Your BT Voyager 1060 Wireless Adaptor Guide

Your BT Voyager 1060 Wireless Adaptor Guide
Your BT Voyager 1060 Wireless Adaptor Guide
Important –
If you are installing this wireless adapter as part of an existing wireless
network with a base unit (e.g. BT Voyager 2100), you should install and
switch on the base unit before proceeding.
Do not plug in your BT Voyager Wireless Adapter until instructed to do so in this guide.
Windows 98 users may require their windows CD during installation – Please ensure the
Windows Installation disk is available before you continue.
Your Wireless Pack Contents:
1 x BT Voyager 1060 Wireless Adapter
1 x Quick Start Guide and CD
Software Installation
Before installing your laptop expansion card, you should install the driver software.
1 Insert the BT Voyager Wireless CD into your computer’s CD-ROM drive. The CD will autoplay,
bringing up a menu screen from where you can start the installation process.
To install, click Install BT Voyager Wireless Adapter and click Next when the
installation wizard starts. You will be asked to read the Software License Agreement, continue
by clicking Yes.
3 Next you will be asked to confirm where to install the driver files, if you are happy with the
default directory, click Next.
4 When the driver files have finished copying, click Finish. You have now completed the software
installation phase.
Hardware Installation
You are now ready to plug in your Voyager 1060 adapter into your laptop card slot.
5 Windows will detect the new hardware. Click Next on the Windows wizard screen to
complete the hardware installation.
6 You can confirm that the driver software has been installed because the BT Voyager
Wireless Utility
Icon will appear in the system tray, usually in the bottom right of your
7 The Installation is now complete - you can now connect your laptop to your wireless network,
following the instructions that came with your wireless router or access point.
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