datasheet for 6275 by Pomona Electronics

datasheet for 6275 by Pomona Electronics
Model 6341, 6342, 6275
Replaceable Tip Precision Electronic Probe
Standard Sheathed Banana Plug
Nominal .166" (4,21mm)
 Miniature probe is the perfect size for probing
tiny, high-density circuits.
 Gold plated pogo pin tip keeps constant
pressure on test point for consistent readings.
 Replaceable probe tips.
 Safety design complies with all the latest
 Flexible Silicone insulated wire resists burning.
 Wear indication with double insulated (dual
extruded) silicone leads shows black inner layer
for increased safety
Probe Body: Insulation - Gray Santoprene®
Rubber over Polypropylene.
Right Angle Sheath Banana Plug:
Plug Body: Nickel Plated Brass.
Banana Plug Spring: Nickel Plated Beryllium
Insulation: Santoprene®
Wire: 20 AWG, gray silicon rubber 0.089 (2,26mm)
Probe Tips: Gold plated or Stainless Steel
Operating Voltage: IEC 61010-031 CAT II 1000 Vrms Max. For CE compliance: The 3” (76,19mm) Long Sharp Point
Stainless Steel Tip is not intended for hand-held use at voltage above 30 Vrms/42.4Vpk/60Vdc.
Current: 3 Amperes
Model: 6341
(one red probe, one black probe with a set of all tip styles)
Model: 6342
(one red probe, one black probe with model 6210 sharp point gold pogo pin tips)
Model: 6275
(one red probe, one black probe with model 6213 sharp point stainless steel tips)
Model: 6354
(replacement tips only, set of all tips)
Sales: 800-490-2361
Technical Support: [email protected]
Fax: 425-446-5844
Europe: 31-(0) 40 2675 150 International: 425-446-5500
Where to Buy:
All dimensions are in inches. Tolerances (except noted): .xx = ±.02” (,51 mm),
.xxx = ± .005” (,127 mm). All specifications are to the latest revisions.
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D1094722, D1094672, D1094674 Rev. 101
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