x Permahyd Plastic Cleaning Paste 7081

x Permahyd Plastic Cleaning Paste 7081
Technical Data Sheet – 281.2
Plastic Cleaning Paste 7081
An easy-to-use preparation paste designed to clean unprimed plastic parts quickly and
Use of this water-based paste significantly decreases the need for tempering plastic parts
before they are painted.
The products referenced herein may not be available for sale in your market. Please
consult your distributor for product availability.
Permahyd® Plastic Cleaning Paste 7081
1. Do not allow Permahyd® Plastic Cleaning Paste 7081 to dry on the surface of the plastic
2. Thoroughly clean and scuff all surfaces of the plastic part, paying special attention to all
3. Permahyd® Plastic Cleaning Paste 7081 is designed for raw plastic and is not suitable
for cleaning painted surfaces.
4. Always use a clean scuff pad.
5. Soft plastic may require a finer scuff pad.
6. Difficult to clean plastics may need to be cleaned more times, or if applicable the plastic
may be baked for a minimum of 15 minutes at 140°F (60°C). Some OEM plastic
bumpers do not recommend a bake cycle. Once the plastic has cooled, repeat the
procedure below for preparing raw plastics beginning with step 2.
7. For hard to reach areas, use the application brush that is included.
Rinse the raw plastic part thoroughly with water, apply Permahyd® Plastic Cleaning
Paste 7081, and clean the part using a gold scuff pad.
Continue to clean the raw plastic part another 2 to 3 times using new Permahyd® Plastic
Cleaning Paste 7081 and a clean gold scuff pad. The supplied brush should be used
with Permahyd® Plastic Cleaning Paste 7081 in hard to reach areas of the plastic part.
Remove all Permahyd® Plastic Cleaning Paste 7081 residue from the plastic by
thoroughly rinsing with clean water.
Before further treatment, clean the plastic substrate thoroughly with Permaloid  Silicone
Remover 7010 Slow, Permahyd Silicone Remover 7085, or Permahyd Silicone
Remover 7096.
For US National Rule areas, apply Permacron 1:1 Elastic Primer Surfacer 3300 and
recoat with base coat or Priomat® Elastic Primer 3304 Transparent and recoat with an
elastic Permasolid Primer Surfacer or Sealer. For regulated areas, apply Permasolid®
Elastic Adhesion Promoter 3302 and recoat with base coat when painting OEM plastics
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Technical Data Sheet – 281.2
or Priomat® Elastic Primer 4190 Gray and recoat with an elastic Permasolid  Primer
Surfacer or Sealer.
Coating Category: Surface Preparation
Max. VOC (AP): 13 g/l; 0.1 lbs/gal
Max. VOC (LE): 21 g/l; 0.2 lbs/gal
Avg. Gallon Weight: 1494.0 g/l; 12.47 lbs/gal
Avg. Weight % Volatiles: 27.6%
Avg. Weight % Water: 26.7%
Avg. Weight % Exempt Solvent: 0.0%
Avg. Volume % Water: 40.1%
Avg. Volume % Exempt Solvent: 0.0%
These directions refer to the use of products which may be restricted or require special
mixing instructions in VOC regulated areas. Follow mixing usage and recommendations in
the VOC Compliant Products Chart for your area.
For industrial use only by professional, trained painters. Not for sale to or use by the general
public. Before using, read and follow all label and MSDS precautions. If mixed with other
components, mixture will have hazards of all components.
Ready to use paint materials containing isocyanates can cause irritation of the respiratory
organs and hypersensitive reactions. Asthma sufferers, those with allergies and anyone with
a history of respiratory complaints must not be asked to work with products containing
Do not sand, flame cut, braze or weld dry coating without a NIOSH approved air purifying
respirator with particulate filters or appropriate ventilation, and gloves.
Any analytical results set forth herein do not constitute a warranty of specific product
features or of the product’s suitability for a specific purpose. All products are sold pursuant
to our general conditions of sale. We hereby disclaim all warranties and representations,
express or implied, with respect to this product, including any warranty of merchantability or
fitness for a particular purpose. This product is protected by patent law, trademark law,
copyright law, international treaties and/or other applicable law. All rights reserved.
Unauthorized sale, manufacturing or use may result in civil and criminal penalties.
Revised: April 2016
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