P/N: C2031
This Diagonal Link is designed to work with the Competition Engineering Magnum Series 4-Link
(P/N: C2028). When properly installed, this link will keep the rear axle housing centered in the chassis
and eliminate excessive side-to-side movement. By eliminating this movement you allow the vehicle to
track straight without excessive driver correction. PROPER INSTALLATION REQUIRES GTAW (TIG)
1) Tube End – LH
1) 4130 Link Tube 36”
1) 1/2” LH Rod End
2) 1/2”-20 x 2-1/4” GR 8 Bolt
1) 1/2”-20 Jam Nut - RH
1) Tube End – RH
2) 5/8” Link Bracket
1) 1/2” RH Rod End
2) 1/2”-20 Locknut
1) 1/2”-20 Jam Nut – LH
1. Install the rear axle housing into the vehicle and square it up under the chassis. It is important to
have the housing at ride height.
2. Loosen and remove the 5/8” front bolt of the lower bar on the driver’s side. Slide the bolt through
the supplied mounting bracket and replace the bolt back into its hole in the 4-link. Do not tighten
the bolt at this time. Repeat this same procedure for the passenger side rear mounting bolt. Both
brackets should be facing towards the inside of the car with the 1/2” holes facing up.
3. Thread the supplied jam nuts onto the 1/2” rod ends leaving approximately five threads showing
between the jam nut and the eye of the rod end. Thread the rod ends into the tube ends.
4. Place the rod end assemblies into the mounting brackets and install the 1/2”-20 bolts. Do not
install the locknuts at this time.
5. With the rear housing square in the chassis, slide the 36” link tube over one of the tube ends so
that it seats against the shoulder on the tube end.
6. Raise the other end of the link tube, aligning it with the opposite tube end. Scribe a line onto the
tube where it lines up with the shoulder on the tube end. This is your cut-off mark.
7. Cut the tube to length and deburr it.
8. Mock up the assembly in place and check for proper fit.
9. With the link tube removed from the vehicle, drill a 3/8” hole through each end of it approximately
1/2” from each end. This hole will be used to plug weld the tube end to the link tube.
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Installation Instructions P/N: C2031 Magnum Series Diagonal Link
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10. Remove the rod ends from the tube ends. Install the tube ends into the link tube and weld
complete including the plug welds. Allow cooling sufficiently before installing.
11. Mount the welded assembly into the link brackets using the supplied 1/2” hardware. Check to see
if the housing is square in the chassis. Adjust as necessary. Tighten all jam nuts.
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