooled. Injury may result.
• Use only the designated battery charger for charging.
Important Note
Thank you for purchasing the CAT EYE ABS Advanced
Battery System, a unique 6 volt rechargeable head lamp
series. ABS-10 is a combination system of a lamp, battery pack and charger. Before operating, thoroughly familiarize yourself with this manual so that you understand the light's safe and correct operation. Please keep
this manual, along with the warranty card, for future reference.
• Safely and properly dispose of the old battery according to your local regulations when it comes to the end of its useful life.
• This lamp kit is not intended for use by young children or infirm persons without supervision. Young children should be supervised to ensure that they do
not play with this applince.
• The battery’s nature will affect the light output, High light output will remain
just before the battery runs out, After that the output drops suddenly. Take
precautions against such a situation and prepare a spare light or spare battery packs.
• Long periods of non-use will lower the voltage of the battery and will naturally
self discharge. Always charge the battery before using.
• Overdischarge (leaving the light on after the power is completely gone) shortens the performance life of the battery.
• If the lamp body or parts become dirty with mud, etc., clean with a soft cloth
which is moistened with mild soap. Never apply paint thinner, benzine or alcohol; damage will result.
Bracket (H-32)
Switch Unit
Attach the bracket (H-32) to the handlebar. Turn over
the quick lever and it is fastened.
Slide the lamp units onto the brackets. To remove the
lamp body, slide it forward while pushing the lever.
Note: Use the quick lever to adjust 10° horizontally.
• Recharge after thorough discharge. (in order to prevent
memory after effect)
• Use exclusive charger.
• Recharge only when battery power has
completely diminished.
• Recharged both batteries at the same
• Use only the ABS recharger.
• For indoor use only.
• Red indicator color ---- Empty/Not charged.
• Green indicator color - Fully charged.
• Battery life will vary due to adverse conditions.
Standard Charging Time
• Fully charged batteries that yields no power
means battery life is dead.
The home power outlet
Charge indicator
Warning!!! When removing the lamp body, make
sure that it has been cooled.
Attach the switch unit onto the handlebar where it will
not hinder the braking and shifting operation.
Rubber Pad
Quick lever screw
Connecting Battery Pack and Cord
Choose your favorite location to attach the battery packs.
When attaching to bottle cage
Attach the holder onto the down tube using the holder mounting bolts (L or S).
Holder mounting bolts
Battery Pack
1 Fit inside
Fix the battery pack securely with the hold-down
straps. For safety's sake,
also use the battery belts
(velcro straps) to secure
the batteries.
Disassemble the lamp unit as illustrated.
• Do not rotate the bulb but pull it straight out.
• Use only 10W bulb. Other bulbs will cause
the lamp body to melt.
• To replace bulb, first let it cool down.
• Use only the CAT EYE 6V halogen bulb.
2 Wind stape
When attaching to frame
Fix the battery pack firmly to the frame, using the battery belts.
Cut the battery pad and fit it between the top tube and the battery, so that
the battery will not move when riding.
Battery Pad
How to run the battery belt
through the slot
Cable Cover
Battery Belt
If the cable is not covered
by cable housing, use the
included cable cover to
prevent direct contact between the cable and the
belts. (Cut the cable cover
to the suitable length.)
When an electrical surge or malfunction occurs in the circuit or the temperature of
the battery rises, the fuse blows due to its safety system and the circuit will be
closed. After leaving it for a while, the fuse will automatically recover.
Note: If the fuse continues to blow, or if the fuse does not recover, call the appropriate service center for assistance.
Top Tube
Battery pack
Connecting Cord
Connect the battery pack, joint cord and the switch unit as illustrated.
Battery Pack
Cord belt • Secure the cord along the frame with the cord
belt, so that it will not hinder riding.
• Wind the cord round the frame so that it will not
Switch Unit
hinder riding.
• Securely connect the jacks to the plug.
Note: You can connect one more battery pack (available as an optional part). This way the run time will
be double. For this connection, the Double Holder
(#533-8785) is recommended.
6V Halogen wide bulb (10W)
Battery pack:
Hi Ni-MH battery
6V 3000mAh
Battery charger:
Hi Ni-MH charger
Standard charging time:
8-10 hours
Temperature range:
Charging: 0°C - 40°C
Operating: –15°C - 45°C
Recharge/discharge number of times:
about 500 times (until the rated capacity drops to 50%)
* The specifications and design are subject to change without notice.
2-Year Warranty:
If trouble or damage occurs during normal use, the product will be repaired or replaced free of
charge. Type your name, address, date of purchase and the situation of trouble clearly on the
warranty certificate, and send it back to the appropriate service center together with the product. Insurance, handling and transportation charges shall be borne by the customer. After
being repaired or replaced, the product will be shipped back to the customer.
Address for service:
Quick release lever
Bracket (H-32)
In this double connection, the two batteries
must be evenly discharged. Do not mix batteries that are in different states of charge.
The switch unit controls the operation of the lamps.
Run Time: 1.5 hrs
Note: The run time shown here is the calculated figure.
• The beam angle must be downwards.
• To adjust the angle of the lamp unit, use the quick lever.
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Attention: CAT EYE International Customer Service Section
Service Center for the United States Customers
CATEYE Service & Research Center
1705 14th Street #115, Boulder, CO 80302
Phone: 303-443-4595 Fax: 303-473-0006 Toll Free: 800-5CATEYE (800-522-8393)
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Joint Cord
There is a pad inside of the jack socket to prevent the plug
from falling off the socket. When this pad is deteriorated
and you feel the
plug's connection
is loose, replace
the pad with a
new one.
Only for Lamp unit, switch unit, battery pack and charger
(excluding bulb and deteriorated battery)
ABS Battery Pack
ABS Jack Packing
ABS Holder
ABS Switch Unit
ABS Joint Cord
ABS Battery Charger
#533-8676 for U.S.A & Canada
#533-8674 for Europe
#533-8675 for AS
#533-8672 for UK
ABS Double Holder
ABS Battery Belt
#534-0582 10W
6V ABS Wide Bulb
ABS Lamp Body
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