TR5048 Software Release Notes

TR5048 Software Release Notes
TR1300/TR5048 Release notes
- Disabled checking applicability of the trace format based on measurement mode
- Fixed a bug related to COM interface and server release during program
- Fixed a bug related to saving state after removing the reference marker
- Added display of center while selecting "Center/Span" for stimulus
- Fixed minor issues in VSWR calculation
- Changed marker edit behavior when reference marker is enabled; now can edit in
the offset or absolute frequency
- Bandwidth search supports notch filter, for searching from null up to a
specified level
- Added selection of units for Touchstone files: Hz, kHz , MHz , GHz
- Fixed N612 calibration kit coefficients
- Added Exit submenu to avoid inadvertent exit
- Changed behavior of color selection when inversion is enabled
- Added a button for auto-scaling all traces simultaneously
- Duplicated IF bandwidth selection on Stimulus menu
- Enabled polar and Smith Chart formats for transmission coefficients.
- Minimized registry access
- Optimized algorithm for adjustment of the mirror channel at startup
- Changed the averaging algorithm behavior
- Added print to MS Word with templates
- Added calibration kit parameters for N611, N612
- Fixed bug related to saving trace data in the state file
- Added loading Touchstone (S1P, S2P) files into memory the active trace, the
memory trace, or measured S-parameters (stops scanning)
- Extended menu for saving (trace, trace + calibration + state, all available
- COM/DCOM command set supplemented to store the calibration file
- Increased the maximum number of channels to nine
- Implemented independent calibration indication for each channel
- Added option for port extension
- Added Max Hold function
- Added option to save/restore the state of the channel
- Fixed bug related to marker behavior near the reference line; marker now flips
when off screen
- Added automatic driver installation and registration of COM-server to
- Added
- Added
- Added
- Fixed
support for Automatic Calibration Modules ACM6000T, ACM8000T
loading to the memory trace from Touchstone files (S1P, S2P)
display of calibration status in the channel window
a bug related to averaging with impedance conversion
- Fixed a bug in the COM/DCOM “Remote” Operation Mode
- Added ability to maximize the channel window
- Added mouse control for the input fields
- Fixed incorrect unit of measurement for the markers on the Smith charts
- Added to the COM/DCOM blocking/unblocking manual program control management
- Added to the COM/DCOM control of visibility of the main program window
- Updated Programming and Operating Manuals
- Added example of COM programming with LabView
- Fixed issue with retaining user’s calibration after recalling state
- Fixed issue with incorrect number of frequency points being returned to COM
client when segment frequency scan is used
- Fixed issue with rounding segment boundaries to integer
0.7.2 – 0.7.4
- Fixed issue with exporting data into .S1P format (touchstone); S21 option was
removed and the ability to export .S2P format was added.
- Fixed issue with saving trace data using csv format in the time domain for
distance units of measure (meters, feet, etc.)
- Added additional program switches to be used by authorized service centers
- Fixed incorrect handling of complex data in averaging over n-dimensions
0.6.9 – 0.7.0
- Added COM/DCOM server to the program. The installer included the first version
of programming manual
- Added distance units of measure (meters or feet) for use in the time domain;
introduced the parameter Velocity Factor
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