Atmos EasySolar Commissioning Checklist

   Atmos EasySolar Commissioning Checklist
Atmos EasySolar Commissioning Checklist
Name of commissioning engineer and telephone number
Please return a copy of this
completed checklist with
your guarantee card
Company name and address
Collector type and installation type
Commission date
Name of householder and telephone number
Address of installation
Serial numbers of collectors
Serial number of storage tank
Serial number of booster pump (if used)
What is the height difference between the top of the collectors and the base of the tank?
What is the total pump head including any booster pump and is this sufficient?
Have all flow restrictors been fitted?
Is the collector circuit water tight?
Are the collector pipes sloping down to the tank at all points?
Are the collector pipes secured sufficiently to ensure correct sloping?
Has the red collector pipe been insulated?
Is the collector sensor connected?
Has the pump been flushed through?
Has the tank been filled with clean water to the overflow level and no higher?
Is the 12V adaptor inserted in the socket?
If the storage tank is in unheated space, are domestic water pipes adequately insulated?
Is the installation in a hard water area (above 200ppm)?
If yes, has a suitable scale inhibitor been fitted?
Has a thermostatic mixer valve been fitted for limiting the temperature at the hot water outlets?
Outdoors - answer the questions that apply
Has the sealing tape been fitted? (in-roof only)
Has the Wakaflex been correctly fitted and is it adhering to the tiles? (in-roof and on-roof)
Are the roof tiles securely fixed? (in-roof and on-roof)
Have both collector pipes been insulated above roof level? (flat roof and on-roof)
Have all the nuts been tightened on the collector frames? (flat roof and on-roof)
How much ballast weight has been placed on each collector frame? (flat roof only)
Is this ballast weight sufficient? (flat roof only)
Is the roof protected against damage that may cause leaks? (flat roof only)
Is the pipe gland on the roof fully sealed and watertight? (flat roof only)
Has the Benchmark checklist been filled out?
Have the User Operating Instructions and the Installation Instructions been passed to the end
user and have any helpful clarifications been given?
Commissioning engineer’s signature
Customer’s signature (to confirm satisfactory demonstration and
receipt of manufacturer’s literature)
Was this manual useful for you? yes no
Thank you for your participation!

* Your assessment is very important for improving the work of artificial intelligence, which forms the content of this project

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