Spring Cleanup

Spring Cleanup
From time to time we will have a section here
called the “Glitch Corner” to help our customers
with various topics geared around computers.
This month’s topic is Spring Cleanup. Though it
is not really spring yet, now would be a good time
to do some maintenance. What I mean are to run
some of the applications built into Windows and others that are no cost.
1. Temporary internet files are first on my list. Every web site you go to leaves, copies of
the site on your computer. Most of the new browsers have an option to delete these when
you exit. How to find it in Explorer: Tools > Internet Options > Check the box “delete
browsing history on exit” (if there is no check box, it is time to upgrade your browser).
2. Disk Cleanup is the next item that is built into Windows. To get to it, Start > All
Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup. Usually it will ask to do c: and
possibly all users. When it comes up there is an advanced tab or cleanup system files.
Check it and then check all the items in the open box.
3. Then Defrag. Many people remember defrag from the Windows 95 or 98 days where
you had to do this once a month. You can get away with it about once a year. In fact
Windows Vista will automatically defrag on a schedule.
4. Now for a “free” program to help get even more stuff:
http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner Be sure to use this link, there are spyware imitations out
there. Click on download and choose, download from piriform. I usually do not have it check for
updates, or show me the latest information about the product, so uncheck those boxes during the
install. There are 2 basic functions to this application. Run the cleaner and analyze the registry. I
run both till it does not find anything more then exit the program.
In the shop, often times I will manually go into the hidden temp folders in various
locations on the hard drive. These locations depend on what operating system you are
running. If all of this seems like too much of a bother, bring it in and we can do it for
you. All this at very reasonable pricing.
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