H-Series Quickstart Guide
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H-Series Quick Start Guide
White hot/
Black hot
2x zoom
Lens cap
diopter ±2
Power Button – The H-Series camera has 3 power modes: On, Off,
and Standby.
• On - Takes approximately 90 seconds (during bootup there is a
fast-flashing red LED on the eyepiece display).
• Standby - After the camera is on, pressing the Power button will
toggle the camera between On and Standby mode. (In Standby
there is a slow-flashing red LED on the eyepiece display.)
• Off - Push and hold the power button for 8 sec. to turn off.
Capture Button – When enabled, take snapshots (press and
release) or video clips (press and hold) to the SD memory card.
Display Brightness – Toggle through five brightness settings.
White/Black Hot – In White Hot mode, hotter items appear as
white or light grey.
In the Black Hot mode, hotter items appear as black or dark grey.
2× Zoom –When enabled, causes the image to zoom to 2X.
Diopter Controls – The diopter adjustment knob allows a ±2
diopter range.
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Installing the Batteries and SD Card
The batteries must be installed and charged before using your
camera. Install your SD card.
1. Remove the small SD card
No tools are required.
2. Install the SD card.
Grasp SD card
cover edges
and pull
3. Loosen the four captive screws
securing the battery cover.
4. Pry off the battery cover by
grasping the front edge where the
SD card cover was removed.
5. Install the batteries as shown.
6. Snap the SD card cover back
into place and re-install the battery
cover—it only fits one way.
Charging the Camera
The batteries in the camera must be charged prior to their first
1. Connect the Hot Shoe to your
Plug from power adapter
2. Ensure that the plug is fully
seated in the Hot Shoe.
When charging correctly, the
charging indicator will be lit
yellow and will blink green for one
second within about 35 seconds.
The charging indicator will
continue to blink at decreasing
intervals until the batteries are
fully charged.
When fully charged, the charging
indicator will be lit solid green.
The initial charge time is approximately 4 hours.
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