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www.laseralert.com  Blackspot Interactive Limited, Silverstone, Northants, England NN12 8UP
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Blackspot Interactive Limited, Silverstone, Northants, England NN12 8UP
Fitting Guide
How mobile Laser Traps operate.
Police Laser Guns work by firing a pulsed
beam of light at a vehicle which then
measures the time taken for it to return,
this can take as little as a third of a second.
The beam is very narrow, this allows the
enforcement officer to be very precise in
which vehicle they want to target. From a
motorway bridge any vehicle in a line of
traffic could be targeted.The beam fired
from the gun is of a conical shape, the
further away from the gun, the wider the
beam.This causes great problems when
fitting a Laser detector to a vehicle,
as complete coverage is very difficult to
achieve at short range, with only one sensor.
(Auxiliary number plate sensor available
separately – please contact us for details).
How the enforcement officer
chooses which vehicles to target.
Even though the police have all the high tech
equipment for measuring and recording the
speeds of motorists, it is down to the officer
using the equipment to choose which
vehicle to target. A lot of people believe that
the police are checking every vehicle as they
go by, this is not the case. Guidelines state
that an officer can only measure the speed
of a vehicle that they believe to be
exceeding the posted limit.This is often why
a driver with a Laser detector fitted may
see a gun or van nearby, but will not
get a warning alarm as they drive by.
The majority of the time they are targeting
the number plate of the vehicle as this is
normally vertical to the road, but any part of
the vehicle could be used.
Where is the best place to
mount a Laser detector?
Tests with Speed Enforcement teams have
shown that the most effective place for
mounting a single detector is low down on
the front windscreen. Above 200 metres this
has proved to warn every time the vehicle
was targeted. (tested with a standard saloon
car). If the Laser gun is targeting your
number plate at less than 200 metres it is
likely that a dashboard mounted LASER
ALERT WILL NOT detect the signal.
At 200 metres the beam of the Laser can
be as little as 200 mm.
associated items should be attached to, or
placed near the airbag module. All wiring
must be tucked away as not to interfere
with any of the vehicle’s controls.
Note The directors of Blackspot
Interactive Ltd. sell LASER ALERT as a road
safety enhancement device. Driving within
the speed limits at all times and within the
limitations of the road conditions and your
abilities is paramount.The directors of
Blackspot Interactive Ltd. take no
responsibility for the use of LASER ALERT
for other purposes than those stipulated.
Warning Modes
When picking up a signal from the front –
The Front LED will stay on and Rear and
Aux will toggle.
From the rear – The Rear LED will stay on
and Front and Aux will toggle.
From the Auxiliary sensor – The Aux LED
will stay on and Front and Rear will toggle.
Technical Specifications
Detection Range– 2 Km
Power Supply – 12VDC
Display Type – Ultra Bright LED Indicators
Dimensions – 30mm x 105mm x 53mm
Cable Length – 2.5 metres
Fuse Rating – 3A
One Year Warranty
Your unit is
guaranteed for one year from date of
purchase from all defects that occur with
normal use. If your unit fails to perform as
specified in these instructions, please return
using registered post directly to Blackspot
Interactive Ltd. with the following:
1.The problem you are encountering
2. Proof of purchase
3. Date of purchase
4. A contact telephone number and address
Blackspot Interactive Ltd. is not liable for
any incidental or consequential damages
from the use, misuse, or mounting of
Targetting the front windscreen
r plate
g the n
150 M
1 KM
Medium to long range
Short Range
This highlights the difficulties of short range detection.The beam is very
narrow and with a single sensor it is not possible to cover both scenarios.
Long Range
At long range it is not possible to choose which part of the
vehicle they want to target. On some Laser Guns the sight is
bigger than the vehicle.Wherever the detector is fitted is it
possible to trigger it.
Following a vehicle being targeted
At short range it is difficult to detect, but if the vehicle in front is
targeted from long to medium range it is possible to detect as
long as the sensor is fitted to the front windscreen.
to long range
Rear Detection
When the vehicle is targeted from the rear, the laser signal will
pass thorough the rear windscreen and trigger LASER ALERT
as long as no obstructions are in the way.
Dash Fixing Plate
Power LED
Front Sensor
Magnetic Windscreen Bracket
1. Fitting LASER ALERT into your vehicle –
Empty all the parts out of the box and
familiarise yourself with each item.
Earpiece Socket
3. Routing the Power Cable –
Use the supplied power lead to plug LASER
ALERT into your cigar lighter socket,
ensuring the power cable does not interfere
with any vehicle controls or airbag modules.
If you use your cigar lighter for other
devices, a dual adaptor may be used or
LASER ALERT can be hard wired.
2. Positioning in the vehicle –
We highly recommend that LASER ALERT is
positioned in the centre of the front
windscreen low down, just above the
dashboard. Making sure that the windscreen wipers do not obstruct the view.
4. Operation of LASER ALERT –
LASER ALERT will warn the user if they are
being targeted from either the front, rear
or from the auxiliary number plate sensor
(available separately – please contact us for
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