Removing and Installing Firmware PROMs

Removing and Installing Firmware PROMs
DS-1 PROM Change
December 16, 1997
DS-1 PROM Change, and later
Note: Normal electro-static discharge protection techniques should be observed
throughout this procedure.
1. Turn OFF power switch and disconnect the power cable from the
rear of the unit.
2. Remove the top cover of the DS-1 by removing the14 screws from
the top of the unit. Note: There are two nylon standoffs which
support the lid. These standoffs may remain attached to the two
screws in the center of the lid.
3. Locate PROMs U2, U3, U4 and U5 in the CPU module near the left
front of the DS-1. Using a right angle scribe or a flat blade
screwdriver to pry upward, remove PROMs U2, U3, U4 and U5 from
their sockets.
4. Install the new PROMs in their respective sockets. Note that the
PROMs are not in numerical order. Use the silk-screened IC numbers
on the board to determine proper locations. Be sure the PROMs are
installed in the correct direction, with the notch in the IC to the rear
of the chassis, and that no pins are bent in the installation processes.
5. Reverse the above procedure to reassemble. If the nylon
standoffs remained on the lid when it was removed, gently remove
them from their screws and install them in the DS-1 module.
6. For safety, put the lid in place and attach with two screws.
Connect the power cable. To reset values in the EEPROM, hold down
the left and right arrow buttons and turn the power switch ON.
Release the arrow buttons after the display says “Initializing”.
7. When the Menu button is pressed it should illuminate, and menu
functions will be operative. Turn OFF and disconnect power cable.
8. Re-install the remaining lid screws. Note: When tightening the
screws into the nylon standoffs, do not overtighten. Connect power
cable and turn unit ON.
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