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User Interfaces
lighting the way forward
The most commonly used interfaces in a
The modular panel range consists of LCD,
lighting control system are the control panels.
pushbutton, rotary and slider options. Each
They are often the only part of the dimming
module is fitted with indicator LED’s to show
system that the end user regularly sees. With a
the user which button was previously pressed.
range of decorative face plates, Helvar provides
Modules are also fitted with an infrared
panels to suit every décor and scenario. The
receiver (IR), capable of receiving the standard
panels allow the user to control the system by
RC5 IR codes. The modules are supplied
recalling scenes at the touch of a button. There
preprogrammed, so they work out of the box
are various ways of interfacing with your lighting
and are easily reconfigured to suit end user
control system…
Single gang control panels include modules
selected from the standard module range.
Double gang control panels are also available
and can contain up to three standard control
modules. It is possible to have any configuration
of modules on a double gang panel, making it
suitable for various applications. Modules are
coupled together with a face plate to offer a
wide range of finished panel options.
Single slider
Double slider
Modular Control Panels
Satin White Plastic:
Polished Brass:
Satin Stainless Steel:
Stainless Steel + Grey insert:
Standard panel finishes
The modular panel face plate is based on the very popular Wandsworth
series 3 range. The standard finishes are Satin White Plastic, Polished
Brass, Brushed Stainless Steel, or Satin Stainless Steel with a Grey
plastic insert.
Helvar’s modular panel range allows every module type to be ordered in
any finish, in either single gang or double gang formats.
Standard panel order codes:
To order any of the standard panels below, in white, brass stainless
steel or stainless steel with grey insert, it is only necessary to quote the
module + finish numbers as illustrated in the example to the right:
2.module 3.module
The single and double gang control panels fit into standard UK and most
European back boxes. The panel face plates dimensions are as shown:
( ) = Metal Finish Panel Dimensions
4 scene + Off
4 scene + Off +
7 scene + Off
Specially Engineered Panels
Customer specific panels
Helvar also offers its customers the option of
using their own choice of switches to operate
our digital lighting control system. By using the
mini input unit (444) which sits in the switch plate
Helvar can engineer and manufacture plates
back box, the electrician can connect a customer
in different shapes and styles. This allows
selected momentary or latching switches to the
our panels to suit architectural requirements
Helvar system. These can then be programmed
or match other electrical accessories used.
to recall the required lighting scene making the
Panels can be manufactured to fit into space
switches true system components. Multiple
restricted locations such as architraves or
mini input units can be used on a single system.
designated spaces in existing paneling. Larger
This allows the customer to retain existing user
panels can be manufactured to replace an
interfaces or select any specific switch plate
existing control panel or switch plate of a larger
they choose.
Custom User Interfaces...
With the increasing need to provide added value to a new build
or major refurbishment project, many developers are looking
towards home automation to distinguish a property. This provides
possibility for easy cable installation and full integration of control
panels. Helvar can offer a range of custom panel solutions in this
4 & 8 Scene + Modifier Panels
The 935-939 panels are DALI compatible user interfaces that allow
the selection of scenes. The panels are fitted with illuminated buttons
providing a visual indication of the selected scene. Scene identification
labels are illuminated for greater user convenience.
• Suitable for use with DIGIDIM and IMAGINE Lighting Routers,
TouchPanels and DIGIDIM4.
• Supplied with pre-printed scene identification labels.
• Mounting plate can be fitted directly to all standard European single or
double gang back-boxes, using two M3.5 screws supplied.
• The panel is fitted with an infrared receiver for use with the hand held
remote (303).
Key Features:
• Backlit Elastomeric keypad
939 - 8 scene + modifier
• 4 or 8 scenes with modifier
• Scene label windows
• Tactile feedback
• Low profile surface mounting
• 2 part with mounting frame
• Integral IR receiver
• Powered from DALI (no external supplies)
• Supported by Workshop software
935 - 4 scene + modifier
• Operates using DALI protocol (DALI compatible)
A Touch of Class
Compatible with Helvar’s DIGIDIM and IMAGINE
systems, the TouchPanel can be configured
easily to meet individual customer lighting
control requirements.
A Theme is a combination of Button and
Background styles which produce 5 separate
individual looks for the panel.
The TouchPanel is supplied with a colour
picker allowing up to 65,000 different solid
colour backgrounds, However there are also 5
additional standard themes. Thus the look of
the panel can be tailored to the surroundings or
The TouchPanel (924) is a touch sensitive
65,000 colour LCD screen that can be used for
controlling and programming a Helvar lighting
control system.
The LCD TouchPanel offers Helvar’s renowned
to a specific task.
The default theme for the panel is “Orbit” and
the other selections are shown below but it is
possible to mix & match button and background
styles to create your own themes.
build quality combined with cutting-edge design
TouchPanel customisation...
flair. Key criteria for the consumer market, such
The Touchpanel can be customised to the users
as ease-of-use and installation, have been
specification. Back grounds and button types
fully incorporated. With a full colour 3.5” high
can be uploaded. Company logos, pictures
resolution touch screen the TouchPanel also
of rooms, people or house floor plans can be
offers first-class display quality combined with
uploaded to the touchpanel, making the system
attractive looks that further boost the panels
bespoke and evidently more easily used.
appeal. A range of decorative face plate finishes
are available to suit any modern décor style.
Colour picker
Orbit (Default)
Beach Sunset
TouchPanel Finishes
Satin White (9240)
Polished Brass (9241)
Stainless Steel (9242)
TouchPanel Package
• TouchPanel
• Choice of decorative face plate
• Software CD-Rom
• USB cable
• Double gang UK backbox
• Fixing screws & cable tie
• Installation Instructions
• (Additional Power supply required)
Dimensions (mm)
Winter Scene
Cloudy Sky
TouchPanel Menus
Main Menu
The main menu allows access to configure and edit the following
TouchPanel features and functions:
• Screens
• Set Date & Time
• Scheduled Events
• Set Timezone & Location
• Sequences & Cycles
• Remote control
• Edit Scenes
• Refresh Devices
• Loads
• Backlight Timeout
• Controls
• Calibrate screen
Button Appearance The TouchPanel includes five built-in button styles which can be changed
to suit user requirements by adjusting the following;
• Button Width
• Button Text Color
• Button position
The TouchPanel’s screen wizard allows the buttons to be arrayed in predefined patterns. By default the TouchPanel will show 4 Scenes, Raise/
Lower and Off but this can easily be changed to 2, 4, 8 or up to 12 buttons
per screen.
Edit Button Function
By editing the function of each individual button the TouchPanel can
perform the following commands
• Call a scene (Max, Min, Off)
• Modifier Up
• Modifier Down
• Change Screen
Button Text Editor
The TouchPanel buttons are pre-named but these can be edited to suit
user requirements. The qwerty and numeric keyboard permits upper and
lower case text entry. Buttons can be resized to suit the length of the
entered text.
Back-up & Restore via USB
The TouchPanel allows all of its settings to be backed up and restored,
including copying of settings from one TouchPanel to another.
Sequencing & Cycles
Scene changes can be automatically linked together to form sequences
or cycles. The delay time between scenes can be seperatly set. The
sequence or cycle may be started or stopped by the user from the
scheduler or by an external control.
Password Protection
A user defined password must be supplied in order to edit the TouchPanel’s
setup. This prevents the possibility of accidental or malicious changes
occurring. There is also a cleaning function disabling the panel for 20
seconds (by default) allowing the screen to be cleaned without disturbing
any of the programming or effecting any of the light levels.
TouchPanel Scheduler
The TouchPanel Scheduler allows automation of the lighting by triggering
scenes or linking to screens at regular daily or weekly intervals. The
TouchPanel can even schedule events relative to dawn and dusk.This
is particularly useful for security purposes allowing events to occur at
specific times of the day and night even when you are on holiday.
Set Time & Date
During the TouchPanel power-up both the time and date must be entered.
Both time and date are required for triggering timed events which are
programmed using Touchpanels onboard scheduler. The time can be
displayed on any of the screens and is updated every minute.
Time Zone & Location
The Touchpanel can be adjusted to different time zones and also take in
to account daylight savings by utilizing the built in astronomical timeclock.
This ensures that manual adjustment to time sensitive programming is not
Remote Control
The Infra-Red Remote Control (303) is a fully DIGIDIM compatible unit for
use in either DIGIDIM and IMAGINE lighting control systems. All DIGIDIM
control panels and multi-sensor units are fitted with an IR receiver that
allow them to be used in conjunction with the remote control unit.
The remote control unit is fitted with seven buttons that can be used to
control basic system functions such as on/off, raising and lowering the
general light level and the selection of four scenes. The seven buttons
can also be used in various combinations to provide basic programming
functions. This includes creating and adding to groups and setting pre-set
levels or scenes.
• On/off button
• Raise (modifier button)
• Lower (modifier button)
• Four scene recall buttons
The DIGIDIM Multisensor (312) provides energy saving functions when used
in a DALI system. It contains a light sensor, a passive infra-red presence
detector (PIR) and an infra-red receiver that allows the Multisensor to be
operated by the hand held DIGIDIM remote controller. The PIR enables the
system to detect when a room is occupied and the light sensor measures the
level of ambient light available. The infra-red receiver and DIGIDIM remote
controller allow the room occupants to set the required light levels and to
carry out basic system programming. The multisensor is designed to push fit
into a ceiling or luminaire housing.
• Presence detection
• Programmable constant light control for maximum energy efficiency.
• Complete control using the hand held remote.
Input Units
Mini Input Unit (444)
Allows the connection of customer specified switches (latching or momentary), time
clocks or other on/off control devices to be incorporated into a DIGIDIM system
No of Input Channels
Cable Length
Product Dimensions
30mm x 20mm x 10mm
Note: Cable length must not be increased.
Input Unit (440)
Allows the connection of customer specified switches (latching or momentary), time
clocks or other on/off control devices to be incorporated into a DIGIDIM system.
No of input channels
Cable length
50m (max)
Product Dimensions
70mm x 90mm x 58mm
Imagine Input unit (942)
The IMAGINE input unit is an interface designed to allow customer specified
switches, sensors, timeclocks or other on/off control devices to be incorporated
into an IMAGINE lighting control system. The input unit also accepts inputs from
1-10V analogue devices
No of input channels
4 Volt free inputs 1-10V / Volt free inputs
4 configurable analogue
Product Dimensions
70mm x 90mm x 58mm
Who are Helvar?
Helvar develops, manufactures, and markets ballasts and lighting
electronics for the luminaire industry and other customers specialising
in lighting.
Helvar has a long tradition as a forerunner in its field, and always utilises
the latest technology to ensure that its products are of high quality,
have first-class technical properties and conform to local regulations.
Helvar focuses on controllable and non-controllable electronic ballasts,
lighting control products and magnetic ballasts, thus offering its
customers a tailored products and solution portfolio.
Helvar has its headquarters and ballast competence centre in Karkkila,
Finland. The lighting control system competence centre is located in
London, England. Helvar has it’s own sales offices and representatives
all over the world.
Head Office
United Kingdom
Helvar Ltd
Hawley Mill
Hawley Road
Kent, DA2 7SY
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)1322 222211
Fax: +44 (0)1322 282216
Helvar AB
Åsögatan 155
SE-11632 Stockholm
Tel: +46 (0) 8 545 239 70
Fax: +46 (0) 8 22 31 81
Helvar Bureau France
12 Allée Joséphine de Beauharnais
FR-95320 Saint-Leu-la-Forêt
Tel: +33 1 3418 1281
Fax: +33 1 3418 0880
Helvar S.r.l.
Via W-Tobagi 26/1
IT - 20068 Peschiera Borromeo (MI)
Tel: +39 02 55 30 10 33
Fax: +39 02 55 30 10 32
Helvar GmbH
Carl-Zeiss-Strasse 12
DE - 63322 Rödermark
Tel: +49 6074 92090
Fax: +49 6074 920923
Helvar Kft.
Lomb u. 31/b.
HU-1139 Budapest
Tel: +36 1 2393 136
Fax: +36 1 2393 145
ISO9001:2000 Registered
Visit our website: www.helvar.com
Due to a policy of continuous improvement, Helvar reserve the right to alter specifications without notice at anytime.
REF 13 116A English
Helvar Oy Ab
Yrittäjäntie 23
FI - 03600 Karkkila
Tel: +358 9 5654 1
Fax: +358 9 5654 9600
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