UniZagreb-FER-IC&EMC Lab-Adrijan Baric-brief-research-overview

UniZagreb-FER-IC&EMC Lab-Adrijan Baric-brief-research-overview
Expertise of the research group ‘IC and EMC Lab’ (University of
Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing)
The research group of Prof. Adrijan Baric is focused on design, characterization and testing
of integrated circuits (ICs), especially related to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). These
activities include:
Modelling of PCB components and traces to enable exact EMC simulations:
o Modelling of PCB traces up to 10 GHz (microstrip and coplanar waveguide
transmission lines)
o Modelling of RF connectors up to 10 GHz (though-hole, end-launch, SMD)
o Modelling of SMD (surface mount devices) resistors, capacitors, inductors,
diodes up to 10 GHz (where appropriate)
Modelling of coupling between the PCB traces and the septum of the TEM cell to
enable simulations and assessment of electromagnetic immunity and electromagnetic
emission of integrated circuits mounted on a PCB
Design and development of the test structures suitable for characterization of EMC of
integrated circuits
Parameterized modelling of chip packages
Design and development of test integrated circuits for EMC and temperature
Modelling of on-chip interconnect by 3D electromagnetic simulations and lumpedelement models
Optimization of on-chip interconnect for reduced electromagnetic emissions and
electromagnetic immunity
IC design: low-power ADC, low-power oscillator, EM energy harvesting, opamp
design, LIN interface design, IC for temperature testing
Optimization of the pre-compliance EMC testing of integrated circuits by the ICstripline methodology; design of test structures and 3D electromagnetic models, as
well as lumped element models
Development of behavioural models of analogue and mixed-signal integrated circuits
in order to speed up time domain simulations and to hide the internal structure of the
IC; behavioural modelling of EM emissions and EM immunity
3D electromagnetic and circuit co-simulation in order to optimize the system with
respect to EMC
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