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Quick Start Guide, GFK-2815
October 2012
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1. Hardware Installation
For installation requirements and complete installation
procedures, refer to the PACSystems RXi Controller
User's Manual, GFK-2816.
Mounting Options
Direct mounting onto a panel.
DIN rail mounting using the optional Backplate
Panel mounting using the optional Backplate.
Installing the RXi on the Optional Backplate
1. Place the RXi and Backplate on a flat surface.
2. Make sure the top of the RXi is positioned at
the top of the Backplate.
3. Align the RXi’s four mounting screws with the
mounting holes in the Backplate.
4. Using the 2.5mm hex driver (provided), tighten
the four mounting screws.
ICRXICTL000 Quick Start Guide
Installing the Intelligent Display Module (IDM)
Place the IDM on the RXi and use a flathead or large
Phillips screwdriver to hand-tighten the four captive
ICRXICTL000 Quick Start Guide
2. Connecting Input Power
You will need:
An 18–32VDC, 36W power supply. The power
supply must be either:
A UL Listed (or equivalent) Limited Power
Source (LPS) or Class 2 power source capable
of providing 18–32VDC, 36W minimum
The combination of an isolated DC supply and
a fuse, listed 32VDC minimum and 3A
maximum, connected in series with the output
of the power supply.
A power cord with 18 AWG wires (0.82mm2)
A frame ground wire, 18 AWG (0.82mm2)
An input power terminal block (provided)
1. Using the power cord, attach the
power supply to the power
terminal block.
Recommended wire stripping
length is 7mm (0.28 in).
24 VDC
2. Insert the plug into the
RXi’s Input Power connector and securely
tighten the attaching screws.
ICRXICTL000 Quick Start Guide
3. Grounding
These grounding connections are required for the RXi
to comply with the standards identified in the User's
The panel the controller or DIN rail is mounted
to must have a safety ground connection to
protective earth. This ground wire must be at
least #16 AWG (1.31mm2).
If the controller is mounted on the Backplate,
the ground wire must be attached from any
mounting screw on the Backplate to
protective earth.
The frame ground connection on the power
plug must be connected to protective earth.
It is recommended that all ground wires
terminate at the same grounding point.
All ground wires must be shortest possible
Ground Point
Ground Wiring Example
ICRXICTL000 Quick Start Guide
4. Connecting Communications Cables
1. Connect the PC running Proficy* Machine
Edition (PME) software to the RXi’s GbE port.
Note: Shielded cable is required for 1 Gbps
GbE port on
RXi Controller
Twisted Pair Cable
To other network
2. PROFINET IO can be connected to either of
the two PROFINET ports. Use of Media
Redundancy Protocol (MRP) requires both
PROFINET ports). If MRP is not used, the
PROFINET IO can be connected to either port.
The subnet for the two PROFINET ports must
be different from the subnet for the port used
for the PME software connection. The default
subnet for the PROFINET ports is 192.168.0
(subnet mask is
ICRXICTL000 Quick Start Guide
Do not connect both ports on the RXi to the
same device, either directly or indirectly,
unless Media Redundancy is enabled in the
PROFINET interface configuration.
If Media Redundancy will be used, do not
close the network ring until a Media
Redundancy configuration that contains a
Media Redundancy Manager (MRM) node has
been downloaded to the RXi. If an MRM is not
present, packets can continuously cycle on
the network, using up significant network
5. Initial Powerup
When 24 VDC is applied to the input terminals, the
powerup process begins. During startup and
initialization, the Status LED blinks blue and then
Status LED Operation
LED State
RXi Controller State
Blue, blinking
Power on
Green, blinking
Operating system
initialization complete/Jump
to Application
Blue, solid
Stop mode
Green, solid
Run mode
Red, solid
Stop Fault
Red, steady blink
Stop Halt
Red, blink code
Critical Failure
ICRXICTL000 Quick Start Guide
6. IDM Operations
Althouh PME is required to create and download
configuration and logic to the RXi, you can perform
many operations with the IDM. These include setting
an initial IP address, starting or stopping the RXi, and
viewing and clearing fault tables.
Drag down to view a list of
faults and access fault details
Press to return to previous view
View and clear Controller
and I/O fault tables
Set a temporary IP
View Rxi controller model
and version information
Set the Run/Stop state
Clear all Controller memory or clear selected fault tables
Select sweep mode and set communications window times
Provide a password
ICRXICTL000 Quick Start Guide
7. Connecting PME to the RXi and
Downloading a Project
1. Set the IP Address on the RXi.
The Ethernet interface must be configured
with the correct IP Address for proper
operation in a TCP/IP Ethernet network. Using
incorrect IP addresses can disrupt network
operation for the RXi and other nodes on the
The GbE port’s default IP address is
The subnet and subnet mask of the RXi and
the PME computer must match.
The subnet for the GbE port and the
PROFINET ports must be different.
To enter a new IP address using the IDM, first
perform a Clear All operation, then change the IP
address using the Set Temporary IP function.
ICRXICTL000 Quick Start Guide
2. Go online with PME software.
In PME, create a project with a PACSystems
RXi target.
In the Inspector, set the active target’s IP
Address property to the RXi’s address.
Right click the target and select Go
Online or click the Online/Offline
toolbar button.
Sample Configuration for RXi Ethernet Interface
3. Download a project and start the RXi. From the
RXi target right-click menu, or the PME toolbar:
Set PME to Monitor mode.
Select Download and Start.
The PME status bar indicates the status of the RXi
ICRXICTL000 Quick Start Guide
8. IO Configuration
Basic configuration steps for a PROFINET network:
Configure the PROFINET Controller
parameters in PME’s hardware configuration
tool and the PROFINET Controller properties.
Add IO-Devices to the PROFINET network.
These can be GE Intelligent Platforms PNS
modules or third-party IO-Devices.
Configure the IO-Devices.
Store the configuration data from PME to the
Sample PROFINET Network Configuration with RSTi
PNS Node
For additional information about setting up your
PROFINET network, refer to the PACSystems RXi
Controller User's Manual, GFK-2816.
ICRXICTL000 Quick Start Guide
9. Additional Information
For user manuals, product updates and other
information go to the Support website,
http://www.ge-ip.com/support and, refer to Controllers
and IO, RXi Controllers.
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