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Please follow the instructions below for the proper installation of your
Sidekick Amas. It is important to follow every step to make sure that you
do not put any unnecessary holes in your kayak.
1. Determine location: Remove the rubber ‘well nuts’ from the mounting
hardware. Position the lower mounts so their flat bottoms sit firmly on the
kayak and the mounting holes are fairly centered over the rails. Place the
center crossbar into the lower mounts to check for proper alignment.
Before you put any holes in your boat, a very important first step is to determine where to place the Sidekick on
your kayak. The mount is intended to be placed behind the seat. The best and strongest location for the screws
to pass through are along the rails of the boat. Other thing to consider when locating your mount hardware are
objects you typically put in the cargo area and how they may interfere. Be sure not to install the mount too
close to the seatback to prevent the crossbar from interfering with your comfort. If the Hobie Livewell or any
other bait tank is used you may need to move the Sidekick back behind your gear. Check that the mounts do
not interfere with the float height adjustment hole locations
near the ends of the centerbar.
2. Drilling Sidekick Mounting Holes: Once you have the
Sidekick mount sitting in the desired location, use a marker
and place 4 dots through the holes as drilling guides. Take
the mounts off the boat and carefully drill using a 3/8” bit.
NOTE: it is very important to use the proper sized drill
bit. An oversized hole will not allow the expanding nuts a
proper fit.
3. Fastening your Mount to the Hull: The 1” long rubber ‘well nuts’ allow you to securely fasten the
Sidekick to you hull without having to reach inside the kayak to position backing washers and nuts. Start by
pressing the black well nuts into the holes that you drilled (should be a tight fit).
Place the lower mounts onto the well nuts, place the center tube onto the lower mounts. Place the upper ‘U’
mounts over the tube. Insert the screws. Start to thread each of the screws into the well nuts before you fully
tighten then all down. It will take quite a few turns to get them tight. As you turn the screws, a brass nut pulls
up inside the kayak and causes the rubber around the nut to expand and pull against the inside of the hull.
Tighten to a snug fit, but do not use excessive force as this can damage the well nut. Once all the screws are
tight, the mount will be very secure and water tight.
You can now attach the left and right arms. Then slide the floats
onto the arm ends and pin into place. Remove the top vent cap
and inflate the float by blowing into the one-way valve. To
deflate, remove the lower cap.
There are three positions for the floats. You can loosen the well
nuts to make fine adjustments to the depth by turning the center
tube. Retighten the well nuts after making any adjustments.
Dealer 1(800)HOBIE-49
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