Multi-Port MFP Print Server Quick Installation Guide V1.0

Multi-Port MFP Print Server  Quick Installation Guide V1.0
Multi-Port MFP Print Server
Quick Installation Guide
Before you start, you should prepare the following items:
One Windows-based computer with print server setup CD
One printer
One printer cable
Hardware Installation
1. Turn off the printer’s power.
2. Connect the print server to your printer with printer cable.
3. Turn the printer’s power on.
4. Plug the AC power adapter into the power connector on the print server.
5. Wait 10 seconds until all the LEDs have stopped flashing.
Note: The Status LED should be flash five times when POST. If not, please contact your
local dealer for repair or replacement.
Network Environment
Print Server
Software Installation
The PSAdmin and MS utility is a proprietary Windows-based management program that can
assist you in configuring and managing your print server. You can install PSAdmin and MS
utility into your computer from the setup CD of print server.
Installing the PSAdmin
1. To enable network communication with print server, your computer must have a proper
IP address, e.g. (the print server’s default IP is
2. Insert the setup CD into your CD-drive, and the following message appears.
For setup wizard under Windows Vista/7, you have to choose the Run as administrator by
right-click the icon on desktop.
3. And then click Setup Wizard, the following screen will be displayed. Click PSAdmin
button to install print server utility.
Click Next, the wizard will automatically discover the print server.
5. From the Select A Print Sever screen, select the print server and its port number that
you want to configure and click Next.
6. On the Change Settings screen, select No or Yes:
Click No if you want the print server to keep using the default IP address and keep the
default settings:
z IP address:
z Subnet Mask:
Click Yes if you want change IP address to the print server, and then click Next.
The IP address of print server must be within the same subnet as your network adapter.
7. In the setup wizard, select an already configured printer from the list, click Next, Next
and then Finish to complete the installation.
Select Add New Printer if the print server is connected to a printer that hasn’t been
installed before and does not appear in the list.
8. Click Add New Printer to launch Windows Add Printer Wizard.
9. Click Next and select Local Printer, make sure the Automatically detect and install
my Plug and Play printer check box is NOT checked. Then click Next.
10. Make sure the Use the following port radio-button is clicked and select LPT1:
(recommended Printer Port) from the pull-down list. Then click Next.
11. Select Manufacturer and Printer from the lists of printer’s driver. Then click Next.
12. If you already have the printer’s driver installed, you will be asked whether to keep it or to
replace it. Click Next. Supply a name for the printer and choose whether you want to
make it your default printer. Then click Next.
13. Then, choose whether you want to share the printer with other network user, print a test
page (please select No.), etc. Select the appropriate radio-button and click Next and
14. In the setup wizard, finish the installation by highlighting the installed printer in the
Select a Printer list and click Next, NEXT -> Finish.
15. From Windows system, go to start -> Printers and Faxes and highlight your newly
installed printer.
16. Right-click, select Properties -> Ports and verify that the print server’s port appears.
17. Go to General; click Print Test Page to verify the configuration.
18. Done.
If you want to install more print servers, start setup wizard from your Windows Start menu:
start -> All Programs -> Network Print Server -> PSWizard and repeat the installation
Installing the MS utility
Before you start, please make sure that your USB port mode of print server is being changed
to USB over IP mode.
1. Enter the IP address of the print server as the URL. (the print server’s default IP is
2. Click Setup and then select Printer button.
3. Choose USB over IP mode option, then Click Save & Restart. It as shown in the
following figure.
1. Insert the setup CD into your CD-drive, and then click Setup Wizard, the following
screen will be displayed. Click MS utility button to install print server utility.
2. Click Next to start installation wizard.
3. If you want to change installation path, please click Change button, or click Next to
4. And then the installation wizard will start the installation process.
5. When the installation completed, click Finish to close the installation wizard.
6. You will see a new icon on your desktop. Double-click the icon and it will bring up the MS
7. The setup utility will show up and display all the active print server on your network. In
this screen, you will see the product listed as “3P_MFPServ004001 –”. The
“004001” is the last 6 digits of the print server’s MAC address, and the “” is
the print server’s IP address.
Note: The MS utility only supports Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7.
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