Creating digital signage presentations to promote your activities

Creating digital signage presentations to promote your activities
Creating digital
signage presentations
Repeat Signage helps you get your message across to
promote your activities. It is easy to use and you can
create a presentation and have it playing in minutes...
When Repeat Software Ltd., UK software
developers of Repeat Signage, looked at
the education and business markets, they
discovered that many customers wanted
to use digital signage software on large
display screens to get their message
across, but without on-going monthly
subscriptions, or being restricted by a
zoned-area template when designing
their presentations.
The ability to update content via a local
network, from a website or remotely over
the Cloud were also important features.
Repeat Signage 2014 Standard Edition
software licence for use on Windows
PCs, lets you create a playlist of different
presentations to be scheduled to play at
various times of the day, week or month.
Even if you only want to display one
presentation, you can have a playlist
of text labels that update at various
times of the day to display messages.
You can also create a playlist of pictures,
and if you need sample pictures then you
can download from a choice of 3,000
from to use in your
Repeat Signage presentations.
You can encourage your students to
learn a new skill - creating digital signage
presentations for use in the reception,
restaurant or library areas. Students
can take photos of open days, events
or their course work and display them
on screen. You can add single pictures
at a time into Repeat Signage, with the
option of adding text over images, or you
can select a number of images and insert
these at the same time into your playlist.
Repeat Software have been amazed at
how inventive some of the presentations
are. For example, in a Devon primary
school, Year 6 pupils are taking pride in
their school by taking photos and creating
signage presentations for their foyer
display screen. They have now extended
the project into this year's teaching
curriculum. Drama and dance studios are
using videos to show the latest dances,
whilst in the media sector, a radio station
is sounding out signage by presenting
a digitised version of their public service
For ideas on using Repeat Signage to
promote your courses, events and school
activities, please see Success Stories.
Repeat Signage trial edition
Download Repeat Signage
Training videos
Two minute video on how to create and
play a presentation
Training videos
Repeat Signage challenge
Send in a screenshot of your digital
signage presentation for a chance to win
Repeat Signage for your school and a set
of earpods for the winning student.
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This example of a Repeat Signage 2014 Standard Edition presentation was
created in less than half an hour, and includes a playlist of Lincoln College
images, with text outlining their available courses. A scrolling text message along
the bottom of the display reminds students and visitors of a forthcoming event.
Our thanks to Lincoln College for use of their images in Repeat Signage screenshots, as demonstrated at their PDC event.
You can insert the following controls in Repeat Signage:
Animated gifs control
Pictures (static or play list) control
Flash banner control
Audio control
Video control (.wmv .mpg)
Flash video control (.flv .swf)
Clock (text based) or date control
Flash clock control
(real-time world time zones)
.PDF / document control
Flash RSS reader control
PowerPoint presentation scheduler control
RTF (rich text formatted) document control
Shape control
Web browser control
Webcam control
Controller control (syncing of text and pictures)
Text label control (transparency features)
Text block control (rich text block)
Streaming media control
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