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Issue 2 Volume 3
April 2013
Message From The Gym Tech Team
We at Gym Tech, hope this letter finds you well, and that you
are thawing out from the Winter months and getting ready to
enjoy Spring.
IHRSA’s 33rd Annual International Convention and Trade
show was held In Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Resort and
Casino Wednesday, March 20th and Thursday, March 21st.
Putting a Fitness Center in an Existing Building.
Health clubs and fitness centers have become the norm
in co-ops and condos.
Manufacturers Decoded
Warranty and service turn-around time between major
fitness equipment manufacturers.
Every major manufacturer of fitness equipment was on-site displaying all
Hassle-Free Fitness Center
Gym Tech offers the only “set it and forget it” fitness
center option in the Tri-State area.
building for the first time as well as purchasing new equipment for your existing fitness center. If you would like to put
Spring 2013 - Quarterly Specials
Free quarterly preventative maintenance.
Product Spotlight
Matrix T7Xi Treadmill
Company Spotlight
New Jersey Cooperator’s Condo, HOA, Co-op &
Apartment Management Expo.
May 1, 2013 - Secaucus, NJ
of their new products. Gym Tech was on-site meeting with all of the manufacturers and exploring all of the new lines
of equipment. After spending two days assessing all of the new developments in the fitness industry, we have decided
to make this issue all about the purchase of fitness equipment. We will explore putting a fitness center in an existing
a fitness center in your building or upgrade your existing fitness center, Gym Tech can guide you through the entire
The Gym Tech Team
2013, Las Vegas
The convention was
a resounding success
and we are most grat
for all who attended
to celebrate the 32nd
Annual event. Plans are
way for next year’s pro
well undergram in San Diego, and
we encourage you to
your calendars now for
yet another great gath
of industry leaders from
around the world. All
of us at Gym Tech enjo
meeting you all and hop
see you next year!
e to
Business Tips
ar beyond being a trend, gyms, also known as health
clubs and fitness centers, are becoming as ubiquitous as lobbies and elevators. You’d be hard put to
find a single new-construction condominium that
doesn’t have one, and many older cooperatives and condos,
anxious to stay up-to-date, are weighing the option so as
not to look like dumbbells. “If you don’t have one, you’re
at a competitive disadvantage,” says Deanna Kory, a senior
vice president and associate broker at Corcoran Group Real
Estate. “There are people who look at two similarly sized
apartments who will be swayed to the building with the gym
— often.”
in anlubs and Fitness Ceonste..r. s h
Health C
in Co
And that, she says, can effect all apartments’ overall resale
value. “Everybody who owns in a building thinks there may
come a time when they’ll need to sell, and any sale in the
building impacts on their apartment’s value. Gyms started
going into buildings because people really did want that.”
That is true, says E. Cooke Rand, an attorney and a board
member of a co-op on East 84th Street near Lexington
Avenue. His 48-year-old white-brick building retrofitted a
gym “probably 10 years ago, and we redid the gym last year,
completely modernizing it with 10 or 15 pieces of state-ofthe-art equipment, each one with its own television screen.
It’s been a very popular benefit.”
His building is rare because it doesn’t charge shareholders to use the gym, considering it an amenity. But for other
buildings, a gymnasium can be a continuing source of great
revenue for the corporation.
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Business Tips
At the historic London Terrace
center consultants. So, how do you begin
ding throughout the gym and try to locate
He advises condo
covered by the building’s insurance.”
The 1930s complex of London Terrace
to “work out” the issue?
and organize the equipment to minimize
and co-op boards
She adds: “If it’s a small unattended gym,
Gardens and London Terrace Towers,
Gyms, also known as health clubs and
the transfer of noise and vibrations,” says
to “have the proper
the type of thing that we would look for
with more than 1,600 cooperative units
fitness centers, have become de rigueur
Travisano, “so the spacing and layout are
insurance and con-
is a sign saying, ‘Use at your own risk.’”
and rental apartments filling the block
for virtually all new condominiums in
important considerations” best left to
sult with the board’s
As well, “I think it’s a good thing to do a
between West 23rd and 24th Streets and
New York City and, increasingly, for older
professionals. Heavy, hard-to-move gym
attorney, who will
liability waiver, just as buildings do with
co-op and condo buildings,
equipment, he notes, “ must be installed in
probably tell you
swimming pools.”
which retrofit them in order
the right places from the start.”
to post a sign saying that the camera
to stay competitive for buyers
Ordinary Precautions
is not monitored 24/7. And you should
Exercising Some Rules
Ninth and Tenth
Avenues — shareholders pay $400
If you don’t have a gym,
you’re at a competitive
Naturally, most experts suggest having
have gym-users sign a waiver saying the
devising the applicable rules. “We don’t
annually to use a fitness center with men’s
increase the value of apartments. But just
a security camera in the gym and at the
building isn’t responsible for injuries —
allow children under the age of 16,” says
and women’s locker rooms, sauna and
how do you go about adding a gym? What
entrance. Should you also have panic
which often result from people misusing
Napolitano, giving what appears to be
steam baths, and a lifeguard-equipped,
are the practical, step-by-step considera-
buttons inside? “You have to make sure
equipment and not the equipment itself. A
a standard age limit. Jackowski adds,
half-Olympic-sized pool.
tions? Board members, fitness consultants
they’re operating properly and who would
waiver doesn’t prevent someone from fil-
“There has to be rules on how to use the
Doing it a different way, the 100-unit,
and real-estate experts explain.
be responding,” Jackowski says. “If a panic
ing a lawsuit, but it provides an additional
room, how you clean up, who’s allowed,
button goes off at 6 A.M. and the super
hurdle for them.”
what are the hours, how do you conduct
and renters $675
1924-vintage Rosario Candela co-op
and as an amenity that helps
final step on your way to gym-building is
Space: The First Frontier
at 875 West End Avenue at West 103rd
“I think that most prewar and early
isn’t in, does the doorman abandon his
Insurers Work It Out
Street, charges a $300 signup fee and an
postwar buildings have adequate space
post to rush to the gym? … There has to
insurance coverage, Elizabeth Heck,
annual membership of $250 for one per-
in a basement or first-floor area,” says
be protocols in place: who’s responding
president and CEO of Greater New York
“If you want to do it right,” says E. Cooke
son and $150 for each additional person in
Mikel Travisano, Douglas Elliman project
and when and how.”
Insurance, says “insurance carriers don’t
Rand, a co-op board member at a
that apartment.
manager who oversaw the refurbishment
All this makes having a gym sound risky.
view it as a huge exposure if it’s a gym
48-year-old building on East 84th Street
Security, insurance, equipment and
of the gym at London Terrace, the 1930s
But it’s not, says attorney James Samon, a
within a building for
maintenance costs, and needing to devise
complex of more than 1,600 cooperative
partner at Samson
residents’ use and the
rules — all these things are important
units and rental apartments filling the
Fink & Dubow. “It
building is already
block between West 23rd and 24th Streets
increases your risk,
secure. A lot of build-
for any condo
and Ninth and Tenth Avenues. “Those
so does that mean
ings have them now.”
or co-op board.
spaces are designed as utilitarian or com-
you shouldn’t do it?
Do you need to buy separate insurance?
periences have been in terms of potential
And for most
mercial spaces, so they would be easier to
Does that mean you
“If it’s open to the public or if it’s large
problems and potential shortfalls.”
medium and
convert to a gym as opposed to, say, the
shouldn’t wax your
enough that you have it managed by
And then? “With us, it was unanimous
large co-ops
conversion of a residential unit.”
floor or build a roof terrace? You have
someone other than the building, then the
among the board members that this was
and condos, they are totally surmount-
The two biggest issues facing any space
the same concerns with a laundry room,
company managing it would carry its own
something that could be an enhancement.
able, according to attorneys, project
you choose are noise and vibration. “You
and no one thinks twice about having a
insurance. Otherwise it’s no different than
It’s turned out to be an excellent decision.” »
managers, board members and fitness
have to put down a lot of protective pad-
laundry room.”
other rooms within the building, which are
As for
yourself. It’s a public space in a private
“It’s no different than other
rooms within the building,
which are covered by
the building’s insurance.”
that retrofitted a gym a decade ago, “you have to think it
through, go around to look
at other gyms, talk to other
boards to see what their ex-
Warranty Tips
lem. If parts are needed, they are shipped overnight or 2nd day.
With such a vast array of
equipment manufacturers
and product lines, purchasing new fitness equipment
can be overwhelming and
even make your head spin.
Gym Tech Service wants to
help clarify the differences
in warranty coverage, part
replacement, labor and
turn-around time amongst
the major equipment manufacturers.
Warranty: 2 Years on Electrical Components, 1 Year for Limited
Mechanical Components & Labor
Turn-Around Time: Up to 1 week for an initial diagnosis unless
the issue is reported directly to Gym Tech. Parts are shipped 2nd
What Happens When Your Warranty Expires?
Warranty: 3 Years Parts & 1 Year Labor (excludes iPod and headphone jacks)
Turn-Around Time: Up to 1 week for an initial diagnosis unless
the issue is reported directly to Gym Tech. Part shipments vary
depending on the part. Most parts ship overnight or 2nd day.
On average, most manufacturer warranties will only cover
certain parts of your equipment. The longest warranties usually
cover parts and functions that rarely ever breakdown or require
service. The most important warranties to look at from a manufacturer are the parts and labor coverages.
Warranty: 2 Years Parts & 1 Year Labor (excludes iPod and headphone jacks)
Turn-Around Time: Depending on who Star Trac uses for their
warranty claim, timing can vary. Issues reported to Gym Tech
are handled within 24 hours. Parts are shipped mostly ground.
A very important aspect of a manufacturer’s warranty coverage
that rarely is ever published is their service turn-around. Service
turn-around is the amount of time it takes from an issue being
reported to the service being performed. Below is a comparison
chart from our experience that shows that not all manufacturers
are created equally.
Warranty: 3 Years Parts & Labor (excludes iPod and headphone jacks)
Turn-Around Time: Works almost exclusively with Gym Source.
Warranty issues for diagnostics are on average 1 week or longer.
A return visit takes an additional week or more.
Warranty & Turn-Around Comparison
Warranty: 3 Years Parts & Labor (excludes iPod and headphone jacks)
Turn-Around Time: 24 hours from the time you report a prob-
Warranty: 5 Years Parts, 2 Years Labor, 1 Year for Deck/Belt, and
3 Years Parts & 1 Year Labor for Touchscreen
Turn-Around Time: Works with another service provider in the
Tri-State area. They usually respond within 3 business days, but
can take longer on occasion. Parts are shipped ground.
Warranty: 2 Years Parts & 1 Year Labor (excludes iPod and headphone jacks)
Turn-Around Time: Works with another service provider in the
Tri-State area. They usually respond within 3 business days. Parts
are shipped ground.
One thing that every consumer knows is, out-of-warranty parts
are expensive. Most manufacturer out-of-warranty parts are in
the same price range. Cybex and Precor, however; provide parts,
including most of their electronic boards, that are so expensive
that replacing the unit entirely becomes more cost effective. A
standard battery for most manufactures will be less than $45
while a Precor battery can be well over $100. Make sure to research the price range for replacement parts before investing in
equipment from a certain manufacturer.
Trade-In & Equipment Disposal
When it comes time to purchasing or upgrading your new
equipment from a dealer, a great tip that we have learned from
our experience is to trade-in your used equipment. If your used
equipment retains any market value, ask the dealer if they can
buy your used equipment from you, in order to get a sales tax
advantage off of your new equipment invoice. If your used
equipment has no monetary value, the dealer should still be
able to help you dispose of your old equipment in your facility.
Speak to other fitness equipment owners, representatives, and
most importantly make sure to do you own research. The time
you spend now, saves you time and money later.»
Leave the hassle to the professionals...
Gym Tech offers the only “set it and forget it”
fitness center option in the Tri-State area.
We have options available for a full three years of complete no-worry fitness center operation by offering equipment,
support a 3 year parts and labor warranty and provide 3 years of regularly scheduled preventative maintenance visits. If
your building does not have a fitness center and would like to set one up, this would be the best option for you. If you
currently have a fitness center, we can either replace the equipment and offer you an entire package or we can simply
provide you preventative maintenance services to prolong the lifespan of your existing equipment.
What benefits come with being part of our family of satisfied customers?
1 Extensive Network of business relationships throughout the
fitness industry. Connections with equipment manufacturers and
others in the industry allow us to offer discounted pricing to the
people that we work with.
2 Personal attention and availability. We personally work with our
clients to find the right mix of equipment for their specific needs. We
respond to our customers promptly and are very easy to contact and
speak with.
3 Years in the business. Over the many years of helping so many
gym owners with fitness equipment services, we have developed
a strong understanding of what works and what doesn’t. You can
rely on our industry experience to help guide you and your fitness
4 Long-term commitment to our clients. We work to develop
and maintain a long-term relationship with our clients.
Hassle-Free Center
Jersey City, NJ
Metropolis Towers
recently chose Gym
Tech Fitness Service’s
Hassle-Free Fitness
Center. Gym Tech
designed the fitness
center, supplied and
installed the equipment and rubber flooring. Gym Tech had supervisors on-site for inspection
during the construction and installation of each
step of the process.
Metropolis Towers also received 3 years of preventative maintenance at no additional charge,
as well as an unparalleled 3 years parts and
labor warranty on all of their newly installed
Thanks to Gym Tech, Metropolis Towers can
enjoy their fitness center for the next 3 years
without a worry or hassle.
Want to open a HassleFree Fitness Center?
Visit us at
Need information sooner?
Call us Toll-Free at 866-GYM-TECH
for a year with any purchase or
upgrade to a fitness center
Valid April 25th to July 25th, 2013
Spring Specials
Spring Specials
Don’t miss our Spring Specials for this issue.
Top quality equipment requires top quality service!
Log onto or Call 866-GYM-TECH to order.
What is Preventative Maintenance?
How will it benefit my facility?
It is designed to keep your fitness equipment working safely
and efficiently and limits the frequency of repairs through regular maintenance, calibration, lubrication and inspections. It is a
misconception that since your equipment is under a warranty,
maintenance is not required. The best analogy is your vehicle.
Although the vehicle is under warranty, regular maintenance
such as: oil changes, tire rotations, alignments, tune ups, etc.
are still necessary. All equipment has a manufacturer suggested
Preventative Maintenance Schedule which should be performed from the day you receive your equipment.
You will find that regular servicing of
your equipment pays for itself!
• No more “Out-of-Order” signs.
• Lower repair costs on older equipment.
• Equipment lifespan is greatly increased.
• Create a safe workout environment limiting potential liability.
• Higher client retention.
• Greater return on investment!
During each preventative maintenance visit, ALL equipment covered under the agreement will be inspected for safety, thoroughly cleaned in the interior as well as
the exterior, lubricated and adjusted according to manufacturer’s specifications. Upon the completion of your visit we will complete a Fitness Equipment Preventative
Maintenance Checklist that will indicate any need for repairs that were discovered to avoid any down time in your facility.
Matrix T7Xi Treadmill
Run Y
our W
ay to
The M
T7Xi T
For more information on the
Matrix T7Xi Treadmill and to view
more of Matrix’s equipment visit
If you would like to hear from a sales
representative feel free to e-mail
have a clear goal: To make
commercial grade equip-
• Vista Clear Television Technology. The most vibrant picture
quality in the industry.
• Custom app interface designed
specifically for fitness. Offers users
easy access to social media and
web content
• Compatible with iPod, as well
as other popular smartphones
and tablets for video and audio
industry standards in the process.
Well, they’ve done just that. But that’s just
product they immediately start asking ‘How
can we make it better? Perhaps that’s why their
machines attract more attention and require less
maintenance than anything the competition has
to offer.
19” class projective capacitive touchscreen LCD
Display Feedback
Time, Distance (Kilometers or Miles), Calories,
Calories per Hour, Speed, Incline, Pace, Heart
Rate, METs, Watts, HD Dynamic Profile Display
Intuitive App Interface
Built exclusively for fitness,
this true app interface creates
a more refined, exercisefriendly experience while
offering users easy access
to social media and web
Device Connectivity
Works with iPod players,
and most smartphones and
tablets for video and audio
playback, charging and
on-screen playlist selection.
English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch,
Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Swedish,
Finnish, Russian, Arabic
Manual, Rolling Hills, Fat Burn, 5k, Target HR,
Gerkin Protocol, Calorie Goal, Distance Goal,
Time Goal, Army PFT, Navy PRT, Marine PFT, Air
Force PRT, Physical Efficiency Battery (PEB)
Multimedia Playback
Yes - Compatible with most tablet and smartphone systems.
This is especially seen in Matrix Fitness’s
wonderful take on the next generation treadmill.
Deck Type
Ultimate hard-wax reversible 1” deck
The Matrix T7Xi Treadmill is everything you
Belt Type
Habasit, 2-ply commercial grade
would want in a commercial grade treadmill sys-
Running Area
152 x 56 cm / 60” x 22”
Step-on Height
24 cm / 9.5”
Cushion System
Ultimate Deck™ cushioning system
tem; from the technologically advanced impact
absorption system to the FitTouch™ touchscreen
• Integrated 3-speed personal fan.
interface, this treadmill is loaded with features
• Integrated wireless data transmitter for use with Asset Management
that will separate your facility from the masses.
• Compatible with immersing
Virtual Active programming.
Display Type
ment that stands out, rises above, and sets new
the beginning... Each time they introduce a new
• Integrated 19” capacitive touchscreen with FitTouch Technology.
people at Matrix Fitness
What sets the Matrix T7Xi Treadmill apart
from the leading treadmill machines is the combination of beauty, technology and engineering.
FitTouch™ Technology
Featured on our T1xe, T3xe,
7xe and 7xi consoles, this
touchscreen interface inspires
users of all levels and offers
intuitive operation.
Vista Clear™ Television
Our Vista Clear™ Television
Technology delivers the
most crisp and vibrant digital
display available.
Power Requirements
20-amp dedicated circuit requirement
Maximum User Weight
400 Lbs.
399 Lbs.
NEMA 5-20R 120V
Matrix 5.0 hp AC Dynamic Response Drive
• Ultimate Deck System for superior performance and durability.
The huge 19” LCD touch screen with Vista Clear
• Speed and incline adjustments
on the crossbar keeps controls
within easy reach.
television technology delivers the most crisp
Electrical Plug
and vibrant picture available in fitness equip-
Drive System
• 5.0 hp Dynamic Response
Drive System with lifetime motor
ment. The T7Xi’s engineers had technology and
maintenance in mind when they dreamed up this
treadmill. With WiFi connectivity for use with the
custom designed application interface and Matrix Asset Management System, makes the T7Xi a
winner in our book. »
Ultimate Deck™ System
Our impact absorption system provides the ultimate feel
for all users, and offers over
25,000 miles of maintenancefree performance.
Asset Management
The industry’s most comprehensive system empowers
you with new features, such
as a customized facility calendar, online service portal,
multiple facility management
and more.
7 Years
Drive Motor
Parts & Labor
3 Years CAP
Wear Items
90 days parts
Visit our booth at the NJ Cooperator’s Expo!
Wednesday, May 1, 2013
From 10:00AM to 4:30PM
Meadowlands Exposition Center
355 Plaza Drive, Secaucus, NJ
The New Jersey Cooperator’s Condo, HOA, Co-op & Apartment
Management Expo is the premier real estate trade show in the New
Jersey area featuring over 180 exhibitors offering services in building management, maintenance, insurance, security, energy and
many others. Attend educational seminars and get your questions
News, Articles, Discussions and Help!
Join us on Facebook today at
Say Goodbye to “Out of Order”
Say Hello to Gym Tech
The Premier Provider of Fitness Equipment Services
Throughout the New York Tri-State Area.
Preventative Maintenance
Our preventative maintenance program is designed to keep your equipment working
safely and efficiently and to limit the frequency of repairs through regular maintenance.
Gym Tech is a fitness equipment service company that focuses on
repairs and preventative maintenance. We offer a high level of service
by offering a guaranteed 24-hour response time for repairs and an
unparalleled preventative maintenance program. Our maintenance
program goes beyond the manufacturer suggested maintenance
schedule and therefore increases the life-span of your equipment!
Repair Services
We are the most acclaimed fitness equipment service provider in the industry. Our
commitment to superior service is demonstrated with every customer, every call, every
Rest Assured
You can rest assured that Gym Tech has THE BEST insurance coverage in the business.
We make sure that all of our insurance companies have an A or better rating.
Many Other Services
Not only does Gym Tech lead in preventative maintenance and repairs, we also provide
many other services such as: Delivery & Installation, Gym Layout & Design, Equipment
Consulting & Sales, and Fitness Center Business Consulting Services.
Issue 2 Volume 3 | April 2013
The Spotter
Gym Tech Fitness Service, LLC.
116-28 Myrtle Avenue.
Richmond Hill, NY 11418
Toll-Free: 866-GYM-TECH
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