Access to the Program  

Access to the Program  
Access to the Program For first time users, please complete the New User Registration form, found at: EHSO will provide your username and password. To directly access the chemical inventory database go to the following website: The message box on top right corner shows information regarding changes/updates in the database. Basic Navigation Do not use the Windows Internet Explorer Menu (back, File, Edit, View, etc.). The program has a time‐out system if it has been idle for an extended period of time. This time‐out system may cause problems with your computer. Log off when you are finished working in the program. To move around in the program you can click on: Underlined words. Radio buttons, Selection buttons, Check boxes. buttons provide a selection box of information. Commands in the top blue menu bar Main Menu will go back to the Main Menu for module selection. <Back will go back to the previous screen. Log Off to exit the program. Getting to your inventory Click on Inventory to view, print, or update your chemical Inventory. Update Inventories: Annually. When a new chemical is received. When chemical will no longer be used in the lab. Inventory The Inventory opens with Show me Chemicals where selected and the bottom half of the page is blank. This is the default setting to enable the page to load/open faster. Click All Items to show your inventory. Share: Check All, Uncheck All selects chemicals you with to share within your department. View Current Inventory • Select All Items. • From this page you can edit the total quantity and unit for any chemical. • Click Save Changes after editing. • For more editing capability, click Select to the left of the chemical name. Sort Records Click on the column headings to sort the records. First click sorts ascending, second click sorts descending. Add a Chemical
From the inventory page click Add Chemical. Required Fields All fields in red are required. You must enter data in these fields in order to save an entry. Inventory# – is automatically assigned by the program. Chemical Description – name of the chemical. Vendor – for the chemical, click Last and previous entry will auto‐load into the field. Total Quantity & Units – the maximum quantity on hand for one year. Can be listed as total quantity of like chemical/vendor or listed individually. Must be updated annually. Building & room # – Click to select the building and room number. If there are multiple chemicals to be added to the same lab, click Last and previous entry will auto‐load into the field. All other fields are optional. You can use the Tab key to get around the fields. Fill in as many of the remaining fields as possible. Search for a Chemical Select Search Catalog to search for a chemical by name or CAS. Sharing Chemicals Private – to add a chemical to your private lab inventory. Share Within Department – to add a chemical that is to be shared within your department. When you are finished, click Save & Add Another Chemical or Save/Return. 
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