Turner Designs C6 Quick Start Guide

Turner Designs C6 Quick Start Guide
(For model 2200-000)
Congratulations on your new C6 Multi-Sensor Platform. We are committed to customer satisfaction. If you need assistance, technical
specialists are available to answer you questions at 408-749-0994 or toll-free at 877-316-8049. This is a Quick Start Guide to help you set
up the C6 Multi-Sensor Platform so you can start collecting data as quickly as possible.
Cyclops-7 Installation
1. Place the fastener on one of the Cyclops-7 ports of the
C6 Multi-Sensor Platform and rotate to tighten. Make
sure to not over tighten.
1. Connect the serial connector end (A) of the interface cable
to the serial port on your computer.
2. Align the 6-pin male end of the Cyclops-7 sensor with
the C6 Multi-Sensor Platform port and fastener.
2. Connect the C6 Multi-Sensor Platform to the 8-pin interface
cable (B).
3. Hold the Cyclops-7 in place and rotate the remaining
ring to tighten. This will lock the Cyclops-7 into
3. Connect the interface power source pin (C) to the 12 V power
supply (D).
*If your computer does not have a serial port use a USB adapter
4. There must be power supplied from the 12 V power supply in
order to activate the C6 Multi-Sensor Platform.
4. Follow the same installation instructions for the
remaining Cyclops-7 sensors.
5. Open the C6 Multi-Sensor Platform software by double clicking
on the C6 icon.
5. Insert a 6-pin male plug into any unused port on the
C6 Multi-Sensor Platform.
6. If the connect icon, located in the upper corner of the C6
software screen, is not green disconnect and reconnect power.
*The center port is for the mechanical wiper only
6-pin Plug
Interface Cable
1. Insert the C6 Multi-Sensor Platform CD into your computer.
12 V Power Supply
2. Open the C-Soft Software folder and double click on the setup icon.
*The C6 Multi-Sensor Platform is now ready to configure,
calibrate, and initiate logging.
3. The software will automatically be installed in the PC
Program Files\C-Soft folder unless user selects alternate location.
4. There will be a prompt to restart your computer.
Rev. 1.1
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