Quick Start Guide From switching on your Wii U to playing games

Quick Start Guide From switching on your Wii U to playing games


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Quick Start Guide

From switching on your Wii U to playing games

Please read this guide and the Important Health and Safety sections of the Wii U Operations Manual and Important Information Booklet before using the Wii U console.

· Have an adult connect the console and configure settings.

Installing and Connecting the Console

Configuring Settings

Playing Disc Software

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Getting Started: Check Pack Contents

The Wii U™ console is available in one of two sets: the Basic Pack and the Premium Pack.

Check that your set contains all the components listed below before use.

· Note that the screens and illustrations published in this manual may differ from those found in the final product.

Basic Pack

Wii U console x1


Wii U GamePad x1


High Speed HDMI™ cable x1


Wii U AC Adapter x1


Wii U GamePad

AC Adapter x1


Wii U GamePad stylus x1


z z Quick Start Guide

(this document) x1 z z Wii U Operations

Manual x1 z z Important

Information booklet x1

Premium Pack

Wii U console x1


Wii U GamePad x1


Wii U AC Adapter x1


Wii U GamePad

AC Adapter x1


High Speed HDMI cable x1


Wii U GamePad stylus x1


Wii U GamePad

Cradle x1


Wii U GamePad Stand x1


Wii U Console Stand x2


Sensor bar x1


z z Quick Start Guide

(this document) x1 z z Wii U Operations

Manual x1 z z Important

Information booklet x1

Note: For information on using the Wii U GamePad

Cradle, please see the

Wii U Operations Manual.


Installing and Connecting the Console

Begin by reading the “Warning: Placing and Connecting the Console” section below.

Next, connect the Wii U GamePad AC Adapter (WUP-011(AUS)) as shown below. When the battery LED has turned orange, proceed to step

1 –


Before Connecting: Charge the Wii U GamePad


The battery LED will turn orange while the Wii U GamePad is charging, and will turn off when charging has finished. After charging has completed, remove the AC plug from the electrical outlet, then carefully remove the DC plug from the Wii U GamePad, holding both the DC plug and the Wii U GamePad.

· Make sure to insert the plug the right way up, and ensure that the plug is firmly inserted.

· Charge only in places where the temperature is between 10 and 35°C.

· You can continue to use the Wii U GamePad while it is charging (see the

“Charging the Wii U GamePad”).

Wii U Operations Manual,

· It may become impossible to charge the battery if you do not use the Wii U GamePad for an extended period of time.

Make sure to charge the battery at least once every six months.


Warning: Placing and Connecting the Console

z z Do not place in the following locations:

· Places where heat can gather, such as enclosed shelving

· Hot places such as on top of AV equipment

· Places with a lot of moisture, dust, grease or smoke

· Places where small children can reach or unstable places

· Places where the temperature can rapidly change

(such as beneath air conditioners)

· Places such as hospitals where the use of wireless signals is restricted or prohibited

· Near devices such as microwave ovens and cordless phones which might cause wireless interference z z

Use only with Australian/New Zealand mains voltage


z z

Ensure that the AC plug is inserted firmly into the electrical outlet.

z z Do not touch with wet or greasy hands.

z z

Do not place the sensor bar on the TV’s air vents.

· You will need the Wii U console’s and Wii U GamePad’s original packaging if they need to be sent in for repairs, so please keep their boxes out of the reach of children.

Please immediately dispose of other unwanted packaging after removing the product. Small children may accidentally swallow packing materials or put it over their heads. If a child swallows packing materials, immediately take the child to a doctor.

Careful Usage

· Use the console placed flat (horizontally) or on its side (vertically).

· Use the console stand when placing the console vertically.

Checking TV connectors and cables � � � � � � � � � � � � � � �

Check the connectors of your TV and the type of cables you’ll be using.

· The placement of these connectors will differ according to your TV. They may be on the back or on the side.

· If you have a Wii, you can use the same AV cable you use for your Wii to connect your Wii U.

Does your TV have an HDMI port?


TV connectors and matching cables


Use the HDMI cable included to enjoy high quality sound and visuals.

Wii Component Video cable


(sold separately)

Image Clarity

Wii AV cable (RVL-009)

(sold separately)

If your TV doesn’t have the connectors listed above

Depending on your TV, you may need extra equipment such as an adapter. For more information, please see the instruction manual for your TV.



Installing and Connecting the Console

Connecting the Wii U Console to the TV and AC Adapter

Make sure the TV is turned off, then follow steps

to connect the HDMI cable and Wii U AC adapter included to the correct ports on the Wii U console. When the AC adapter is plugged into the electrical outlet, the power LED on the Wii U console will light up red.

· Ensure that the Wii U console is at least 10cm away from obstructions such as walls.

· Do not place objects such as USB hard drives on top of the Wii U console.

TV HDMI port


HDMI cable

AC adapter

If you are not using an HDMI cable

Connect your AV cable to the TV and Wii U console.

· Insert the AV Multi Out plug into the Wii U console (see illustration).

· Make sure the plug is correctly inserted into the TV’s AV port.

· Follow steps

and above to connect the AC adapter to the Wii U console.

AV Multi Out plug

If your TV has multiple ports

Remember the name and number of the port you have used (e.g. “HDMI1”,

“VIDEO2”, “INPUT3”). You will need this when you change the TV input – see step

2 –


Placing the Sensor Bar

A Sensor Bar is required to play Wii software.

Some Wii U software, when played with a Wii Remote™ or a Wii Remote Plus, also requires a Sensor Bar.

If you own a Wii console

Plug in the Sensor Bar from your Wii console firmly into the back of the Wii U console.

If you don’t own a Wii console

Follow these instructions to set up your Sensor Bar (RVL-014) (included as part of the Premium Pack).

Plug the Sensor Bar firmly into the back of the Wii U console.

After reviewing the “Placement Tips” section below, peel off the protective film and place the Sensor Bar above or below the TV.

Placement Tips

z z Place in a central position, facing directly forwards.

z z Place slightly in front of the TV or TV stand. Make sure it is on a flat surface.

z z

Place near the TV screen.

Vertical Placement of the Console

Insert the protrusions on the console into the corresponding slots in the Wii U Console Stand.

· Do not cover the air intake with the Wii U Console Stand.

· The Wii U Console Stand is included with the Premium Pack.


Configuring Settings

When using the Wii U console for the first time, you must pair the Wii U GamePad with the console and configure console settings.

Turn on the TV and Wii U console

Use your TV’s remote control to turn on the power to the TV.

Press to turn on the Wii U console.

The power LED will turn blue.

Set your TV to the input for your Wii U console

Press the Switch Input button on your remote control (the name of this function may differ according to the manufacturer) to change the TV input to the correct port – see step 1 – .

· Depending on the TV, it may take ten seconds or more for the image to appear on your screen when changing the

TV input.


Example: If the HDMI1 port has been used

What to do if the correct display doesn’t appear

Make sure the power LED on the Wii U console is lit up blue

If the power LED is off, make sure the AC adapter has been firmly plugged into both the Wii U console and the electrical outlet

(see step 1 – ).

Make sure the cable connecting the Wii U console and the TV has been firmly plugged in

(see step 1 – )

Turn the Wii U GamePad on

· If the Wii U GamePad is charging (the battery LED is orange) leave the

AC adapter plugged in during use.

Pair the Wii U GamePad with the Wii U console

Press the SYNC Button on the Wii U GamePad and Wii U console to pair them.

Press the SYNC Button on the Wii U console.

Take the stylus from

the Wii U GamePad and use it to press the SYNC Button on the back of the

Wii U GamePad.

Make sure your TV has been correctly configured (see step 2 – )

It may be the case that your TV skips manual input selection and prioritises certain ports, or that it has entered power-saving mode. Otherwise, in the following situations you will need to check your TV’s operating manual:

· You have selected the correct name of the port used by the Wii U console, but no image appears

· The name of the port used by the Wii U console cannot be selected


Configuring Settings

Symbols will appear on your TV screen. Touch the corres ponding symbols on the Wii U GamePad from left to right.

· If the Wii U GamePad screen is off, press and then the

SYNC Button on the Wii U GamePad.

Pairing is complete when the Wii U GamePad displays a message stating that it is ready for use.

If you are returned to the symbol input screen, then input the symbols again, being careful to input them in the correct order.

An example of the symbols

Touch the symbols to input them

Configure settings following the on-screen instructions

More detailed explanations of the settings will appear on the TV and Wii U GamePad screens while you are configuring them.

Linking your Nintendo Network ID to multiple devices

If you have already created a Nintendo Network™ ID and linked it to a Nintendo 3DS™ system, it is recommended that you link the same ID to a user on your Wii U console. This will allow the two devices to share Nintendo eShop account activity, funds and more. For more information, see the

Wii U Operations Manual, “User Settings”.

· Data cannot be shared between devices if they are linked to different IDs.

What to do if the touch screen cannot be used (does not respond)

If you are using a commercially-available protective sheet on the touch screen, there is a chance that the touch screen may stop responding correctly. Read any documentation supplied with the protective sheet, and reattach it correctly to the touch screen.

· If the protective sheet is misaligned, please reattach the sheet without pushing the edges under the Wii U GamePad frame.


Dirt or air has become trapped between the protective sheet and the touch screen

The protective sheet has become misaligned

The protective sheet has slid between the Wii U GamePad frame and the touch screen

· The Wii U GamePad is operating correctly if you remove the protective sheet and touch screen controls work as normal.

Main Settings

Date and Time

TV /

TV Remote

Explanations of the setting you are configuring will appear here.

You can scroll the explanation on the TV screen up and down.


New User

(User Settings)



The settings screen will be displayed here. Perform controls by touching.

The following operations can be performed while configuring settings.

z z

Left Stick: select items z z

Control Pad: select items z z

A, B, X and Y Buttons: select the button on screen

Configuration is complete once a screen like this (the Wii U Menu) appears.

It is possible to configure some settings at a later time.


Configuring Settings

Internet Settings

Connect to the internet in order to download or purchase software not available in shops, play with people all over the world, and more.

· You are responsible for any internet connection fees. We therefore recommend that you make sure that you have high-speed internet access with no restrictions on usage and downloading time before using such services, in order to avoid additional internet charges being incurred when using such services.

What You’ll Need to Connect to the Internet

The things you’ll need will vary depending on your internet connection environment at home.

See the next page for more information.

Do you have a broadband internet connection?


Do you have a wireless LAN network device

(such as a wireless LAN router)?


Does your wireless LAN network device support any of the 802.11n, 802.11g or 802.11b standards?


Select INTERNET from System Settings on the

Wii U Menu to configure an internet connection.


Prepare a broadband internet connection (see below).


Prepare a Wii LAN Adapter (Ethernet) (RVL-015).


Prepare a wireless LAN network device that supports the 802.11n, 802.11g or 802.11b standards.

Broadband Internet Connection

You will need to contact an ISP (internet service provider) and arrange to set up a broadband internet connection

(such as ADSL or cable).

Network Devices (Wired and Wireless)

You will need one of the following network devices.

· A separate broadband router is required if you use a modem (bridge-type modem) that does not have a router feature.

Wii LAN Adapter (Ethernet) (sold separately)

Connect to the internet using a wired connection. Refer to the instruction booklet for the

Wii LAN Adapter for information on how to connect.

· Please contact Nintendo Customer Service for availability and ordering information.

Third-Party Wireless LAN Network Device

Connect to the internet wirelessly using a network device that supports the 802.11n, 802.11g or 802.11b standards. You can also configure a connection easily if your network device supports

(has a mark or sticker for) either of the following:

AOSS™ Wi-Fi Protected Setup™

· Check the Nintendo website (see Important Information booklet) for a list of network devices (routers) known to work with the Wii U console. Network devices that only support 802.11a cannot be used.

After Preparing

Select INTERNET from System Settings on the Wii U Menu.

· More information will be displayed on the

TV screen when you configure these settings.

Issues with Connectivity

Following the setup shown below may improve connectivity issues.

· Make sure no devices are nearby that cause wireless interference (audio amplifiers, microwave ovens, cordless devices, etc.), and that obstacles such as walls and furniture are not blocking the signal.

· Please also refer to the instruction manual for your network device.

Network device Wii U Wii U GamePad

At least 2 metres apart

(In the same room)

Within 8 metres

(In the same room)

12 13

Configuring Settings



Your Wii U console offers a variety of exciting features, but not all of them may be suitable for children. We have prepared special steps to make your Wii U console safe for your child.

Parental Controls

Please set up a user for your child on Wii U. During the set up, you will be asked to set Parental Controls. Follow the on-screen instructions to set specific restrictions.

Game Rating

Online Interaction in Games

Internet Browser

Wii U Shopping Services


Friend Registration

Entertainment Excluding


Restricts the use or purchase of software containing content inappropriate for children, based on various age rating systems.

Restricts the ability of Wii U software to connect to the internet for activities such as online play and chat.

Restricts access to the internet browser.

Restricts the use of credit cards and purchase of software in services such as

Nintendo eShop.

Restricts the viewing and posting of content on Miiverse.

Restricts the registration of friends.

Restricts the use of non-game software (such as video viewing software). When this setting is enabled, a screen with a description of the software will appear before first starting such software to enable an informed choice about whether to allow the use of the software by children.

Restricts the Wii U data management feature.

Restricts the ability to configure, add or delete internet connection settings.

Data Management

Internet Settings

· In addition to the restrictions above, other options such as the country setting, certain user settings, Wii U Chat settings, and the deletion of all content and settings will be automatically restricted.

· The items you can restrict on the Wii U Menu and Wii Menu differ.

· After updating your console, the items you can restrict may change.

To use Parental Controls or to change the settings after the initial setup has been completed, go to the Wii U Menu and select Parental Controls.

For more information, please see the Wii U Electronic Manual.

Thank you. With Parental Controls, your child will be able to safely enjoy using the Wii U console.


Playing Disc Software

You can play Wii U discs and Wii Game Discs.

· Ensure that you read

Health and Safety Information on the Wii U Menu.

· Depending on the software, you may need to pair a Wii Remote (see below) and/or set up a Sensor Bar (see step

1 – ).

If you have Wii Remotes (Pairing Wii Remotes with the console)

You can use Wii Remotes with the Wii U console. They must be paired with the Wii U console before you can use them.

Press the SYNC Button on the Wii U console, and then press the SYNC Button on the Wii Remote.

· For some Wii Remotes, it is possible to press the SYNC Button without removing the Wii Remote Jacket, by using the protrusion on the wrist strap to press it.

Remove the disc from its case

Remove the disc from the case by pressing the push button in the centre of the disc holder.

Push button

Insert the disc

Insert the disc with the label side facing up. If the console is in the vertical position, insert the disc with the label side on the right.

Touch the software icon

When playing Wii Game Discs, you will be taken to the Wii Menu.

For more information on starting the software, check the corresponding manual or software instruction booklet.

In addition to disc software, more features such as pre-installed software and online services are available for your Wii U console.

Enjoy your Wii U console!



For Wii Console Owners: Transferring Data

From a Wii to a Wii U Console

You can transfer all software data and save data from your Wii console to your Wii U console.

Aside from everything included in your Wii U and Wii packs, you will also need the following: z z

1 SD / SDHC Memory Card (with at least 512MB of free space) z z

Broadband internet connection

· Transferred data will be deleted from the Wii console.

· Data cannot be transferred from a Wii U console to a Wii console. Please be aware that data cannot be transferred back to the Wii console.

Transferable Data

The following data can be transferred. You cannot select individual items to transfer, nor can you transfer any other kinds of data, such as save data for Nintendo GameCube™ software.

z z Save data for Wii software z z

WiiWare™ and save data z z

Virtual Console™ titles and save data z z

Add-on content for software z z

Wii Points z z

Wii Shop Channel account activity


z z

Mii™ characters

Transfer Procedure

Connect both the Wii U and Wii consoles to the internet, and download the transfer software (free of charge) from the Wii Shop Channel to the Wii console. Data will be transferred using an SD Card.

· For more information, see the

Wii U Operations Manual, “Transferring Software and Data from Wii to Wii U”, and follow the transfer software’s on-screen instructions, which include further details on this procedure.

Download the transfer software Transfer data using an SD Card

Use Classifications to Choose Computer Games and Films

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